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Inktober Day 15: Legend What better characters to draw for "Legend" then the ones who started the legend in the first place (timeline wise) .

Asistente de Black Hat Organization, presenta: Mi arte, parte I: En el inktober elegí la temática congelado y no pude evitar imaginarme algo asi. Me fascina el cabello largo jajaja.

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Na Alaska ko lang, senend koto sa kanya Tapus sabi nya you made my day, tanong ko Bakit Di ka man lang Nag stay kahit isa pang day?😩 Morning pala sa inyo.

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Speed Paint: - | Galarian Ponyta | - (Pokémon Sword & Shield) 

It is now in speed paint form everybody!

Hope you all enjoy :3

Xenia Adonts✨ Her looks consistently inspire me, her work ethic keeps me motivated, and her genuine spirit keeps me coming back to her page💙 I adore this stunning queen so much, and if you want some positivity on your feed definitely give her a follow🙏🏻✨💕

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