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This Sunday is the second annual Sinners & Saints, show starting at 7 PM with proceeds going to the DEFA fund – at Greg's (Our Place)

I’m at rehearsal for this tonight!!! If you’ve never seen a West family production show - make this your chance to change that! Come rock out with us in Stadium Virginium 8: Back To Basics! 🎸🎤🎶

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NEVER in my life have I seen a Drag break like this, especially when the Key Washer and Main Drive Gear are still in excellent condition.

Child queen pictured with naked winner of . Frankly, the community did well with equal rights, they got their bill passed, but -ualizing kids, is making liberation an aberration..!

The Democrat party wants MORE 10-year old children to party with naked adult men and they want to arrest the fully-clothed man with a gun, for having a gun. Yup. That's our Democrat Party. The party of: ..... 1) Slavery ... , ,

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“I SAID sashay away Sasuke!”


Because either of us has the good sense God have us!!! Me & my sister @shequidahall at @hardwarebarnyc last week when I guested at The Shequida Show for my Birthday! Such a great time ♥️♥️♥️ #drag #dragqueen #dragshow #instadrag #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #dragmakeup #glamour #pinup #cleavage #silly #sisters #family #♥️ (at Hardware Bar NYC)

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anonymous asked:

I’m sorry if this is a really stupid question. I was born female and identify as female, but there are times where I truly hate my chest and private area and have wanted to present more male with clothing and hair and other parts of my body. I’m not sure what this means because there are also times where I’m happy with my female body and have no problems with it. Does this mean I’d be like non gender conforming? I’m confused on all the terms and most things I read.

Howdy! Kadence here. 

No question is a stupid question, it just means you’re curious!

What I’m hearing from you:

- I am AFAB and identify as female. 

- I sometimes hate my primary and secondary sex characteristics (primarily chest/genitalia)

- I have wanted to express myself in a more masculine way. 

- There are also times where I don’t hate my sex characteristics

One thing to know is that dysphoria can fluctuate, but it’s often more of a lessening of dysphoria than an absence from my own understanding. This also might mean that you just sometimes want to appear more masculine. Some AFAB people find a way of channeling that feeling is through drag. Here’s an example.  These individuals feel completely comfortable being female, but find they have a slight discomfort that is alleviated with drag. 

Also, it’s perfectly okay to express yourself in a masculine way, even if that means binding and wearing a packer, without that meaning your trans. You can do anything you want with your body without a label. Additionally, many individuals who identify as non-binary don’t identify as trans. For some, it’s more about expression of their selves, rather than an alteration in identity. Same is true for butch women who don’t identify as men.

If you find that this discomfort is disrupting your functioning, like socializing, self-esteem, etc, that’s when there may be something more going on. 

The world of gender is a new concept that has many nuances and scattered information. Try to focus on what you are immediately experiencing, and what to do about it, and less of what you should be calling that experience. 

RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 4 😲😲😲 @LatriceRoyale @manilaluzon @TrinityTheTuck @naomismallsduh @monetxchange @GiaGunn @farrahrized @IAmMoniqueHeart @JasminesMaster @AllOfValentina #rupauldragrace #latriceroyale #manilaluzon #trinitytaylor #naomismalls #jasminemasters #monetxchange #giagunn #farrahmoan #moniqueheart #valentina #dragrace #allstars4 #rupauldragraceallstars #season4 #queen #drag #dragqueen #rpdrallstars4

Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4: “Snatch Game of Love” Recap December 28, 2018

It’s time for the reality TV institution that is Snatch Game and you guessed it. There is a twist indeed. This time the queens competed in an off shoot of The Dating Game called Snatch Game of Love. In the workroom Manila and Latrice felt their is holding them back in the competition, but the main conflict is between Trinity and Gia over who is more deserving of playing Caitlyn Jenner. Trinity argued she had the bigger resemblance while Gia argued a trans woman should portray another trans woman. Both queens made good points and their bickering entertained me immensely. But like The The Little Red Riding Hood, this was all a fairy tale too. In a recent interview, Gia said she and Trinity planned this interaction for camera time and she never planned on playing Caitlyn Jenner. But like all fables, it doesn’t matter if it’s made up as long as it’s entertaining. And then it was time for Snatch Game Of Love! Competing for the heart of Snatchelors Gus Kenworthy we had the following celebrities:

Whitney Houston- Her spray bottle gag was intrusive and she dropped her cigarette. This time around Monet just didn’t seem as confident as she was when she played Maya Angelou and I think that’s because she originally intended on playing Oprah which could’ve been brilliant.

Wendy Williams- It’s clear Naomi is a big Wendy fan because every nuance, every catchphrase was there. And that cherry on top was the fall alluding to when Wendy fainted on Halloween. Naomi had the biggest Snatch Game redemption.

Caitlyn Jenner- To do improv you have to be right on beat of the scene and Trinity wasn’t just on the beat, she was the damn metronome. Trinity was born to do improv and it’s such a treat to watch a master in their element.

Eartha Kitt- The styling was on point, but the acting lacked polish. The first problem was all the references to Emperor’s New Groove when we know damn well Rupaul doesn’t even know what an Emperor’s New Groove is.

Competing for the heart of our second Snatchelor Keiynan Lonsdale we have:

Tiffany Haddish- Monique did a passable job. The character was a good fit for Monique. My only complaint is the dress looked like a sheet with a safety pin.

Barbra Streissand- Offensive prosthetic nose aside, this was Manila at her best. That combination of style, references and goofy is what makes her such a lovable queen.

Jenny Bui- If you want to know what not to do in Snatch Game refer to Gia’s Jenny Bui. This performance was void of humor, replete with stereotypes, it didn’t seem like Gia did any research on her character, and she didn’t play off her co-stars, she opposed them like a linebacker.

Della Reese- Latrice let Gia get in her way she never recovered. Latrice is such a fierce panther and it’s such a shame to see her so her so meek. It’s also a shame that this performance told me nothing about Della Reese and I would’ve liked to learn a bit about her.

In the end Trinity and Manila were named the winners. You didn’t read that wrong. This time Snatch Game had winners and they were named before runway. I’m open to variations on Snatch Game, but naming the winners beforehand takes away the suspense.

And now it’s time for my favorite portion: mainstage. The theme tonight was “house down boots” and the ladies interpreted the theme by wearing thigh high boots. I didn’t go crazy for any particular look. My favorite was I guess Manila because of the fetish theme. I just have a complaint about it. Why were the bunny ears done in pink hanky when the lavender hanky means drag queen/into drag queens? After comments, Naomi, Monet and Monique are safe. Naomi could’ve been on the top if it wasn’t for Naomi ignoring direction and wearing those strappy gladiator sandals. And on the bottom were Valentina and Gia. As you all know, I’ve been having problems with Valentina because overproduces herself and seeing the crotch of her catsuit dragging lower and lower was the most genuine I’ve seen her this whole competition and it was beautiful.

Backstage is where we got to the meat of the episode. Valentina might be on the bottom, but she is feeling gorgeous! This was supposed to be her pulled by the bootstraps moment and she’s not taking advantage of it. Show us emotion, Val! On one camp we have Trinity wanting to save Valentina no matter what because they have an alliance and Trinity takes this extremely seriously. And then we have Manila who sees this as an opportunity to eliminate her biggest competition. During deliberation  Manila revealed she could save her under the condition that Valentina saves her from elimination too. Valentina declines because she is as pure as rose.

In the lip sync Manila interpreted “How Will I Know?” with the giddy innocence of a girl, winning the lip sync. It’s so nice to see Manila lip sync again. But was there ever a doubt she would win? Her win mounted to a more suspenseful ending and therefore more entertaining TV.

The name on the lipstick was Gia’s. It was a fair decision. The Snatch Game Of Love was rotted, the mainstage look was too simple and her story of self discovery came full circle so it was time to go. Gia wasn’t the best seamstress, or singer, or actress or comedian, but she does have a knack for one thing and that is producing good TV so will we ever see Gia again on TV? Absolutely.

Colin’s Nugget of Wisdom: “Latrice and improv are not close friends.”


  • Why is Trinity dressed as big bird? Give Manila her jacket back
  • Gus and Keiynan thumb wrestling during deliberation  
  • I love the story about how Latrice’s fiancee left a note in the bottom of her tote
  • Manila has slept with girls so I might have a chance with her when she gets divorced
  • Judge Gus Kentworthy is pretty quick! Maybe skiing keeps the mind sharp
  • Manila taking the carrot out of her mouth and saying “what’s up doc?” is her in a nutshell. Also Rupaul loves Bugs Bunny so good job.
  • Alaska commented Valentina as Eartha Kitt looks like Jasmine Guy and that’s all I can see now 

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I’m so excited to be competing in drag star! Go support your bitch on January 27th at 9:30 pm! @creamsundays hosted by @hellenheels and produced by @theluisbarrera !
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