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🏳️‍🌈:this actually happened about a month ago, was supposed to upload this on insta but i've clearly forgotten about it, anyways enjoy a picture of bredon urie, and i know there's something wrong with the lips

Firebloom Queen (PvZ2Chinese) A friend of mine requested this plant and I made a , nice! Btw, I had the idea for making a PvZ girl because of Shamefu.

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"Goose Egg" Pencil on Paper The clouds heavy with yesterday's rain weep for tomorrow's sorrow forfilling a life's current to become once more...  

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Ai Shining Live❤️❤️


Drawing - Disegno - Disegno testa - Drawing Head - construction - Sketch…


LETS DRAW Mortal Kombat 11 Night Wolf : Sketch