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Ultimate Guide to Resisted Swimming Training!

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Fantastic 4 days with an first - Silent Karaoke vs Silent Disco with . Check out all the pics on our facebook page. You may want a peek just to see our amazing presenters…

Come and see me tonight! Twe. June 18th, 22h Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke Warschauer Str. 34, 10243 Berlín @monsterronsons @giezapoke      

Tonight (Twe, June 18th), at (Warschauer Str. 34, ) from 22h I will be one of many great performers at House of Presents. I will , do some and live, in just five minutes More info:

Bold eyes and big lips! Created using the Norvina Palette, Lip Pencil in Spice, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Alkaline (yes, that’s on my lips 😉), and Lust Gloss in Dare To Bare.

Looks created around two of the Art Library Palettes: It’s designer, and Flamboyant.

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NAME: Absinthe

PALETTE: Neunixhood

MONSTER: While living on Earth to study, this alien discovered drag and now draws heavy inspiration from it for his personal style. He hopes to one day participate in drag shows as soon as he finishes creating the perfect persona. Though he loves what humans are doing with it, he think he could draw on his knowledge of other planet’s cultures to create a truly unique performance.

richer than I am now

faces I don’t remember

call to me

there in the night

oh they come & go

the people

there in your life

some lasting for seconds


they never let go

& the numbers stack up

slow drag in the wake

the next day they are gone

if I only knew the secret

for the good ones

to stick around

I’d be richer than I am now

neil benbow

I know its a little late in the month to be saying this but if you are in any way capable, show your support for the lgbt community in your workplace. If it’s just a pin or a button, it can do wonders. A man coming from a drag queen contest breathed a visible sigh of relief when he saw me and my pride pin at the register today. He told me that he was super thankful he happened to see me and that I helped him out cause he was in a bit of a rough situation. If you are out, if you are an ally, if it’s possible, show your support. You never know who might need it that day.

I can FINALLY show off my merch designs! Art by @eternyze
My first batch of shirts will be preorder. I am looking at multiple suppliers(for inclusive sizing), the shirts will cost $20-$25 dollars, with 50% of the profits benefiting @muncieoutreach 🏳️‍🌈I will be taking names and sizes, with money due 2 weeks before ordering(I’ll let everyone know when I know).
Thank you all for your continued support, of my art, my journey and my personal advocacy 💜
Email me with size, PayPal, and name if you would like a shirt.