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📸 Beautiful arrived in with us this morning. Finished with opaque safety glass and a 10 year warranty. Certainly adds a bit colour to the showrooms. Available instore & online💻📱

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Small details around the home make ALL the difference when it comes to creating a powerful and unique interior space. #pushkahome#design #interiors#copper

Although this image does not represent the current reality of the weather in Ottawa, we wanted to show you a long fence that is enclosing a very big garden at this home! You may also notice the small on the left of the picture...

doorhandle ネワールのお家のドアノブ。 素敵

A quality front that is handmade for your property is not just secure but gives the perfect fit, and you’ll also be able to choose every element! 🚪 👉

Fantastic shot of our Antique lever handle 2459 courtesy of Lemon Glass UK on this beautiful handcrafted stable door. We love how Lemon Glass have combined this pastel shade and our black ironmongery to create an eye-catching entrance way.

Beat the burglar with our . so the cylinder snaps from the blocking off access to the internal mechanism, keeping you and your from potential attacks 🔐

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Ama utapita
katika mlango huu
au hutapita.

kuna hatari
ya jinalo kulisahau.
Hayo ni matata

Mambo hukutizama mara mbili mbili
Nawe sharuti utazame kando
uwache yatendeke.
               Usitafute vita.

Huenda ukakuta
maisha mema ya kufuata

ukahifadhi mawazo yako
ukaendelea na kazi yako
ukafa kishujaa nchini mwako

lakini mengi huenda yakakupita
mengi yakakupofua, upofu ukakupata
kwa gharama gani? Sijui.

Mlango wenyewe
haumuahidi mtu kitu
Ni mlango tu!


Either you go
through this door
or you don’t.

If you go through
there’s a danger
of forgetting your name.
That’s the problem.

Everything looks at you twice
Ashamed, you look away,
you let it happen.
         You can’t look for a fight.

If you don’t go through
perhaps you’ll have a good life.

you’ll defend your ideals
you’ll carry on with your work
you’ll die a hero in your country

but perhaps many things will pass you by
you’ll be blind to many things
at what cost? I don’t know.

The door itself
can’t make your decision
it’s just a door!



Alamin Mazrui


Graphic - Wangechi Mutu

Work on green screen - made of a roll of green paper stuck on the table. This should be ideally done on flat green surface to avoid shadows made by the uneven surface of the previously rolled paper.

This door will be used in the third frame of my animation.