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First batch of new generic top-level domains born, Amazon looking unlikely to snag .amazon

After spending over a year thumbing through applications, ICANN has inked agreements for establishing the first new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Those that made the cut this round were the Arabic word for web or network (.شبكة), game in Chinese (.游戏), and the Russian for online (.онлайн), as well as website (.сайт) – as ICANN notes, these gTLDs will be the first to use non-Latin characters. Also coming out of the ICANN47 meeting for internet overlords is a bit of bad news for Amazon. A committee recommended that the retailer should not be given control of the .amazon domain, likely due to confusion the suffix could create with the Amazon region in South America. ICANN may see fit to go against the recommendation, but if Amazon’s history with objectionable applications is anything to go by, it’s looking like yet another $185,000 down the drain.

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Belarus limits use of 'foreign' websites, while Kuala Lumpur mandates WiFi in eateries

Talk about polar opposites. In an update posted to the Library of Congress, we’re told that the Republic of Belarus will begin fining citizens that host domestic sites on “foreign” domains. Crazy? Definitely, but no less true. Starting later this week, any Belarusian not registered as an entrepreneur may use “only domestic internet domains for providing online services, conducting sales, or exchanging email messages.” According to the interpretation, it “appears that business requests from Belarus cannot be served over the internet if the service provider is using online services located outside of the country,” and police (as well as the secret police) are authorized to “initiate, investigate, and prosecute such violations.” Wilder still, owners of internet cafes could have their entire business shut down if users are found to be accessing external sites on those networks, and for those curious, the law “may” extend to browsing within one’s private home.

In a land a bit closer to the equator, it seems as if officials have their heads in a far more sensible place. Kuala Lumpur – already home to one of the world’s most lust-worthy airports and some of the most accessible / affordable mobile data plans – will soon mandate that all new restaurants provide WiFi to their customers. And by “WiFi,” we mean “access to the entire internet.” According to the New Strait Times, the rule will be enforced as early as April, applying to eatery owners operating on premises larger than 120 square meters. We’re told that existing owners will be forced to comply when renewing their license, and while the waves won’t have to be given away for free, they’ll be encouraged to charge no more than a “reasonable fee.” Furthermore, the government is considering dipping into its own pockets in order to extend gratis WiFi to public facilities in the city, likely as a follow-up plan to the expiring WirelessKL contract. As if going to wander through Batu Caves and the colorful streets shown above weren’t enough reason to visit Malaysia… Read more
Libya cracking down on .ly domain names, reportedly yanking them at will

Ruh roh. It looks as if current owners of .ly domain names may need to be on high alert – you know, in case the Libyan government decides to yank your URL from the face of the internet. According to a thorough report from Ben Metcalfe, that’s exactly what’s happening. was recently pulled because the content on the site (read: not the domain) was found to be “obscene, offensive and illegal,” presumably based on what would be expected under Libyan Islamic / Sharia Law. More concerning still is that Libya seems to be dictating the pulls on their own, even if the site content isn’t in violation of that law. ‘Course, it’s all pretty vague to begin with, making it even easier to toss under said umbrella and call it a day. We’re also hearing that .ly domain names with less than four letters are now being reserved for local Libyans only, and we’re guessing that a continued fallout is upon us.,, – you guys still with us, or what? Read more
dotMobi is more than just a top level domain name
Although the experience of browsing the web on a mobile phone has improved greatly over the last couple of days five years or so, there are still sites out there that refuse to load or function as smoothly as they would on a personal computer. A possible solution to this problem comes in the form of yesterday’s launch of dotMobi: or if you prefer it cold and impersonal, the new .mobi top level domain name. Yeah, so you’re thinking “how’s another domain name gonna improve things?” Well, unlike other domain names, dotMobi has a relatively stringent style guide for anyone wishing to register a .mobi domain: mandatory rules for registrants include the requirement that the site can be loaded without typing “www.” (a pain on a numerical keypad), and a complete ban on cellphone-browser busting frames. Time will tell whether or not the bar of entry has been set high enough, as all of the tips in the “Highly Recommended” section of the style guide are optional: for example, registrants don’t even have to test their website on a mobile device. A giant leap for cellular mankind this is not, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Read more
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