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Here's a sneak peek at my 3.0-preview4 benchmarks. Running the same code as before. It looks like some good progress has been made! I've included a 2.1 function for scale🍌

"If it takes 100ms to process a message at 100ms per hour, that's 115 days' worth of compute time." - of πŸ”— 🧰

A lot of applications require the ability to detect whether a new observation belongs to the same distribution as the existing observations. The application we are building now detects the opposite:

Speaking at an event for the 1st time is like entering the UFC's Octagon on his debut fight.

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Check out this experiment Shayne has done here. deploy from .NET CLI. Give him feedback (GitHub link in post below...but he hasn't taken advantage of new GH og:image feature yet ;-))

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.NET Core 3 Desktop Improvements
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Here is a asp dotnet core (console/web) app.

c:\>dotnet new web -o myApp

c:\>dotnet run

Then in browser open https://localhost:5001.

Here is the output

you have to dotnet core installed on your machine.