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Y más dibujos random que hice a partir de sugerencias de Instagram -v-

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Esto es una comisión que hice.

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Good Morning! Here I share this drawing, it belongs to a character from one of the stories I am working on, his name is Aurora if you like follow me for more content 😉

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Devemos nós amar acima de tudo, mesmo que as vezes pareça egoísmo, mas sempre devemos nós priorizar.

I wanted to practice drawing pet portraits to see if I could start selling something in a different style. This is supposed to be realism/still life.

Just a quick edit of my Belphie drawing. Moved him closer to the stars.

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“-Vous savez la fille au verre d’eau..


-Si elle a l’air à coté c’est pt ’être parce qu’elle est entrain de penser à quelqu’un.

“Ha, à quelqu’un du tableau?

-Non, plutôt à un garçon qu’elle a croisé ailleurs, et elle a l’impression qu’ils sont un peu pareil elle et lui.

-Autrement dit elle préfère s’imaginer une relation avec quelqu’un d’absent plutôt que de créer des liens avec ceux qui sont présents ?”


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“-The girl with the glasses…


-Maybe her thoughts are with somebody else.

-Somebody in the picture?

-More likely a boy she saw somewhere and felt an affinity with.

-You mean she’d rather imagine herself relating with someone absent than builds relationships with those around her?”


Left is May 2019 vs right of jan 2020.

*I don’t know why i’ve always drawn Macho man as a wrestling Jesus, i based my designs/illustrations based on a toy i own of him.

Initially i just wanted to tweak and correct Macho man’s chest, as his biceps look very flat and i didn’t connect them to the armpit. Which then lead me to redrawing this piece of work. 

I noticed that i keep wanting to shade and draw things semi realistically, i avoided this for so long because i assumed i could never do this sort of thing. But i’ve been learning and leaning into it more and more over the years - i think this piece is a nice reflection of this thought i’ve had.

Anyway, i still have a lot to work on but it’s nice to feel like my studying (bare minimum) is showing results and a better understanding of anatomy.

But most importantly, i forgot how fun it is to draw macho man and draw from my tablet. The ipad is great and all, but i haven’t fully gotten comfortable with it just yet, i’m glad it hasn’t replaced my tablet entirely.

© Devis Bergantin, Studio, 2020, penna a sfera e matita colorata su carta, 21 x 29,6 cm

© Devis Bergantin, Study, 2020, ballpoint pen and coloured pencil on paper, 21 x 29,6 cm


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