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Been doing a lot of original stuff lately so let’s break it up with some more since was announced.

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Trying to shake off the cobwebs while learning Procreate. Sprint lobbed another iPad at us so we bought a Pencil. I can see the appeal.

oc complete, Ari Hemlock is bursting onto the scene with wand in hand. They're ready to prove Slytherin isn't just a bunch of crooks and tricksters.

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RETWEET if you know him Kindly mention him too My DM is also open for custom Portraits? 💯

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A piper picture after God knows how long since I did one @leovaldezathomedepot @dykecassandrawayne


I’ve always wanted to do one of these erase sketch layer to reveal color videos so I decided to do it with this one! This piece is far from finished but…it still counts right?

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