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Love Fest (g.d. & e.d.)

Summary: You’re the Dolan twins’ little cuddlebug.

A/N: Hi there! I’m not new to writing fanfiction, but I am new to writing fanfiction about the Dolan twins. This is my first work about them and I hope it isn’t total shit. Whether you love it or you hate it, please leave feedback! If you think it isn’t half bad, please reblog. I’m taking requests, so please send them in! Here goes.


 It’s Friday afternoon. I don’t have any classes scheduled for the day, so I’ll count that as a win. I’m only wearing a giant t-shirt and a sports bra and panties; no pants. I’ll count that as a win, too. But I’m not satisfied, because I’m a brat.

 I heave a dramatic sigh. What’s taking so long? Where are they? I roll my eyes and groan out loud into the abyss. I pick up my phone for the umpteenth time and my sour pout is unrecognizable to my front facing camera so I have to physically type in my password, which is such a pain in the ass. I check my messages, because surely, I’m missing something. But nope. Nothing.

 I check the group message and the last text message is from Grayson and it says We’re gonna be filming for the next few hours but we’ll be back as soon as we can! Love you and I had liked it and that had been that. But that was forever ago. And I miss my boys. I miss them to the point where I’m quickly becoming grumpy.

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I’m new to the Dolan Twins fandom and I’ve already written my first imagine 😘

I’m posting it tonight! It’s called Love Fest and you should maybe definitely check it out.


Summary: Y/n and Grayson welcome their new baby girl into the world and begin their journey into parenthood, but will Y/n be able to handle her new role as a mother?

Warnings: Kinda angsty?? Anxiety briefly mentioned

A/n: I’ve had this account for ages and I never thought I’d actually post on it but this is the first fic I’ve written that I actually wanted to post so here we go. I was super inspired by @wordsonearth @dolandrabbles @rockstardolan and @castledolan . They’re pretty much the reason why I started writing.This is also lowkey trash so i’ll probs delete it .

This was never her plan. She wasn’t one of those girls who played with baby dolls when she was of five, she never wanted to play moms and dads with her friends, she didn’t even hold a baby until she was seventeen. This was the last thing she thought she’d be doing on the day she turned twenty. She had assumed she’d be getting drunk with her friends or having a nice dinner with her family and loving boyfriend, yet here she was at 4 am on her birthday pushing a human out of her. Her pregnancy had been a shock to everyone of course, but no one was more shocked then y/n herself. Despite her parents being supportive and her boyfriend being thrilled (even though he threw up a bit when she first told him through her sobs), y/n had yet to come to terms with the fact that she was going to be a mom. It just didn’t feel real, the whole nine months felt like a dream.

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Grayson: Ethan ran through the sliding glass door because he thought he heard the ice cream truck

Ethan: I like ice cream, ok?

Ice Cream 🍦

Summary: It’s one of the hottest days of summer and you’re out with the twins getting ice cream together when a guy comes up to you and smacks your ass, much to Grayson's displeasure. 

“Oh my fucking God it’s so hot!!” Ethan shouted as he stared up at the ceiling. He was laid out on the couch in nothing but his shorts and dirty vans. “Well the AC is on the lowest temperature possible and cranked up to the highest level so we’re just shit out of luck right now,” Grayson replied. He was also wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and his Gucci slides. You could see the sweat dripping down his abdomen as he ran a hand through his hair, pacing back and forth. 

 You stood in front of the AC, hogging all the air and not giving a damn. You wore a strapless maxi dress that clung to your curves with a four-inch slit on the side, showing off your smooth thighs, that you paired with some flip-flops. But even that wasn’t enough to keep you safe from this heat wave. “Well maybe if Y/n wasn’t taking up all the air we would be able to feel it,” Ethan said, sitting up to glare at you. You rolled your eyes before sticking your tongue at him. “I’m not fucking moving so deal with it. I don’t see Grayson complaining.” You turned to Grayson with a small smirk on your face. “Yeah, like Grayson’s ever gonna go against you.” Ethan murmurs before crashing back down on the sofa. Your smirk widened as you faced the AC again. You knew Grayson had a soft spot for you, he’d rather melt in the heat as long as you were cool with the AC. He was completely smitten even though he tried his best to hide it. “Hey Gray, you wanna join me.” You said, a little bit of mischief in your voice. Grayson grinned, knowing exactly what you were doing, before joining you at your side. “Ahhhh, doesn’t this air feel so good Gray?” He nodded, making a huge show of how good it felt. You both turned to Ethan, annoyance spread over his features causing you and Grayson to laugh out loud. “I really hate the both of you,” Ethan said before he got up off the couch, going to grab his car keys. 

“Hey, where are you going?” Grayson asked. Ethan bent down, tying his shoelaces. “While you two soak up all the cool air I’m going out to get some ice cream, dairy free of course. Bye bitches!” You gasped before going to grab your purse. “I want ice cream, I’m tagging along.” Grayson walked over. “Me too, I call shotgun!” Ethan rolled his eyes but knew he wasn’t going to win so he didn’t even bother to protest. “Fine just know we’re taking my car and you’re NOT hogging all the AC Y/n.” You ignored him as you headed outside.

“Holy shit, did it get hotter?” you said, putting your curly hair up in a puffy bun as you squinted your eyes. Ethan wiped his forehead before unlocking his car. You slipped in the back seat quickly, happy to get out of the sun. 

Grayson held the door opened for you as you walked into the packed ice cream parlor. Your eyes automatically falling on the assortment of frozen dessert in front of you. “Geez this was a great idea E, I really needed this.” You said as you licked your glossy lips. You bent down slightly, scanning the flavors. “Maybe I should get some mint chocolate chip or maybe -” Your thoughts were cut short when you heard the voice of a grown man behind you. “Damn that ass is fat as hell in that little dress.” you rolled your eyes and before you could even look up to address the creep, you felt a rough hand smack hard against your left ass cheek causing you to stand up straight. Your eyes widened as you realized what just happened. “Are you fucking serious?” you said, turning around to face the pervert that slapped your ass. He let out a dirty laugh, casually shrugging his shoulders as he began to walk away, he barely got two steps away before Grayson’s fist connected with the stranger’s jaw. Everyone in the parlor gasped as the creep fell backward, crashing into a chair and landing on the floor. “Don’t you ever fucking touch her you sick bastard,” Grayson growled as he stood over the guy, his face red with anger and the veins in his neck now visible. Grayson didn’t let up at all, grabbing the man by the collar and punching him directly in the nose, blood gushing out on Grayson’s fist immediately. “Okay Gray that’s enough,” you said but Grayson didn’t seem to hear you as he began to kick the man in his ribs repeatedly. “Gray stop, seriously!” You said. But he didn’t until Ethan had to intervene, pulling Grayson away from the man. “Let’s just go Grayson,” Ethan said, dragging Grayson out of the shop. You followed behind in complete shock. 

“Grayson, what the fuck, were you trying to kill that man?” Ethan yelled once you guys were back at the house. Grayson was still heated, you could tell by the look in his eyes. “Maybe.” was all he answered with before he went into his room, slamming the door in the process. “Go calm him down,” Ethan said to you after a few moments of awkward silence. You nodded as you went to Grayson’s door, knocking softly. “Go away.” He shouted from behind the locked door. “It’s me Gray.” You said, hoping to change his mind. A few seconds later you heard the unlocking of the door. He opened it slowly and you walked in plopping down on his bed immediately before laying on your stomach. He joined you, laying his head against yours.

 "Thank you for defending me.“ You whispered, kissing his forehead. His face flushed instantly and a smile grew across his face "But could you not try to commit murder next time you wanna come to my defense. I don’t wanna have to come to visit you in jail.” Grayson leaned up on his arms. “I’d go to jail for you anytime.” He murmured, looking you in the eyes. You were the one flushed now, you quickly buried your face in a pillow, causing Grayson to laugh. “I’m serious tho Gray. You had me a little scared their for a moment.” His face sobered up at your words. “I’m sorry, I admit I lost control for a bit, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He nudged his head against yours again and sighed. 

“Oh and one more thing Gray.” He looked up at you, waiting for your answer. “You owe me ice cream." 

Bruised Up

Request: Hi! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could please write an imagine where y/n does the “I got beat up” prank on Grayson. I’ve been seeing these pranks everywhere on YouTube and I really wanted to see how Grayson would react.

Warnings: Swearing 

Pairing: Grayson Dolan X Reader 

A/N: I decided to get Ethan involved in the prank, cause why the hell not. 

“How does this look?” You asked, turning to Ethan as you finished up the fake bruising around your eye. 

“Maybe add some more purple.” He shrugged, his eyes taking in the fake bruise that you had expertly crafted yourself. 

“Why?” You furrowed your brows together in confusion. 

“I just like purple.” 

“Shut up,” You scoffed standing up from your vanity, “Let’s get this started.” 

After about an hour of discussion and slight bickering, you two had finally agreed on how this elaborate prank was going to unfold. 

Ethan’s job was to bring you into the house yelling for Grayson to get his attention. And your only job was to look pitiful and convince Grayson that you had just been punched in the face by some random stranger at a coffee shop. 

“Here goes nothing.” Ethan chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Try to look as dazed as possible.” 

“Can do.” You nodded, resting your head on Ethan’s should as he walked you into the house. Ethan pushed the door open with his free hand and the second he did he started yelling. 


“Grayson!” He yelled louder, cradling you gently against his body as you pretended to be out of it. 

“What, what’s wrong?” Grayson question, rounding the corner of the hall. 

“Its Y/N,” Ethan said, his voice full of false panic. “Someone hit her.” 

Grayson rushed to you, grabbing your face in his hand, his eyes scanning over your nasty looking bruise. A mixture of anger and sadness flooded his face as he stared at your own. “Gray.” You whispered weakly, doing your best to sell the moment like Ethan wanted.

“Does it hurt?” He questioned gently and you nodded weakly as a response. “How did this even happen?” Grayson’s voice sounded a little angrier then it did before as he turned to Ethan. 

“She went to go get Coffee and she came back looking like this,” Ethan explained, still holding your arm over his shoulder. 

“You didn't go with her?” Grayson asked, his voice growing louder. 

“How was I supposed to know that she would come back with a black eye.” Ethan retorted. 

“You should have been with her!” Gray yelled. 

Part of you felt bad for making him think that you had really been hurt, he seemed so concerned and now he was starting to take his anger for the situation out on his brother. You were ready to call this stupid prank off. 

“Grayson.” You said softly, raising your head off of Ethan’s shoulder. “Grayson, sweetheart, it’s not real.” You took your hand and wiped it across your bruise, smearing the paint across your cheek. 

“What the hell.” He pushed Ethan hard, disconnecting you from him. “That wasn't funny.” 

Quickly you got in front of Grayson, not wanting him to go after Ethan anymore. “Look, we’re sorry. Now that I think about it, it was a pretty shitty prank.” You explained, your hand on his chest, stopping him from moving forward. “Gray, it’s alright, just calm down, it was all a stupid joke.” 

“I thought you were hurt.” He sighed, looking down at you, “I was more than  ready to go kick someone’s ass.” He half laughed, resing a hand on your shoulder. 

You laughed shaking your head at his comment. “You can beat Ethan up later when im not around to see it. Just don’t kill him.” 

“I’ll try my best.” 

Stressed Out (G.D)

It was a typical school night. You were doing your homework in the Dolans’ house. You were busy staring at your laptop screen reading notes and researching some terms on your boyfriend’s bed. Meanwhile, Grayson was heavily engaged in a Fortnite match with his twin brother.

After an hour and a half, your mind felt wreck and your eyes were watery. You looked over to Grayson who was still absorbed in his game, rapidly pressing buttons on his controller.

You went over to him and draped your arms around his shoulders, kissing his neck.

“Hey baby, you done with homework?” he asked without peeling his eyes from his game. You shook your head. “It’s kicking your ass isn’t it?” he asked again still focused in his game.

“And winning, if I may add.”

“Just watch my game. Me and Ethan are about to win this thing.” He was so proud of that, it made you smile.

“I think I’ll pass, I’ll just closed my eyes for a bit.” you sighed in exhaustion.

He then looks up from his game” Give me one moment baby, i’ll be with you… Yo I’m leaving the match” you heard Grayson say to his mic.

Moments later, you feel a hand resting on your stomach followed by a kiss on the back of your head.

“Sleep well, my love.” was the last thing you hear before drifting to sleep in the arms of your whole entire world.

anonymous asked:

Going to Jersey with the twins? Idk doing domestic stuff with them there 😍

So it would go a little something like this… 

“Y/N, just come outside.” Ethan pleaded as he stood in the ankle deep snow. you leaned your body against the door frame, contemplating walking out into the freezing temperatures. 

“Im gonna get frostbite out there.” You argued. 

“I’ll keep you warm.” Ethan winked, extending his gloved hands out to you.

“Dude, shut up.” Grayson chuckled as he tossed a snowball at his brothers head, white powder flying everywhere as it collided with his skin. 

You couldn't help but laugh, “You think that's funny?” Ethan challenged. You didn't even have time to escape before he charged you, slinging his arms around your waist and dragging you into the cold slush. 

“Ethan!” You squealed, putting up as much fight as possible. 

With his arms still wrapped around you, he fell to the ground, plunging you both into the snow. “Whos laughing now.” He chuckled, his chest heaving as he listened to your squeals. 

“I’ll save you, Y/N.” Grayson cried dramatically as he ran towards you both, plowing into the snow next to you, spraying more of the cold powder into your face. 

“Grayson, no.” You laughed, turning away from his snow assault as much as possible.  “I thought you were on my team?” 

“Sorry, sweetheart,” He shrugged, quickly forming a snowball at his side and chucking it at your torso. 

“Come on!” You cried, pushing yourself up from the cold ground and running towards the front door. 

“Not so fast,” Ethan yelled, quickly wrapping his arms around you once more, pulling you back down into the snow. 

A/N: Here in the South we have gotten absolutely no snow, so as you can tell, I REALLY WANT SNOW !! 😂

Emma: I’m supposed to be this responsible young adult right now

Emma: but tbh

Emma: Idk how to adult

Emma: I just want to drink chocolate milk and find Pokemon

concept (e.d.)

for @lilac-dolans , who was having a bad day and just wanted ethan to rub her back. sis, ya got a lil more than a back rub. i got carried away. hope this makes up for ur shitty day.

summary: sis gets her pussy ate on an island

warnings: fluff, worshiping, oral, swearing

a/n: this started as a concept and turned more into formal writing as i went. excuse the beginning lmao. the whole thing is actually kind of shit, plus the tense is weird, but its my first ethan fic and it was pretty in my head please dont roast me for this

You’re on an island, staying in a pretty house on the water. You’ve just come in from a long day exploring the island. You get into you and Ethan’s bedroom and start undressing. The room is mostly white, with a view of green palms and the ocean from your large windows. The sun is setting, and it almost like golden hour in your room. Everything looks surreal as it is, especially your man. You just want to get comfy and enjoy being with him. You ask Ethan to unzip your sundress. You step out of it, and he goes for the ties of your bikini top, watching it drop from your chest. 

You feel his flattened palms running gently over the expanse of your shoulders, down your arms and to your hands. Your arms cross around yourself with his. His fingers wrap around yours and rub gentle circles into your skin. He kisses at the skin beneath your ear, exposed by the mess of saltwater hair that you’d put up into a bun after it dried in the sun. You sigh and he hums, moving his hands from covering yours to run up your bare sides, gliding effortlessly over your soft, tanned skin.

“So pretty,” he praises, his hands gliding down over your hips and back up over your ass, squeezing playfully over the bottoms still hung there by their strings. A giggle of surprise left your lips before his hands found your waist again turning you to face him. He kissed your lips softly, moving from your mouth, to your jaw, your jaw to your neck, neck to collarbones and collarbones to the swells of your breasts, pulling little purrs and gasps from you as he went.

“Let me love on you, babe,” he insisted, coaxing you down onto the bed with him. You rolled over onto your stomach beside him and resting your head on your arm, hair splayed about the pillows with a smile that told him there was no place else you’d rather be in the world than with him. He returned that smile, taking in the details of your figure in that moment.

The sun freckles on your cheeks, and then dimples that reside nearby. The curve of your lips and the color deepened from being in the sun. The red beneath your eyes and over the bridge of your nose, your eyebrows, your eyelashes, your eyes. The way they sparkled with excitement and something he couldn’t quite place, something past love, he thought.

He lets a finger trace down your cheek as he lay next you, pushing the stray strands of hair from covering his view before letting his thumb brush over the apple of your smile.

He continued to take you in, his fingers following his eyes now to curve of your shoulder, also reddened by the sun and decorated with the same sorts of freckles as your cheeks. His touch was soft, and delicate, almost tickling you as he went. From there he followed the dip of your spine down your lower back and up again before flattening his hand on your shoulder and beginning to rub up and down. The warmth of his hand against your skin was so comforting. You feel your body relax and your breathing slow a bit as his touch soothes you.

“Feels good, E” you sigh.

He just hums in response, still entranced by you.

“M’so lucky to have you,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss your shoulder, allowing his lips to linger, worshiping you more. He kisses along the line of your shoulder and down over your shoulder blade, to the dip of your spine that he’d traced moments before. He was hovering above you now, kissing down your spine until he reached the curve of your ass, fingers playing with the strings of your bottoms. You lift your hips up a bit, hoping he’ll get the message, and on cue he slowly pulls at the ties, watching, mesmerized, as the bottoms lose some of their shape, falling halfway from your body. He makes another low sound of appreciation, pressing more kisses over your ass cheeks as he tugs your bottoms out from under you. When he reaches your thighs, his hands grip them, pushing you up so that your back end is propped up on your knees in front of him, putting your pussy on full display. He continues his kisses, down each thigh, dangerously close to where you know he’ll inevitably reach, making your breathing falter and your body hot.

“Ethan,” you sigh when his lips brush your clit, threatening to give you what you needed. He blows air on it instead, groaning when you visibly clench in need of him. He keeps at his teasing, bringing his fingers into play, massaging at your thighs, and then your ass, still dropping occasional kisses, until, to his satisfaction, you’re dripping down to your clit.

Its then that he comes back in with his mouth, blowing cool air over your wet pussy. You were so ready for him.

“E, please,” you plead, and he wants to give his baby girl what she wants. What she deserves.

With that, his hands are squeezing harshly at your ass to expose you further and his tongue is at your entrance, teasing at your hole before he pushes in slowly, fucking you with it before he even touches your clit. This provided a strange kind of release. One that both relieved pressure and created more of it all at the same time.

“Oh, Ethan,” you whine, pushing back on his face as he fucks you with his tongue. You feel yourself clench again and he growls lowly, pulling back to suck at your hole before licking at it, finally allowing his tongue to dip further into your folds until it reaches your clit. You jolt then with a high whine, thighs tensing momentarily by his face and he breathes a chuckle against you, making you whimper. His tongue draws deep circles around your clit at first, before switching to flick lightly over the small nub, alternating between the two methods for a few minutes before he’s satisfied with the way your body is writhing with his touch.

He pulls back from you then, a near sob escaping you at your severe lack of his tongue. Your back arches further in an attempt to pull him back in. But he had already been planning on it.

Within seconds, the bed sinks down with his weight, and you turn your head around to watch him, only to find that he’s laid on his back, hands reaching up for a firm grasp on your thighs before tugging you toward him so that your pussy is positioned right above his face. You yelp at the sudden movement, and he chuckles again.

“I’ve got you angel,” he promised. “Just relax.”

His lips latch onto your clit this time, sucking harshly at you while his fingers tease at your entrance.

“God, yes baby,” you whine, trying your best not to buck against him. But he has other plans as his fingers leave your pussy to squeeze your hips and pull you flush against his tongue, pushing and pulling at your hips to grind your pussy into his mouth. He growls now, loving the pretty moans that fell from your lips when he sucked at you this way.

You were an absolute mess, whining and whimpering, your hips rocking against his mouth independently now when his fingers came back to tease at your hole, wasting little time in pressing into you and curling against your g-spot.

“Ethan, Ethan, E, baby, I’m gonna cum,” you gasp, his tongue flicking faster, fingers fucking deeper as he feels you tighten around them.

“Cum, angel. All on my tongue, baby. Let me taste you,” he encourages, using his free hand to rub at your clit as he spoke before going back in with his mouth. Not seconds after his words, you were doing just that, one hand gripping at his hair to let him know just how good you were feeling as your legs shook above him. His hands went to grip the underside of your thighs, steadying you as your rode out your high on his tongue.

“Oh my god, that was so fucking good baby,” you sigh, head dropping to the comforter in front of you as he sits up on the edge of the bed, sucking you from his fingers and looking at you with darkened eyes.

Feeling his gaze on you, you sit up, turning around to crawl towards him, pulling at his wrist to take his fingers from his mouth and put them into yours. His brow furrows and his lips fall open when you begin sucking, and swirling your soft tongue around his digits, making sure to clean every bit of yourself from him as you purr happily. Releasing them with a soft pop, you smile at him, moving off the bed to kneel, naked, between his knees.

“Time for me to pay you back, baby boy,” you tease, palming him over his swim trunks with a smirk.

“Let me make you feel good.”

Kidnapper: We have kidnapped your son.

Grayson: I don’t have a son?

Kidnapper: Then who just asked us for warm milk and made us cut the crust off his pb&j?

Grayson: Dear God, you have Ethan.            

Sunflower 🌻

Originally posted by medicinalmccall

Summary: Ethan takes you to your favorite place in the world, the sunflower field and it’s there that he realizes his true feeling for you. 

Warnings: FLUFF!

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader 

You could barely contain yourself as he pulled into the parking lot. You were giddy with excitement, your eyes already taking in the field of yellow that sat in front of you. “Come on Ethan!” You squealed, jumping from the car and taking off into the maze of flowers. 

“Wait up.” He laughed, chasing after you so that he didn't lose you in the sea of sunflowers. You turned to face him, a huge smile plastered across your face and he couldn't help but be filled with joy by your excitement. You reminded him of a little kid on Christmas morning and it caused his heart to swell. 

“Come on E!” You yelled once more, grabbing his hand and dragging him further into the sea of flowers. Your free hand glided across the tall flowers as you pulled him, your mind still in awe at the beauty that surrounded you both.

Ethan couldn't help but keep his eyes on you, the flowers were pretty, sure, but your excitement was much more intriguing to him.

“Look, look.” You stopped and pointed to the sky, eyes wide as you stared into the sunset, still gripping Ethan’s Hand. 

For a second he glanced at the sky, taking in the shades of orange and blue, but he quickly looked back at you. Your hair flowing over your shoulders, your skin glowing as the sun hit it just right, he was in completely in awe of you. Despite all of natures beauty around him, his eyes still drifted back to you. “its pretty.” He smiled. 

With a smile still stuck to your lips, you turned to him, “Hold me.” You said softly, leaning your body into his, his warmth overtaking you as he gladly wrapped his arm around you. 

Ethan rested his chin on your head, as you both stared into the sky, his heart fluttering in his chest as he held you close. He had only known you for a few months, but today was making him feel something that he never thought he would feel. He was in love. 

Everything about you was perfect to him, you were his sunflower, his light in the darkness, Ethan needed you, he wanted you and he had to tell you. 

“Y/N?” He whispered, his heart rate slowly increasing, which you could no doubt hear. 

Your innocent eyes glanced up at him, with more love then he had ever seen. “Yeah.” You said sweetly. 

Suddenly he was at a loss for words, how was he supposed to tell you he loved you, words could hardly express how he felt. “ I…Uhm…I.” He stumbled over his words, color rushing to his cheeks as he searched for the right words to say. 

“Are you okay?” You giggled, pulling away to rest your small hands on his cheeks. 

“Yeah, I just…” He stopped, gazing into your eyes. “I love you.” The words were out there and all he could do now was hope and pray that you felt the same way. 

You didn't respond, but a smile still clung to your face. The longer you stayed silent the more his anxiety grew, but it all quickly disappeared when you suddenly attached your lips to his. 

HIs arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you close, not wanting any space to be between the both of you anymore. However, against his wishes, you pulled away, a look of complete adoration in your eyes. “I love you too.” You smiled, resting your head gently on his chest listening as his heart slowly returned to its normal rhythm. 

“That’s a relief,” Ethan sighed, his large hand stroking your hair. “I was afraid you were still mad at me for beating you in Mario Kart this morning.” He joked, a laugh rumbling through his chest. 

You giggled, looking back up to him. “You did a pretty good job at making it up to me.” you grinned, looking out at the sunflowers that surrounded you both. 

A/N: First fic in a while, hope it doesn’t suck! 😂

anonymous asked:

if ur still doing smut prompts - 40 w gray plzzzz😘

prompt: you taste like fucking candy

Kinda short sorry

You moaned loudly, tangling your finger up in his hair trying to pull him closer, but Grayson wouldn’t give up so easily. He continued kissing and nipping at your thighs, still away from where you wanted him, needed him to be. He smirked at your neediness. ‘Impatient wont get you anywhere peach,’ he hissed and went back to worshipping your thighs. You grunted in frustration, plopping your head back. And that’s when he grabbed your hips and latched on to your clit. You wriggled beneath him overcome with the euphoric feeling. He moaned while licking and biting your clit, swirling it around with his tongue. He moved down deeper and licked your folds, getting sloppier with it. ‘You taste like fucking candy,’ he moaned, your juices still coating his stubble. He continued suckling and slurping at you, as if he hadn’t been fed. That coil in your stomach was building up quite deliciously and before you knew it you were cumming. ‘Gray, Gray fuck don’t stop,’ you mumbled at he helped you ride through your high. He licked at your sensitive nub, as you tried to catch your breath. ‘God you’re good at this,’ you whispered. Grayson grinned cockily still between your legs. ‘I know,’

You: I can’t believe you broke up with me just because your bird doesn’t like me

Grayson: I didn’t say she doesn’t like you

Grayson: I said she thinks you’re weird

Grayson: Why aren’t you picking up??

Ethan: Sorry, I was sleeping

Grayson: You literally gave me 3 heart attacks

Grayson: Who sleeps for 13 hours straight?

James: I’m gonna be honest, I feel like you don’t like me

Ethan: I’ve told you multiple times that I don’t

Sugar (g.d. au)

Summary: Grayson works at a bakery and Y/N thinks the cupcakes are the best thing about her life until she meets the one who was responsible for making them. 

Word Count: 16.5k

A/N: As the same as last author’s note, apologies for length. Also I wrote this in a week so I’m sorry it’s a little sloppy and kind of out there concept wise. 

Warnings: Little bit of fluffy loveee 


Today was just not your day.

Really, nothing could have rounded out the week sent straight from hell better than this one final instance that had become the cherry on top of the disgusting sundae you called life. And this wasn’t one of those sundaes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream and whipped cream as the final sweet touch, it was one made from all the expired contents you find in the back of your fridge that hadn’t been touched for months with pickles and olives to top it all off – the sundae of your bitter life.

First it was the all-nighter that you’d suddenly been deemed to pull on Sunday after your professor had emailed the class and announced that the exam would be changed to Monday instead of the Friday it was originally planned for. Cramming eighty-six vocabulary words on the functions of the brain while running on three hours of sleep from the night before was like sticking your head down a garbage disposal and just laughing through the pain. And when there was finally the moment you were able to rest, it had been completely ruined by the sound of your alarm as it blared through the early morning.

Following a night of no sleep, life took another swing at you that Monday when you’d been walking home after that torturous exam you’re pretty sure you failed when you hadn’t been paying attention and slid on a patch of ice, legs sliding apart until you bashed your knee against the concrete and wound up in an awkward split with papers flying into the wet snow. It wouldn’t have taken that much of a toll on your life if your favorite pair of jeans hadn’t been ripped right down the middle with no hope of fixing. Not to mention the giant bruise which began to swell on your ass from slamming against your heel when you fell, and now it was to the point where you hadn’t been able to sit without wincing for the rest of the week.

But life just kept steam-rolling right over you as Tuesday had come around, and you’d gotten screamed at by your manager of the local bar you served at for mixing up the orders to the party of twelve in the corner whose specific ‘wants and don’t wants’ had made it incredibly difficult to keep track of. Then on top of the screaming, he’d went ahead and taken the screwy meals out on your next pay check which would only mean you’d have to pick up an additional few shifts to make rent for the month.

Wednesday wasn’t as bad as the rest of the week. But, that was only because you’d decided to take a personal day and skip all your classes to stay in bed and binge an entire season of Criminal Minds while eating too much ice cream and popcorn until your belly felt like it was going to pop. The fear of another horrid day had kept you hidden away in your apartment for the whole day. Even Penelope’s attempt to coax you out for half-price sushi was unsuccessful because all you could think of was how, with your lack of luck, you’d end up choking on a spicy salmon roll and need to take a trip to the ER. Besides, why go out and drown your sorrows in sushi when you’d already been deep-diving into a carton of Breyer’s vanilla ice-cream all afternoon?

Unfortunately, the refreshing Wednesday of nothing turned out to be meaningless when you stepped out on Thursday and the first thing you’d walked out to that morning was a frozen car with about a foot of snow on top that you had to brush off with your gloveless hands because you’d let Penelope borrow your brush yesterday and she’d forgotten to put it back. Then there was a fly in your sandwich that you wouldn’t have even bought from the deli in the student center if you hadn’t opened the cabinet to an empty jar of peanut butter this morning. Next came the horrid grade you’d ended up getting on that surprise Monday exam. And to top it all off as the perfect mess, Binx decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat for the day and sneaked out the front door the very second you got home, leaving you to chase him up and down the apartment complex for thirty minutes too long.

And now it was Friday

And there was a plate of over-runny eggs and burnt toast sitting blandly in front of you.

And you were in the middle of getting dumped by a boy you’d wasted four months of your life on.

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Clean Part 5 (E.D)

So this one is pretty long compared to the last part and theres actually some more plot 

warnings: mentions of past drinking 

A few weeks had passed and every time you would think about telling them, you would freeze or you would be cut off by one of them talking about something else as you were about to speak. You were trying, but the timing was always off.

At this point their fans knew you two were together. Some of them supported you two and thought you were cute together, while others saw you as annoying and just using him for god knows what. While you tried to pretend it didn’t bother you, it still did. You were just thankful you had deactivated all your accounts on social media before any of this started. It was easier to avoid the hate when no one could tag you or find out more about you.

When you would check twitter or Instagram, you usually just used James account to scroll through things when you were bored. You saw the edits people made of snaps taken of the two of you, but you never really looked at them. You were happy with your relationship and you knew who you were, you didnt need drama accounts to over analyze anything you did.

As you quickly found out, their fans are quite the detectives. Within the first few days of the first picture of you two being out, they were able to find out that you were actually friends with James and Ian. They had somehow managed to find that out even though they had no idea what your name was or even a full photo of you. The picture that had been posted was only of the pair of your guys legs sitting next to each other in the pool and they managed to figure you out just from the small flower tattoo on your ankle.

It was slightly frightening to be honest. You were scared what they would find if they kept digging. What if they somehow found all the old videos you tried so hard to escape from? What if one of the people you used to consider friends still had photos of you when you were at your absolute worst? You tried not to think about it too much, but the thought was always there.


Everyone had decided to go to Disneyland to film a video, and while you were okay staying home, they all insisted you went along. Since they were filming, you considered them to be working so you only agreed if Ian and his girlfriend could come along so you could still have someone else with you.

Well that was the plan anyways.

Within an hour of being there, Ian and her left the group to go off on their own, which essentially left you alone. Today had started feeling slightly… off. You were just easily upset and bitter for no reason and you knew there was no reason to feel like that. Technically, everything was okay with you. But now being ditched and left to follow around the group was starting to get on your nerves.

Maybe things would have gotten better if you had been able to spend more time with James during the day or been able to go on the rides with your boyfriend, but seeing as they didnt bring anyone else to film for them, you were stuck sitting alone while they sat together and had you film them when they needed wider shots. It wasnt exactly how you had planned on this day going, but there wasnt a whole lot of options left.

Not only did you end up filming for them, but you also turned into their photographer when they ran into fans. After asking them for a picture, they just handed you the phone and had you do it. Not even a “do you mind?” or a “thank you” after you finished but it was fine. Its okay. Its not that deep and you knew you needed to get over yourself.

When a few girls had come up to ask for a photo, you were handed two seperate phones. ‘Cant they just send the picture to each other?’ you thought to yourself before taking the pictures anyways. After, you saw one of the girls trying to take a picture of you without you noticing but you saw anyways. The group had already started walking away when you went up to the girl.

“Hi, excuse me, do you mind not posting the picture you took of me?” You tapped her arm to get her attention.

“Y/N-” Ethan noticed you were gone and that you were talking to the girl looking slightly upset.

“Are you serious? I have a right to some privacy here and I dont want photos of me out there all I’m asking is that you dont post the fucking picture okay!” Why wouldnt she just say she wouldnt post it? What was so hard about that? You were already having a shitty day and this girl was just adding fuel to the fire going on inside you.

“Y/N! I’m so sorry about that, you two have a nice day,” You felt Ethans hand grab your arm and pull you away from them.

“Babe, you can’t talk to them like that, okay?” He said to you while still holding onto you and going back to the group.

“Get your fucking hands off of me!” You shook off his hand and started walking away. You had expected your boyfriend to tell them not to post it, but instead he told you something instead. Unbelievable. You had gone off to one of the close by benches and took a seat before taking out your phone.

Ethan had tried to go follow you, but James stopped him when he saw you taking out your phone and holding it up to your ear. “Give her a minute E. What even happened?”

“I dont even know, I turned back to see her yelling at those girls over a picture and I didn’t want to start any drama so I pulled away and here we are,” he sighed and looked around.

“Ethan, what did she tell them? Word for word?” Now James looked concerned and it was worrying him.

“Just something about a photo of her and privacy and ‘not to fucking post it’,”

“Did they say they wouldnt post it?”

“James why does that matter?”

“DID THEY OR NOT ETHAN?” James was yelling now. He had heard Ethan calling your name while you were still with those girls, and he now knew why you were so pissed if those girls now had your name and photo of you. Sure all of them had taken a few photos with or of you, but they were usually all from behind, maybe the side of your face and they made sure not to have your name out there. If there was a photo of you all together, you usually had your face hidden or you slapped a sticker emoji on top. You didnt want anyone from your past being able to recognize you.

“I dont know, okay?” Ethan knew you didnt let them post pictures of you, but he didnt think it was that big of a deal. So one person has a picture and if it gets posted, then maybe a few people see it after it gets lost in the tags.

During all of this, Grayson had decided that this conversation was not something he wanted to be part of and left to grab a churro for you when you came back, knowing you had a thing for sugar. While he passed by you, he overheard part of your conversation with whoever you were on the phone from. Apparently you were talking to some guy named Josh about how bad your day had been going. He knew you could be friends with whoever you wanted, but something seemed off. He decided to leave it alone for now. He also felt his phone go off and saw that James had tweeted.

“If you took a picture with us today and took a picture of my friend without her permission, PLEASE DO NOT POST IT. RESPECT HER PRIVACY.”

You went back to the group and everyone noticed that your mascara had smudged a bit but decided against saying anything. Pulling you off to the side, James took out the beauty blender he had in his bag and got to fixing you back up while talking to you in a hushed voice.

Ethan felt horrible. You had all come out today to have a nice day together but that didnt seem to be happening at all. Not only did he manage to piss you off, but once he was that you had been crying it crushed him. He was supposed to be making you feel good and happy but he wasnt doing a good job it seemed.

“Hey Y/N, I got you something,” Grayson handed you the churro, which seemed to be missing a few bites that your raised your eyes at but accepted nonetheless.

“Thank you,” you smiled at him and took it. “I’m actually gonna go ahead and go find Ian. I called him and he’s going to let me third wheel with him, so I’ll meet up with you guys when were leaving.”

You gave Gray a quick hug, not noticing him looking at you strangely. When did you call Ian? You had been talking to some guy named Josh a few minutes ago? He decided to leave it alone and would talk to you about it later, not wanting to start anything if it was over nothing. But why would you lie about who you called?

“Sweetheart, you dont have to go, stay with us.” Ethan wrapped his arms around you, not wanting you to leave.

“Hey, its okay. You guys are technically working, so I’m just gonna let you finish. I’m sorry for how I talked to that girl we can talk about it later, okay? You guys just have fun,” You gave him a quick peck on the lips and said bye to everyone before walking off to find Ian.

Sure you had planned on spending the day with your boyfriend, but turns out third wheeling wasnt so bad. It meant more turning power for the spinning teacups with all three of you. You all crammed yourself into the carriage for the haunted mansion, and you all obnoxiously sang along to ‘its all small world’ much to the rest of the passengers dismay. You had to sit alone for most of the other rides, but it was okay because you knew once you all got off, it would be like you were all friends just together. There were no phones being handed to you for pictures, no camera to hold to get a wider angle and you were finally having a good time.

When you finally met up with everyone else around 10 o'clock to head out, they were surprised when they saw the three of you. You all had gotten matching mouse ear headbands, Ian included, and you were carrying five of those giant light up balloons that had the mickey outline in them.

“Babe, what’s with all the balloons?” Ethan finally asked after you said hi to everyone and they just stared at the giant bouquet of balloons.

“Well one is mine, then I got one for Gray since he got me a churro earlier, then I figured I should get you one too, but then I didnt want to leave Emma or James out so here we are. Five balloons. And Ian and his girlfriend already have theirs.” You said with a smile and held out your hand that held all the strings.

“Pick a different one bitch that ones mine,” you pulled them away when James tried to take the color you wanted. “Plus Grayson gets to pick first since he gave me food.” You held it out and let him pick.

“You’re not gonna let your boyfriend pick first?” Ethan looked at you with a pout.

“Mmm… nope.” You said, but you went and put one arm around him.

“Traitor,” he muttered under his breath as he pulled you closer to his side. After everyone had their own balloon, you finally all headed towards the gates. The day might not have started off great, but it got better and that was something you were happy about.

“So, are we good?” Ethan asked you quietly as you walked by his side.

“Hm? Oh, sure but I still wanna talk about it if thats okay?”

“Of course, at the house or in the car?”

“Well everyone is still coming with us in the car so…” as much as you wanted to talk about it, you didnt want everyone else listening in.

“Hey James!” Ethan yelled at James since you two were in the back of the group.

“What bitch?” He turned around to see what he wanted.

“Can Gray and Emma ride with you?”

“Oh no sweetie, you think I want four other people and five giant balloons in my car? You take them,” he sassed back.

“I’ll take the balloons with us, just take them with you.” After a moment of thinking James replied with a harsh “fine” and it was settled.

After taking everyones balloons back with you, it turns out trying to shove seven of those balloons in the jeep was a lot harder than either of you thought it would be and it was probably a safety hazard to drive since you couldnt see out of any of the back windows. Once everything was as good as it was going to get, you headed back towards James house.

“So what happened today?” You had barely made it to the first light when he asked.

“Damn we’re getting right into it, okay than… how honest do you want me to be with you?” You took in a breath and slowly let it out.

“One hundred percent babe,” he reached over and took your hand in his.

“Okay, want me to be real or sugar coat it for you?”

“Um, real?” He sounded as if he didnt know which would be better to hear.

“Fine. I didnt want to come today with you guys when James first asked. Like at all. Today was just a shitty day and I dont know why, but I woke up and everything just felt off. But then he invited Ian and Loren along so I still had someone to talk to while you guys filmed, but then they ditched us,” you turned in your seat to face him a little bit more. “I knew that today wasn’t going to be a ‘hey lets just all fun at disneyland’ kind of day since you were all filming and working, but it would have been nice to have some fun with you while we were there,” you started messing with your joined hands and playing with his fingers as you spoke.

“Ethan, I came with you guys as a friend, not your camera person or your guy’s personal photographer. Do you realize that the most you paid attention to me was when you got mad at me for how I talked to that girl? Not once did we go on a ride together. Hell, one time I didnt even go on one since the cart was full but you guys decided to get that one anyways and made me wait for the next one and you all didnt even care and that was pissing me off. I didnt come to be ignored by my friends, and I get it, you’re working but you could have been with me when the camera wasnt on but you didn’t. I tried to talk to you a few times but you kept ignoring me,” you said that last part quietly, getting reminded of your last relationship and how that went.

“I just wanted to spend some time with you and my friends today as I tried to make the best out of a shitty day, but that didnt happen. Everything just became too much for me and I snapped. So I figured I might as well third wheel because it was better than trying to fifth wheel with you guys.” You finished and waited for him to say something.

The silence was killing you as you watched him drive. He still hadnt said a word and he pulled into a parking lot and parked the car.

“What are we-” He turned to face you as you started speaking.

“Baby, I am so sorry. I wish you told me something earlier, and if you tried to, I’m sorry that I wasnt listening. We never meant to make you feel left out,” He turned in his seat and was faced you, taking both of your hand in this much larger ones. “And sweetheart I am so sorry that I grabbed you the way I did,” he looked genuinely upset with himself for grabbing you earlier.

“It’s okay-”

“No, its not Y/N. I shouldnt have grabbed you like that ever. Thats not how you treat someone you care about it.” He noticed a few tears slip down your face when you looked away so he gently turned your face back to him and he wiped them away with the pads of his thumbs.

“Sorry that I’m crying so much today,” you tried to laugh it off.

“Babe, you cry if you want to, but let me in please? Whats going on in that head of yours?”

“It’s just a lot of stuff from before I moved here, the way I was living before wasnt good and something I like thinking about too much… can we not talk about it right now? Maybe when we get to the house because if I’m going to do tell you, I’d rather not do it in a Target parking lot surrounded by light up balloons.” You laughed a little to try to lighten to situation a little bit.

“Of course sweetheart,” he grabbed your hand and gently brought it up to his face and placed a kiss on the back of your hand before letting go and starting the drive back to James’s house.

“Took you two long enough, bitch ass,” James greeted you as soon as you walked in.

“Fuck off, we literally saw you guys at the light before us,” you sassed back at him. On a more serious note, you turned back to him and Ian, “I’m gonna go talk to Ethan for a bit okay? I’ll let you know if I need you.”

Both of them nodded, understanding what you were talking about. You had mentioned recently about wanting to tell Ethan everything, having decided on telling your boyfriend first, then Grayson. You knew both of them together would not go well considering how loud they could get and how overwhelmed you would get with both of them trying to talk over each other. Separate would be a lot easier.

“You can go home if you want Gray, I’ll just stay here tonight,” Ethan tossed Grayson the keys.

“Actually, I think it would be better if you stayed, for a little bit anyways.” Both of the boys looked at you confused. Pulling Ethan down a little bit, you whispered to him, “I just dont know if you’re going to want to stay after I tell you everything.” He looked at you now completely worried but nodded anyways.

“OH! We should play Mario Kart for a bit!” Emma yelled out, already heading towards the living room. Well, that was one way to get everyone to stay for a little bit. Turning back to him, you grabbed Ethan’s hand and lead him up the stairs to your room and shut the door behind you. Both of you sat on the bed in silence.

“You’re kind of worrying me here, Y/N” He looked at you to see you folding a blanket over your legs that were crossed under you. You had also taken a pillow to play with in your lap.

“Sorry, I dont mean to. If I’m going to tell you everything, will you promise me something?” You looked up at him and when he nodded, you continued on. “Let me finish talking before you start asking questions? I’ll answer whatever, but just- I need to get it all out first, okay?” He nodded again.

“Okay,” you sighed and mentally prepared yourself, “okay, so theres no way to ease into it so here we go. I’m an alcoholic. Was an alcoholic. Whatever you wanna see it as, but I had a really bad drinking problem before moving here. It’s one of the reasons I moved here with James. I needed to get away from everyone judging me back home.” You looked at him and saw him trying to hide how shocked he was but you saw it anyways.

“When James moved out here, I ended up alone. He was pretty much my only friend, which was weird considering I’m older than him, but when he left, I didn’t really have anyone else. A few months later, I ended up dating this guy, who had a bunch of friends and along the way, they became my friends. One night, he took me to a party and there was so much there. Beer, wine, shots, whatever, it was there. And sure I had had a drink before that, but nothing too much. Never enough to even get me drunk or tipsy. But there, as stupid as it sounds, everyone was doing it so I figured why not and started doing shots with the other girls. I woke up the next day feeling awful but later that night we went to another party, and this time I only had a few but-” you took a deep breath, still looking down at your lap. “But, that didnt last long. It just became a cycle for us. School, party, school, party, then somewhere along the way it became drinking just at home, in the school parking lot, and I was drinking whenever. I didnt need the parties anymore, but I still went and oh god, there’s still a lot that I have no idea what happened.” You felt him shift on the bed. You couldnt tell if it was closer or away from you and you were scared it was the latter.

“It got to the point where I would have blackouts. I had no idea what happened the night before but my friends usually had some videos. I don’t know who else has any, but the ones I saw- its me doing shot after shot, me dancing way too inappropriately for a public setting, me stripping in front of everyone, theres photos of me in bed with my ex and theres still so much I dont know. What used to be me counting the days between drinks turned into me not remembering the last time I hadn’t had a drink.”

“I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend for different reasons but once I did that, I lost my drinking source. I was only 20, I couldn’t exactly go get any on my own so I,” deep breaths remember, “I would still go to bars if I could get in and I would let whoever buy me a drink- drinks and sometimes that was enough. Along the way word got out to the guys I knew that I was an “easy lay” if you bought me enough drinks, which to be completely honest, wasn’t a complete lie. I didn’t really care how I got my drinks as long as I got them. A few of those guys also had pictures, some are pretty bad, some are just us making out, but theyre out there. And when I turned 21, let me tell you, things got so much worse. One day, I had been drinking at home while my parents were gone and I passed out.” Playing with the pillow seemed to be most interesting thing while you could feel Ethan’s eyes burning into your head.

“I woke up in the hospital. Alcohol poisoning. It wasn’t until I saw the look on my parents faces that I realized how messed up I was. Seeing them look at me with just pure… disappointment, disgust, shame, pity, worry, it made me realize that I couldn’t be doing that anymore. I could have died and I didn’t want to keep wasting my life like that anymore.”

“The detox was absolute hell. Withdrawal was… awful. I was throwing up, shaking, I couldn’t sleep, my head was constantly pounding, and I’m not going to lie to you, I would relapse. Drinking would make all of that go away, but coming back from it was harder each time so I got into rehab. It was the only way to completely keep me away from it so I could get better. I was there for three months and at first it was horrible. Withdrawal came back harder than before and there was nothing I could do to make it go away but once I got past that, it got easier.” You glanced up for a second but you couldn’t make out the expression on his face.

“I started learning piano since they had one there. It was something to distract myself with. I called James to let him know what happened and that, that, didnt go well. He didn’t talk to me for a while, which I get. He was worried I had been around Ian while I was like that so I don’t blame him. He never knew about anything that went on back home since he never came back to visit. I dont blame him or anyone else for this, I know it’s all my doing. No one ever forced me to drink or do anything, it was all my own choices.”

“Once I got out, it was hard. I was going to meetings. I’m still going to meetings here. One day at a time ya know? But over there, everyone remembered me as I was before. I was just the party girl who drank too much and slept with who ever. No guy would be want to be seen with the girl that had been with everyone. Then someone posted pictures and it got worse. I deleted all my social media so I couldn’t get tagged in anything. I dont check anything because I dont want to see if anyone has posted anything. Even going to the store people would look at me and judge me because everyone apparently knew what happened. So when I was talking to James one day, he asked if I wanted to move out here with him. Ian had told him how hard being home was for me and while I was pissed because I didnt want him pitying me or dealing with the mess I made for myself but after some talking we decided I was coming here.” You looked around your room, proud of how far you had come from where you used to be.

“A few weeks later I was finally here, I took care of what I needed to to be sure I would stay on track and then I was officially moving in and then-” You finally looked up at Ethan and reached out for his hand, “then I met you and Grayson and Emma and things kept getting better and well… that’s where were at now. So there it is. I get it if you don’t want to be around me anymore. It wouldnt be good if one day those videos came back up and you were still connected to me and I dont want you getting dragged into my mess. So if you want to go, it’s okay.” You smiled at him even though you were close to tears. If he did leave, you would be a mess but you knew you would get through it eventually. You didnt want to drag him or his brother down with you because of your decisions so it was easier to let them both go now before things got more serious than they already were.

You felt his hand leave yours and you looked up to see him looking at you with a look you couldnt explain. When he got up from your bed and started walking towards the door, you felt your heart breaking.  When he walked out, you could hear him going down the stairs and a few minutes later you heard the front door close and a car start up and you could actually feel your heart shatter. Turns out James was wrong about him staying.  

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