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めっちゃ今さら感あるけど ストレンジの髪型 造形〜 いやぁこの写真分かりづらいけど 本当造形上手くなったなぁ😏 自画自賛😘 #マーベルレジェンド#marvellegends .ストレンジ .Strange

Sigo teniendo mis teorías sobre la dimensión espejo .Strange

I just met you, And this is crazy, In the middle of a war, Awesome facial hair bros maybe? .Strange

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La cocina es como la magia , tienes que ser preciso y harás maravillas .strange

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🎥 La tortura del . Strange En , captura al y procede a torturarlo, una clara referencia al donde ocurre lo mismo, la gran diferencia es que Maw logra su cometido y lo manipula para servirle.

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Benedict Cumberbatch heads to the Men’s Final of Wimbledon! 🎾

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Marvel keychains pre-order open!

- Pre-order will close on August 11th.
- Orders will be shipped out on September.
- Includes a free sticker and a free button badget.
- 6cm, double sided, clear acrylic with epoxy.

If you have any question let me know♡

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                             JUST DANCE! GONNA BE OKAY!

Fuck it I’m probs gonna draw (most of) the avengers w/ a cute theme bc I’m dead inside -Mod Connor


                                             Swapped Roles AU


Also in this cute avatar creator, I did the entire Jekyll-Hyde family, including my O.C, Emma! Aren’t they just the sweetest family?

In that moment Stephen comprehended those words.

It’s not about you.

No, it wasn’t about him. He had known it since the Ancient One’s death, and yet he hadn’t wanted to acknowledge it completely. But now, he did.

He felt himself raising from the ashes. Felt his bones putting together, his blood streaming. Felt his senses awaking.

As saw Anthony Edward Stark holding the Infinite Gauntlet -wide smile, bright eyes-, he smiled. This was the outcome number 14,000,605 he had seen, and this was the first one they had won.

Now, he knew the path they had to follow. He knew they needed Iron Man. More important, they needed Tony Stark.

It’s not about you.

It was about the man who Stephen had seen giving up his life so others can live, the man whose strength came from his humanity, from his ability to rise from failure.

He left this outcome feeling hope for the first time in centuries. When he returned to his own timeline, he was trembling relentlessly. A second later, he was being held against a warm body. As he took a deep breath, he felt himself relaxing on the soothing scent that came from said body.

You’re back. You’re alright. He heard Tony saying, and he couldn’t stop the tear that fell from his eye. After a few seconds, he looked up to Tony’s eyes. They were beautiful, yet full of concern.

He took another breath and proceeded to tell Tony and the others about their chances against Thanos.

It’s not about you.

Tony: Anybody who over my hei--ght: I hate your giraffe looking, Shrek jumbo size, T-rex looking, Palm tree looking musty ass.

Stephen, Laughing: Need a stool? Sorry I couldn’t hear you down there.