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A cute name with a bright, brisk sound. Kyvi: A reality brand. A conference. A training program. A toy brand.

You can’t sit around waiting for buyers to call you because they won’t and they don’t have to. If you want to make your number you’ve got to get out there and let the world know that you have the best for their business.

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"Health" and "portfolio" combine to form this fit name. Healtholio and : Medical documentation system, device, or app. A health or fitness site. A personal health platform. A pharmaceutical product. A healthy lifestyle coach or consultant.

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Dryads' Domain (Location Idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want location that is lightly fey.

Appearance: A regular looking forest, that at night has a weird glimmering lights which seems to lead somewhere less embeamed in reality

Backstory: This forest is ruled by Dryads, who do all in there power to protect the forest from hostile forces. The Dryads are know to help those who have done good in the eyes of the world or in the eyes of nature. That being said, those who haven’t are in for one horrid beat down.

Possible traps: Sentient vines, carnivorous plants, leg rope trap.

Possible enemies: Anything under the plant monster category, Siren, Dryad, pixie, sprite

Possible Bosses: Conclave Dryads, Any Eladrin (counts on the current session).

Possible Loot: Rare plants, ancient decayed weapons, ore deposits, rare fungi, exotic animals

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DSC_7426 Painting/Form for Reading Spaces/Intervals by Russell Moreton
Via Flickr:
Pattern and Chaos/Liminality/Tectonics Architectural surface for a Library, raw materials, light, silence and solitude.


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