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Trax and Mausie

Look who found Trax while he was playing with his box. Mausie!!

A secret gift I wanted to leave in the Trax’s sketchbook when I was at his place, while he was out home, but he arrived back when I was finishing it, so it was not a surprise at all.

Traditional. Colored pencils.

How to get sunscreen off my...

Straw handbag?

Dampen an old toothbrush then dab it in salt and brush it on a small area, going with the weave. Wipe off with a damp paper towel; let dry. If it’s coming off, repeat until done. 

Costume Jewelry?

Put a little white toothpaste on fingers and rub the sunscreen spot. Wipe off with a damp cloth, then dry. Repeat.

White cotton t-shirt?

Pour a little non-bleach liquid laundry detergent on the spot and rub fabric together. After 30 minutes, machine-wash with warm water. Air-dry. Repeat until stains are gone.

Source: Good Housekeeping


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Stop the pigeon!! #pigeon #pestcontrol #teamstratton #domestic #commercial
#propertymaintenance #business #bathroom #kitchen #flooring #builder #carpenter #plumbing #electrician #gardening #plaster #tiling #windowcleaner #landscape #waste ##decorating #roofing #gardening #pressurewasher #windowcleaning
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When it's a cold night and Carol just becomes a nice and warm space heater so you don't get cold

You didn’t even realize it but you were shivering. It was another night at your house, carol by your side with her arm draped over your shoulders but you were freezing cold. Your normal watching of “family guy” came to a halt when she noticed you shaking.

“Hey wow what’s wrong?” The blonde frowned. You shook your head.

“It’s fine…it’s just, did you turn up the AC or something?” Her frown deepened.

“No? Why?”

“I’m fucking freezing Carol.” She burst out laughing and motioned for you to come to her lap. You hurried to her legs and straddled them, hooking your arms around her neck.

“Wow you are freezing,” she whispered. Suddenly a bright aura was around you and you could feel immense warmth coming from the body holding you.

“Come on lets go to bed.” You nodded, still shivering slightly as she lifted you up and carried you to the bedroom.


Originally posted by taehh69

  – [[NamJin Mini-Fic]] – [[Inspired by Domestic NamJin Crack]] –

          “Namjoon, come and taste this sauce!” Jin called out from the kitchen. There was hardly a day that the members got off, so it was rare that Jin was able to cook for all of them leisurely without the chance of cameras being around. Literally everything in life seemed to end up on social media, but in food that didn’t have to be the reality. Jin scooped out a bit of the light red sauce for the noodles and brought it to his lips, tasting it with a moan. When Namjoon didn’t arrive within the minute, Jin was yelling again, “Namjoon! I said come here!”

           It was two or so more minutes before Rap Monster came into the room. He leaned against the door frame and smiled wide, looking Jin over with a bite of his lip, “Damn, Ma. I thought my own mother was in here with the way that you were yelling for me.” He gave a laugh that was caught in his throat, the sound not tarnishing that handsome smile.

           Jin, always flustered at the pet names, but too aggravated to be swayed, held out the spoon of sauce, “Taste this. I think it’s finally right. It might be a little colder though, considering it took you five whole minutes to walk from the couch.” He chided, pursing his lips to show he was bothered by it.

           Namjoon took the bite, his teeth touching the spoon audibly. It tasted wonderful. It was spicy and had the softest hint of oil. Humming, he snapped his fingers, “Damn that’s good. Probably the best sauce you’ve done yet.” Looking back and then towards the hall, knowing no one was around, he came forward and hooked an arm around Jin’s waist and pulled him over, their hips meeting.

           Dropping the sauce spoon, Jin exhaled and pushed at Rap Monster, who wouldn’t let go, his arms tightening their hold after they’d wrapped fully around him, fingers at the bow of his apron. Smirking, Namjoon put their noses together and kissed at Jin, “Calm down, Ma. I’ll get you a clean spoon for your sauce, hm?” He looked into the depth of Jin’s eyes and came closer, pressing their full lips together. Jin’s eyelashes fluttered, but soon his anger melted and he pushed into the kiss, his broad shoulders relaxing and curved fingers holding onto biceps, “I knew you’d come around, baby.” Namjoon cooed at the male, smirking with a smug expression, “Give me another kiss…come on.”

           “Fine, but you’re doing dishes after this, Namjoon.”

           “Okay, Ma.”~~

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how about mike and the reader trying to help their kids with homework and getting frustrated before giving up and taking everyone for ice cream?

“This is not even real math,” Mike commented.

Isaac looked up at his Dad with his brow furrowed and crinkled nose. The same exact look Mike made when he was confused. “It’s real Dad. Believe me.”

“I swear I didn’t learn this until I was in middle school,” Mike said putting the pencil down.

“I’d be more than happy to trade. You can help Beckett glue 100 pictures of dogs to a piece of poster board,” you said. “What’s the homework?” you nodded toward Isaac.

“Dividing fractions,” Isaac answered then let out a long sigh.

“Trade out?” you said to Mike. He nodded his head. “Okay buddy let’s see.” You took a piece of paper and worked out one of the problems.

“We can’t do it like that.” Isaac took the pencil and showed you how they had to find the answer.

“I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. What’s wrong with the old way? You get the same answer quicker,” you said.

“It makes us think in a different way so we can be better problem solvers,” Cora chimed in as she walked into the dining room. “I need help with my cursive.” She placed her writing pad on the table and pulled out a chair.

“Mom is helping me first!” Isaac insisted.

“What letters are you working on?” Mike asked.

“Daaaaddd! I asked you first!”

“You’re not so special, Isaac Michael. He can help me too,” Cora stated. “Besides you have Mom. She’s better at Math. Dad has the neater handwriting.

“Daddy is helping me,” Beckett announced proudly.

“That’s baby stuff, Beckett. I did a long time ago,” Isaac said.

“I’m not a baby. I’m 5 and in kinderg-kinderg…” Beckett struggled with the word.

Cora shook her head. “You are a baby you can’t even say kindergarten.”

Beckett ran to you in tears wrapping his arm around your legs. You leaned over to pick him up.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “Cora Denae.”

“What? It’s the truth.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“There was a time you couldn’t say a lot of words missy,” Mike said. “You need to apologize.”

She hung her head. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that.” She got up from her chair coming to where Beckett was sniffling on your shoulder. “Beckett, can I help you with your project?”

Beckett looked down at her with a grin and nodded. While she helped Beckett, you helped Isaac and Mike picked up the paper mess from the magazines. When Beckett was done, Mike helped Cora to write her name in cursive ten times.

“I think we all earned ice cream for dinner,” Mike announced.

Everyone turned their eyes to you. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get your shoes and coats and let’s go!”

A chorus of yay’s combined with chairs scrapping along the floor, running and excited chatter filled the room. “You have the best ideas, Dad!” Isaac called over his shoulder.

Mike put his hand at the small of your back leaning over to whisper in your ear. “I have another good idea.” His nose nuzzled your neck. “It involves you, me and a can of whipped cream. You’ll be my own personal sundae. You’re my favorite flavor.”

A chill went down your spine as his hot breath rushed over your skin. “I better be your only flavor,” you said in a low voice.

Mike chuckled. “The one and only. Always.”
The Lamps - HiddenViolet - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Barry Allen/Cisco Ramon
Characters: Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Lisa Snart, Caitlin Snow
Additional Tags: Domestic, Moving, Bad Puns, Lamps
Series: Part 3 of Retirement

“Why do we have so many lamps?”

Just imagine domestic life with 80s Brian

Like, it would be bliss honestly

- Waking up on lazy mornings tangled in one another, his har probably tickling your neck

- Making breakfast together as you talked about the small things, like your plans and things the boys had said 

- Mornings spent in a peaceful silence as the two of you just woke up and got ready for the day 

- Going shopping and he has to reach for everything being the tree that he is 

- Him walking you to class when you were at uni together, even if he didn’t have class that day himself 

- Going to the cinema together when the newest films came out and him letting you cuddle into his side with his arm thrown around your shoulders 

- Taking photos of you randomly, especially when you were wearing those high waisted jeans that he loved so much (cue fat bottomed girls here 😍) 

- Him playing with your hair absentmindedly when you are sitting on the couch reading together 

- Occasionally stealing your scrunchies when he has to haphazardly tie his hair back 

- Having mini dance breaks in your living room (usually started by you) 

- Taking it in turns to cook for one another 

- Hearing him shout “Honey, I’m home” when he comes back from gigs 

- Going to the early gigs and practically jumping on him after he came off stage 

- Crawling into bed together after long days and laying and talking about your days until one of you fell asleep 

- Often finding hi asleep on the couch with a book or his guitar when you got home late and covering him up before heading to bed yourself, usually being woken up slightly a few hours later as he crawled in beside you 

Ya know, just the little everyday things that make up everything. 

I want Sam and Dean to have good lives and just stop getting fucked with. I want him and Dean to just resign to a domesticated, quiet life in the bunker, full of marathons of movies they’ve seen a million times and cups of hot chocolate and blankets and the pair trying not to smile at each other’s nerd moments and lots of love.