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Empecé en Netflix.


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Annunciata da ABC una serie sulle mogli del Conte , sviluppata da Greg Berlanti Sempre in queste ore, CBS ha ufficializzato la serie , prequel agli eventi , sotto la supervisione di Alex Kurtzman Quale vi ispira di più? 😲

Quanti di voi hanno gia visto ? Si tratta di una miniserie e di 3 episodi (ognuno di 90 minuti).

Could Frankenstein be next for Gatiss and Moffat? A clue in episode 3 might hint at the Sherlock creators’ next literary adaptation. Speculation and spoilers ahead.

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“There are monsters in this world. Creatures… that will leave a shadow on your soul.”

Lol Mina said “go on and cheat, I got options too”

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🧛‍♂️✍️ "Seguim endinsant-nos en el laberint d’un relat infinit, que quan creiem conèixer se’ns torna a escapar de les mans" escriu l' sobre de Gatiss i Moffat produïda per la BBC i Netflix. Llegeix-lo a la revista :

ha anunciado la cancelación de y es lo mejor que podían hacer. La siguiente: . Vamos a dejar las series sobresalientes en el lugar que les corresponde sin alargar por alargar.

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reasons i am like dracula
  • pale
  • bit of a hermit
  • speaks multiple languages
  • bad social skills
  • likes to travel

Like Agatha Van Helsing called Count Dracula an uncultured swine who needed to read and he was transported to his childhood with his mommy and all the freudian desires were open to him he was begging BEGGIN for being slapped a little by this big lady nun and tbh fUCK yES i cant remember the rest of that shitty series

Little bat - Dracula

Originally posted by tampire

Inspired by @crowley-needs-a-hug

So, when I first saw those bats swarm around the church in the first episode I was thinking “Aw man, bats are cute and I want one” so that led to the thought that if the bats weren’t dracula himself, maybe one of his bats wandered into the house of the reader and she kept it and took care of it. Then, Dracula comes looking for his missing friend and finds the little bat with the reader and they strike up a conversation or smth Set in the modern time 

Dracula always had a flare for dramatic. Be in in presentation or personality. The bats, he thought, were a nice touch to his dramatic flare. Though noisy when all swarmed together, he liked using them, liked having that control over them.

The thing is, having so many of them in his command, he couldn’t always keep track of them. It had been a long while since I last lost one, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen again. Being in such a public area meant they had lots of places to hide.

You wouldn’t think he kept count of all his bats, but he did. He knew when one was missing.

Zoe had asked him to stop with the bats, they were noisy and she couldn’t think. Dracula chuckled, having been told something similar by her ancestor a long time ago. The bats parted and he let Zoe speak her mind.

He hadn’t noticed one of his bats had flown off into a house not too far away.

Your window had been open due to how warm it was. You needed all the fresh air you could get. As you sat there working away on your laptop, you never expected a bat to come tumbling through the window. It landed on your floor making quite a lot of noise. The poor thing must have injured itself on the way in.

“Oh my!” You pushed your laptop away and knelt down on the ground. “Hush, little guy.” You were careful with how you approached it. When you were younger you once nursed a bird back to health, you hoped you could do the same with this bat.

You picked it up gently and moved to you bed, placing it on your pillow.

The bat was making less noise now, but it was clearly uncomfortable. It appeared to have hit it’s wing on the way in.

“You should be careful.”

You grabbed everything you thought you might need to bind the wing and found an empty box. You placed it by the window and made a makeshift bed.

“This is the best I can do for now.” 

You picked it up gently and moved it to the box, watching as it decide to lay down instantly. There wasn’t much you could do for the pain, but you would stay up and look after the little guy all night if you needed to.

Dracula sensed something was different. Whenever he controlled creatures, be it wolves or bats, he could sense where they were. Something felt different.

He followed his instinct right up to a house. The window was open and he could the squeak of a bat.

“Ah, one got away.” He muttered.

Dracula knocked on your door firmly. He waited. He could hear you approaching the door and unlocking it.

When the door opened he wasn’t quite expecting to see someone so- pretty!

“Can I help you?” You asked kindly, offering the stranger a small smile.

“Oh, yes.” He got over his admiration for you for a moment. “I think you have one of my bats.”

“Your bats? Oh, the poor little guy came crashing through my window. He got hurt. He’s upstairs, come in.”

Oh what a naive thing to say.

Dracula stepped over the threshold and into your home. He kept his gaze on you the entire time. You had no idea what you had done.

You closed the door and took him upstairs.

Surprisingly, the bat seemed pleased to see his master. You had no idea that Dracula was his master, but you were glad to see the bat perk up.

“He did injure himself, didn’t here.” Dracula stood over the box you had put the bat in. “How unfortunate.”

“Must have got a little lost getting back to you.” You came up beside the handsome stranger. “I’m Y/N by the way.”


“Nice name.” You smiled at him. “So, you said bats? As in more than one?”

“Yes, I have many of them.”

“That’s cool. You tame them?”

“You could say that.” He grinned. “Do you like bats?”

“I like all animals. Big or small.” You smiled. “You might want to take the box if you’re taking him home. I don’t think he can fly for a while, and I don’t think he’ll be comfortable being carried by hand.”

“Yes… Perhaps you would like to look after him until he can fly again?” He offered. He was curious about you.


“You’ve done quite well so far, and I know where he is.” He smiled. “I can collect him when he’s better.”

“Well, I don’t mind, but don’t you miss him? He might be happier at home.” You did really want to look after the bat now it was here, but if this man owned it, surely it would be happier with him.

“I trust you enough to look after him. It will be an excuse to see you again.” He smirked.

You blushed. You tried to hide your blush, but you knew he had seen it.

“Alright.” You smiled. “I’ll make sure he’s in the best car.” You couldn’t deny you wanted to see this man again. A handsome stranger comes knocking on your door and if he took the bat home, you may never see him again.

“I’m sure he will be happy here. I think he likes you.”

You looked at the bat. It had quieted down now.

“I should be on my way, but I’ll be back.” He smiled at you. “Soon.” He added. Dracula saw himself out, but he wouldn’t wait too long to see you again.

You had caught his interest.


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would you do dracula and werewolf!reader because wow i love that vampire :)


Originally posted by skeletonfumes

Dracula was certainly something special on his own, but he wasn’t the only unnatural being out there. If you looked hard enough you could find lots of interesting creatures.

For example, it made sense for Dracula to fall for another curious creature. A werewolf for example.

Lots of interesting things happened on a full moon near his castle. He already had power over the wolves in the surrounding woods, but to meet a werewolf was far more extraordinary. He had heard you howl and had gone to the tower to look for any sign of you, but it wasn’t the early hours of the morning that he saw you.

You collapsed outside of his castle, wearing nothing at all.

Dracula picked you up and brought you inside, wrapping his cloak around you, then placed you in the nicest room of the castle. It didn’t take him long to work out what you were.

When you woke up, he was there.

“Where am I? Who are you?” You freaked out, not remembering much from the night. Things tended to be fuzzy when you recovered.

“My name is Dracula, this is my castle.” He sat with one leg over the other and his fingers entwined in front of him. There would be a hint of a smirk on his face.

“Dracula….” You suddenly realised where you were. The villagers gossiped. “Oh.”

“Ah, you’ve heard of me.”

“I have. People fear you.” You looked at him warily.

“Do you?”

You didn’t say anything.

“You shouldn’t. We’re the same…. almost.” He stood up and looked down at you. His expression was gentle. “Rest. I shall being you something to eat.” He left.

You didn’t learn about what he was until a little later, but it was at that time you realised you didn’t feel so alone any more. To know there was someone like you made you happy.

You stayed for several days, knowing you didn’t have to worry about a full moon for a while. Dracula let you explore his castle, within reason. Any locked door was not for your eyes, but you still had a bit freedom around the place.

Dracula was the perfect host to you. He fed you, looked after you, made you feel welcome. You would spend all night talking to him, and sleep through the day, wanting to spend time with him, as much as you could.

Dracula didn’t feel alone.

There came a time when you felt you over stayed your welcome, the next full moon growing ever closer. You mentioned to Dracula that it was probably time to go.

“Where will you go?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I have much of a home to go to.” You smiled. “I’ll figure it out, I always do.”


You looked at him in shock.

“I don’t want to bring you my burden.” You told him.

“Your burden is mine to share. I have burdens of my own.” He would stand so close to you, gazing at you softly. “Don’t leave.” He would whisper the last part.

You stayed.

It was the best thing you had ever done. Nights were never lonely and you grew close to the vampire. So very close.

Dracula knew what he wanted and didn’t hesitate to get it.

After a very passionate night, the pair of you were as close as ever. He confessed everything to you. How he felt about you, how thankful he was you collapsed outside his castle, how wonderful he thought you were.

To everyone else you may both be monsters, but to each other you were perfect.

Life was much better for the both of you now you had one another.


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Dracula married the reader back in Victorian times and turns her. When he returns he finds her again and shocks everyone with the fact that he is married. Maybe as sexy as you’ll go?

SMUT! I already wrote out the smut chapter for my fic, so I have a bit of confidence in writing it (only a bit, you’ll have to give me feedback on if this is good or not). I’m doing my best.


Originally posted by hotsugars

When Dracula awoke after his long sleep in the sea. The first thing he noticed was how alone he was. He was glad he had made it to England, but at what cost?

The person most dearest to him wasn’t with him. He was alone.

That was until all the cars turned up and he came face to face with someone who looked very much like Agatha. He came to the conclusion that it was not, in fact, Agatha, but her descendant.

That didn’t change the fact he was missing his love.

Dracula ignored all of Zoe’s questions as he had one far more important to ask.

“My wife. Is she still in there?” He gestured to the water.

“You wife?” Zoe looked around at the others. “Was anyone aware of this information?” No one answered. “You mean there is another?”

“Yes, my beautiful wife. I turned her to spend eternity with her, and I have to admit I’m not to happy about the lack of her presence here.” If he found out they had done something to you, he wouldn’t be so friendly with them.

“No one else is down there. Only you.”

The first thing he did when he left them there on the shore was search for you. He was certain you had no perished. You were far too clever to let anything happen to you. He hadn’t found you when Zoe had caught up to him and he began to worry.

There was no doubt in his heart that you would not wait for him.

The whole he spent caged up like an animal, he asked constantly about if they had found you. Every time they came to him with an answer he didn’t like, he demanded they try harder. He couldn’t do much from his prison. Though once he grasped the tablet, he used it look up for any sign of you.

Nothing. A part of him was glad you were keeping quiet…. if you were out there.

Zoe, surprised to learn Dracula had a wife, had asked all sorts of questions, but his answers just consisted on beautiful you were and much he loved you. He couldn’t emphasise enough how important it was that he found you.

When he got out, thanks to his lawyer, he searched for you again. He became worried about you when he couldn’t find you.

It was Zoe who found you first. She knew it was you who he was looking for because you had asked for Dracula. You had heard from a third party that he had been here, but wasn’t any longer.

Zoe asked you to wait while they got hold of the vampire.

You looked so sad. You just wanted your husband. You had been so excited when you heard he had woken. You had woken a few years ago and been searching for him all this time, unaware he was still sleeping in the sea.

Dracula came as soon as he got word.

The moment his eyes landed on you, he swore he fell in love with you all over again. Neither one of you cared for you company as you made a mad dash for him. Dracula scooped you up in his long arms and kissed you there and then.

It felt so good to hold you again.

“It’s been so long.” He whispered against your lips.

“123 years to be exact.” You smiled. “I missed you, so much!”

He kissed you again.

Zoe had to look away, this was a very private moment.

“Come with me.” Dracula took your hand, other ideas going through his head. It had been too long since he last got share a moment with you like this.

Zoe wasn’t done asking about you. She wanted to know how he turned you, why he chose you as a wife. There was so much she wanted to know, but the look on his face told her it could wait. He clearly had other things on his mind.

Dracula took you back to his apartment. From the very second the door closed, he was all over you. His lips were drawn to yours in the most passionate kiss ever. A hundred years was a long time to go without your love, he had a lot of making up to do for it.

He led you to the bedroom, which he didn’t use. He had no used for the bed… until now.

The clothes coming off was a bit of a blur, both of you more focused on the feeling of each other. Dracula did take a second to look at you thought. You were stunning. You always had been.

His kisses trailed along your jaw, down to your neck, then your collarbone.

“I have missed this.” You whispered.

“Shh, let me pleasure you. I’ve kept you waiting long enough.”

He kissed lower and lower. You tipped your head back. The feeling of his lips on your body was absolute bliss.

You curled your fingers through his thick hair, savouring every touch.

Dracula brought his face back up to yours. He gazed at you with so much love. You could see how much he wanted you. He reached out to hold one of your hands, entwining his fingers with yours. He did not break eye contact with you as he pushed himself into you.

You gasped at the feeling, closing your eyes in bliss.

Dracula kissed along your neck as you tipped your head back.

“Let us never be a part ever again.” He muttered, starting slow. You moved your hips with him, turning your head to meet his lips. As he kissed you again, he picked up his pace.

Dracula never wanted to forget how good you felt against him. You were to live eternally with him, loving you was the easiest thing he could do for you. You completed him.

Every little noise you made added fuel to his desire. The look of bliss on your face stirred him to move faster. He pushed himself deeper into you, hitting that spot. Your moans only grew in volume.

The things you did to this man.

You gave his hand a squeeze as the knot in your stomach tightened.

“I love you.” You gasped out.

Dracula could only grin as he let those words sunk in. It had been too long since he last heard you say those words.

Your orgasm hit and held onto him for dear life as you rode it out. Dracula pressed himself against you tightly, thrusting a bit more and pressing harsh kisses against your skin.

As you came down from your high, Dracula turned his head so his lips brushed against your ear.

“I love you too, darling. Never leave my side again.”

“Not planning on it.” You made him look at you as you smiled up at him. “My handsome husband.”

“My beautiful wife.”

Let’s just say for several nights this kept up. Dracula wanted to feel you against him as much as he could.

You didn’t mind one bit.


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First fight with Dracula? 😢


Originally posted by kvintessenciya

I hope this OK. It’s more of an argument than a fight, but it’s all I could think of at the time.

You had always been wary of Dracula and his temper. Right from the moment you knew what he was, you knew there was a risk to upsetting him. You learned there was a lot of things he didn’t take too kindly too, but it appeared, for the longest time anyway that you could do no wrong in his eyes.

You never defied him or offended him, but even that was hard to keep up.

You knew what Dracula was, and because of that he would have to feed. Though you were never sure if it was out of need or because he could. You had never been there when he drank his fill. He never wanted you to see.

Except there was one time you walked in on him and you screamed.

Now, let’s clarify that you knew people would pass out or be sent into a dream by him when he did this. He was drinking their blood, there would be consequences for his meals, but this one time you walked in on him felt so much different than you expected.

They were hardly alive at all.

Dracula, upon your scream, turned his hard sharply in your direction. Blood poured from his lips, making quite the mess on the floor. The look in his eyes was far fro kind and welcoming.

This was the true monster side of him.

“I told you not to bother me.” He growled.

“I’m sorry…. I…. Are they…. alive?” You looked at the body in front of him. Their breathing laboured. “You’ll kill them.”

Dracula stood up, leaving the person to lie there in their own blood. He ran his hand across his chin, smearing the bloody mess and making more of a mess on his hand.

“I said not to bother me.” I warned you again.

“I’m sorry. I just… I was worried.” You admitted. It was often he brought meals home, which made you wonder if they were here by choice or not. You had heard quite the fuss before it went quiet, and you just couldn’t sit tight any more.

Dracula closed the distance between you both, his stance much more intimidating than yours. He towered over you, his eyes red, blood lingered on his lips.

You were frightened.

He backed you up against the wall and wrapped his hand around your neck. You could feel the nail on his thumb run across your skin.

“Now that you’ve seen he monster I am, would you prefer I drank your blood instead?” He growled lowly, his face far to close to yours. If this was any other time you would be kissing him.

Now was not that time.

“If it means they get to live, then yes.”

“You’re a fool!” He hissed. His glare was sending a shiver down your spine. “You would rather I risk your life for my own good, than this person.”


His grip seemed to tighten around your neck and you struggled to breathe a little. He didn’t seem to realise what he was doing and you wondered if this would actually be it for you.

Then he let go. He still glared down at you, but he had let go.

“Consider this a warning. Otherwise next time it will be you.” He took a step back and walked away, leaving the body on the floor.

You slid down the wall and took a moment to get over what just happened.

Never had he ever touched you like that before, or even spoken to you like that.

You knew what he was like, but it was never to you. Now you knew what it felt like. Dracula frightened you and you weren’t sure how to feel after this.

You didn’t see Dracula for the rest of the night. When you woke up the body was gone, so he had been around.

It wasn’t until the next night when you saw him. You had a feeling he had been avoiding you just as you had with him, but he had just knocked on your bedroom door and you feared turning him away.

“Come in.”

Dracula walked in, his face was expressionless and you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. You still feared him right now.

“About last night.”

“Are you you still angry?” You asked right away.

“No, but when I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it.” He neared the bed, standing even taller as you were sitting down. You still couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“I’m sorry.”

“You can stop apologising. Did I scare you?” There was some tension to his voice.

“Yes.” You admitted.

His expression changed ever so slightly. He moved slowly as he sat down on the bed and pulled you into him. He wrapped his arms around you, not giving you a chance to fight him off or say anything, and pressed his lips to your head.

“The last thing I ever wanted to do was scare you. Now you’ve seen me for what I am. Let it be a warning.” He said the next part softly. “I might not be able to control myself next time.”

You hugged him back.

He didn’t expect you to, but he was glad you did.

“I won’t disobey you again…. no matter how bad it sounds.” You scrunched your eyes shut. Having to listen to his prey fight with him isn’t pleasant, but you didn’t want to pay the price for interfering.

You were afraid.

“Promise me one thing.” He said.

“What is it?”

“You will never put your life before theirs. You’re not a meal. You’re far too precious for that.” He whispered. He pulled away to tuck some hair behind your hair.

“I promise. I’m sorry about what I said.”

“Stop apologising.”


He gave you a stern look.

Dracula was serious though. If you ever interrupted his meal, whether or not there was a fuss, he may not be able to hold himself back. It’s best to do as he says.


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are you taking requests for dracula? if so, could you please do something where the reader is zoe’s little sister and she catches the eye of dracula


Originally posted by hotsugars

When Zoe and her team set out to get Dracula, who had woken from a long sleep under the sea, you left her very little option other than to take you with her. She had tried to argue with you about it being a bad idea, but you wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“He’s an actual vampire. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I heard you. You let me help out on all your other projects. Why does this one have to be any different?”

“Because of my earlier statement. He’s a vampire.” She tried so hard.

“I’ll come anyway. You’re not keeping me out of this.”

Zoe loved you more than anyone. She was always looking out for her younger sister. That’s why she wanted to be anywhere else, just not in the same space as a five hundred year old vampire.

It was a losing battle from the start.

Dracula was confused, though very fascinated, when the cars pulled up. There he was dripping wet after a long slumber, only to find himself in the future. It had to be because of the vehicles. He had never seen them before.

The biggest shock was when Agatha stood before him.

No. Not Agatha. Couldn’t be.

Ah, yes. Her descendent. Fascinating.

“Welcome Dracula.” She greeted him.

Dracula looked around him. He could see the abbey faintly in the back. There were lots of bright lights and noise. This was very fascinating indeed.

You poked your head from around Zoe, who was insisting you kept out of sight. You wanted to see him. You couldn’t do that when she’s blocking your view.

“Well hello.” You heard him say, not quite realising who he was talking to.

You were a bit distracted by the fine specimen that he was. Tall, dark and handsome. Zoe did not mention his good looks.

“You look distracted.”

You suddenly realised who he was looking at.


He was grinning. You could see his sharp teeth.

“Yes, hello.” He chuckled.

“Hello.” You replied, still a little dazed that the vampire was talking to you. Zoe was not too pleased about that and stepped in front of you again.

“That’s enough talk. Are you hungry?” She asked him.Dracula peered around her just as you took a step to the side. He could see you again.

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Van Helsing.”

“Helsing?” He looked at your sister. “You’re related.”

“We’re sisters. Do you need blood?” She asked him, trying to deflect his attempts of talking with you.

Dracula ignored her.

“I see. She’s the pretty one.” He pointed at you. He made a move to get closer, but the guards around you lifted their guns, stopping. He looked at them briefly. “Oh, come on. I’m not going to do anything.”

“You’ll excuse us if we don’t quite believe you.”

Dracula looked amused by her defensive attitude. His gaze went back to you and he smiled, his pointy teeth on display. He held up a hand gestured for you to come to him with his fingers.

Zoe stepped in front of you again, but you glared at her softly.

This was a risk you were willing to take. You might learn something about him getting all up close and personal with him.

You took careful steps towards him.

Zoe was less than impressed, but Dracula felt rather smug. You were defying your sister and doing as he silently asked. He already has the upper hand in this situation.

When you were close enough, he grabbed you and pulled you really close to him, invading your personal space. He caught you by surprise and the fear began to rise within you. His touch was not overly harsh, though he did have quite a grip on you. You were more focused on how cold his felt compared to you. Though you weren’t sure if that was down to him being wet in the middle of the night.

“You’re much more beautiful up close.” He beamed. His eyes lightly scanned over your face, taking in all your features. “Such a lovely thing to wake up to.”

Zoe’s breath caught in her throat at the sight before her.

“That’s enough.” She demanded.

“No, not quite.” Not once did he look away from you. “I’m not done admiring.” He spoke so softly, you wondered what was going on in his head.

“Are you going to hurt me?” You asked quietly, not wanting to trigger Zoe.

“Tempting.” His gaze flickered to your exposed neck. “But not yet.” He smiled. “I have other plans.”

“What plans?” You felt your heart racing.

His grin seemed to grow.

“You don’t need to feel so nervous, but I am taking you with me.” He said, quietly.

“Taking me with you?”

Dracula chuckled softly.

The silence in the air was broken by the high pitched calls of hundreds of bats. You turned to look at them, but Dracula forced your gaze to fall back on him.

“Look at me. Only at me.”

The bats swarmed the surrounding area, causing everyone but you and Dracula to duck from their swarm. You couldn’t take your eyes away from him and before you knew it, the chill of the shore was gone.

The bats cleared and Zoe looked back up, but no one was there. Dracula was gone, and you with him.

“Find him!” She ordered.

She wished she had tried harder to keep you away from him.


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Like i dont care about BBC Dracula but would i watch a show in which Agatha Van Helsing messes around with shady supernatural shit and gets into trouble constantly and Count Dracula is just coming around like WOMAN PLEASE STOP GETTING YOURSELF IN TROUBLE AND COME HOME WITH ME and she is like the fuck?? LEAVE ME ALONE.

But he cant because he has been nurturing the longest erection in history since she fed him her blood and he just being fantasizing about her impaling him with something whatever and she is like YOU ARE DISGUSTING AND IM MARRIED TO GOD

But he just really really believes that if he stays around enough maybe she would slap him real hard and peg him in a church altar while he cries a lot. He cries a lot thinking about this.

Like and maybe its not writtend for such shitty writers but for women who are really into femdom as i am

Ok i saw BBC Dracula and i didnt like it but middle aged people being horny about each other aka Count Dracula begging with his eyes for this reclusive nun to fuck in the altar church? Hot

Everytime Count saw sister agatha he was like what am i feeling for this nun? What is this can sh…if i ask her would she dom me? Is she into that? I havent being interested in sex since i was a horny adolescent but i positively dont want to eat her…blood i totally want her to wreak my undead dick and maybe eat it?

Like i cant believe im having an erection imagine if she ask me to kneel fCUK control yourself vLAD