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Waiting at the airport

「ナイショ話」 . . お休みしていたイラストの原画オーダーを再開しました。 ご依頼やご質問はサイトのcontactからご連絡ください😊 .

Portrait of a man and his Bonneville, a recent live draw at the Bike Shed Show... We're at the Black Deer Festival this weekend with another live drawing, hope to see you there for art, music, bikes and maybe a beer or two!

An apperception of archetypes engaging in liminal convocation Only 3 days left of Cave of Infinite Questions. I’m hoping I can find a new venue. Books are available

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some vent art that i don’t have the guts to post on my instagram. too many people know me there.

Yesterday i’ve just finished watching Good Omens and i’ve been obsessed since!! So i got inspired by this post bc it would be fun to draw him.

Aaah i know i’m not that good and it’s been so long since i last drew something (bear with me) but i can’t help drawing Crowley! Maybe next i’ll draw Aziraphale too because i love them both equally and together soo much.

I have a theme with this illustration.
This illustration had other clothes, but I change it.
This was going to be a commission, but the person blocked me before paying (the good thing that I never sent the final illustration, that person I try to get this for free), as I liked this drawing, I decided to give it a chance. I changed the wardrobe (the clothes that I had chosen that person I did not like, I decided to make an improved and different version because in the end I changed)

And here is this, for the content of all hahaha.


Here is a quick video of my color sketching process in my art journal. This time I used my tripod setup (It looks better than the last one, feel free to check my last video upload where I painted a scene using watercolors)

This sketch is made using Dong-A MyColor 2 pens on my ZenArt supplies sketchbook. I already put masking tape on the area that I want to keep clean on the journal spread (Because I’m a clumsy sketcher haha). I started with a quick sketch of where I’ll be putting all the elements and parts with a pencil, and continued with pens.

Dong-A MyColor2 comes in 40 colors, and are available in different sets and singles. These pens are waterbased, vibrant, and comes with double tips (Bold and Fine tips). It bleeds when used in some paper, but this particular sketchbook handled it very well, with almost no bleed through on the back page.

The slower video of the process is also available on my YouTube channel, just search “ravenfox13” and watch it now. Enjoy and have a creative day ahead!

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@zenartsupplies (at Malabon City)

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A Magic Melody

Find a beat to thump to when there’s nothing on

If you make it your own well you can’t go wrong

Hone in to the ghosts floating in your mind

Detect a steady rhythm so the tension can unwind

Been awhile since I’ve posted. Anyway, recently I decided to use some extra money and get myself a surface book 2. Things amazing it makes drawing so much fun.

In one of the discord serves I’m in (same one all across the multiverse posted that screenshot of Vegeta from) I’ve had the amazing opportunity to do a ship with one of my ocs I never really thought about. Knight from persona and Chiaki They’ve been freaking adorable! Ah! I love it. So to test out the new laptop and this pairing I decided to make some fan art for them.