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⏰ 15 years and still no joy for at the Stadio Dall'Ara 3-0

今日の夜ごはん 若鶏のドリアとちっさいサラダ ( ^ω^ )

Quando será que teremos ruas sem emaranhados de fios com esse perigo exposto, em primeiro lugar, além de um retrato do desleixo com essa nossa cidade, há anos? (fotos: ) Sfmsp Prefsp

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Qualidade da água fornecido pela sabesp em SB do Campo, copo com água suja contaminada é fornecido pela Sabesp, outro e água mineral do mercado. Será que alguém pode nos ajudar?

Na ação criminal que move contra o senador Jorge Kajuru (), o advogado do governador de São Paulo, João Doria, () apresenta o tucano como "atual prefeito de São Paulo". Erro juvenil.

Doria processa Kajuru por ser chamado de ‘chumbrega’, ‘escória' e 'inculto' Leia Mais:

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Love these two pictures of - hard to believe she’s 37 🌺 - her mum is perfect 💐♥️💐

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A ‘faxina ética’ de Doria no PSDB Leia o – Atalhos rápidos para as notícias mais importantes do Brasil e do mundo

João Dória quer fazer faxina ética no PSDB e estuda até a mudança de nome do partido! : Sobre foto de João Dória estão as escritas: "CORRETO! João Dória quer "faxina ética" no PSDB e estuda mudança de nome do partido!"

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6 days until Mother 3's 13th Anniverasry!! Here's Doria!

98% dos jovens apreendidos em SP em 2018 não cometeram crimes violentos Leia o – Atalhos rápidos para as notícias mais importantes do Brasil e do mundo

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  • Kaito: I want you to kill my ex but make it look like an accident.
  • Black Rose: Say no more.
  • [later]
  • Doria: Looks like the killer beat them to death with a crowbar and placed a banana peel by their feet.
What is FD's relationship with her mother or Is Meghan's relationship with her mother a good one?

I was asked this question by an anon and I wanted to check what the cards say. What I got was: Don’t ask this question. 

Instead, I asked about MM’s relationship with her mom. 

- Is the relationship with MM and her mom a good one:

- How to they feel about each other

- What’s going on between them

Let me know your thought on the reading.


Doria - Love Comes And Goes


Doria - The Lost Road

About Doria…apparently someone found out shes had a lesbian partner for about SEVENTEEN YRS. so, since meg was 19 or 20. But srsly, 17yrs and doria cant have her ‘spouse’ public? Even at the wedding? Assuming this is true. but doria makes a lot more sense to me as a lesbian, actually! Maybe her partner doesnt want fame but it’s more weirdness with these ppl being ‘fake empowered’ and needing to hide. If it’s true about doria’s long term gf, id like to know whose idea it was for it to be completely silenced. Im getting a very 'yay gay ppl are so cool for “successful” ppl to advocate for but not for “successful” ppl to admit to really being gay at all! Hehehe’. Smh.

Ps i just included the pic bc meg looks freaky as f in it and looks like Heidi Fleiss (not a looks compliment even tho h fleiss is still a better and more ethical person than meg even with heidi’s prostitution scandals).

Interesting. I have never heard that she was gay.

What a horrible example to set.  A real strong woman would be themselves and not hide who they are. 

So much for being a feminist woman Doria, no wonder your daughter sucks at it too.

Meg does look like Heidi Fleiss and Doria is a sneaky one too.

ps, Oprah is a closeted gay too

hunnymae  asked:

I believe the rumor about MM & PH being in Hawaii is pure speculation. It started when it was posted on MMTCD that Doria was spotted on a flight to Maui.

Another ask:

“Hawaii story originated from the closed Facebook group. Someone reported seeing Doria on a flight to Hawaii right after Christmas. Pretty slim info so I doubt they are in Hawaii.”


Okay so even if the Doria story is true, it doesnt mean that MM and Harry are there. Yep, this one doesnt hold up.

anonymous asked:

"I reckon Doria didnt want to get caught up" OR What about the possibility dirt from Doria's past would be released if she made an appearance?

I don’t think she’s worried about that ATM. She did turn at for the cookbook thing, so if she was worried about the dirt getting revealed, it would be then I guess. 
Still, I did get that the tabloids have some info on Doria - I don’t know what kind of info, and whether it is mild (such as “Doria is dating a younger/much older man, woman”, “Doria sold weed in the 70s”) or something more shady. Maybe one of us can look into it (so much to look into!). 


I DO think The Queen knows EVERYTHING. I’m telling you guys, they don’t know that she knows, but SHE KNOWS. She has eyes EVERYWHERE. 
Why did she let these things happen if she knew everything? I think it’s because she learnt form the Margaret incident that you cannot control who your family members marry. If you stop them from marrying one person because you think they are a “bad match”, the next choice they make will be worse. This mistake was repeated with Charles, when it was assumed he would marry a virgim aristocrat, whose family they knew well, and therefore it would work. Perhaps she realized, that what looks good on paper might not translate into an asset or a smooth-sailing partnership for the RF.

I suppose she thought MM’s family background (bankruptcy, weed-seller cousin, half-brother pulled a gun on his girlfriend) doesn’t look good on paper, but it might work because she seems like a humanitarian and they both seem very much in love. She might have even thought of Kate and William - how Kate didn’t seem perfect on paper (commoner, family seemed the social climbing type), but she turned out to be a great asset from the Royal Family.