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Couple weeks ago when we were driving to the city, my partner told me he feels it would be better if we had high-advanced, worldwide surveillance system to protect people from criminals. I argued heavily against it since sacrificing freedom for security is not something I could be on board with. Our debate got kinda heated (at some point he had the nerve ask if I don´t want our kids to live in safe world) and I went on full rant about wanting our kids to live in the free world and how more likely it would be for Powers That Be to abuse their influence over that kind of system than people really being ”safe”. My partner really didn´t get a chance to say anything back since as I ended my speech with the word ”net”, our son started to babble facts about spiders and their net-making abilities loudly from the backseat. Ridiculousness of the situation did not escape me and I snorted. I turned to my partner and told him very sternly that ”this means war. And this time, kid´s on my side.” I took him couple seconds but he cracked up. After that he tried to start the debate again couple of times but I just said ”Ultron.” and he shut up. 

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can you request some minho fics with some kisses and soft stuff??? i hope that made sense :(

im cracking my knuckles anon here we go, im assuming you mean like domestic fluff??? which wasnt too easy to find, so if anyone has any fics they know please drop them into our asks!! - claudia

gentle morning by @himeaegyo (1/1 | 304 words)

waking up to minho playing with your hair, he kisses your forehead when he notices you woke up

the lantern room by @skizmin (1/1 | 15416 words)

Minho Lee was the local mystery boy. You didn’t know him, but you knew he looked after the lighthouse and fed the local penguins. That was until the storm.

home by @loveseungs (1/1 | 12178 words)

In all his life, Lee Minho had never been desperate. But, in the moment his accompanist had ditched him, it was as if desperate was all he felt.

of ramen and duck slippers by @minjinlix (1/1 | 2422 words)

you keep running into this guy on campus. but hey, he’s pretty cute.


Through The Seasons: Ch. Four (Muriel x Reader)

Pairing: Muriel/Reader

Prompt:  Muriel considers growing a beard this season

Word Count: 635

His hair was tangled again, damp from fallen snow that melted. But that didn’t stop (Y/N) from running her fingers through and playing with his raven black locks. She sat on the floor, leaned against the bed with Muriel’s head cushioned by her lap. His eyes closed and focused on the sensation of her callus yet soft hands, worn from years of sea labor.

She brushed through and pulled them back, humming a sweet melody to herself as she did so. She looked over Muriel’s serene expression, admiring the shaded shadow along his face. Her hands slipped away from his head, making the corner of his lips twitch, and went to feel the forthcoming of his beard.

Muriel’s eyes blinked open at the sudden massaging of his cheeks, he looked up to see (Y/N) smiling down at him. She was far too immersed in the cheek rubbing, a bubbly laugh threatening to break the silence.

It felt nice, the hairs tickling her palms but also generating some heat. She should stop, but couldn’t help herself. (Y/N) always did like her lover’s facial hair, it accentuated his handsomeness in her opinion. But he didn’t seem to agree with her observation, despite rarely shaving it off.

He found it a hassle to shave, and left it to be taken care of every few weeks or so. Sometimes she’d catch the rare sight of Muriel with a beard. Her eyes would glow, mesmerized, and she’d insist on touching it. She’d also try and kiss him much more than usual as if entranced by a love spell. Not to say he didn’t like it, it was just…confusing.

Maybe he should grow out a beard. Just once. To see what it was like.

Muriel continued to stare up at (Y/N), not wanting to disturb the obvious fun she was having. The thought of her persistent kisses filled his thoughts, and he found his cheeks reddening. A low whine came from his throat and caught (Y/N)’s attention.

“Oh!” She pulled back from her face rubbing and met eyes with Muriel. “Sorry, am I making you uncomfortable?” He pursed his lips, averting his gaze for a moment.

Of course, he couldn’t bare to have a beard. They were uncomfortable as all hell, itchy in the winter time and sweaty in the summer. Not to mention the maintenance of it. Gods, it would be infuriating.

But in the grand scheme of things, it was a small sacrifice to make if it meant…

(Y/N)’s eyes widened at the sight of a rosy color shading Muriel’s face. Her lips curled into an affectionate smile before pecking his creased forehead. His shoulder stiffened as another whine escaped him, she chuckles.

“You have to lighten up, Muri.” Her finger drag across the lines on his forehead. “You don’t want these to be permanent, do you…?” His eyes reluctantly moved back to watch her.

(Y/N) cupped his cheeks and leaned in to capture his lips. As always they were rough like the barren earth, it prickled her entire body with a welcoming warmth. His shoulders went slack at the sensation of her velvety lips, as smooth as the waves along the docks. Or maybe more akin to the cumulus clouds that float around in the summer sky.

Muriel’s hands went up and cupped hers, trying to chase after her embrace as it faded away. She hovered over him, letting out another laugh at his pout.

“Would you like another?”

He grunts lowly, not bothering to lift the frown from his face. His hands kept her locked in place, not that she minded, and waited for her to oblige him. (Y/N) nodded while holding back a silly grin, and leaned in once again to embrace the barren earth.

Yeah. Maybe keeping a beard wouldn’t be too much trouble.

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Do you happen to know any fics where they’re roommates? But they’re not in a relationship (yet).

here’s one where they’re actually roommates and another where they live in the same dorm building

Taller Than Giants by exybee (T | 7,256 | 5/5)

Neil’s a photography student who’s trying to get an ESPN sports photography internship, Andrew’s an early childhood education major who’s definitely not in love with his best friend, and Allison, Dan, and Matt are only half aware that Neil and Andrew are soulmates.

The AU in which Neil loses his keys, Andrew drinks Michelobs, and the gang finally cashes in on a three year old bet.

Feels Like Wasted Youth by conniptionns, exybee (M | 10,170 | 5/5)

Neil’s current living situation is … complicated.

Between his roommates’ badass rager parties and his neighbors’ constant barging into his apartment, Neil’s sure he can handle anything junior year throws at him

That is, until someone leaves a passive-aggressive noise complaint on his door. Unfortunately for the second floor, Neil has skipped the passive and gone full aggressive.

Or the Neighbors AU featuring post-finals parties, ill-timed fire alarms, and helpful campus squirrels.


Booty Boo-Boos. Bakugou Katsuki

Request: “Can I request an imagine with some older domestic bakugo x reader where reader is on their period and their kid walks in on her and just … flips tf out? XD sorry if its weird, i love your work by the way!”

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: Swearing.

Notes:  This was way too much fun to write.

A groan filled the air as you rolled over on the bed.  You held your stomach, trying to ease the pain.  It’s like you could feel your uterus contracting with every cramp.  

“It is eight in the morning. Some of us are trying to sleep,” Katsuki grumbles from his spot next to you.  

No words, just another groan.  He sighs and sits up, looking at you with messy hair and bleary eyes.  His tank top twisted around his body, a victim of his wild sleep patterns.  “Alright. What’s wrong with you?”

“I think my uterus is trying to kill me,” You whine.

He rubbed his face with his hands.  “I didn’t realize it was already that time again.  I’ll make coffee.”

“Hot chocolate.”

“Fine. I’ll make hot chocolate.”  Your husband forces himself out of bed, a grunt of disapproval as his feet hit the cold floor.

“Thank you.” You smile softly.

Minutes later, Katsuki returns with two steaming mugs.  “I thought these cramps were supposed to stop after you had the brat,” he says, handing you your mug and grabbing the bottle of ibuprofen from the top of the dresser and tipping two pills into his hand.  He drops them into your hand and sits back down on the bed, letting you lean your head against his body.

“I thought they did! I haven’t had them this bad since Kei was born.” You swallow down the pills with a sip of hot chocolate.

“I miss those nine months where we didn’t have to deal with your period at all.”

“Bullshit. You were miserable,” you laugh.

“Only because you were more of a bitch than usual,” he laughed, playing with the ends of your hair.

“Oh, I’m the bitch in this relationship?”

“Yes. I’m just an asshole.”

“That’s fair.”  You sip your hot chocolate, the warmth radiating from Katsuki’s body already making you feel a little better.  

Mugs were set aside as hot chocolate was finished.  You forced yourself out of Katsuki’s embrace and away from the blankets that were keeping you so warm and comfortable. 

“Where are you going?” Katsuki asks.

“I have to pee.”

“That’s over-sharing.”

“We’re married. Over-sharing doesn’t exist anymore.”

You walked down the hall on your way to the bathroom, peeking your head into your son’s room, his head still resting on his pillow, a stuffed dinosaur tucked securely under his arm.  You smiled softly at your son, now three years old.  He was almost an exact replica of Katsuki.  Mitsuki was nearly at a loss of words the last time she saw him.  She had ruffled his messy blonde hair and laughed.  “You look like your punk of a dad!  That sucks, kid.”


“What? Y/N’s better looking than you ever were.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? I look like you, you old bat!”

“Don’t talk to me that way, Katuski!” Mitsuki had her hand raised, ready to karate chop her son for his disrespect, but she dropped it to her side and smiled at her grandson, scooping him up into her arms.  “You’re going to grow up and be so handsome.  You have your mommy’s eyes and her smile.  At least you’re not at a total loss.”

You start to leave the doorway, but a small “Mommy” stops you in your tracks.  You enter Kei’s room, sitting down on the side of his bed.  You rush the hair away from his face and smile at him. “Good morning, sweetheart.  Did you sleep well?”

Kei nods, rubbing his eyes.  “I’m hungy…”

“You’re hungy? Okay, we’ll make breakfast in a few minutes.  Do you want pancakes?”

“Good pancakes!” 

You laughed.  “Got it. Good pancakes.” Good pancakes.  That was code for chocolate chip pancakes, but that was still a mouthful for him, so they were known in Bakugou household as simply ‘good pancakes.’

You got up, but not before planting a kiss on the top of his head.  You left his room and continued down the hall to the bathroom.  You shut the door behind you and grabbed a tampon from the box under the sink.  You shook your head as you looked at damage on your underwear. Despite wearing a pad to bed, you still managed to stain yet another pair of underwear.  A quick text to Katsuki asking him to bring you a new pair of underwear and the prob-

The door swings open and there’s Kei.  He gasps, looking at the blood.  He quickly runs down the hall, shouting for Katsuki.  

“What the hell are you on about?!” You hear Katsuki shout. There’s pounding footsteps coming down the hall that added to the cries of “Mommy’s bleeding! Mommy’s dying!”

The next thing you know, two blonde headed boys are standing in the door of bathroom, one with tears streaking down their face and the other red with embarrassment. Katuski just throws a pair of underwear at you and shuts the door.  You can hear him, Dad Voice engaged, trying to soothe your wailing son.  

You clean yourself up and get everything taken care of.  You wash your hands and open the bathroom door.  Katsuki has Kei in his arms, trying to stop the toddler’s crying.  “Dude, look.  Mommy’s fine. See? She’s okay,” Katsuki says causing Kei to lift his head from his father’s chest.  He starts to hiccup as the sobs begin to cease as he sees him Mommy in one piece, no longer bleeding and no longer dying.  

You take Kei from Katsuki as he reaches for you.  You smooth his hair and situate him on your hip.  “Mommy’s fine, sweetheart.  Nothing’s wrong with me, okay?”

“B-but you were bleeding… Did you get a boo-boo on your bottom? Is that why?” He asks in a small voice.

“Yes, sweetheart.  That’s exactly what happened.  Mommy fell and got a boo-boo, but she’s okay now.  Everything is fine.  Now, how about those good pancakes?”


“So, you got a boo-boo on your ass, huh?” Katsuki laughs as he helps you clean the dishes after breakfast as Kei sits in the living room playing with his dinosaurs.

“Oh, shut up, you piece of trash,” you retort, trying not to laugh yourself.

“What?! It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve had a boo-boo on your butt,” he snickers, swatting at your butt with a dish towel, but missing.

 Your place your hands on your hips and give him a look of mock disapproval.  “Bakugou Katsuki, am I gonna have to call your mother and tell her that you’re picking on me again?”

“I’m offended that you would threaten me with such a thing,” he says, walking past you to put the now clean plates back in the cabinet.  He begins to move back to his spot, but not before he winds up and smacks your butt with the dish towel. 


“Now, you’re really gonna have a boo-boo on your ass.” He sticks his tongue out in a teasing manner, before running out of the kitchen before you have the chance to retaliate.

“You little shit.”

Put Your Head In My Hands - Whizzvin (Falsettos AU)

Link on ao3

art by @okaminator

Shuffling to his apartment door, Marvin felt his anger slowly fade away as he turned the key. God! How long he’s been waiting for this all day. All he wanted was to sleep all day on the couch.

Swinging the door open, he was greeted by the aroma of freshly cooked chicken. He could feel it pulling him off the ground and levitating him to thin air. Closed eyes gave him the best experience. He was floating on a cloud; The world disappearing around him. He smiled, lost in his mind as he felt a pair of arms curl around his leg.


Marvin’s eyes shot open as he looked down and saw a toothy smile and a head full of curls. “Hey, buddy!” He scooped the toddler up and started tickling him. “How was today with Dada?”

“It was fun! Ah! Stop!” The child squirmed in his hands as Marvin walked to the couch, sitting in its dead center. “Wha-what did….. you do Daddy?”

He sighed. “It’s awful, Jason.” He faked frowned. “Being an adult is awful, so don’t ever grow up!” Marvin nuzzled the boy.

“Ahhhh! St-stop Daddy! Dada! Help me!” The toddler hopped off Marvin’s lap, running into the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around the legs of Whizzer, who was standing over the stove.

“Not now Jase; Dada’s cooking.” He said in a very monotone way, devoured by his craft.

Marvin left the couch and picked up Jason once more. Giving Whizzer a quick peck on the cheek, he looked at what he was cooking in the pan. “Sauteed chicken?”

Whizzer smiled: “I’d figure you’d enjoy something new.” He wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“If you need to, I’ll take over for you.” Marvin sat Jason on the floor and wrapped his arms around the taller.

“No, Marv,” He chuckled, placing his hand on the former’s. “I got it.” They turned their head for a kiss. Marvin felt the stress from work unraveling, much faster than it had before.

“Stressful day at work?”

“Yeah.” Marvin left his lover and went to the fridge, pulling out a Pepsi. ”The boss is really handing it to me.” He chugged it from the two-liter bottle. Whizzer looked on in disbelief.

“Mav,” he sighed in disbelief, “this is why we have cups.”

“To hell with cups!” He drunk some more. “Not today, Whizz.”

Whizzer rolled his eyes. “You also said you were giving up dark sodas this year.”

“Well to hell with that too!”

Whizzer laughed. He moved the chicken from the pan to a plate. “By the way, dinner’s almost ready.”

“I’ll get Jason then.”

Marvin did as asked and found Jason in on his bed talking to his beloved stuffed chess piece, Queenie.

“Hey, buddy!” Jason looked up and a smile quickly spread across his face.

“Daddy!” He dropped Queenie and ran to Marvin, quickly wrapping his arms around his legs. “Daddy! Carry me!”

Marvin tried walking, feeling the weight of the two-year-old on his left leg. But as tired as he was, he still waddled out the room to the table.

Jason giggled when he saw Whizzer. “Dada! Look at m-me!”

Whizzer quickly looked at Marvin, laughing and smiling, while pulling a chair out: “You hungry, Jason?”

“Yes!” Jason quickly let go of his father’s leg and ran to his chair, trying to get into his chair.

Whizzer picked him up and buckled him in the booster seat. “You hungry for chicken?”

His head tilted, like a confused dog. “What that?”

Whizzer chuckled, grabbing a smaller plate of chicken bites and vegetables. Jason looked at his plate, still confused.

“It’s good for you Jason. See!” Marvin took a piece of his chicken and putting it in his mouth. Jason followed his father’s actions, clearly thinking about the taste while he chewed.

“So,” Whizzer asked, “How was it?”

Jason responded by stuffing another piece in his mouth.

Marvin laughed: “Jason, remember to use your fork.”

“But I don’t like it!” This time Jason was eating a baby carrot.

Whizzer rolled his eyes at the antics of his husband and son, enjoying their “fight” as much as they did. He thought to where he’d be if it weren’t for Marvin.

‘Probably high off my ass in an abandoned building.’ Even though his attitude said something else, he deeply loved and appreciated Marvin; It was his persistence that got him sober and ultimately saved his life.

‘What I wouldn’t do to keep this.’

Later that night

Whizzer’s phone began to ring.

“Coming! Coming! Wait….. Who am I talking to?” Whizzer breathed as he answered it: “Hello!”

“Whizzer, what the hell is going on over there?”

“Oh, hi Charlotte. Yeah, Jason’s in the bath.”


“YES!” Marvin held a naked Jason over the tub, slowly putting him in the water. To the toddler, the water that was meant to clean him was like hot lava, melting his skin. The boy kicked his feet as they touched the water, splashing water all over Marvin’s shirt.

“Jason,” he sternly said. The latter looked at him with teary eyes. He felt a slight pinch on his heart.

Marvin hated seeing those he loved cry, no matter the situation: his breakup with Trina and Whizzer, his wedding day, Jason’s first…. Well…. His first everything.

Jason’s cries escalated as he was fully seated in the tub, somehow worsening when Marvin ran a sudsy towel over him. He didn’t know which was worse: his boss and job or Jason in the bath.

Fed up with the screaming, Marvin sighed: “C’mon Jase, it’s not that bad.” He grabbed a rubber chess piece. “See, look who it is! It’s Queenie!”

The boys brown, watery eyes lit up. He gasped, quickly reaching for the toy.

“Here you go.” Marvin smiled, handed Queenie to him. Jason wiped the tears and started talking to the piece, the bath flung far to the back of mind.

The rest of the bath continued without any complaints.

“Yay! Movie night!” Jason ran from his bedroom to the couch, flinging himself on the cushions. Dressed in a striped footie and holding Queenie (not from the bath), Jason settled on the couch for family movie night, bouncing up and down.

“What we watching?” Whizzer sat down, patting Jason’s head.

“We’re watching Beauty and The Beast.” Marvin pushed said DVD in.

When the blue Disney logo appeared on screen, he heard two squeals: one from his two-year-old other from his thirty-year-old husband. There was that magic of Disney movies that stayed, no matter how old you were. At least, that’s what Whizzer told him.

‘That’s just your excuse to be a kid again.’ He remembered that’s what he told Whizzer.

By the time the wolves attack Belle, Marvin noticed that Jason had fallen asleep in Whizzer’s side, who wasn’t far from being asleep either. He smiled and grabbed his phone, snapping a picture of the two.

Whizzer stirred. “Mh….. Marv…. What are you doing?”

“Taking a picture of my favorite two boys.” Marvin took another quick pic before, Whizzer got up, holding Jason.

“You’re my favorite.”

“Well, what about Jason?” Marvin was handed the

Whizzer looked back and gave Marvin a deadpanned look. “Of course dummy.”

As Whizzer walked to his bedroom, Marvin saw the time.

‘10:30,’ He thought.

Seeing that it was well past the younger’s bedtime, he turned the TV off and walked to Jason’s room. Marvin kissed his forehead while tucking the boy under the covers of his bed. “Goodnight Jason,” he whispered, turning the night light on and cracking the door open.

In his own room, he found Whizzer, laid out on the bed, curled in that turquoise bathrobe.

Marvin wrapped his arms around his husband, giving him a peck on the cheek. “Whizz…. Whizz? ….. Whizzer …..” God! Marvin loved the way Whizzer’s name flew off his tongue. “Whizzer, Whizzer, Whizzer Brown?” He felt him stir.

“Marv, you clearly see I’m sleepy…” He “awoke”, rubbing his eyes and turning to face Marvin.

“Yeah, I know.” Marvin pulled Whizzer into his lap, their foreheads touching. “I’ve been waiting on this all day.”

“Marvin, you’ve been home for about six hours, three of which was spent with our son. You had more than enough time to cuddle me.”

Marvin huffed. “I’ll never get tired of your real-ness.”

“Not until I tell you to pick up after yourself.” Whizzer caught Marvin in a kiss, who was rolling his eyes at me former’s comment

Usually, their kisses were passionate and filled with desire. But on nights like this, their flame was a little ember, burning brightly, just not as strong.

“I still love you though,” Marvin ran his lips over Whizzer’s neck, “Andrew.”

“Say that name again and I’ll kick you out this apartment.”

Marvin chuckled. “Why do you hate your name? Andrew sounds like the name of a famous singer.”

Whizzer grimaced and pushed Marvin off of him. “Sure. And Marvin sounds the like name of a man who cheats on his wife with another man.”

Marvin laughed and crawled off the bed. “But that didn’t happen, now did it?” He grabbed a shirt and some boxers. “I’m off tomorrow.”

“And I work at the school tomorrow.” He mumbled, already rolling back to his pillow.

“And I hope you’re a good assistant tomorrow, Mr. Andrew.” Whizzer’s head sharply turned.

In a split second, a pillow flew to Marvin’s face.

“You can start packing your stuff now! Now gimme my pillow back!” Marvin threw it back, hitting the headboard beside him. “Ha! You missed!”

Marvin smirked. “I didn’t miss this.” He climbed back on the bed and on top of Whizzer, catching his lips. The fire burned brighter; Marvin moving his hands down the taller’s waist. He ran his hands through his brown, thick hair, pulling apart every stand as Marvin’s hands went for the already loose robe.

But then, Whizzer stopped Marvin. “Mhm… No, not tonight.”

Marvin visibly pouted. “When though?”

“Tomorrow,” he smiled and pecked Marvin on his forehead. “Now get in your shower.”

By the time Marvin got out the shower, Whizzer was fast asleep, his side of the room as dark a night. He kissed him on the lips, brushing his bangs out his face. “Love you.” He whispered, climbing in bed beside him, hugging him

Marvin could slowly feel sleep come towards him, and that when he knew everything would be alright.

I really hate my parents keep hiring a babysitter whenever they go to have dinner out. I am 16 y.o.

She is a student girl from the neighborhood barely three years older than me and though she is pretty, she obviously owns a sadistic streak that springs up whenever we are left alone.

Since my mother allowed her to use the cane on me whenever she feels it’s needed, she has not wasted the use of that privilege every time she has come to take care of me. I am afraid she is practicing with the cane by herself, because she canes me harder and more accurately each time.

I have tried anything to avoid her punishments.

I have even tried to gain her sympathy by giving her flowers when she comes but nothing has worked by the moment. After every visit of her, I have sported painful stripes on my bottom for days.


Lunch time por Petr Petrov
Via Flickr:
Chiang Mai Zoo, Thailand

anonymous asked:

Winteriron with baby peter? Just domestic family fluff

It’s nearly 1am when Tony finally arrives back at the tower, weary and exhausted. He shucks his jacket and loosens his tie on the elevator ride up to the penthouse, yawning loudly. Charity events for the Maria Stark Foundation are usually fairly low-key and relaxed, but, as Tony’s come to learn over the last ten weeks, nothing’s as easy as it seems when you have an infant at home.

After hanging up his jacket and toeing off his shoes, Tony’s first stop is Peter’s room. He frowns when he sees that the baby monitor is off, but realises why a moment later when he peeks into the empty crib.

Knowing exactly where to find his missing son, Tony moves across the hall to the master bedroom, mouth turning up into a fond smile at the sight that greets him. Bucky’s fast asleep in the middle of their bed, hair a total mess and snoring softly, cradling Peter to his bare chest with one big hand.

Tony tiptoes closer to perch on the edge of the bed, smile widening when he sees Peter blinking up at him. “What’s this, huh?” he asks quietly, offering Peter a finger that Peter latches onto immediately. “Why are you up in the middle of the night?”

Peter makes a gurgling noise and smacks his lips, which is answer enough. Careful as not to wake Bucky, Tony picks Peter up, kissing one of his chubby cheeks as he heads out to the kitchen. He’s a pro at one-handed bottle preparation by now, swaying softly and humming quietly while the milk warms up, cheek resting gently against the top of Peter’s head.

Peter latches onto the nipple greedily after Tony’s made sure the formula isn’t too hot, lying comfortably in the crook of Tony’s arm, one small hand on the bottle, the other curled around Tony’s thumb, and his half shut eyes looking up at Tony.

The bottle is almost empty when Tony hears the bedroom door open, and a moment later Bucky’s arms slide around his waist, chin coming to rest on Tony’s shoulder. Tony leans back against him with a contented sigh, letting his own eyes fall closed.

“Welcome back,” Bucky murmurs against his cheek, brushing a lingering kiss over it, nuzzling in close. “We missed you.”

They stay like that until Peter’s done with his bottle, all three of them together. Their little family.

- Potrix | AO3