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sketch de ELZA haciendo homenaje al estreno de su segunda entrega y a la espera de grandes sorpresas por parte de disney chequen mi instagram

I’m not an angel and I don’t pretend to be an angel. That’s not one of my roles. But I’m not a demon either. I’m a man and I would love to be judged as such!

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これ 出来ればファイナルでプレゼントBOXへ 入れようと思ってたんだけど間に合わず… クリスマスのは私行けないしCDは外れたし 誰か行く方に託そうかなぁ さてお仕事行くかー

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New to the Foody blues world, here is a pink Tarantula Hawk woman with no name yet (also I didn’t do it in color where it would’ve been obvious, smart move on my stupid end).

She was one of beeman’s rivals, as well as a pest on his stupid ass. Like Beeman, she enjoys a good fight, as well as being a bit of a hedonistic prick at times.

Compared to beeman, she deals a hell of a lot more pain with her attacks, but in general isn’t one to fight much, since she dislikes dishing pain.

Hell, she got bored from being an outlaw and made her way into the pumpkin spice city as an assistant honey dispenser for Beeman, just so she can annoy him.

She’s also a pain in the ass, something where the whole PAIN part of it really comes to play. Goddamn tarantula hawks.

I drew this up…I wanna say 3 weeks ago.

Mareeta fanart <3


Me siento re orgullosa de como me quedó <3 De hecho tengo hasta la sensación de que no podré repetirlo otra vez, pero siento que me quedo re hermoso <3 Mareeta es un personaje que no tiene mucho fanart, de hecho, este es el segundo que le dedico y obviamente el mejor que he hecho <3 Bueno, sé que seguiré mejorando pero debo repetir que la amé <3