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Here's a scanned in version my "Heartache" piece. Gonna out her up on my Etsy later. Or if anyone might be interested in owning this one let me know! I'd love to find it a good home. #

Just Pinned to More Books To Read: He's the immortal king of dragons. She's the most famous actress in the world. Falling for her could destroy the peace that's finally on the horizon.

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Today shoot for 🌹 fr 🌞S my DAD mom an me always feel that I cnt an unable to Study 😂 but today both feel happy I became in this serial its an Small roll feel happy✨ Thanku 🔥for making this day memorable day an useful day Love u all 💖

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

One of the top winners of my character poll from a few weeks ago, and thank goodness I suddenly got hit with inspiration for this guy’s monster form, it’s Slime!Rantaro!

Definitely a welcome change from all the gorgeous hair I’ve been lining so far. I understand that with slime and goop, gravity pulls it down, but it wouldn’t be Rantaro without the double wavy ahoge! I didn’t realize that slimes were so much fun to make effects for, but it definitely required a bit of creativity with the clothes. Had to find something that allowed Rantaro to show his green gooey guns without just making it a loose jacket.

More about Rantaro’s backstory and abilities under the cut

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I had a really messed up dream and basically I cracked my phone and to avoid getting beat I went to a boarding school and I met kokichi and fell in love?? Can I get a reading to see of any of this happened in my kaede canon????

hmm, i got a weak no for this, but you know best, kaede!

-mod himiko

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Can I get a pendulum reading to see if I was obsessed with tsumugi/she was obsessed with me in my mastermind ryoma canon?

sure thing!

i got a weak yes for you being obsessed with tsumugi and a weak no for her being obsessed with you, but you know best!

-mod himiko

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Like I said before, just keep telling yourself that you are just a "plain" person unfitting of her legacy. For that very trait is what will shape you into who you'll ended up as. And LBR, isn't that what we define the Despair group as? Some kind of cult that worship Junko in the name of Despair? But you are different, Shirogane. You'll do the joy of Junko. However, whenever you'll do it in the name of despair or not is completely up to you. After all, that legacy runs in your very veins...

Enough! It’s plain to see! I am not Enoshima! I could never be Enoshima!