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../ President Trump's legal team reached out to Robert Mueller's office after a BuzzFeed News article claimed the president told his former attorney to lie to Congress../ ..: "GET Rudy out there to make shit UP NOW! .. Say anything! Do ANYTHING! ..

Anuncio en Ginebra: ¿quiere olvidar a Donald Trump? Vaya a Mexico por una semana

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Tony Schwartz | The Truth About Trump | Oxford Union Q&A Co-Author: The Art of the Deal, talks of The Many Faces of Donald Trump Click LINK ABOVE for VIDEO

HUMOR | NOTICIAS Según nuestros amigos de MILENIO, tenemos nuevo presidente en México.

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I wonder how Trump supporters would have reacted to if he was wearing the red hat on the left instead of the red hat on the right?

.: are your . They're NOT suffering without pay because they're patriots – though they are . You're being ABUSIVE to them while you commit , ! End NOW, !

If there’s any woman in the world that can give that fat bastard a-reach-around while not having to see his entire Ass . It’s this crazy daddy-long-legs bitch .

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Donald Trump Mopping

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#Repost @justjared
Lady Gaga got political during her Enigma Las Vegas show tonight, calling out President Trump for the government shutdown and the Pence family for Karen Pence’s new job at an anti-LGBT school.

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@theraptivist - 🚨🏛🙌🏾🗣🎶🎤 #rapper #testifies on #governmentshutdown #infront of #Congress and #senate #donaldtrump #indie #hiphop #activist #theraptivist #ordinarypeople #trumpwall #wall #furlough #worldstar #thebreakfastclub #swayinthemorning #music #edr

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Grand Old Academy WINesday post!!!

Garrett Here!! IT’S FINALLY HERE. I am calling it…WINesday, because, like the grandmaster Charlie Sheen, we are WINNING. Guys, you have no idea how much me and Robert have been laughing over this. I had to share it. So…if yall watch the news you would know that Trump did this:

yeah. Burger man Trump. Well what makes this a fucking RIOT, is that a big part of Grand Old Academy is the famous Hamburger Festival! Where America chooses who she wants as her date for it. Here is a tinnnnnnnnny snippet of that script:

So, for those of you who were worried about the relevancy of the game? We pulled a Simpsons and did it first, people. Maybe Donald hacked into our files and saw this script and was like “….Ima do that”

I know the script is like super fucking tiny but my god I was crying with laughter when I saw the news about Trump and the Hamburgers. I guess you could call it….Hamburger Capital Hill. Guys you better like that, I am so fucking proud of that joke. 

That’s all for WINesday, get excited for the next one. 

Soul of America

Shut down effects all
No matter what class we are
Families are being scorned
Hard-workers being left unpaid
While one sits on his throne above
Whining about a stupid wall
Giving mcdonalds to football teams
As your people lie suffering below

You are nothing but a tyrant
Who cares not for the people
You keep secrets from the world
That you have locked away
You have secret deals
With those in the shadows
You have no right to take
The money from your people
Who use their finances
To support themselves

Government workers
Armies and Marines
Hardworking citizens
They slave away
They save away
To support their families and themselves
They actually do their job right
They do their job the best they can
But how are they to keep going
If you keep taking from them

How much longer
Must you make us suffer
Under your iron fist
While you throw tantrums
About a dumb wall
Your a poison to this country
Everything you touch
You watch wither and die
Is that what you want for us?
Do you wish to see us crumble and fall?

Your wrong that we are fragile beings
For we of the United States of America
We the citizens that reside in this country
We have the strength and courage
That dwell within us all
To band together as one
No matter where were from
Who we were before

Together we shall rise against tyranny
We shall make our voices known
For together were a force
Much powerful than a hurricane
We are human beings with souls
We are people with feelings
We will no longer stand
For a heartless king to rule us
It’s time to revolt

Revolt against the lies
Revolt against the corrupted
Revolt against the wrong-doings
Of this no good hack
That we wrongly chose as President
Revolt for your families
Revolt for your friends
Revolt for the future
For if he keeps ruling
There will be no future at all


Regarding this #governmentshutdown and this #wall business, what Americans fail to realize that the power has always been with us. We are too scared to do what we need to, for things to change. A system will never be in our favor. With power comes corruption. We have a checks and balance system that is useless. If you doubt it, look where we are at. Our government gives us just enough to keep us quiet. They gives us the crumbs from the crop, while they run the country and meet their own needs, and selfish agendas. #DonaldTrump is going to force us to act and make a decision. Strategy and planning is what will save us, not savagery snd violence. The fight is stronger and more effective when fought mentally. Far too long have Americans been reactive in the wrong ways, while failing to ever be proactive.
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Was Trump’s AG Pick Lying To Senate?

Trump’s pick for attorney general faced the Senate. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here:

“As the Senate confirmation hearing got underway Tuesday for William Barr, President Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin asked Barr if he’s prepared to be at odds with the president, for a ‘Mattis moment,’ a reference to former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ recent decision to resign over his disagreements with Trump.

Barr, who’s 68, said while he might be intimidated a few years ago, he wouldn’t be this late in his career.

I have a very good life, I love it – but I also want to help in this circumstance and I am not going to do anything I think is wrong, and I will not be bullied into doing something that I think is wrong, by anybody’ including Congress or the president, Barr said.”


“¿Por qué #NancyPelosi ignora y se niega a reunirse con estas heroicas madres?
Las víctimas de la #inmigración ilegal merecen una voz, incluso si Pelosi y sus amigos demócratas quieren pretender que no existen” #DonaldTrump


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I’m just saying 🤷‍♀️… What you gonna do 🤔 if you walked in and saw that the president ordered 300 burgers 🍔🤤?
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Got these bangers coming out.. ✌️😆🤙🎶💯very winning..! 🇺🇸#donaldtrump #beats #greatday #anotherone

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“La razón por la que hicimos esto es por el cierre”. Presidente #DonaldTrump siguió con su plan de servir al equipo de fútbol Clemson Tigers una colección de comida rápida cuando los campeones nacionales visitaron la #CasaBlanca el lunes

#USNews🇺🇲 (at The White House)

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