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Draymond Green just signed a 4 year $100M extension with the Warriors to keep their core alive and strong. How many more championships can this Curry - Klay - Green Warriors team win? Comment below! .boogii designs 👨🏽‍🎨 #⚡️ #🏀 #🤩

Extension:Draymond Green, Warriors Agree to 4-Year, $100M Max Contract Extension

Draymond Green has agreed to a 4-year Max contract extension with the Golden State Warriors worth $100 million! This brings him to 5-years $118 million! 💰 -per

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The three most dangerous weapon in NBA right now is: 1. Draymond Green's call in the parking lot 2. Drake's IG stories & curse 3. Boban Marjanovic's acting skill in John Wick 3. Photo credit

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