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Ridership Jumped 400% When Seattle Protected a Bike Lane

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Seattle is the only place where I’m afraid of getting shot on the same block where I run into this hot mess.

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More beauty from Pike Place Market!


The SR-99 walk continues.  The only signage you’re really going to see as a driver is stuff at the mid-point that tells you it’s one mile to the exit.  They had porta-potties in the tunnel at the mid-point and chairs for anyone who needed to take a break.  

It’s two lanes each way with a slightly smaller third lane that will solely be for emergency vehicles to get into tunnel if needed.

I figured they sent everyone through the upper level because the distance is technically shorter with shallower ramping at each end.  They were running the lower level as two-way, with groups of six Metro buses working in packs as the crowd shuttles.  The roof on that level is flat.

That great city view in the last shot here is what northbound folks might see if they’re not looking at the road right before they go underground, or what the kid in the back of the car looking out the back window will see if you are southbound right after you pop out.


On Saturday Feb 2nd, I was one of the 99,000 people that SDOT estimated came downtown to go through the new SR-99 tunnel.  It runs under the core of Seattle, spanning the two miles from the Space Needle to the Stadiums.  No car exits occur along the way, once you commit to that thing, you’re there until you come out the other end.

There was a gigantic banner which was a life-size representation of Bertha, the machine made just to dig this tunnel.

SDOT was having pedestrians walk the north-to-south route (or upper level) and used the south-to-north route (the lower level) for busses shuttling people back to the main festivities.

Temporary signs with historical data and highlights were up along route.  I’m waiting for some clever screenwriter to do a tunnel disaster movie where the hero or anti-hero pulls some nerve-wracking stunt where they attempt an insane rescue because they can tell just how far they are from an emergency exit or the tunnel entrance by the graphics on the wall.

Speaking of disasters, the tunnel has been built to withstand a 9.0 quake and has transitional lighting that will change depending on the time of day.  


Filming Locations Reshoot | Seattle 1973 Then & Now | McQ


Neon Hotel by Christine Williams

Seattle, we’d like to introduce you to Hadlee Cooper. This twenty-two year old is originally from New York City, New York and currently resides in Downtown Seattle. She works as an owner of Havana Nights and is often told she looks like Selena Gomez. Fortunately for us, this role is taken.


✘ Hadlee has always been a closeted nerd. She enjoys DC and Marvel and she goes to all the midnight showings of the movies.

✘ Hadlee comes from a very wealthy family. The Coopers are known for owning many business’s but Hadlee wanted to make a name for herself so she worked hard when she was in high school despite her family having money and she saved enough money to buy the Havana Nights Night Club.

✘ Her favorite movie of all time is Back to the Future it has been since she was 6 years old, if you ask her why she wouldn’t be able to tell you only that no one can beat her in Trivia.


{+} Benevolent, Bubbly, Open-minded
{-} Bitchy, Narcissistic, Masochistic


When the Cooper’s had to go on business trips they left Hadlee with her Uncle Joey. Everything was fine the first two nights but then her uncle got drunk and sexually abused her. He told her that if she ever told anyone that he would kill her. It went on from when she was 5 years old up until she was 18. When they were in the car together Hadlee jerked the wheel and crashed them into a ditch. Her Uncle died on impact and Hadlee walked away with a few scratches. To this day she never told anyone that she was the reason her Uncle got murdered. Everyone thinks it was a freak accident.

Seattle, we’d like to introduce you to Abigail Mason. This twenty-three year old is originally from Seattle, Washington and currently resides in Downtown Seattle. She works as the receptionist at Baker Corporations and is often told she looks like Zoey Deutch. Fortunately for us, this role is taken


✘ After high school, Abbey traveled to different cities to find her place in the world. Unsure of what she wanted to do once she graduated, she tried to gain experience by volunteering, participating in non-profit organizations, and picking up various jobs to help her earn a little money but nothing ever felt like home. After 3 years of traveling, she moved back to Seattle.

✘ Abbey still lives with her mother and step-father. This allows her to take care of her half-sister, Maxine when they’re both working at the hospital. Family is everything to Abbey.

✘ Needing a job without a degree, she jumped on the receptionist job at Baker Corporations to help out her parents for letting her still live with them. Little did Abbey know, she was actually working for her biological father, Aaron Baker.


{+} Enchanting, Observant, Free-spirited
{-} Reckless, Blunt, Unattached


At the age of 6, Abigail was diagnosed with leukemia. Being a doctor, her mother tried her hardest to find the most effective treatment for her daughter and it worked for the first year. Abbey was in remission, but a few years later, the cancer came back. Treatment after treatment, it was temporarily effective but after awhile, it always came back. Since her first diagnosis, she has been in and out of remission three times. At the age of 22, the cancer came back and Abbey finally called it quits. Exhausted from getting her hopes up that she would get better, she simply accepted her fate that she was going to die young. With the knowledge that her days are numbered, Abbey struggles to form any real relationships with people because she’s afraid of hurting them.