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“i love you”

inspired by this picture and all those cute snaps from this day ^^^

i wrote this lowkey 3 weeks ago but i never posted eek

it was september you and grayson have been dating for 3 years and he was reading to pop the question. grayson loves decorating early for halloween so you decide to help him

“ hey y/n where are those little pumpkins?”

“uhm i think you put them in your room”

“ill go check “

grayson runs off to his room to grab the pumpkins when you get a text from ethan

“ i’m not gonna be home tonight got some plans tell grayson i’m not gonna be there but i’ll be home soon…ps take care of him!”

you smile at your phone and text ethan back

“ yeah np haha see you soon”

grayson comes running back into the living room with a bunch of pumpkins asking you to help him carry them

“ oh gray by the way ethan just texted me and told

me he’s not gonna be home tonight i don’t know why though but he just wanted me to tell you “

“oh i think he’s shooting with bryant this weekend but now we can actually watch tv without him third wheeling”

you and grayson continue to unpack the decorations for a couple more hours until it gets dark

you took a dive into the couch and go on instagram

“ y/n i have the perfect idea “ grayson says

“ what is it “ you say still focusing on your instagram feed

“ okay so we just got these spooky decorations so i think we should watch a halloween movie but not a scary one “

you take your eyes off of the phone and smile thinking of how nice that sounds

“ that’s sounds literally amazing “ you say getting up to see grayson standing in the kitchen getting popcorn

“ okay ill go get a blanket and we can binge watch movies “ you say walking to the closet with all the blankets

you grab the biggest blanket you can find and bring it to the couch where grayson is sitting just finished putting the snacks on the coffee table

you and grayson cuddle up next to each other and you relax with your head against his heart as you can hear it beating

grayson and you start watching a movie around 8 while it gets darker and darker out

“ gray what movie now? “ you ask as the movie credits play

you get no answer so you look up to see him sleeping with his head leaning back

“ aww grayson?” you say as you poke his face trying to wake him up

“ y/n i dont even wanna watch the movie all i want to do is eat and cuddle “

you laugh as he slowly closes his eyes

you put on another movie and give him a kiss on the cheek as he is still sleeping

grayson smiles and says “ i love you “ which makes your heart flutter more than ever.

“ i love you too “ as tears well up in your eyes from happiness. you cuddle up more and slowly fall asleep next to the love of your life

the end

Good Morning (gray)

Summary: Grayson gets a little good morning surprise from Y/N

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: ugh, i would wake gray up with a blowjob every morning ok 

I woke up only moments before Grayson, pushing myself up on my elbows as I lay on my stomach, studying his serene face.

His full lips were parted in deep breaths, the occasional snore rumbling from his throat. His long lashes kissed his cheekbones, his tan skin smooth and slightly pink from the warmth beneath the thick duvet.

I pulled my body in closer to his, my bralette clad chest pushing against his rigid body. We were both still half naked from the night before, and I wanted nothing more than to repeat last nights lustful actions.

I ran my hand down Grayson’s bare chest, his eyes fluttering as he stirred from his sleep.

“Good morning,” I squeaked, in a voice almost too sweet for whatever time it was. Grayson squinted as he blinked his eyes open, his body slightly contorting into a stretch as a little groan left his lips.

“It’s fucking warm in here,” Grayson grunted, his morning voice apparent and endearing as he kicked the duvet from his legs.

I walked my elbows closer to him until I was sprawled over his chest, my lips reaching to kiss his stubbly chin.

“And I’m starving,” Grayson sighed as his hand met my back and his eyes fluttered closed again.

“I ordered breakfast then fell back asleep,” he explained as my hand that was previously on his chest started to drift lower, my fingertips lightly grazing his warm skin as they travelled to the tops of his boxers.

“I got you blueberry açai,” He hummed, eyes still closed, ignoring my advances on him.

I kissed his chin again, trailing my lips to the corner of his as my hand gripped him over his boxers.

“Mhm,” I hummed out to him, moving my hand over his length through his boxers.

Grayson was on his phone probably checking the status on the Postmates as I started to feel him hardening at my touch.

“He’s gonna be here in—fuck, 5 minutes,” He announced as I traced the outline of him over his boxers still.

I just nodded, not even looking at him as I started to pull back the elastic on his boxers. He lifted his hips slightly so I could pull the material the rest of the way down from his hips, his length resting against his snail trail and reaching towards his bellybutton.

I danced my fingertips along his length, tracing each ridge and bump around his veins as a deep groan floated from Grayson’s lips.

“Do you think we can do this in 5 minutes?” He asked, raising his head from the pillow to watch me as I pressed my tongue flat to his head.

“That’s up to you,” I replied, lips moving against his head and making his lip quiver in pleasure.

I dragged my tongue from base to tip, swirling my tongue around the head as Grayson reached out and grabbed onto my jaw as he watched me. As soon as I slid my lips over him, his head tilted back in ecstasy.

“Fuck. 5 minutes is plenty,” he groaned as I slid my lips farther down him, my tongue pressing against him as I did so.

I worked my hand from the base up, his silky skin warm and soft in my hand as I felt him harden more. Grayson had one hand behind his head, holding himself up from the pillow so he could watch me whilst the other desperately grasped a handful of my hair, wrapping his fist in it as I continued my actions.

I focused on the head as I looked up at him through my lashes, my tongue tracing the underside the head, my lips pursing over him.

“Fuck, I wish I had time to fuck you right now,” Grayson groaned as I smiled against his length, satisfied with his words.

The combination of my hand and mouth on him must have been sending him into a restless frenzy above me as I felt his fingers clenching in my hair, his thighs tense and his abdomen flexing as he breathed deeply.

His taste filled my mouth, my whole body lusting for him as I looked up and saw his eyes showing me the same.

“Fuck, angel,” he breathed out as he started to lift his hips from the bed to buck towards my mouth.

“2 minutes,” he reminded me as I pushed his hips back from my face, trying to plant them back into the mattress despite our time constraint.

“Oh shit, no, no, he’s around the corner,” Gray sounded panicked and disappointed, his hand in my hair pushing me farther onto his length.

I let him be in a control for a few seconds, controlling the bob of my head on him before I pulled back, intent on finishing him off with my hand.

“Fuck, I’m there,” Grayson groaned, hand still wound in my hair as I moved my hand over his length.

I leaned forward and pressed my tongue to the underside of his head once more and that was all it took for him to orgasm, his warm finish spilling over my fist.

Grayson hardly had a few seconds to recover before there was a swift and loud knock on the door, signalling that the food was here.

“Oh my god, this is the best morning ever,”

The Late Night Double-Feature Picture Show

Summary: Ethan asks his long time friend out on a first date and takes her to the drive-in. 

Word Count: 7k

A/N: Someone asked me once what my ideal date with Ethan would be, and I said double-feature at the drive-in. So then I wrote about it because I needed to get my romantic frustrations out somehow, and this was the result!! Also, this is the first fic I’ve written in a different POV and that makes me anxious. Okay, bye, enjoy!! 


With head buried deep in your locker, searching for that purple mechanical pencil you knew had been thrown in there carelessly last week, you had clearly heard Mara far before seeing her as she shuffled in a speed-walk down the tile floor.

“Y/N… Y/N… Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” your name was coming out quicker the closer she got, but you still hadn’t pulled your head from your locker, very determined to find this pencil that had suddenly been deemed your favorite.

It wasn’t until Mara had finally stumbled up next to you - slapping her palm flat against Jenna Tooley’s locker, making you jump from the echoed noise and slam your head atop the coat hanger inside - that you pulled your head out to scowl at her.

“Y/N!” she shouted one last time, not fully aware that she’d already gotten your attention. Her big smile was blinding as she giddily jumped on the balls of her feet in anticipation for you to acknowledge her presence.  

“Christ, Mars, what?!”, you snapped, rubbing at the small bump that was starting to form on the top of your head.

Her smile doesn’t falter at your sour mood, if anything, she’s only grown more excited at the invitation to share her very important news, “You are never going to believe who asked me to wear his jersey for tomorrow’s game.”

You roll your eyes, fully aware of who the mystery boy could be, but play into Mara’s fairy tale anyways because she was still your best friend, and this was all she ever talked about.

“Who?” you ask with as much excitement – even though the bump on your head was starting to form its own pulse.  

Mara pauses before leaning in and letting her important news spill, “Gray-son. Dol-an” she says slowly, enunciating each syllable in his name as if he hadn’t been a solid member of your friend group all through high school.

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Athletes Temper (eth)

Summary: Y/N is mad at Ethan for getting suspended from his hockey team for a few games, and how on earth is E ever going to make it up to her? 

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: hi babies, E plays for the Rangers in this because it’s his fav team!! and god damn would he ever be a hot hockey player im shveating

I turned on the TV just as the highlights from the game between Ethan’s team, the Rangers, and the Blackhawks came on Sportsnet.

I couldn’t make it to the home game tonight because of a work obligation, but I was hoping to catch the gist of it before Ethan returned home from the arena.

“We got a pretty intense fight between Dolan and Hayden tonight from that first face off in the third period,” the commentator announced as they replayed a clip of Ethan and John Hayden from the Blackhawks, squaring off in front of each other.

Ethan’s head was hung low, concentrating on his opportunity to steal the puck away from the opposing team and finish this leading game on a high note. It almost looked like it was going to go in his favour, before Ethan took a step back, the ref saying something to Hayden as E shook his stick out in his hands.

The ref called him back, and Ethan and Hayden were both back to crouching low over the spot where the puck would be dropped, their sticks blocking each others for their equal chance at victory.

As soon as the puck was dropped, Ethan got the back of his stick on it, flicking it backwards towards his teammate before he dropped his stick and went for Hayden.

“Looks like a line brawl to start off the third period, Dolan versus Hayden trying to be separated at the blue line,” the commentator continued as I watched with baited breath as Ethan attempted to tackle Hayden around the torso, Haydens fists going straight for the top of Ethan’s head.

I gasped as I watched Ethan’s head get pummelled by Hayden’s gloves, tucking my legs underneath me as my entire body tensed up.

Ethan ripped his body from Haydens, quickly shedding his gloves before grabbing onto Hayden’s jersey and throwing hard left hooks onto the side of his face.

“Dolan is angry–” the first commentator said.  

“Is he ever, he’s looking like he wants to tear him to shreds,” the second commentator interrupted the first as I watched Ethan push Hayden’s body against the boards, simultaneously trying to pull his body down to the ice whilst still coming at him with punches.

“No, no, no, no,” I repeat as Hayden tries to grab the neckline of Ethan’s jersey, ripping the helmet from his head and revealing the opportunity for E to get a serious head injury.

Ethan pushes Hayden’s hand from his jersey as the pair trip over their dropped sticks and fell to the ice, punches still flying left, right, and centre.

I almost couldn’t watch, my face physically contorted into a cringe as I heard the front door click open, followed by Ethan’s grunt as he dragged his hockey bag through the threshold of our apartment.

The heavy bag dropped with a thud onto the hardwood just beyond the door frame, Ethan’s deep exhale accompanying it.

“E,” I called out for him as I tossed the remote on the couch beside me, yearning yet afraid to see his face.

All I got was silence in return, causing me to stand up to go investigate.

Ethan’s head was hanging towards the floor in the dark foyer, snatching his beanie off his head and throwing it onto the floor before shoving his suit jacket down his tired arms slowly.

Players had to wear suits to and from games, which Ethan hated. He was always first to shed the uncomfortable clothes once he was behind closed doors and away from cameras.

All that could be heard between the two of us was Ethan’s heavy breathing, a little groan caught on the end of each breath as he kicked his dress shoes from his feet.

“Baby, I am so sorry I wasn’t there,” I hummed out sympathetically, hoping it was enough to turn E’s mood around.

Ethan finally looked up at me, his left eye rimmed with a blooming red and purple bruise, circling the underside of his eye and cheekbone. His eyebrow must have been split open because he was also sporting white bandage tape across an inch long gash across his brow bone. The lack of light in the shadowy hallway wasn’t doing his injury any justice, possibly making his eye look worse than it was.

“E, oh my god,” I started towards him, intent on checking out the damage.

Ethan flinched away from me, a small grin playing at his lips that had me confused.

“It’s fine, I won,” he practically smirked, trying to hide his pride by looking at his feet as he ran a hand through his hair casually.

“Sorry, are you smiling right now? What’s going on?” I demanded, hand going to rest on my lower back.

“Don’t worry about it. I beat the shit out of him,” Ethan said with a shake of his head, resisting my question as he stalked past me into the living room.

“Dolan’s got 2 games for the fight against Hayden. We’ll be anxious to see what happens when the two teams face off again next month on Chicago turf–” Ethan grabbed the remote and changed the channel as the commentator blared out his fate throughout our apartment.

“Ethan! You got suspended?” I exclaimed, eyes wide as Ethan simply tossed the remote to his side without another look at me.

“Its fine!” Ethan almost shouted back at me, giving me an exasperated glance, lips parted and eyes wide as he begged me not to question it any further.

I opened my mouth to retort, but stopped myself as I imagined him only growing angrier at my need to ‘be in his business’.

“What happens on the ice and in the locker room is none of your business, or any of the other girls for that matter,” Ethan would always say to me whenever it looked like there was a rivalry between him and another team.

I tried to leave it alone, slumping down beside Ethan on the couch and trying to focus on the re-run of Friends he had switched to. But, I couldn’t get the image of Ethan’s fist colliding with Hayden’s face out of my mind.

Ethan must have noticed my ongoing discomfort with his answer as he brought his arm around my shoulders in an attempt to soothe me, curling me into his body as his fingers tickled my shoulder.

His lips met my temple, kissing gently to the spot just beneath my ear as I chewed on my lip.

“He was making some…inappropriate comments about you. I did what I had to do,” he all but whispered into my ear, giving the shell a small kiss after.

I let out an exaggerated breath, eyes closing so he couldn’t see my rolling them at him.

“E,” I started, but he brought his free hand to cup my cheek, thumb pushing against my lips.

“No, I don’t want to her anything else about it. It happened. It’s done. Don’t worry about it,” Ethan insisted, eyes looking deep into mine as I gave him a slow nod in agreement.

I had to admit, the injury on him was sort of hot.

It represented his masculinity, and his want and need to protect me against someone else’s stupid comments.

I loved Ethan’s jealousy. I also loved the fact that he could physically protect me if he had to.

I felt a stir between my thighs as I looked over his hardened face, his stiff jaw, his pursed lips, and his soft eyes.

I smiled, his thumb still on my lips.

“Kiss me,” I practically begged him through a whisper.

Ethan immediately obliged, moving his thumb onto my cheek as he brought his red lips to mine, pressing gently.

He gave me a few pure kisses, wet lips parting slowly on each kiss.

He pulled back, rubbing his thumb over my cheek to signal me to open my eyes. I wanted more from him though.

“More,” I begged him, pushing my lips back towards his.

Again, Ethan obliged with a gentle chuckle as he pushed his lips back to mine, intensifying the movement of his lips against mine, and dragging out the kiss longer this time.

His hand trailed up my thigh, grabbing onto the rear of it and pulling it swiftly over his lap so I could straddle his legs.

I hummed in appreciation of his actions into his mouth, earning a grin into the kiss from Ethan.

Both of Ethan’s hands moved to my waist, keeping me close to him as I pushed my hands into the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Oh, fuck,” Ethan mumbled out a laugh against my lips as my forehead pressed against the fresh cut on his own.

Our lips parted with a gentle smack as I leaned back and gasped in apology, my thumb reaching up to run around the area gently.

Ethan’s eyes watched my every move, hands on my waist moving to my ass as his fingers hooked into the top of my leggings, trying to pulling them down.

“You’re going to tear them,” I warned him with a smile as I reached my hand behind me to attempt to grab onto his wrist.

“Why don’t you take them off for me, then?” he suggested, a mischievous grin still playing on his lips as I stood and did as I was told.

Ethan, still watching my every move, began to unbutton his white dress shirt as I kicked my leggings from my ankles.

I practically moaned when I saw his taut abdomen revealed under the crisp white shirt.

I could never get tired of Ethan, never get tired of his body, and never get tired of what he did to me.

“Panties too,” he reminded me as his hands abandoned the buttons on his shirt and went to undo his belt and zipper.

I took no time in shimmying the thin material down my thighs, leaving them pooling at my ankles as I stepped out of them, desperate to get back to Ethan.

Even though Ethan was exhausted from the game, his muscles spent and pushed to their limits, his grip on my hips as he pulled me back down to the couch told me different.

“How do you want me?” he just about purred into my ear as soon as he had me back on top of him.

I thought about it for a second, giving Ethan a sweet kiss before climbing off of him and laying back on the soft cushions beside him.

“Like this,” I simply hummed out as Ethan took the hint, standing and pulling his belt from its loops before snaking himself on top of me.

“Don’t be gentle,” I whimpered into his ear as he entered me slowly.

And gentle he was not.

Ethan was anything but gentle as he took the rest of his rage from the altercation out on my body, giving me no mercy as he pulled, spanked, and squeezed whatever he could get his hands on as he pounded into me.

At the end of it all, I lay atop the couch, tender skinned and out of breath.

I swear I could practically feel the fingerprint shaped bruises forming around my hipbones and collarbones where Ethan had gripped onto me for dear life.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to tell Ethan that that was everything I had wanted and more, he spoke.

“No one says shit about you. Ever. You understand?” he panted, chest rising and falling with not only his rapid breaths but his still flowing anger from earlier in the evening.

I nodded through a grin, grabbing onto the back of his neck and pulling Ethan in for a kiss.

“I understand,” I mumbled, kissing his athletes temper from his lips.

massage | g.d

number 4 from the drabble list for @lgbthailey

a/n: so I have a million requests in my asks that I never wrote and I figured i could do the gray ones now that I will be posting pretty much everything about ethan lol I’m sorry for the long ass wait.


The tension at work was so evident lately, your workmates where done with your boss and so where you. Everyday was hell, getting up to get yelled at for ‘not doing your work right’, customers mad at you because the prices kept rising and you couldn’t give a true answer to their furious questions.

“May I speak to your supervisor? You’re clearly not qualified for this job at all” the old woman rolled her eyes at you and you scoffed.

At this point you were pretty much used to this type of situations but, being this the eighth month working at the same farmacy, you at least hoped for better. The lady’s words hit you like a bus and you swallowed your tears, making you feel like you were drowning. You felt miserable, and you decided that this was the end, no more.

Holding up your index finger in front of her face with the most fake smile you’ve ever given to someone, you called your boss quickly and soon enough he was by your side with a dirty look on his eyes.

“Good evening miss, may I help you?” he asked politely, something you’ve never seen before.

“Yes, actually. This lady here said that you’re running out of my medication and the only one you have right now costs $25” she looked at you quickly, raising her eyebrows and returned to your boss.

“I’m terribly sorry, I will take care of this right now. Please just go to the other cashier, she will help you” he smiled and the lady thanked him with an smile… and evil smile.

“Are you fucking serious right now, Y/N? That’s one of our best customers. You’re so goddamn stupid sometimes, geez” you rolled your eyes, swallowing your tears once more, and took your uniform off.

“You know what Robert? I’m fucking done with you and this stupid ass farmacy! I quit for good, I hope you never find someone as good as me. Have a nice fucking life, asshole” your words came out faster than your thoughts and you left the shop, proud of yourself.

When your went down to the parking lot and entered your car, you took a good five minutes to sob your heart out. Tears where streaming down your face and your hands were shaking a little, this job had ruined your happiness lately.

ethan changed this group’s title to 'tea time☕"

you: lmao e wtf

am so

you: i’m a few streets away, hoping you ordered the pizza already…

james: got you sis ;) i’m so happy you’re finally gonna meet ian!

gray: yay! we missed youuuu y/n/n

ethan: YOU missed her, we don’t want you here

ethan: and that’s the tea, sis

gray: shut up assclown ((we got pineapple and pepperoni pizza btw))

you: I missed you too grayyyy ((thanks so much omg)), go fuck yourself e

you: don’t come to me asking for someone to cook when gray’s not home, bitch


james: ew

james changed this group’s title to 'shishter sleepover’

You laughed at your friends and got excited to meet Ian. James’ little brother lived back in their hometown and since he had to finish high school, and your friends always talked about how cool and nice he was, you wanted to meet him and James arranged a sleepover.

You were looking forward to it and so was Ian. He was such a funny and great person or so you’ve heard, and you couldn’t wait to become friends with him too.

You parked the car and opened the door to the twins’ house, but just on time the pizza delivery guy arrived.

“um hey, I have an order for james” he said and smirked a little. You nodded and held the door with your body, turning towards the house.

“Hey get your asses over here, the pizza came!” you shouted and soin enough, Grayson was by your side with a wide smile playing on his face.

“Y/N/N! I missed you so much” he hugged you super tight and chuckled hugging back, until the delivery guy cleared his throat.

“Oh yeah, sorry man”

“It’s $15.5” he said and handed you a paper while Grayson was paying.

You opened it and it had a phone number, the guy winked at you.

“Thanks, bye” your friend closed the door and side hugged you once more.

You felt so much better, but you were pretty sad still. Grayson noticed, but didn’t say a thing.

“Honey I’m home” you said chuckling and were soon enough crushed by James into a warm hug.

“I missed you sis” he said and you smiled back, looking at the boy standing behind him.

“Y/N this is my little bro Ian” the boy smiled and extended his hand for you to shake. You reached it and pulled him into a hug too.

“Welcome to LA”


After talking with your friends and Ian, you let out all of the things that happened and sniffled a little.

“So i left, and I think it was for the best. My mental health was on the line to be quite honest” you said smiling and Grayson rubbed your back.

“Well I better go to sleep, I had a rough day” you got up and headed to Gray’s room, where you were used to sleep, and saw that he already left your favorite hoodie and sweats to sleep in.

You smelled the clothes and changed into them, feeling way more relaxed now, and got under the covers. After checking every social media and chatting with your internet friends, you decided to finally get some needed sleep.

But you couldn’t.

“Y/N are you asleep?” Gray whispered and you looked up meeting his eyes and melting at the sight of him trying to keep quiet and not wake you.

“Nope, still trying” you sighed and he joined you.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just kinda stressed because I need to find a new job and I’ll be unemployed for a week at least”

“Do you… well… I mean… I could give you a massage?” he stuttered.


“It could help you… relax a little, maybe” he said blushing.

“Uh sure, thanks”

You took off his hoodie, leaving you un your bra and rested on your belly with Gray sitting besides you, massaging your back. He traced your shoulders and spine gently first, and then started applying some pressure, which relieved some of the stress you had.

“Shit, you’re hard as a rock” he said and you snorted.

“Thanks” he chuckled.

“You know you can… Sit” you pointed towards your legs and butt “Or you’ll probably get a bad back pain as well”

He contemplated the situation for a second and sat down in your thighs, massaging upwards your back and reaching your neck, alternating between his hands, knuckles and elbows to make you feel better.

His body warmth was pretty much enough to relax you, but this was another level. You were falling asleep and he was enjoying this so far.

“Thank you” you said when he laid down, turning to him and brushing a hair off his face.

“Anytime” his eyes met yours and you kept your hand in his cheek, tracing his jawline and cheekbones.

“What are you waiting for?” you blurted out, almost regretting it.

“I don’t… I mean…” he thought about and excuse for a second or two “I honestly don’t know how I waited for so long, but I’m so done” he said and you smiled when his lips met yours in a hungry but tired kiss. Your hand was curling his baby neck hairs and his hand was holding you tight by your waist.

“I love you” he sighed lovingly with his forehead touching yours.


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You Again (eth)

Summary: Y/N and Ethan finally cross paths after college separates them, but what happens when a few too many drinks makes it feel as if they were never apart? 

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: an ethan one because, well…hes fucking hot and im trying SO hard not to be in his lane anymore. so we’ll see how long this lasts.

“Okay, don’t turn around yet, but Ethan just walked in and he looks so fucking good,” my friend practically moaned as her eyes drifted over my head and to the door behind me.

My stomach sky rocketed into my throat, using every ounce of strength in my body to not turn around and let my eyes search our small hometown bar for the boy that had held my heart for far too long.

I hadn’t seen Ethan since we graduated high school, and now we were almost through with college. For lack of better words, I had been absolutely dying to see him again.

“Where is he going? Is he coming this way? Who’s he with?” I spat out, hardly letting myself breathe as I struggled to keep my composure.

In high school, Ethan was always the more quiet and shy twin beside his brother Grayson.

Grayson was always the center of attention, always the best athlete, and always known as the hottest in the grade.

Ethan, on the other hand, was intriguing to me as he was humble, quiet, and didn’t know that he was good looking; which made him more attractive to me.

“Relax! He’s with Gray and Ryan,” my friend gave me wide eyes, embarrassed that I couldn’t quite hold myself together.

I let out a nervous breath, knowing that by the time I finished my drink, all I would want to do is approach him and shoot my shot.

Which I would inevitably regret the following day.

Just as predicted, as I downed the last of my rum and coke, I found myself casually looking around the crowded bar, praying that I could nonchalantly catch sight of Ethan.

I turned back to the bar after an inconclusive room scan, immediately spotting Ethan on the opposite side of the bar; and his eyes were on me.

I quickly looked away, turning back towards my friends and pretending as if I had been engrossed in their conversation forever.

My friend swivelled in her bar stool to face me, catching my pink cheeks and hot ears as I smiled awkwardly under Ethan’s gaze.

“Ethan’s had his eyes on you since he walked in,” her lips turned into a crooked smile as she leaned on the bar, her chin resting in her open palm.

“No he hasn’t,” I shook her off, literally shaking my head at her in order to keep my racing heart and running mind at bay.

She simply nodded at me, the same grin tugging at her lips.

“Let’s go over there…talk to them,” she suggested, already sliding off her bar stool and grabbing her purse.

“No, no, no. I wouldn’t even—even know what to say to him,” I whined, grabbing her arm, silently pleading her to stay in her place.

My palms began to sweat as she flicked them from her arms.

“Fine, then how about we walk past, pretend we’re going to the bathroom, and I’ll say something to Gray; start a convo between us all?” She suggested, eyebrows pulled high on her forehead in finesse for me.

I bit the inside of my cheek, waging war with myself internally before agreeing, slipping off my seat and letting my friend take my hand.

She lead the way, confidently pulling the two of us through the crowd of familiar faces, boys from our past nodding at her in approval left and right.

I peeked around the bodies in front of us, spying Grayson and Ryan at the bar.

But no Eth—

Thick fingers wrapped around my wrist, a thumb resting heavy over my pulse that made me stop in my tracks.

I looked down at the hand on my wrist before noticing who it was attached to.

Prominent veins and wispy brown hairs attached to a strong arm, which was attached to a broad and tall Ethan Dolan.

“Where are you off to?” He asked nonchalantly, his eyes casually looking over my head before trailing down to me.

I had to gulp down the lump in my throat before I could even consider answering him.

“Uh, just—”

“I wanted to come talk to your brother actually, she’s just being a good wing woman,” my friend swooped in to save me, dropping my hand enthusiastically before she turned to Grayson and Ryan.

Ethan smirked at her departure, finally letting his fingers slip off my wrist.

“Do you wanna be the one to tell her that Gray’s dating a girl from his school, or should I?” Ethan chuckled, taking half a step back to casually lean against the sticky wooden bar top.

“Better not to mention anything,” I gave him a scrunched smile.

Ethan laughed again, throwing his head back, giving me the opportunity to check out his form.

He was different from when I last saw him.

There was obvious change in his stature, as he was much wider and more muscular than in high school, his thick neck and Adam’s apple pulsing as he laughed.

He sported more scruff than he had in the past, and he was wearing a white tee with rolled sleeves, tucked into black trousers and a Gucci belt that (if possible) even more greatly highlighted his body and personality.

Ethan licked his lips as his head finally levelled from his chuckle, eyes darting down to my hands before coming back to my face.

“Whatcha drinking?” He asked as he straightened, hands curling over the edge of the bar top as he looked for the bartender, glancing at me over his strong shoulder for an answer.

“Uh, I was drinking rum and coke but— I don’t think I should have another,” I shook my head at him, stepping forward as he raised his hand for the bartenders attention.

Ethan turned, hand still raised as he eyed me up and down like I had turned him down.

“Why? Got somewhere to be in the morning?” Ethan hummed as he slid some bills over the bar top, the bartender started to mix his drinks.

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer when he turned back to me, holding out a drink for me as his lips found his straw.

I hesitated taking it as Ethan eyed me, looking almost…hopeful?

I reached out and took the ice cold rum and coke from his hand, erupting a grin on Ethan’s lips that I just couldn’t look away from.

“I’ll take that as a no,” Ethan smirked as I rolled my eyes and took a sip of my drink.

“Looks like you’re mine for the night,”

- - -

After a night of reminiscent conversation, flirtatious activity, and one too many drinks, Ethan was walking me home from the bar, promises to keep me safe and entertained falling from his drunk lips as we parted from our friends.

“God, Ethan. Were you ordering doubles or something?” I laughed as I reached a hand to my temple, a lot more drunk and dizzy than I thought upon leaving the bar.

“Uhhh,” Ethan thought as he side stepped into me, wrapping his arm around my waist as we walked in sync.

“I mean I was holding up 2 fingers to the bartender, but I thought that meant 2 drinks,” Ethan puffed out, realizing what he might have done to us.

I broke out into laughter, stopping our movements so I could bend over with my giggles, knees turning into each other.

“Oh fuck, oh. I got a cramp from laughing so hard,” I giggled as Ethan started to lead us through the park, the shortcut path to our neighbourhood.

“Let’s chill for a bit,” Ethan chuckled, just catching onto the end of my laugh and feeling it’s contagion.

I did as I was told and followed Ethan towards an old oak tree that stood tall and marvellous in the park, the biggest tree around.

“Ugh,” Ethan groans as he falls back against the grass, his back hitting the tree trunk as he pulled me down with him.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, both of us trying to calm down our noxious spins in the cool night air.

Finally, Ethan inhales and parts his lips.

“I think I’ll regret it I don’t tell you that you look really good. Like really fucking good,” Ethan slurred slowly as his head rolled over on the bark to look at me.

I couldn’t help but blush at his words.

“You know, I used to have a huge crush on you in high school,” he continued, looking down bashfully as he took his full bottom lip between his teeth.

“Shut up,” I said as I knocked his shoulder with mine, my heartbeat starting to increase rapidly.

“I’m serious. You made me smile. You were so confident. I remember telling myself I wanted to shoot my shot with you at prom, but I chickened out,” Ethan admitted, fingers tracing nonsensible shapes over my denimed thigh.

I let my mouth agape at his words, a gasp of disbelief passing through my lips.

“Confident? Are you thinking of the right person? It’s me,” I giggled, waving my hand in front of his face.

Ethan chuckled and grabbed my hand, lowering it from his view of me and moving his head closer to mine on the trunk.

“Yup, it’s you. And if it’s possible, you’re even more beautiful than before,” his breath was on my face now, lips so close that if I puckered, we would kiss.

I would have puckered too, if Ethan didn’t beat me to it, reaching forward and pressing his hot lips to mine.

I inhaled sharply in surprise, Ethan’s hand reaching for the back of my head to insure I wasn’t going anywhere.

As Ethan pushed his tongue under my bottom lip, it started running through my head that I was kissing Ethan Dolan.

I was kissing the Ethan Dolan.

And it was even fucking better than I could have imagined.

It was as if he knew exactly what drove me crazy, exactly what made me squirm, and exactly what had me putty in his hands.

Ethan’s thumb pressed to the spot under my ear, pushing his lips harder to mine as his kiss became more hungry, his fluffy lips trapping my bottom one.

“God, you’re so hot,” I breathed onto his lips out of impulse, making Ethan smile into the kiss.

“I’ve wanted to have my hands on you for years,” Ethan groaned, hands roaming down to my sides and to the hem of my pants as he kissed away my words.

“I’ve had so many dreams of what I would do to you,” he continued, hands pushing to my top to get his fingers on my bare waist, pulling me closer to him.

“Ethan,” I practically moaned into his mouth, my thighs clenching at his words.

His fingers dipped down to the top of my jeans, his finger running a shiver inducing line across their length, stopping right at the button.

“Is this okay?” Ethan breathed out to me, pecking my lips immediately after.

All I could do was nod at him in response. It was as if his lips sucked the voice and breath out of my body.

Ethan took no time in unbuttoning my jeans, large and fumbling fingers having trouble grasping the zipper as he slowly pulled it down.

I hissed as his hand slowly slid into my panties, cupping the space between my legs gently, giving me time to back out if I chose.

“Fuck, I can feel how wet you are for me already,” Ethan groaned again, lips meeting my neck as my head rolled back onto the bark.

A breathy whimper left my lips as Ethan did his dirty work on me, fingers gently kneading over my clit as his lips lapped down my neck.

“D'you want my fingers?” Ethan mumbled against my warm and wet skin, his saliva covering the entire side of my neck he had been working on.

I nodded again, scratching the tree bark into my hair.

“I need to hear you say it, baby,” he whispered hotly, thumb taking place on my clit as his forefinger circles around my entrance teasingly.

“Yes, E,” I moaned shamelessly, to caught up in the way he was working me up.

“Fuck, if you keep moaning my name like that I’ll cum in my pants,” Ethan said before kissing me hard again, finger finally pushing into my entrance.

“Fuck, Ethan,” I whimpered involuntarily, his words not even registering with me.

Only in my dreams had I imagined Ethan lying me down on his bed, kissing his way down my body; his big hands running over my skin covered in goosebumps; his groans in my ear, his lips on my neck.

And here he was, right in front of me with his hand down my pants in the middle of our neighbourhood park as he cursed me for being ‘too sexy for my own good’.

My head swam with Ethan’s words as he slowly added another finger to his torture, my hand gripping his working bicep tightly as I whimpered out at the pleasure.

“E, I’m not gonna last,” I warned him, knowing that my excitement of tonight’s events would soon have me creaming all over his skillful digits.

“Yeah? What do you need to cum, baby? What can I do?” His lips were resting just underneath my ear, his hot breath making my neck damp with arousal.

“Faster,” I spat out.

“Thumb, faster,” he chuckled into my neck at my need for him, making me grab onto a handful of his hair and raise him to face me.

I needed to kiss him as I came.

I pressed my now swollen lips back to Ethan’s desperately, wanting a release so bad, I could feel it in every inch of my body.

My fingers kept clenching Ethan’s bicep, the other still in a tight fist in his hair as he toes curled in my sneakers, my joints stiffening and my eyes rolling.

I could hardly work my lips against his anymore as I let out one last whimper of Ethan’s name, the tightening in my stomach releasing in strong bursts.

Ethan kept working his fingers on me through my orgasm, telling me how hard I had made him and how good I felt around his fingers.

When he finally pulled his hand from my pants, I swore I was shaking more than before.

“You good?” Ethan asked me, lips still on mine as he kisses me down from my high.

“So good,” I smiled, making him laugh again.

There was a pause before I collected the courage to tell Ethan what he had told me.

I had a huge crush on you in high school. Like massive. Like obsessive massive,” I admitted, running my thumb over Ethan’s cheek as I pulled back to look at him.

Ethan’s eyes widened momentarily, quickly nodding gently with approval.

“And I’m really glad I got to see you again tonight,” I finished. Thumb running over his bottom lip and watching it snap back into place.

Ethan smirked, sitting back to get a better look at me.

“Got to see me? I think you mean 'get’,” Ethan smirked.

“Tonight is far from over, angel,”

Promise {G.D}

Summary: A summer fling with Grayson takes a turn in the wrong direction.

Word Count: 2.6 K

Warnings: angst, angst, and more angst, with a side of fluff.

A/N: So, I know I promised part 1 to my Grayson series for last Friday, buuuut school really packed on and I didn’t get the opportunity to finish. I felt really bad, so I decided to produce this little thing, which was originally meant to be a blurb, but I ended up getting carried away lol. That being said, any constructive criticism is appreciated! Enjoy!

Originally posted by punishmedolans

That little pink plus sign was so unholy.

It was just staring at you straight in the face, mocking you. 

You didn’t really know how to feel. Were you happy? Sad? Angry? Disappointed? You honestly had no clue.

You don’t even understand how you ended up here, sitting alone on the floor of a dirty Walgreen’s bathroom in Los Angeles.

Out of all the times you had sex, only once did you not wear protection. Once. But isn’t that all it takes? One time and bam, you’re put in a compromising position.

You weren’t even together. Hell, you just met him about a month and a half ago. He made it clear that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, and you knew he was talking to other girls. He would tell you about all of his dates when you were both just lying side-by-side in bed naked after an intense session. 

You’d be lying if it said it didn’t hurt. At first, there weren’t any feelings from your side. You were also looking for a quick fuck for the summer, so why not get involved with someone as hot as Grayson, especially when he wanted the same exact thing as you. But of course, one person always catches feelings, and that person happened to be you. You didn’t love him, no, but you did have feelings for him.

You were going to tell him about those feelings, but decided against it, feeling as though it would be best if you were to ignore it for a little while longer just to see if they were truly real.

You were supposed to go back home in one week’s time, but now here you were, an 18-year-old who got pregnant on her summer trip to LA. The worst part is that your parents trusted you to go on this trip alone with your best friend. They thought you were mature enough to handle living and traveling on your own. Of course, you just had to go and prove them wrong.

Your head snapped up at the sound of the door-handle jiggling. Getting up from your spot on the floor, you shoved the stick into your purse and proceeded to go and wash your hands. Looking up at the mirror, you noticed how pale you were. All the colour had drained from your face and you looked like you were on the verge of dying.

Splashing water on to your face, you quickly gathered up your purse and exited the washroom. Once you were back in the main store, you just stood there, lost.

You didn’t know what to do. Do you head back to your airbnb to sleep? Or do you tell your best friend what happened right away, hoping she could give you a solution? Do you go to Grayson and tell him everything? Do you text him before going over? For the first time ever, you were unsure of yourself. 

Ding. Ding.

You took your phone out of your purse, to see who texted you only to feel an overwhelming amount of emotions take over.

Grayson Dolan:

hey e’s out for the day and i was wondering if u wanted to come over???

sent @ 11:32 a.m.

Ding. Ding.

Grayson Dolan:

u leave soon… i gotta get as much of u as i can before ur gone forever

sent @ 11:33 a.m.

Oh fuck. You just stared at your phone. If you ignored him, he’ll know something’s up because you always respond. If you responded and said no, he’d also know something was up because just a couple of days ago you had talked about how little time you had left together.

“Don’t worry Y/N. We’ll see each other a couple of more times before you leave, I promise.”

Weighing in all your options, you realized you only had one you could actually go through with. The only moral option.


ill be there soon.

sent @ 11:37 p.m.

The moment you got into the Uber, it felt like your heart was in your throat. What would you say? How do you say it? Do you just pull the stick out and give it to him? Do you fuck and then tell him? Do you not tell him?

All of these thoughts and questions were running through your head that you didn’t even realize the Uber had pulled into their driveway. Getting out, you let out a shaky thank you. Your legs felt like jelly as you started walking towards the front door.

Before you even had a chance to ring, Grayson had opened the door. He was already shirtless, a big shit-eating grin plastered on his face as he looked at you with the desire of just eating you right up.

“Hey you,” he said as he pulled you in by your waist, planting a kiss on the corner of your lips.

You whispered a hey before he kissed you again, this time on your lips. It was a deep kiss, at least from Grayson it was. You, on the other hand, were barely kissing him back, making Grayson pull away.

“You good Y/N?” He questioned, looking into your eyes to see if he could find what was wrong.

No, I’m not good. You got me pregnant. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

He pulled you into the house, closing the door behind you before starting to drag you off to the bedroom. Once you were inside his quarters, he sat down on the bed gesturing for you to come over. You dropped your purse on the floor before crawling on top of him and straddling his lap. You wanted nothing more right now than for him to hold you like this, but obviously he had different plans.

Grayson started to kiss your neck, nipping at it hoping to leave a mark in its place. He moved from your neck to your lips, as you caressed him on his arms and back. He slipped his tongue into your mouth before moving his hands down to your chest, eliciting a moan from you. He smirked into the kiss before continuing to move his hands to your jean shorts. He started to unbutton them, but your emotions began to get the best of you. What the hell were you doing.

“Grayson, stop.” You teared his hands away from you, getting up off his lap.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” You just stared at him. “You’re really not into it today and it’s kinda pissing me off cause it’s wasting my time.” He replied running his hands through his hair and letting out a big sigh.

That hurt. “I’m sorry Grayson,”

“It’s fine, but like if you’re not into it just, like, don’t come over. I have other girls who I can ask, I just thought maybe you wanted to because you’re leaving soon.”

You started tearing up, unable to hold back the tears anymore. Grayson saw this and let out another big sigh before putting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. “Look I’m sorry. That was really douchey of me to say, I’ve just been stressed these past couple days and was hoping you could help me relieve it…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Will you stop saying sorry please? It’s fine, I get it you’re just not down today.”

You finally broke down into sobs. Grayson looked up at you, lost as to what to do. He got up and put his hands on your shoulders, “Y/N. What’s wrong? You’re scaring me,” but your cries continued as you put your hands over your face to try and muffle them. “Please, tell me what I can do to help. Please,” He begged, genuine concern present in his eyes.

You looked him in the eyes and said, “Nothing. There’s nothing we can do that will make this any better.”

“What do you mean ‘we’?”

You removed his hands from your shoulder, holding them in yours. “I-I-” you stuttered, “I’m pregnant.” You barely said it, letting it role off your tongue quietly.

Grayson stared at you in disbelief, as though he misheard what you said, “W-W-What?”

“I’m sorry Grayson,” you said as a new set of fresh tears started to roll down your face.

He removed his hands from yours, taking a seat down on the bed with his head in his hands. No one spoke. It was just pure silence for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you sure?” He asked, breaking the silence that had settled in the room. His voice sounded thick and shaky.

“Yes Grayson.”

“Are you sure it’s mine?” He asked, voice raised a bit more than before.

You couldn’t even believe he would ask that question, but then again, this wasn’t an exclusive thing and he was seeing other people besides you. “Y-Yes,” you stuttered.

“Fuck,” he yelled, causing you to jump. More tears began to roll down your face, faster than before. He didn’t say another word to you before going into his bathroom and slamming the door shut, leaving you all alone. Just you and your baby.

You took his exit as a sign that you weren’t wanted there anymore, so you picked up your purse and headed towards his front door. Even though it probably went down in one of the worst ways possible, you did feel a huge relief settle over you for telling him the truth. But still, your tears continued to fall down your face as you began to put your shoes back on. Your were just about to open the door when you heard his voice.

“Where are you going?”

You turned around slowly, pushing your purse up your shoulder in the process. You looked at him. His eyes were red and puffy, like he had just finished crying. He looked more sad than upset, which took you by surprise.

“I took your reaction as a sign that I was not wanted here anymore.” You replied, trying to sound as though you are strong enough to go through this without him.

“Please stay,” he barely whispered before walking over to you and wrapping you up in his arms, putting his head on top of yours.

Once again, you broke down into his arms, harder than all the times before. You felt the top of your head beginning to get wet as well as Grayson started to silently cry.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. So, so, sorry.” He shushed into your head, as he sniffled.

You stood like that until you both started to calm down. Grayson peeled away from you by just an inch to look into your eyes. “We should probably talk about what we’re going to do,” he said, wiping the stray tears under your eyes.


“You go and take a shower, it’ll calm you down some more. I’ll make us lunch, okay?” He rubbed at your shoulders before continuing, “We’ll be okay Y/N, I promise.” He planted a kiss on top of your head, before you peeled away to go and shower.

To say that your morning was an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement. You stood under the shower head, thinking of everything that had happened. You still didn’t know Grayson’s stance on whether or not he wants to keep the baby. Hell, you didn’t even know what you wanted to do. All of the options ran through your mind, making you feel dizzy.

You glanced down at your stomach. Slowly, but surely, you placed a hand on top of your abdomen. You left it there as you stood in silence, just staring down. 

A knock at the door caused you to jump, making you quickly pull your hand away from your stomach.

“Hey, I, um left you some of my clothes on the bed so you can change…” Grayson said through the small crack he made in the door way.

“Um, okay, thanks. I’ll be out in a second.”

Shutting off the water, you quickly got out and dried off. Exiting out of the bathroom, you noticed Grayson’s sweater laying on the bed with a pair of his sweats. You got changed, combing through your hair with your hands fast before making your way to the kitchen area.

You padded quietly over, stopping in the doorway when you see Grayson sitting by his dinning room table, staring at the pregnancy test in his hand.

“Hey,” you said softly, trying not to scare him.

“Oh um, hey.” he responded, giving you a little smile before realizing he was holding the test, “I, uh, I didn’t go through your purse I promise! It fell out I guess when you dropped your bag down, and um, I went to pick it up. I would never do that- go through your purse I mean.”

You giggled at his nervousness, making him feel more at ease. “Don’t worry about it.”

You take a seat next to him, beginning to eat right away. You didn’t even realize how hungry you were until you saw the food sitting on the table. You both ate in silence, Grayson making subtle glances in your direction every now and then.

You pushed your plate away and started softly rubbing at your stomach, “It was very good, thanks Gray.” You said, using his nickname for the first time in what felt like forever.

“Anytime,” he responded, another wave of awkwardness taking over. Grayson was quick to break it though, as he pushed his plate back as well.

“So, um, we should probably talk about what we want to do about this whole thing…”

You just nodded, sipping at your glass of orange juice.

“What do you want to do? I mean it is your body an-” 

You cut off his rambling quickly, “Grayson I’m going to be honest with you…” You start, “I know we promised no feelings, but I like you. I’ve liked you for awhile now, but I never said anything because I know you don’t feel the same way, and I understand that.” You sighed, closing your eyes before you continued,”And, um, I thinkIwannakeepthebaby.” You said that last part so fast, you’d be surprised if he even heard you.

He didn’t respond right away, leaving you a little bit on edge. You opened your eyes and saw that he was staring at you. 

“Y/N, I-I-, I appreciate your honesty,” he said, pausing at the end, “But, I don’t like you in that way. Please, don’t take this the wrong way though! You’re a beautiful girl, amazing really, and you have such a kind heart, but I just don’t think that we’d work well together.” 

Of course, tears began to produce in your waterline. You quickly wiped at them, before letting out a laugh, “No, it’s fine don’t worry. I completely understand!” You laughed again, “Sorry, I don’t mean to cry, it’s just the hormones.”

Grayson laughed, before grabbing onto your hands. “But if you want to keep this baby, then I will be with you every step of the way and I will support you. I promise you this Y/N. I will be a father to our baby and love him or her every second of my life.” 

Tears started falling all over again as he pulled you up and into his arms. “I promise Y/N. I promise.”

You pulled away and caressed the side of his face with your hands, “Thank you Grayson.”

“I mean, it does take two to tango, so…” he laughs, making you giggle as well. 

You slowly take one of his hands from your waist and bring it to place on your not-yet-existent bump. “So, we’re really doing this?” he asked smiling.

You nodded your head, “Yeah, we’re doing this.”

vacation // ethan dolan

a/n: i started this like almost 6 months ago maybe longer and just never finished so i’m gunna finish it now bc i love ethan dolan too okay

summary: spring break takes a turn for the worst when you meet ethan dolan and fall in love because i mean who wouldn’t?

(yes he’s famous in this do not be confused bbys)


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Originally posted by punishmedolans

The sun shone high above as your body laid on the almost too hot sand as your body created new grooves in the sand to accustom to your body shape. Sunscreen had been drenched on your already tan body – thankfully tanning beds are in existence so your normally pale skin would not succumb to the UV rays – in the hope of not turning into a lobster. Your eyes were shut in a calm, relaxing manner as you tilted your head back to feel the warmth of the sun. A drenched family memeber ran towards you and splashed you with cool water droplets, causing you to squeal and open you eyes abruptly.

“Jake,” you groaned at your younger cousin with a smirk on his lips.

“Get in the water, pussy,” he grinned.

You scoffed, “Um, we just got to the beach and i’m enjoying the sun and you’re 15, shut the fuck up.”

“And you’re 18 and won’t get in the water, so, PUSSY!” he yelled the last word loudly, evoking a response from your aunt.

“Jake! Come here right now!” she screamed in anger causing you to smirk at his somewhat fearful state as he walked slowly over to his mom.

“Have fun,” you smirked and he flicked you off, making his mom scream at him again. You laughed and shook your head.

“Y/N,” your mom frowned down at you.

“What?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows.

“Why are you just sitting here?” she asked.

“Mom, we just got down here,” you laughed, shaking your head.

“Why don’t you go in the water or for a walk?” she asked. “This island is beautiful, go enjoy it!”

Sighing, you pushed yourself up and wiped the sand off your body. You forced a smile towards your mom, not wanting to make it seem like you were ungrateful for the trip. This island was beyond beautiful, but you had only been at the beach for less than five minutes and on the island for 3 hours, but if it would make your mom happy, you would go down to the water.

Once you were in the water, you gulped. While it was crystal clear, that made you slightly more nervous with being able to see what all is in there. Slowly, you eased your body into the inviting water until you were waist deep. Your eyes looked around at the water in front of you, watching the slight waves ripple through the water. Suddenly, you felt your body jerk under the water and screamed at the top of your lungs in fear. Whipping around, you were met with your hysterical cousin standing in the water.

“You fucking jerk!” you exclaimed, eyes wide and breathing heavily as your head lowered in embarrassment. A voice joined the conversation while your cousin continued to scream with laughter.

“Hey, are you okay?” a new voice spoke, with genuine concern. Your gaze jolted upward to see the most beautiful boy to every girl with an Instagram or any form of social media standing about five feet away from you: Ethan Dolan. Himself, in the flesh, breathing, but more importantly, shirtless and in front of you. Unaware of your body’s response, your mouth parted as your gawked at the sex god right in front of you. Your cousin only laughed harder at your starstruck state. 

“Words, y/n,” Jake got out between breaths as your features flushed harder. 

“I-I’m okay,” you stuttered out, eyes not leaving Ethan’s.

“She’s fine, I just scared the fuck out of her,” Jake laughed with a smug grin.m

“I’m Ethan,” he introduced.

“Yea, I know,” you smiled embarrassed. “You’re kinda famous.”

“Oh do you?” he let a beautiful grin overtake his mouth before running his tongue across his teeth.

“Wait,” Jake interrupted before turning to you with a smirk, “The Dolan guy you’re like in love with.” At the panicked look on your face, Jake cackled.

“I’m not in love with him!” you moaned, throwing your head back in annoyance and embarrassment.

“I mean, I’d be okay with that,” Ethan smiled widely, biting his lip in sync.

“Um, I’m uncomfortable,” Jake grimaced before shifting his weight in the water and then headed towards the beach.

“Well, he is something,” Ethan laughed.

“That’s my younger cousin. He kind of doesn’t leave me alone or let up,” you awkwardly said.

“He seems like a dick,” he chuckled, smiling at you.

“Yea, he kinda is,” you laughed.

“So,” Ethan began, looking over at you, a smirk playing at the ends of his lip, “are you really in love with me?” he teased, looking you up and down. Heat went through your whole body as you felt flushed, and nervous. 

“That’s kind of dramatic,” you replied, rolling your eyes, trying to play off your panic.

“How long are you here?’ he asked, no joking tone evident. 

“Um, a little over a week, why?” you answered, looking up at the bronzed beauty in front of you.

“I’m here for about a week still,” Ethan began, looking around the beach before his eyes landed on you. “So, you know, if you’re not too busy with family time, I’ll be here,” he offered, a playful smile on his face. “And I mean, how often are you asked on a date on a beautiful island vacation,” he finished, looking at you with a smile.

“You act like I needed more convincing than just you,” you said, feeling hot all over again at the fact you said it out loud. 

“I mean, you’re pretty beautiful yourself, so I don’t know if you have a boyfriend or anything, so I had to give that extra incentive,” he shrugged off, bringing the hot sensation all over your body again.

“So, even if I had a boyfriend, you take me out on a date?” you asked, although you didn’t have one, more so just to tease him.

“I mean, it’s not often I see a gorgeous girl like you, on this beautiful island,” he explained.

“So if we weren’t on the island, then you wouldn’t wanna go out?” you continued. “And I’m sure you see plenty of gorgeous girls,” you corrected.

“Okay, look, I think you’re beyond beautiful, and I wanna take you out, just let me take you out, please,” Ethan groaned out at your attempts to further the banter.

“I might be able to make time,” you replied, biting back a smile, trying to tease him further.

“Well, I’m going to take that as a yes for my sake, because I may not leave you alone until I get a yes,” he admitted, laughing slightly.

“Oh, well in that case it’s a no,” you said, smiling at him.

“Then I’m about to be with you all day,” Ethan said, shaking his head. 

“Today’s my only free day anyway,” you teased, turning to look at the water.

“So, I’ll have to make today so fucking amazing, that you’ll have to make more time for me,” Ethan said, catching your attention. “Here,” he said, digging around in his pockets, finally taking his hand out and handing you his phone. “Um, put your number in here, and then we can figure something out,” Ethan said and you took his phone and punched in your number. Once you handed his phone back, you walked back towards where your family sat, as they all were staring at you. Instantly, you felt your face heat up. 

“Wait!” Ethan called out. You looked back over your shoulder to see him standing there, confused.

“Text me and maybe I’ll be able to stay longer,” you grinned, keeping your confident persona. Quickly, you walked back towards your family, all of them with eyes on you.

“Who was that?” you mom asked, eyebrows raised.

“Just Ethan freaking Dolan,” you answered, practically squealing.

“Who?” she asked, not knowing who you were talking about. “I mean, he’s cute, definitely, but who is he?”

“Ethan Dolan, he’s pretty famous from youtube and for being sexy,” you said, causing your mom to cringe.

“Honey, I know we’re close but not that close to call boys sexy,” your mom replied, lovingly and with some slight distaste. Just as you went to respond, your phone buzzed, signifying you had a text message. Looking down, you saw a text from an unknown number.

Maybe: Ethan: hey beautiful. its ethan

Smiling, your eyes caught sight of Ethan standing where you had left him and he smiled at you while waving. Shaking your head, you looked back down at the phone to see another message:

Maybe: Ethan: i texted you.. now will you come back over here so we can plan our date ;)

At that message, you couldn’t help but giggle. He was not only beyond hot, but was cute and cheesy too. 

you: you miss me already? hehe

You bit your lip as you saw the bubble pop up, signifying he was typing. Quickly, you put Ethan’s name in as a contact. Once you returned back to the message screen, you saw his message:

ethan: definitely, but can’t complain since my view of you right now it pretty nice ;) 

Your head whipped around to reveal Ethan standing a couple meters closer, smirking at your frazzled state.

“What’s going on?” your mom asked, noticing you and Ethan’s banter with no words.

“She’s texting the love of her life,” Jake snarled, laughing at your embarrassed state.

“Why don’t you invite him over here?” your  aunt chimed in, looking at the beautiful boy down by the water. Before you could shoot down the idea, both your mom and aunt were waving over Ethan, leaving Jake in hysterics, just thinking about what was to come. Sighing, you turned to see Ethan only a couple feet away from you.

“Hi,” he smiled, “I’m Ethan,” he introduced, instantly having both your mom and aunt in awe. He stuck his hand out to shake your mom’s hand and then your aunt’s.

“y/n tells us you’re some famous youtuber,” your mom practically asked. Ethan grinned, laughing at your mom’s statement. 

“Yes, I am, kinda,” he said, debating the right answer.

“So, why would you be interested in y/n when you probably have hot famous girls trying to get with you?” Jake asked in disgust. 

“Jake, stop it!” your aunt yelled. “y/n is beautiful!” you aunt added, looking towards you. Shaking your head, you looked down towards the ground.

“Yea, sure I have a lot of girls who throw themselves at me, but you’re cousin is the only one who treated me like a normal person. And let’s be real, your cousin is absolutely gorgeous,” Ethan grinned.

“Well aren’t you a charmer!” your mom gushed, causing your embarrassment to sky rocket. 

“I mean, if I’m not I may not have a chance with your daughter,” he admitted, looking over at you.

“Aw! He is the cutest thing!” your aunt exclaimed, making his bronzed skin blush a little.

“Alright, well,” you began, with no point. “Um, Ethan asked if I could go out with him,” you mumbled.

“Go get ready then!” your mom grinned, handing you the room key.

“Where are you going?” your mom asked.

“It’s a secret,” Ethan said, then looked you, “But not from you two at least.”

“Seriously?” you groaned, looking towards Ethan.

“Seriously,” he said.

“Go get ready! I want to know what the plan is!” your mom almost squealed, making you roll your eyes and walk back towards the resort. As you were walking, you got another text from Ethan.

ethan: still loving this view ;) 

ethan: oh, and wear something a little nicer!

You felt your cheeks warm with a blush, looking back towards where Ethan and your family were, to see him already with his eyes trained on you and a smirk on his face.

a/n: i’m probably going to make a part two???????? if you guys want me to????? idk you should lemme know if y’all want a part two!

Just friends pt. 6/finale

Summary: Ethan steps up.

Warnings: mostly fluff

Word count: 2100

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Ethan stared at her like she’s a comet lighting up a starless sky his life had turned into. Her soft smile drew him in and he no longer craved to keep his pride. After all, it only brought him misery. But this feeling she gave him? It gave him wings and taught him how to fly.

„I love you.“ Ethan blurts out, not holding it back any longer. He said the words so fast he barely had time to comprehend what just left his lips, but by the look on her stunned face, he knew it was a good thing.

Blinking fast, Y/N wiped away a stray tear, her smile disappearing. She didn’t know what to believe anymore. After all this time, he finally came to her…for her. And to top it all off, he spoke the words she wished to hear since the day they met. Everything she wanted came rushing her way, crashing into her. It was hard to tell if her heart was even beating at this point as the pace it worked on had surpassed whatever norm was necessary to keep breathing.

„Don’t say things you’re not sure of.“ She says, wrapping her arms around her protectively. It was a subconscious move not meant to protect her, but shield the little dot she grew fond of. That was an understatement, however, she wasn’t ready to admit she’d die to keep it safe.

„You don’t get it, do you?“ Ethan smiles shyly, inching closer to her. His eyes flicker from her stomach to her face, his smile growing wider with every step he took in her direction. He wanted to take in the whole view, unable to tear his gaze away. Taking her soft hand in his, placing it over his heart so she could feel how fast it’s beating, he continues.

„You were never second best.“ Without a moment longer, he slams his lips against hers, feeling the salty taste of the tears she cried mixed with the kiss. It was a hungry, almost aggressive kiss they both craved for. One they needed to stay alive. In the end, it seemed, neither could truly survive without the other.

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Just friends pt. 3

Originally posted by punishmedolans

Summary: Grayson steps up, but is Ethan really out of the picture?

Warnings: angst

Word count: 2020

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Convincing Grayson to keep the whole pregnancy thing under wraps for a while was a difficult task. My move was in two weeks and I had heard nothing from Ethan. Not a damn word.

Why would I? After all, his face was plastered across social media, every tweet talking about his dance with Amy. Apparently the entire fandom now ‘ships’ them and I was sick of it.

Of course, the little thing in my belly probably had something to do with it, but the photo and reliving that night in my head weren’t helping.

Unlike his brother, Grayson was at my place almost every day. He’d come around with new facts about pregnancies, prepared to help with morning sickness even before it hits. It was impossible to keep him at bay and honestly I didn’t want to. I’m terrified of doing this alone, completely and utterly lost. Having someone helped.

Grayson managed to get an ultrasound check up for me, reminding me I had to take care of the little blob no matter what I decide on.

„You have to tell him!“ Grayson pushes, running his hand through his hair as the nerves get to him.

„I can’t tell him! Not now! Not ever! Ethan isn’t ready for this and if I have to tell him and look him in the eye when he says he doesn’t care or wants me to get rid of IT, I will lose my mind!“ I shout, exasperated. I was conflicted enough, unsure of what I want either. I had med school to get through and this would complicate things way too much.

„He wouldn’t.“ Grayson mumbles, averting his gaze to the ground, unconvinced of his answer. Neither one of us knew what to expect from him anymore.

Getting down on my knees, I sit before my friend, taking his hands in mine gently. I understood how hard this might be for him, being torn between doing what’s right for his brother, or doing what’s right for me. He was damned no matter the choice.

„I…feel strongly about your brother.“ I admit, refusing to say the wretched L word.

„But he doesn’t feel the same way. I will not use this kid as an excuse to trap him and I will not let HIM use this kid to break me. Being raised without a father who never really wanted you isn’t that bad. Living with a broken family is worse.“ I try explaining, my own hands shaking in fear of whats to come.

„I think you’re wrong. Ethan feels strongly about you too, but he’s too damn proud to admit to it.“ Grayson defends, hoping I’ll change my mind. I give him a wry smile, tilting my head to the side.

„Do you think a man who is too proud to admit he’s wrong would be a good father?“ I question, feeling my own chest ache with the weight I put on myself.

„I think you need to let him know and let him decide if he’s willing to be an ass for the rest of his life or finally turn it all around….Can I be involved? Be uncle Gray?“ He asks softly, holding onto my hand lightly as if he’s afraid I might break under his touch.

„Always.“ I smile at the sweet giant, raising my hand to his cheek, saying something that should have remained buried deep under.

„Sometimes I wonder if I chose the wrong brother.“

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To the Only Boy I’ve Ever Loved {G.D. Series} // Prologue

Summary: Grayson Dolan. Friend, neighbour, crush. Y/N is pretty sure that she’s been in love with Grayson since she was 12 years-old, but she’ll never and will never admitted that to anyone, except to her letters. What happens when Grayson accidentally gets a hold of Y/N’s letters addressed to him?  Loosely based off of the novel + movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Word count: 1.4 K

Warnings: None, for now…

A/N: Okay so originally I had planned to copy To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before exactly, but there was no fun in that. So, I decided to write a series that is loosely based off of it instead. That being said, any constructive criticism is welcomed!

6 years ago…

You had just been told that you were moving from the big city of Manhattan to a small township in New Jersey at the ripe, pre-pubescent age of 12. With you being the only child for the longest of time, your mom and step-dad decided that it was time for them to expand the family, and that a condo in the Hell’s Kitchen district wasn’t going to cut it.

The idea of moving sickened you to your stomach. You were a city girl, a born and bred New Yorker, not a New Jersian! You couldn’t leave the city for some suburban town in a state which many considered your rival.

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First Fanfic attempt

Ethan Dolan

Summary: You have had a shitty day at work. After everything seems to be gray and cloudy for the last couple months the only thing that could make you smile were your longtime good friends Ethan and Grayson Dolan. So you get all your little energy from the thought that you will hang out with them tonight, but when you arrive you are let down bitterly.

(This takes place before the boys moved to LA)

Warnings: Depressive Y/N, Asshole Ethan (not really though)

The last couple months have been really rough. You felt like the universe was trying to beat you down, everything had become so colourless and your therapist was explaining that you have fallen back into yet another depression circle. Reasons for that were your low income Job that didn’t full fill your urges to create to the slightest not to mention your boss was an old sweaty asshole that made inappropriate jokes to your female co-workers all the time but had some kind of problem with you and just treated you like a pig. Leaving you to edit big piles of documents to make you slave over hours and then come around to constantly bully you to work faster and bring him and his guests coffee even though he had a secretary. He would even go so far to tell you you should dress a little “nicer like the other women in the office” which was just an all-time low. Pencil skirts and nice blouses just didn’t make you feel comfortable , but your bills had to be paid some way or another. Your family was far away since you moved and they were never happy with any of your life decisions. That has caused you to be depressed quite some time through your teenage live and left you searching for validation and security in other places, never quite feeling like you were accepted. With one exception. Ethan and Grayson were your two best friends. You met them in highschool and since they didn’t have a lot of friends as well and had it quite hard through highschool your paths crossed the day that Ethan was in school by himself as Grayson had gotten a cold and was home in his bed with a fever. In the lunch break Ethan wandered around not knowing where to sit, he just walked towards one of the tables in the very back as he saw you sitting there with headphones reading through your papers trying to blend out the girls to the table next to you that were picking on things like your figure and such, laughing and throwing disgusting looks into your direction. He knew you as you were in the same history class as him and felt like you were always nice and once made a joke as he fell over in his chair that made him laugh out loud. His smile made the butterfly’s in your stomach tingle. You both occasionally talked a little in history class.

He decided to sit next to you with his food plate giving the mean girl wannabees a good look at his backside. You talked with him for a good 20 minutes during break and you both directly had a connection. Grayson ended up laying flat in bed for an entire week and Ethan sat with you everyday at lunch. Once Gray was fit again he introduced him to you and you enjoyed their company and started spending the afternoon with the brothers and developing a great friendship with them.

Now you had just gotten out of the office finally after working for the last 10 hours and just wanted to cry because your boss had been exceptionally cruel today. Screaming you down in front of your colleagues for a mistake with the copy’s that wasn’t even your fault but you just didn’t notice before putting them into his office, you were in such a hurry because of the 20 other documents that you had to get ready and didn’t check. He made you work an extra 2 hours and you were convinced that if you had stayed in the office for just 5 minutes longer you would have lost it and started bawling. You took a big sip of your water as you sat in your car in the empty parking lot as all your other co-workers had left hours ago and just tried to hold your shit together. Your phone went off as you got a call from Grayson.

“Hey! Y/N didn’t you want to come over today ? I thought we could get some food and just chill”

“Yes I’m sorry I couldn’t call, my boss was an asshole today…again, I just got out I would make my way to you now”

“Sounds bad we can talk when your here, yeah? You sound like you could use a hug”

Gray is such a sweetheart, you thought.

“Oh yeah that sounds awesome, be there in 20”

“Alright see ya !”

With that you turned the ignition of your car and drove off. On your way you decided to get some food at (fast food restaurant of choice) knowing Ethan and Grayson’s usual orders through the drive through and continued your drive. Pulling up into their driveway you really felt the exhaustion washing over you, feeling tired but finally happy to be where you wanted to be the entire day. Grabbing the food you walked up to their house and rang their doorbell. Grayson opened the door with a wide smile and as you stepped into their house you smelled the familiar smell and felt at home. Grayson took the food and began walking to their kitchen, you took your shoes and jacket off and followed after him. As soon as Gray set down the food he turned around and engulfed you in a big hug you immediately returned. You felt safe and your shoulders eased up like wheights had bin lifted of them. Grayson gave amazing hugs.

You sat down at the kitchen counter as Gray poured you and him a glass of water and for the next 20 minutes you talked to each other. You about your work and your boss and all your problems and he about his problems with Ethan today who was especially stubborn and about an hour long fight they had because of a video idea that they couldn’t quite set up in a way that both brothers would be satisfied with. You gave each other a good shoulder to cry on and it just felt good letting go. You shared so much with the twins but things like your depression were not a topic you wanted to bring up. They didn’t even know you were in therapy but you thought you probably would tell them one day eventually, when you would feel like it was the right time. Now you really wanted to see Ethan and give him a big hug. You couldn’t say that the brown eyed boy didn’t make your feelings flutter. You had always had a crush but you never made any moves towards him because 1. You really didn’t have the confidence for something like that and 2. You knew he only saw you as a friend. The girls you saw him have relations with were so beautiful you could never come close to them. But you enjoyed every minute spent with him. Gray was suspecting that you had a crush on his brother because of the way you would look at him from time to time but never thought to bring it up to you to not make you uncomfortable. Grayson also suspected Ethan may have some feelings for you as he saw the way he looked down the guys that tried to hit on you but Cameron his sister said he did the same with her so he brushed it out of his thoughts as just ‘brotherly protection’ Grayson was starting to get hungry and sent you to go get his brother, you jokingly got a bag of chicken nuggets and took them with you upstairs to Ethan’s room. You knocked on the half closed door to be polite but Ethan didn’t hear the knock as he was playing video games. Holding the book in front of yourself you approached him carefully not wanting to startle him, he saw you and pulled one of his headphones to the side.

“Special delivery! Just for you! ”

You held the bag into his direction, smiling at Ethan. He was sitting in his office chair without a t-shirt and ruffled hair making you want to sit on his lap and give him a cuddle, but quickly pushed those thought away. He took the bag out of your hands without even looking into it and tossed it on the table next to him.

“Is that all ?”

You did not expect him to not even greet you he was very into his game and didn’t even look at you for a hot second looking right back at his Monitor just looking back at you for a nother millisecond before asking again

“Is that it ?”

“Well yes I guess, -

@punishmedolans (source)

Before you could even finish what you were going to say he pulled his headphones back on completely and turned all his attention to his game again. You felt a sting in your chest and tears filled your eyes as you stood there and felt really stupid about yourself, thinking he would be happy to see you, thinking you would get a hug looking forward to this moment all day long. It was the only thing that held you over the water the whole day and he couldn’t not give a single fuck.

He looked back at you seeing that you stood there for the last couple seconds not moving and his brows furrowed together as he saw you bloodshot eyes. In the first moment he didn’t know how to react and just looked over at his monitor once more and immediately back to you but it just made you feel even more irrelevant, you turned on your heels and bolted out the room embarrassed to cry over something so little but it just had bin such an exhausting day and you couldn’t deal right now. Ethan looked back to you and shouted:

"Hey, hey wait! What’s wrong??”

You ignored him you just wanted to get away feeling stupid because you now managed to make your best friend think you are just an idiot and worse maybe now he would notice the stronger feelings you had developed for him. As you sprinted down the stairs you wiped the tears that were threatening to spill from your eyes and sprinted by the kitchen, Grayson was just setting up the table. You slipped into your boots and threw on your jacket as Gray stuck his head through the doorway.

“Y/N ? Where are you going I thought we’re going to eat?”

You didn’t want to turn around, not wanting to let him see you like this and embarrass yourself any further.

“I gotta go right now”

You opened the door just as Ethan came down the stairs.


He sounded confused but he already realized that it probably was his fault you broke down like this by ignoring you and just being a dick in general.

You pulled the door closed behind you and started walking down their long driveway towards your car. It had gotten dark outside and snow was falling from the sky. The outside lights and street lanterns illumination into the dark making your way somewhat visible, the door flew open behind you and Ethan came jogging outside after you, only in his joggers. Barefoot and without a shirt you turned around quickly but as soon as you saw him you only walked your way down faster.



He pulled your arm and stopped you in your tracks turning you around to face him.

Your eyes went wide in panik and he looked at you confused trying to figure out why his dickish behavior touched you so much.

“I… I’m an idiot I should just go”

“You’re not going anywhere until we talked about this, I mean something must be up I’m sorry for ignoring you but that can’t be the only thing on your mind ? Can you just talk to me ? Inside please, I’m freazing my balls of. And I promise you I won’t laugh about it or anything like that okay ?”

Now you felt bad for running away like that and nodded to go and get him into the warmth quickly and followed him inside.

On your way towards the living room you already tried to collect your words feeling anxious you might say something you didn’t want to and reveal your feelings towards him.

Inside you both ended up on the couch he now with a sweater on to warm back up.

“Okay so what’s up ?”

“Today was just a lot, work was really hard and my boss screamed at me and just everything is so hard lately I feel like I can’t do anything right.”

“This fucking asshole again-

Ethans fists clenched out of anger. You talk about your work often with the brothers they know the situation and Ethan especially has often threatened to come to your workplace and beat up your boss but you always reasured him that its okay. You didn’t want him to get himself into trouble because of you not being able to stand up for yourself. And you also needed the job to pay your bills

”- I’m sorry you have to put up with this all day y/n.“

You breathed through, he had swallowed your lie and now you can just continue.

"But I… Is that really everything?-

Panik rose in your chest.

”- I mean you know, if there’s anything ? You can talk to me ?“

Ethan secretly hoped that you would say something, anything but he didn’t know why.

"No, no it’s just you know I’m just so tired and worn out from this week, my emotions are all over the place.”

You forced out a weak smile and looked into his brown eyes, hoping he would let it drop.


You hugged and snuggled into him for just a second hoping you could stay like that forever.

Just then Grayson came through the doorway (ruining the moment ;)

“You guys good ?”

He asked and then noticing how he just kinda walked into a more personal moment. You loosened your hug with Ethan to look at Gray. Scratching his neck he pointed towards the kitchen.

“You guys hungry?”

“Yes! I’m starving!

You got up and made your way not noticing the small frown on E’s face as you were not with him anymore. Gray gave him a asking look but Ethan just shrugged his shoulders and followed you into the kitchen.

You ended up spending the night after spending some much needed time with your two best friends. After you all got ready for bed and you now laid in their guest bedroom you stared at the ceiling and asked yourself if you could hide your feelings for much longer.

Oookay this was long! Sorry if you had to scroll through all of this, also it’s not edited so propably trash. :)

Let me know if you want a part 2 !!!

@punishmedolans for the gif ❤️ I hope it’s okay that I put this here it just inspired me to write this.

Broken Wings - Prologue

(credit to the awesome author of this edit)

Broken Wings - Series Masterlist

20 years ago

A lone man stood atop a mountain, his eyes set on the horizon as the sun rose with a promise of a new day. Sunlight filled the sky, pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land. Sparrows chirped an explicit background melody. The light consumed the sky with ferocity. Thus, returning it to its uplifting powder blue appearance. Wispy cotton clouds gradually accumulated high above, only adding to the blissful ambiance of the morning.

„Coming to you, to be healed by you, will break me. For to come to you is forbidden, yet to stay away is unimaginable pain. So here I remain locked in love that brings me only sorrow, left to roam the world until I see you again just so I can lose you again.“

The man whispered, his words carefully spoken, each one laced with untold sorrows of a thousand lives. He spoke as if someone could hear if she were there beside him, holding has hand for comfort.

„So, she’s settled at last?“ Another voice sounds like a melody, low and deep, but loud enough to echo against the mountains surrounding them.

The lack of an answer caused him to roll his eyes, annoyed by the brooding man before him. Nothing he ever did could bring him out of this sour mood and he tried… Really tried.

„Stop pinning and go looking if that’s what you want.“ He pushed, flicking a hair from the moody man’s shoulder, before standing next to him.

„It’s inevitable anyways.“ He pointed out, resting his hands on his hips.

„I’m going to stay away this time around. I won’t ruin her again.“ The man speaks through gritted teeth, his jaw clenching tightly as the wind picks up. A gust of wind sways a single, wing shaped dangle earring on his left ear, the light reflecting against its silver surface.

„You say that every time and yet it never works. Grayson…“ The man steps before him, his hands firmly gripping his broad shoulders in an attempt to get his attention. „Her soul will find you. You can run and you can hide, but it will. Just like it did in the past. This time, get it over with right away and let us all move on.“

Grayson narrows his eyes at the slightly shorter man before him, anger written in every beautiful line of his face, painting a picture of a broken man with nothing left to lose. Without remorse or second thoughts and no warnings, he bends his right leg in the knee, bringing it straight up and kicks him in the gut, pushing him off the ledge before turning around and walking away, fists clenched so hard his nails embedded themselves into the palms until they drew blood.

„Seriously? Pushing your own brother of a mountain? I thought we were over this!“

Grayson turns around, every vein in his neck visible as he watched his brother flap his golden wings that signified betrayal, his feet hitting the ground.

„I meant what I said, Ethan. For thousands of years I have brought her nothing but misery! We meet, fall in love, she dies in my arms and I have to watch the light go out in her eyes! If that’s not enough, I am forced to wait for her soul to settle in a different body only to repeat our previous tragedy! Thousands of years have passed and all I am is a plague in her life! I will not be the cause of her death this time around.“ Grayson’s voice cracks, his knees buckle. Falling to the ground, the mountain rumbles under the force of his rage and pain he could never quite explain. He could speak a countless amount of languages, old and new, yet none was enough to put into words what he felt.

„You and I both know it’s not a choice. You can fight it all you want, but it’s inevitable brother. Her destiny is to die for you, just as much as it is yours to suffer when she does.“ Ethan folds his hands before him, resting them on his lower abdomen with a spiteful look in his eyes. He no longer pitied his brother, not after everything they’ve been through. Not after he made a choice and it wasn’t him he did it for. He only wanted vengeance and an end to his own torture.

„In the choice between heaven and hell, I’ll always choose her.“ Grayson stands up, his head held high as the wind ruffles his hair.

„By choosing her, you’re choosing hell. Your own personal hell while the rest of us are stranded on Earth, doomed to suffer by your side!“ Ethan shouts, his face hardened by the bitterness and lips pressed together, while a faint smile makes its way to Grayson’s lips.

„So be it.“

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