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うえーい✌(・_・)✌ありがとうおぉぉぉ⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝(☝ ˘ω˘)☝ふぅー!!(☝ ˘ω˘)☝ふぅー!! .Martens

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ޤައުމަށް ވަފާތެރި، ދާއިރާއަށް ކުލުނުވެރި، ނުގުޑާނެފަދަ އަޒުމެއްގައި، ދާއިރާގެ ހައްޤުގައި ކެރިހުރެ ވަކާލާތުކޮށްދޭނެ ކަމުގެ ޔަޤީންކަން އަރުވަން. .Jameel2019 , .

Who knew these dudes would still be best friends 16 years later! So happy Brad got see us play tonight at Abilene Wylie .Barham =)

یہ جو ہمارے مزاج میں اِظہار اِطمینانى ہے...!!! 😍 اس کے پیچھے اِس شَخص کی جوانی ہے...!!!! 😍 _AQ_khan ✌

First night of the @kariseedenmusic ‘Born To Fight’ tour done! Thanks for all who came out to Twin Towns last night! TONIGHT we bring it home to BRISBANE at 📷: @hayleywilsonmusic

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Donovan Mitchell got up 💪🏀💥 And its about that ...📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 Rise_Above_It🏀 .Dunk'En'steinn@MagicJohnson@utahjazz@Nike@Rachel_Nichols@KingJames@Raptors@HipHopNation247@ZionW32@DlueDevils247@NBAonTNT@Shaqtin@ES@SportsCenter @ESPNNBANBA

🏈🏀⚾️ PRIME SPORT ALERT Re-Tweet dklive🏈🏀⚾️ "NHL INJURY ALERT: NHLJets D Tyler Myers has gone to the locker room during tonight's game vs. the GoldenKnights. " Visit our website in our bio today!

. & in , : Constructed in 1884, the House is said to be by the of Dr. Best, his , and , all of whom passed away in the house. Investigators report..... 1/2

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I would rather vote for someone who is competent and will still lose election than vote for someone who will win and yet will put us in more havoc I stand with sowore

QRI’s Technology Execution Lead, Dr. Hamed Darabi, presented on “Augmented AI and data-driven workflows for asset valuation” in Villahermosa at an SPE Workshop, “Enhancing Production and Recovery from Mature Fields - The Mexican Perspective”. -Larry-Lake

Dr. Larry Lake (QRI Scholar) and Dr. Hamed Darabi are showing their hook ’em horns during the SPE workshop in Villahermosa.

Tune in to this Sunday at 8:30am for .QuinnMedicineWomanMarathon!

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Have a mental breakdown while listening to the danganronpa punishment soundtrack

anonymous asked:

Mahiru what's your mom like?

A hard-worker, more than anything. 

She’s the one who got me interested in photography in the first place, back when I was a kid.

Mom’s job is much different from mine, though. She’s a war photojournalist. 

Whenever there’s a crisis in another country, she’ll be out there as soon as possible. It’s gotten her into trouble a few times, like when she went to Syria. 

But she believes in uncovering the truth, no matter how bad the situation is. That people need to know what’s really happening.

And I’m proud of her for that. But…I wish she wasn’t so reckless. And I wish she was at home more.

twinkouma  asked:

10 and 34?

10 has been answered!!

34. Best character design?

—i have a few!! i really like how maki and sonia look, and i unironically dig nagito’s design. overall tho i’d have to say junko! she’s very distinctive and she has some of the best looking sprites that are all very unique but still retain the basics of her character design

anonymous asked:

8, 10, 15, 21, 31, 41, 44, 75?

8. Least favourite character?

—hiro and hifumi from 1 got on my nerves constantly. from 2 hhh probably nekomaru or akane, mostly because the writing for them sort of sucks. or actually hiyoko because shes uh. Uh

10. What would be your Ultimate Title?

—ultimate writer probably !

15. Your absolute OTP?

—me and gonta

21. Favourite voice actor?

—though i didnt like her much as a character, i really loved hiyoko’s va! komaeda and gundham’s va’s also did amazing

31. Is there a character you think who shouldn’t have survived but did?

—hiro. its not that i hate him, its just that there r characters id much rather have around than him.

41. Person you’ve never expected to become a culprit but they became? (Doesn’t include Chiaki)

—ok wig i did. not know chiaki gets into some naughty business so. hrm. anyways its not so much i never Expected him to, but more like i never expected mondo to kill the person he did.

44. Describe Nagito Komaeda in 3 words!

—bitch idiot disease (alternatively: genuinely care about)

75. Describe Gonta Gokuhara in 3 words!

—franchise’s best character (alternatives: i love him / deserved much better / absolute fucking unit)

gfibuki  asked:

51 !!

51. Character you thought you were gonna dislike but loved in the end?

—byakuya from dr1 was a total douche the whole time but he was also so corny and over the top that by the end i sort of adored him. same goes with touko/genocider; she really rubbed me the wrong way to start but i thought she was awesome by the end

i havent finished sdr2 yet BUT i really disliked fuyuhiko at the start, but now hes probably in my top 5 for the game!

Junko: The weeks finally up, huh? well done on making it all the way through. I dunno about you, but this one felt like ti was totally dragging on forever. It was like it would never end!

Junko: Since its like the weekend and all, now is the perfect time to charge up those batteries of yours! Get some rest! You’ve totally earned it! Maybe play a game you like or treat yourself to your favorite food. 

Junko: Even if your week wasn’t totally super duper eventful. it can leave you totally drained. Some weeks are just like that! Which is why it’s important you remember to rest so you can face next with totally ready for whatever it throws your way! All wide eyed and bushy tailed!

Junko: So do yourself a favor and get some rest. Take care <3


Downtown Friday with Souljam! My professor’s the coolest 😎
#Dr.C #ENC1102 @souljam_band

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So, Kirumaki/Makirumi is a good ship, here’s one of my Kirumaki kiddos that i respect.

Yugaresa Harukawa

“I, Yugaresa Harukawa, your class president, promises to never fail any of you and will let whatever is interfering with something you cannot do let you can do, by simply making it disappear.”

Yugaresa Harukawa (東条遊公 魔姫) Is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy Class 93 and graduate of Marin Duodecim Proper Academy

Yugaresa always ran for class president growing up and won the elections every time, she had strong leadership and gave courage to everyone.  Some say she takes her job to seriously, but she believes she doesn’t work hard enough.  Still, in the end she earns the title Ultimate Class President(超高校級の「学級委員」Super High School Level Class President)



172 cm

49 kg
108 lbs

November 7

Blood Type:


Lettering Pens
Stainless Tea Sets

Chewy Candy
Pink Ribbon

Voice Claim:
Asami Imai

Kirumi Tojo (Mother)
Maki Harukawa (Birth-Mom)
Shapneita Harukawa (Younger Sister)
Haruka Harukawa (Younger Sister)
Harumi Harukawa (Youngest Sister)


Early Life
Yugaresa was the first child her Mother and Mom, Kirumi and Maki, had. At first they believed it was impossible for two girls to have kids and end up having quite few.  Unlike the rest of her friends and little siblings, she was an unplanned pregnancy, her parents didn’t want children but end up having her and a few more.  Most of her childhood memories were very happy and good memories she could look back on, like always going to the park, having her Mom read to her, and helping her Mother cook.  She was also taught to care for herself and be more responsible at a much younger age than others.  To her siblings, she was always there for them and was the “Ideal Big Sister” that everyone would want.  Up until she was around six years old, she was cheery and only saw the good parts in reality, often tried to pin back her bangs with hair clips but would always pop off due to her wanting to look nicer.  When she was six years old, both her Mother and Mom had fallen asleep so she snuck out to their backyard.  In their backyard, her mom, Maki, had a small shed that held all her weapons.  Yugaresa and her siblings were banned from ever going inside it, but since her Mother and Mom were asleep, she saw it as a quick peek inside.  She walked in and tripped on one of the boxes in there causing for a knife to drop down from above and cut her right in her right eye.  Of course, she bleed and cried and caused both her parents attention who came rushing to her.  After the wound healed as much as it could, she lost the function of her right eye and cover it up with her bangs and refused for anyone to see the wound and became Haemolacria due to her eye being damaged.  While that happened she became colder and colder and even neglected some friends.

Cause of Talent
To get her mind off of her eye her Mother suggested she try running for class president, she took her Mother’s advice and won the elections.  She continued many more years and continued until she was admitted into Hope’s Peak.

Her given name is a mixture of the works graceful and lace. Yuga coming from graceful and resa coming from lace.

Yugaresa has red eyes like her mom, and sandy blond hair with green tint and long bangs that cover her right eye like her mother but shoulder length hair.  Followed by a royal blue headband with blue and teal and royal blue ribbons on the side, held with golden like flower shaped ribbons.

As for her outfit she dons a royal blue cardigan with the same teal and royal blue ribbon as a tie with the golden flower shaped brooch.  Her skirt is a knee length teal skirt with puffy white frills.  Under her cardigan is a long sleeved dress shirt with a black and golden belt. Under she wears pale baby blue leggings with a fancy pattern on it with black mary jane shoes.

As for her Hope’s Peak Uniforms she wears the school jacket normally except with blue ribbon tie and knee length skirt.

Yugaresa comes off as a proper young lady, but instead has a very serious personality and somewhat rude and barley smiles enless with family.  She constantly cusses and swears and hates people and down right anti-social.  She’s shown to be stubborn, independant, and cold to others.  Mostly, when people look at her she turns around gives a dirty look and hisses at them.  After she turned 7, she insisted her mom teaches herself defensive skills to protect her and her siblings. (such and ideal oneechan)

Ultimate Class President
After her mother convinced her, she’s been a class president since.  Although, her social skills are terrible and she heavily hates people especially children. (though her siblings and family are and exception)

Thank you for taking time to read about my fankiddo.  Fankid request are always open btw.

Nuevos Fanchilds ellos son Atsuko y Naoko hermanos mellizos ambos tienen 17 años de edad y con ellos se inicia un nuevo au para estos bebes y mas que viene muy pronto

-Atsuko: es alguien super extrovertida aunque dormilona como su madre

-Naoko: es alguien algo honesto y un poco reservado  y se preocupa por todo en especial por su  hermana igual que su padre


New Fanchilds they are Atsuko and Naoko twin brothers are both 17 years old and with them a new au starts for these babies and more coming very soon

-Atsuko: is someone super extroverted but sleepy as his mother

-Naoko: is someone somewhat honest and a little reserved and cares about everything especially for his sister just like his father


Happy birthday Nekomaru!

We all love and appreciate you for being the best team dad