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⁦⁦⁩ leading the way with ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ STEM kite workshop this morning thanks for a great morning folks!

: A Mitzvah – in these polarised times, it's poignant & exciting to see a funny, honest look at identity, young same-sex love & being with as a one-person-show phenomenon – brilliantly written by

First photo was 10 months ago second photo was last week... ok Mary finally

Filmed a look today, possible YouTube video we will see!

I don’t often work on portraiture, but this was a fantastic challenge. This is Oakland drag king Joys Mercury @emjaymercury - a gift to their drag father. Oil on , 5x7. Thank you! …

Watch how to do the flip cup in acrylic pouring and drag without much of a drag. via acrylicpouring Check out our blog, dedicated to Acrylic Pouring:

Action shot!! ☺️ Had a to of fun with the Miltown Kings! If you missed this performance I’ll be in Chicago for Crash Landing on April 8th!

Save the date. Come out and support the local Queens of the Four Corners. And meet Normandie Manchester. This show is going to be a blast. Don't miss out. Buy your tickets now. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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Google your high school and post the picture that comes up: I'm interested to see what has been up to! Mine looks like a version of the βœ”οΈ

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Okay okay. I need help with drag king names. I’m going for a 1920s ish theme, based off the Great Gatsby for my introduction to drag. (I’d love to pay homage to Gatsby himself if possible)

I was thinking maybe using Gatsby within the name, but not sure if that would fly well? I have no idea but I’d love feedback and help

Branjie Qs

hello friends. no tea, no shade, just pure, genuine, sincere curiosity: who said that Branjie is broken up and where is their evidence? I’ve only seen 1 person say that and they didn’t have any receipts (once again, no shade, I just gotta know). I’ve checked the Branjie tag on Tumblr (obvs), Twitter and Instagram because I’m an out of control person and all I see about this is “rumors say they broke up in January” WHO ARE THE RUMORS AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM I need to know.

From my perspective, they are totally still together. And this is my evidence (as a person who does not know them at all, but studied behavior in college): 

Mainly, they so cute and I want it to be true and I wish it into existence because none of my fictional tv ships are giving me anything so I am resorting to this.

Seriously, though, and I love her to death, but we’ve seen Vanjie act. She’s NOT AN ACTOR. If you guys take a close look at the new video from a few days ago on Nina’s instagram, THAT SMILE CAN’T BE FAKE and also if you can see, her hands are basically pulling Brooke to her. IT IS VERY HARD TO FAKE THAT, especially with someone who you had an important relationship with, that has now ended. AND ALSO VANJIE IS NOT AN ACTOR.

If you check out the clip from Brooke’s recent Instagram live, where someone brings up Vanjie, Brooke also smiles. I don’t know as much about Brooke’s acting, but it’s hard to be so prepared to act happy, when your relationship is over.

Some people think that what they’re doing is too performative to be real, and to them I’d say IF YOU WERE DATING AND HAPPILY TOGETHER FOR LIKE ALMOST A YEAR AND HAD TO KEEP IT SECRET, YOU WOULD BE EXCITED TO POST ALL ABOUT IT TOO!

Idk. This is all I’ve been thinking about because I’m being starved by every other show I watch. Please please please let me know your thoughts because I need to talk about it. Sorry I’m creepy. Bye.


“The director in charge of making ‘I want to break free”, David Mallet (when he saw Roger in character) said 'Roger you look so good I could shag you’. Mallet quickly realized that Crystal (a camera person) was recording him and demanded they gave him the tape.

//it’s one of many rumors behind the video. It’s up to us to judge if it is true or not. But more than one of us have had the same thought as Mallet, right?“