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Desenho/Line: 2018(? Pintura: 2020 Esse era o desenho q eu fiz faz muito tempo UwU Ele ainda n tem um nome, se alguém tiver alguma idea só comentar! OwO ❤️ + 🔁 = 😔💖

書初め4。 筆でラクガキ。 "初日の出" The beginning of write(Kakizome), 4rd. I doodle with a brush. "First sunrise"

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Commission finished for chilli ween on Telegram! :D I tried new brushes and techniques with this one and im happy with the results!

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Just a Kali thing I drew 

Her fuckin’ weapon wouldn’t even fit on the page (I TRIED) 


While we were in Tasmania we got to check out the studio and little gallery of the artist #tonysmibert (mum was over the moon he’s one of mum’s favourite artists) he’s really nice; show us around; gave some good art advice and signs art books about his artwork so I did a little sketch with my character 💀skeleton monster spooky kitty cat girl checking out one of his paintings 🖼 in the gallery as a thank you to him and his wife who’s also an artist and very nice too 💕

Also just got back from Tasmanian Holiday


Had a wild fun but is very tried now


This took at least 7 hours. Listening to Melanie Martinez albums an absurd amount of time. And It’s still not finished.

But… I’m kind of proud of this?

I think it really turned out well.

Do not repost on any website. This is my art.

Posted: 15 January 2020

There is a longing inside of my chest
For what could have been
The weight is heavy, tell the sender that I am ready
To see you again

I know I’ll see you
I know I’ll see you on the other side

Oh, wait for me
In fields of gold
It’s not the end
It’s all I know

So don’t let it go
Don’t let go

I won’t let go…


New year, old sketch finished. Finally… ;) It was a pleasure to draw you, Mr. Morley. As always. I love your freckles and curls - just EVERYTHING about you tbh. *lalala*
Btw: First try on a beard here. Ever. So don’t go hard on me, ‘kay? I’m TRYING. :P

Hope you like my new piece. I’m taking this with me to Paris in April, where I (hopefully) have the chance to meet and talk to the Morley’s in person - in case of Bobby: again. I’ve been missing him sm.

All in all, let’s hope for a great last season (and i am ignoring that i’ve written “last” here…)!  Not too many characters please, focus on beloved ones okay? Like in the good old times of the first seasons? And give them peace already. They deserve it.

So, have a nice weekend, guys! Hugs and love, Anne (x)

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