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Wanted to do one more Zelda x Goblin Slayer, love the idea to much lol.

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Little quick I did once, while old, I luv how 'sweet' and simple these look, enjoy~ Personal , and picture©Mayasacha(Me ) *NO USE ALLOWED

Decidí probar a colorear en tradicional por primera vez en mucho tiempo... Sinceramente llegó un momento donde ya no sabía que estaba haciendo :^). . . . . .

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Hello 👋 Daron, my nine year old cousin is a huge svtfoe fan. Today she made this adorable drawing of star and Marco babysitting baby meteora

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Miriam Cahn

Look. I was in a Spanish lecture and. I just. What if /kirby/ just FUCKIN ate the umbrella 7 u know? And I couldn’t not draw a twenty minute peice of shit to celebrate that idea so.

Am I sorry that it exists? Maybe a little. But it does so it must be shared.

Crossover time!!!

Supergirl meets Lovelace the pink tiger and she loves him! I mean,,, how could she not, he’s a giant fluffball.

Also i posted this on my instagram and let me tell you, i wanted to hurl my phone out the window. Cause whenever i tried to add description to the post the app would refuse and yeet me to my home screen


My April auction piece will be soon available !…
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Wisconsin Conservation History

These images are concept drawings for the Charles E. Broughton Conservation award to the Boy Scouts. They come from the Charles E Broughton Papers, 1916-1953 (Milw Mss BA). As a conservationist, Broughton (1873-1956) financed conservation awards to 4-H clubs and the Boy Scouts. He was also involved in the restoration of the Horicon Marsh and Sheboygan Marsh. 

You can see this and other items related to Wisconsin nature conservation April 24-26 in the UWM Archives for our April Hands-On Pop-Up Exhibit. This month the American Geographical Society Library will be joining us and showing maps depicting Wisconsin forestry, hydrography, state parks, and more.