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Hope that my daughter not too late for the challenge. Thankx to for making this possible. Do visit her artworks, It's very lovely and heartwarming

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Set #88

This is my second set of Kokeshi doll shakers! The girls head comes off and I am unsure weather or not it is supposed to lol, They came from texas along with the other sets from the same seller. 

Let me tell you guys and ghouls a story about the time my daughter received a haunted doll for Christmas.

This story takes place last Christmas (the Christmas of 2018.) At the time, my children went to a sitter who I will call Lilly, for privacy reasons. Beside Lilly in an old farmhouse, lives a very sweet, elderly couple. This couple buys presents for all of the children that Lilly babysits for Christmas each year. The presents were mostly clothes but in my daughter’s box, there was a lovely porcelain doll.

Originally posted by estpdra-thethirdeye

Haha, okay, okay. She was much less sinister than the one in the GIF.

She was old, that was for certain. She was the kind of doll with a pretty, painted porcelain face, porcelain legs and arms, but with a soft body. She had a cascade of golden curls tied back with a ribbon and a pretty, lacy white dress with matching white shoes. With her was a note, “every little girl deserves to have a special friend. This is Cynthia. She’s been my special friend for many years, now she can be yours.”

I thought it was very kind and my daughter Lynn was absolutely in love. She played with Cynthia all evening and at bedtime, she insisted that Cynthia sleep with her. So, I tucked them in, turned out the lights and went to bed. 

Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

The next morning when I went to wake my daughter, the doll was gone but I didn’t think anything about it. In fact, I didn’t see my daughter play with her anymore or talk about her. Again, I didn’t ask questions because toddlers often play with a toy a few times then drop it without playing with it anymore.


This is a good place in the story to mention that my house has a resident ghost, she’s a neutral spirit, a little girl that me and both of my children have had many experiences with. But over the next couple of months, my children and I began to experience the presence of another spirit. This was not the little girl that pops her head around the corner occasionally, or that I hear running through the house giggling sometimes late at night.

This was different.

This was menacing.

Originally posted by debbie-sketch

My children were suddenly scared of the dark and didn’t want to sleep in their room. They’ve slept in this room with no problem the entire time we’ve lived here and they have always slept in the dark so this was strange. To make things worse and creepier, they would complain that the black haired girl was scaring them. I began going into their room and laying on a pallet on their floor until they fell asleep. Many nights they would cry and tell me the woman in the closet was scaring them.

Once, I was lying there waiting on them to fall asleep, when I saw the blankets on my daughter’s bed move up like she was sitting under them. I scolded her and told her to lay down, but then my eyes adjusted and I realized my daughter was lying on other side of the bed, asleep. I jumped up and the covers fell back down.

Needless to say, I didn’t go back to my room that night.

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

It got to the point that my kids wouldn’t even go into their room to grab a toy without me going in with them. Then one night, I was sitting on my bed and my kids were in the living room playing. From my room there is a short hallway (maybe 6 feet) and then the kids’ room. Their light was on and their door was open. Very quickly, I saw a tall, black, cloaked figure cross their room. I jerked my head around and stared for a minute but didn’t see anything else, so I went back to what I was doing.

Then I saw it again.

I jumped up and crossed the hallway, I poked my head into their room and said out loud, “I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you need to stay out of my kids’ room.”

Well, that must have pissed them off.

The next night, I was walking across the living room and the skin on my stomach started to burn. I pulled my shirt up and there was a red welp in the shape of a child’s hand, and four fresh scratch marks beside it.

The night after that, I was carrying a bowl of food from the microwave to the counter and something slapped it from my hand. No, I don’t mean it slipped. I mean that I actually felt the force of something slapping it out of my hand. The food went everywhere, all across the kitchen and even up the wall. The weird thing is, it was in a straight line and the food was splattered back – in the direction away from how the bowl had been knocked out of my hand.

Over the next couple of weeks, the dark presence began making itself very known. The overall feeling in my formerly happy house, was menacing. I also began waking up with scratches all over my body.

Then one Sunday, I was going through the kids’ room, organizing their toys a little. Stuffed down in the corner of a closet, I found Cynthia. I wasn’t thinking at the time that this was a demon doll, lol, so when I found her, I fixed her hair and laid her on my daughters freshly made bed. I spent the rest of the day thinking how happy my kids were gonna be to find their toys all organized, and Cynthia, so lovingly found and restored to my daughter’s bed. I was gonna win the best-mom-award that night, fo’ sho.

Originally posted by eataburgerr

Later on, after I picked the kids up from their father and brought them home, my daughter went straight to her bedroom like she always does. I expected to hear cheers of happiness when she found her doll, but instead she came back into the living room with a solemn look on her face.

“Mommy,” she asked, “why did you find Cynthia?”

“You didn’t want me to find her?” I asked, a little confused.

“No. Cynthia is scary. She makes scary faces and she crawls around at night like this…” She made some weird jerky movements with her arms. “Mommy,” she said. “Cynthia has got to go.”

Originally posted by taeboos

Originally posted by fuckyeahtrollhunters

It was funny in a way but I wasn’t about to be that stupid parent in a horror movie who doesn’t believe their kid then gets eaten by a monster or something, lol. So, I responded, “yep, she’s got to go.”

I took her out and put her in the car, intending to take her to the trash dump the following day. That night before she went to sleep, my daughter asked, “Cynthia is really out in your car? She isn’t in the house?” I assured her that Cynthia was gone and she told me I could turn out the light and that I didn’t have to stay until she fell asleep.

The next morning, we went out to get into my car, and my daughter gasped. “Mommy! What happened to your car?” I looked up and sure enough, my roof looked like something with claws had tried to rip its way out of it. My car is older, but before this night, all the roof had was some stains. Other than that, it was in perfect condition. That morning (and still, I can take pictures to show) my car roof was covered in scratches. They were in fours (like four fingers, think human hand-looking) and some were only deep enough to leave indents, while others were so deep they ripped through the cloth and the sponge stuff underneath. In some places the actual cloth was hanging down in pieces. Yet all my windows had been up, all my doors locked and there wasn’t a single scratch anywhere, except the roof. It literally looks like someone with sharp nails was pissed the fuck off and tried to claw their way out of the roof.

Originally posted by defence-agaisnt-the-dark-hearts

Anyway, I took Cynthia and dumped her at the dump and after that, the dark presence was gone. Completely. I haven’t seen the dark shadow, no random scratches, my kids aren’t afraid of the dark anymore.

Originally posted by michaeldavanzo

So yeah, as crazy as it sounds, last year for Christmas, my kid received a haunted doll. Haha.


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