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Thank you to the New York Film Academy who inspired our pupils this week.

1/2 Dafydd Rhys - Artistic Director - welcomes 3rd yr and students to Theatr Yr Werin for their Independent Production Projects. Part of a creative tour of inspiring pieces that have played in the building - including ...

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We have been busy finalising the cards (24 in total) These change the course of the game, ruining the plans of your opponent - but be warned ! by deploying the cause but beware the .

Walk round a rather amazing block followed by exciting developments with year 12 A level Drama and Theatre devised work creativity

A about an is a brilliant case study of the traps we can fall into when our thing. In this 2-episode podcast I share how to avoid them & what to do instead a4

entführt Sie in ein Abenteuer mit fesselnden Charakteren und einer faszinierenden Geschichte! Es ist ein , den alle brauchen werden! Sie noch heute die !

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One of those busy days in the midst of a filled time. The best thing to do is always keep pushing for that positive future and keep making those a reality no matter who or what may try and keep you down. STAY CREATIVE!

🎥🦄💋That’s a wrap! Exciting suspense thriller film Knucks! I’m so thankful to work with such an incredible cast! Love you guys! Coming soon!

Why is everything so dramatic right now? so I seek to bring a glimmer of positive with my shows and my work

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Last post about the drama. I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a rude and angry person. But it’s not nice pointing fingers and having it feel like no one is listening to me or wanting to hear my side or opinion. I’m not the issue, neither is princesskittie or other mutuals with similar blogs. It’s the system. It’s tumbler itself that’s the issue. I can’t do anything about your issue over the lewd/porn online. It’s also not my fault kids are on tumblr, it’s their own will and parents should have more control over what kids these days are looking at online. I’m tired of all the pointing fingers and pointed out as the issue and as a villain. It hurts especially when there’s nothing I can do except delete my blog. But if I even did that, the issue would still be around. Feel free to hate me, but don’t interact with me or message me. Just simple ignore my blog and block out that i’m even alive. I’m really sorry if I’ve offended anyone, or made anyone feel sad over my comments or words i’ve put out. I’m feeling so bad and like a shitty person, but that’s fine i guess

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Lol she hit on me. Lol. When she got old for a few years until she found a great guy. She did not. Do stuff to my but. Just teased the hell out of me. With pics and telling me stuff. Lol. Have a fabulous day anyway.

Still even if she did it. You have no rights what to ever to ask stranger’s if they’ve tasted their own dad? Like you don’t know if they have a dad, if they’ve been abused by their dad. Like think 10000 times before you write something as disgusting as that. I’m disgusted by you!!!

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RETWEET I dont like these snowflakes who try to shove their opinions down your throat and then try to claim that you’re enabling minors when you disagree . Look at porn websites the internet hasn’t and never will be “safe for minors” Get a grip people!!

SPEAK LOUDER PLEASE!!  Kids these days know more about sex and all that than I did when I was 13y. Like there are no reason to wanting to make tumblr minor friendly only. I’m not the issue, I’m not the only person on here that does it. Like i’m not the worst person that does it. Gosh i’m so fed up with certain people on here. Like leave me and other blogs like me the frick alone. We don’t want you ignorant opinion. Stop pretending to be Christian and pushing the bible down our throats.

Yeah have your opinions, that’s great. But don’t be throwing it down others throats. Like can you be that entitled ? I get that some people get uncomfortable, but there’s little I can do about that. Yes I can mark them as nsfw or lewd, but does that really do much? I don’t think so. Either way, i’m feeling so done with all of this stuff 

Como un presidiario me sentía observado por las ventanas, condenado al desastre de la ilusión existencialista que muchos recorremos como si fuera el patio de la casa, cada rincón lo conocemos tan bien que es difícil no sentirse en casa cuando todo se viene abajo. Y sentí que vi muchas vidas esa noche y todas opacadas por el camino del caos en un recorrido de varios años luz.
—  El camino de un Poeta - Samy Alen. 
Neon now on tumblr

Neonstudioknightzone got a tumblr now.

A friend got a message from him along the usual “stop antagonizing me”, despite them only reblogging or liking posts here. He probably be targeting other users who reblog anything about him. 

Hopefully he won’t go around harrassing anyone on here. Well if it does it will prove that he is a over grown toddler and that all callouts against him are needed even more

Please someone do a rant video on him

Elissinia, let me explain why you’re being criticized. I know you don’t intend to come off as greedy but that is exactly how you are coming off. You run a HQ art exchange, meaning that almost all of the artists in the group are very skilled. The very nature of it being an exchange means that you WILL get good art out of it, but that isn’t enough for you, and you’ve made event prompts fan-art for yourself. The events are optional, but its really off putting to see someone who already has so much still holding their hand out for more. The free-art thread is just the cherry on top. Mazir is not the only character of yours with hundreds of images, and I’m sure the artists you pay love to work for you, but you do not need free art to find new artists to follow.