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Draymond Green On Klay Thompson Injury And Losing NBA Finals To Raptors - Full Press Conference - Bleacher Report -

The three most dangerous weapon in NBA right now is: 1. Draymond Green's call in the parking lot 2. Drake's IG stories & curse 3. Boban Marjanovic's acting skill in John Wick 3. Photo credit

🤑🤑🤑Tras la de esta noche, Draymond Green habrá pagado $741.000 en su carrera por faltas técnicas y suspensiones 🤑🤑🤑 • • 📸 vía Getty Images

Draymond Green trying to rally his teammates – Rachel Nichols | SC with SVP - ESPN -

It’s physically impossible for Draymond Green to close his mouth. Not just all the barking at the refs non stop he literally cannot touch his top lip to his bottom lip. Ever.

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Win or lose this is MY team and you won’t find a better one. They’re selfless, they’re talented, and they’re family. It feels like magic every time I see them play and it brings me so much joy to see them succeed. Although a 3-peat would’ve been epic, I’m still proud of these boys either way.

“They shouldn’t even be here” became the reiteration of the century whenever the Warriors were referenced. Whether it was bad games, fatigue, or injuries, it seemed as if every possible odd was stacked against us yet we still made it in and we still gave it 113%. It breaks my heart to know that we couldn’t get it done for KD, and I already know Klay’s heart is breaking as well because he couldn’t finish playing the rest of the game for him; however, if there’s one thing to take away from tonight, it’s that our slogan perfectly embodies our spirit: Strength in Numbers. This team is not focused on statistics or records (even though we hold most of them 🤫), we put more effort in helping to build each other up by playing unselfish basketball. We see worth in every single player and every single player sees worth in their brothers. Like I said already, the Golden State Warriors are not a team, they are family, and you can see perfect examples of that throughout this whole season:

1. Banning together and defending Boogie while he was hurt

2. Everyone else stepping up when Steph and Klay fell into shooting slumps or sickness

3. Everyone rallying around KD while he was recovering before making his comeback

4. Looney playing while grimacing through pain this last game

5. KD putting his whole career in jeopardy just so he could be out there on the court with his boys

6. Finally, one of the most inspirational and touching moments that occurred tonight: Klay Thompson, who basically popped his knee out of place and was withering on the ground in serious amounts of pain, after being ushered to the locker room, refused to leave with determination in his eyes and instead ran back out to shoot free throws and then proceeded to plead to the medical staff and the rest of the team to let him keep playing. That moment right there cemented this Splash Bro as one of the best players in the league for me. To be honest I never focus on stats when I think of greatness, I focus on character and heart, as well as that individual’s love for the game and there’s no doubt Klay is the epitome of this.

So ya does it suck that we lost? Of course.

Does that mean that I feel any sort of disappointment towards either the Warriors or Steve Kerr? Absolutely not!

If anything I feel honored to have watched such a historical season and to have witnessed so many new records broken along the way! So I just have one thing to say and that is: I am extremely proud to be part of Dub Nation and I’m so grateful I found such an inspirational and family oriented group and I can’t wait to take back the trophy next season! 💙💛

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The Rush: Warriors beat Raptors in thriller, but lose Kevin Durant to Achilles injury

The Raptors failed to lock up the NBA Championship, losing Game 5 to the Warriors at home while Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to fight him in a UFC match, making Monday quite an embarrassing day for the nation of Canada.

Andre Iguodala in the 2019 NBA Finals.  Someone please caption this full-body derp pose.  Looks like a cross between the “Thriller” zombie dance, the running man, and the ska dance called pickin’ up change…

From “If you don’t put a body on Kawhi Leonard, you’ll pay the consequences.”

(Photo credit: Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE / Getty)