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AlpsLogic IT Solutions has experience & expertise in a broad range of Microsoft technologies and languages 👍

Telerik for 0.2.0 is here! It includes , Tab Set, and Button components written from the ground up to take advantage of Blazor without legacy dependencies. Download it for free here:

Fast paced in Dublin looking for to join their expanding Fraud Detection and payments platforms. If you live in Dublin or are open to relocation, give Links a call today on 0208 549 1444

Interested in integrating chatbots in your but don't know where to start? Check out Sam Basu's engaging interview with James Montemagno on The Show on :

Learn how to use MSTest V2 to write unit tests, assert on different types of results, customize test execution, create data driven tests, and reduce test code duplication in my course

Are you a senior software developer experienced with and ? Our Surrey based client have an excellent opportunity we'd love to discuss with you.

Check this article containing a Slack chat, where members of Progress Developer Relations team weigh in with their thoughts on where is the developer tools industry headed:

We're working with a growing ISP organisation based in Rochdale. They're looking for .Net Developers to join their growing team and work on exciting projects using technologies C#, JavaScript Frameworks, AWS cloud platforms.

We have witnessed ’s phenomenal rise as well as its teetering on the edge of life support. Today it powers various apps, what might be its future? Read this article:

Thoughts about making void methods return a bool instead in to make it easier to test void methods? 🤔🤓

I hosted a panel discussion about the future of at last month with , , and . The audio quality is not great for the first few minutes, but after that it improves -

The R1 '19 release brings Telerik one of the most demanded feature in the Feedback Portal: support for apps running on , and ! Learn more and try it out:

Learn everything you need to know about ’s composer tab and how to use it. Check out Part 1 of the series here:

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Here is a asp dotnet core (console/web) app.

c:\>dotnet new web -o myApp

c:\>dotnet run

Then in browser open https://localhost:5001.

Here is the output

you have to dotnet core installed on your machine.
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How to Learn a Programming Language 

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