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Here’s a good ... “Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste.” Read David Attenborough’s article below ... Don’t over think it. Just make a small change. . ♻️ can you get something repaired? . ♻️ try a food waste app like Too Good To Go?

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Nana is hard at work weaving for a market this weekend! Can’t wait to see the final product, she’s running a workshop this month! Book now

Liked last months Swish Swap Shop?! Gema is back in November for an evening of nifty swapping and upcycling shopping 🛍💚♻️ Book your spot now!

✨Getting organised for the busy season ahead! We've been really inspired by @mad_about_the_house and @sophierobinsoninteriors and the initiative. As a small business we aren't able to control everything but we are conscious that we should…

Can’t wait to get this P.Westwell fabric onto this armchair that we saved thanks to @mcfallmaeve. Looking forward to seeing this collaboration come to life! 💙🐉

We want your opinion! Which one do you like? 1. Craft brown 2. White Compostable package that will keep our chocolate safe while doing less harm. - -

Join us tomorrow for our second hand September! Upcycle and embellish your clothes and join our swish swap shop by from noon onwards! ♻️👗

We have found a lovely new home for those two broken deers, they are too beautiful to bin! And we make it prettier!

Can you believe that Nana has woven off cuts into these glorious textiles! Join us tonight at RepassionFassion to see what she’s created with them!

Don’t miss out on our secondhand September event this weekend! Join us from 10am, bring clothes you want to upcycle and clothes you want to swap. Swishing starts from noon

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