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Hi!! your grayson one was amazing so do you think you could write about ethan going in bare please?? 😚

you’re tumbling around, tangled in the sheets of his bed. his hairs a mess, thanks to your fingers, and his flannel is unbuttoned revealing his well sculpted torso. as for the sweatpants and boxers he was wearing, well those are long gone now. you lay beneath him, everything off of you. you make sure he matches you and bring your dainty hands up and push the green flannel off his shoulders and then pull him down so you can press you lips to his.

he smiles into the kiss, moaning softly before pulling away and setting his forehead against yours, grinning while breathlessly saying, “love your lips, but i really need to fuck you now.”

your cheeks blush, and you quickly peck hislips before laying back against the pillow, pointing to your bedside drawer, “you know where they’re at.”

he winks at you as he shuffles to open the nightstand. while waiting, you spread your thighs and bite your lip, waiting for ethan to fufill his promise. with your eyes staring at the ceiling fan going in circle, you hear ethan sigh out and close the drawer. you turn your head to the side and see him standing there, in all his glory, with his arms crossed and a disappointed look on his face.

“got anymore anywhere else?” he asks.

you close your legs and sit up, reaching over to look in the drawer yourself. there were an old pair of your glasses, little packs of advil, random pictures from elementary school, but no condoms. with groan, you shut the drawer and plop back on the bed with your arms covering your eyes.

”no, that’s where my normal stash is.” you groan, throwing your hands down on the mattress.

“woah,” ethan crawls over you, grabbing the sheet and draping it over you bodies, chuckling under his breath, “someone’s really horny.”

you stick your tongue out at him before quirking your brows up and asking hopefully, “can we just, i don’t know, postmate condoms?”

ethan throws his head back with laughter and brings his smile face back down to bury in the corner of your neck, sighing out, “nah, i’m pretty sure they don’t do that, babe.”

he kisses you neck slowly, peppering the skin with his lips before sucking a deep purple spot right above your collarbone. you moan out, grabbing his face with your hands and making him look up at you. his eyes are still full of lust, making it known that he was still turned on. it not like you couldn’t tell though, considering the fact that his massive hard on is resting, hot and heavy, against your soft thigh. you cock up an eyebrow at him and he mirrors your image.

your heart races, you wanted him so bad. wanted him so bad you would let him go raw. loved him so bad you would. making your final decision, you grind up against him and a low groan rumbles from his lips.

“baby..” he breathes out, “better stop or i’m gonna have to fuck you anyway.”

you close your eyes at his words and nod, draping your arms around his neck and whispering out desperately, “please.”

his eyes go wide as he stares down at you, lick his lips, “for real?”

“ethan,” you whine, reaching down and pumping his cock a few times, making him hiss through his teeth, “just go bare. come inside. i’ll take a pill in the morning. i just really fucking need this.”

you don’t have to tell him twice as he lines his cock up with your entrance and pushes himself inside. his jaw goes slack from the new feeling, eyes rolling back and arms shaking. he wasn’t sure if he could hold himself up anymore, you felt so soft and warm and wet. he thought he was going to melt from the feeling. your nails dig into the skin of his biceps, leaving crescent shaped behind. he pulls out, and thrusts back in, making you moan so loud it’s almost embarrassing.

ethan grins at the effect his has on you, but his smile falters when you clench around him. he sits up on his knees and grabs your hips before beginning to pound into you. your eyes clench shut and you grind your teeth, high pitch mewls tumbling past your lips. you look up at ethan with half lidded eyes, watching him watch where you two connect, panting heavily and biting his lip. you close your eyes and arch your back, bringing your hands up to play with your breasts.

ethan leans back down, thrusting harder into you and making you gasp when he hits a certain spot deep inside you. he nods, bringing his lips up to your ear, mumbling, “right there, yeah? right-“ he pulls back and slams into you making you yell out in pleasure, “-there. that’s it.”

“don’t stop, please ethan. harder.” you beg, grasping at his back, feeling the muscles flex underneath your hands.

“don’t worry baby,” he hums, kissing the shell of your ear and maintaining the speed of his thrusts, “i’m not stopping till you cum all over my cock, again, and again, and again. you like that?”

you nod quickly, gasping out, “yes!”

“‘f course you do.” he grunts before slamming in and out of you and circling your clit quickly, “course my naughty girl does.”

you wrap your legs around his waist and moan out with your head thrown back and eyes screwed shut. your so close, you felt like your head was spinning. your chest rises up and down as you pant, sweat dripping down both your bodies as you both near your highs. he feels how close you are, running the tip of his nose along yours, kissing you lightly.

“come on, y/n. let go for me. be a good girl and cum all over my cock, come on.” he whispers.

with your head thrown back and your mouth open wide, you let go. seeing white and the tips of your fingers and toes going numb, you whine out. the feeling of you pulsing around ethan pushes him over the edge, making him moan against your lips and come deep inside you. he rides out your highs, pecking your lips one more time before pulling out.

after laying beside you, he pulls you into his side and kisses the top of your hair, mumbling against your head, “‘s nice.”

you nod, humming, “mhm.”

“i love you.” he whispers.

you cuddle up closer to him, nodding once more and kissing his jaw, responding with your eyes closed, “i love you too, e.”

The Cove Part 6

‘I’m coming over in 10.’ You unlocked your phone, reading the text from Laura and sent back a smiley face. You looked in the mirror and surveyed your outfit. You paired a nice tank top with some jean shorts. Even though the party was at night it was still the middle of summer and you knew you’d be needing the shorts and tank top.

“Sis, you ready?” Jack called.

Grabbing your phone you slid it into your shorts and walked towards the stairs, “Yeah, Laura’s almost here. Is E on his way?” Jack nodded, looking at his phone. You went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. The doorbell rang and you walked over to get it.

“Y/N! You ready?” Ethan smiled down at you.

You smiled back, “Yeah, Laura should be here soon.”

“She’s in the car.” Ethan stepped to the side and you saw Laura in the front seat. When she caught your eye she started to wave but then flipped you off at the last second. You rolled your eyes good-naturedly.

“Where’s Grayson?”

“He had to run an errand. He’s meeting us at the party, though.” You nodded as you walked out to the car, Jack following and Ethan leading the way.

When you arrived at the party music was blasting and people were mingling outside on the grass, “Who’s house is this?” You asked to no one in particular.

“Megan’s older sister. She’s out of town for the week and she told Megan she could have friends over.” Ethan explained. You nodded in understanding as you got out of the backseat. Laura linked arms with you and marched you up to the steps.

As soon as you walked in you were greeted by Megan’s smile, “Laura! Y/N! I’m so glad you guys are here! Want something to drink? There’s alcohol and other drinks in the kitchen.” She hugged you before walking off to greet other guests.

“Let’s get this party started!” Ethan yelled, coming up behind you. You smiled as he went to greet his friends with a handshake and a side-hug.  Laura pulled you to the kitchen and got a beer and handed you a can of lemonade. You smiled appreciatively and surveyed the people hanging around the kitchen and the connected living room. Some people were already drunk, some were getting there, you could tell. Laura had mentioned to you earlier that she wanted to get drunk at the party and you agreed to keep her from doing anything embarrassing.

It’d had been a few hours since you had arrived and Laura was sufficiently drunk. You had stopped her from dancing on a table without a top as well as stopping her from jumping in the pool. You were getting tired of watching her when Ethan came up to you and told you that he’d watch her for a while. You gave him a hug as thanks and wandered off to find some food and water.

“Having fun?” A voice behind you asked. You turned and saw Megan smiling at you.

“Yeah. It’s nice. Great music choice, by the way!” Megan laughed and gave you a warm hug.

“Hey where’s Grayson?” Megan turned to grab a drink from the bar in the kitchen. You had seen her with a drink in her hand all night but she didn’t seem drunk, or even tipsy.

“Um, I’m not sure. E said he had some errands to run. Shouldn’t you know?” You hoped that you weren’t coming off as rude.

Megan raised an eyebrow, “Why would I know?” She took a sip from her cup.

“Well…” you trailed off uncomfortably, “you two are together, aren’t you?” You scratched your arm, avoiding her eyes.

Megan coughed. When you looked at her she was smiling and holding her hand up to her mouth, “Oh my gosh, no! I have a boyfriend. Grayson is so not interested in me!”

“You… a boyfriend?” You stuttered out.

“Yeah! Harrison! He’s great! We’ve been together for three years!” She pulled out her phone and showed you her lock screen that showed a picture of a handsome boy kissing her cheek.

You let go of a breath that you didn’t know you were holding, “Oh.”

“Anyway, I think I heard a door close upstairs and there aren’t any bathrooms up there so that can only mean one thing. Talk later!” With that, Megan walked out and towards the stairs. You watched her until she disappeared upstairs, mind still reeling with what she had said. Grayson was single. It upped your chances with him, if only minutely.

“Hey, how’s the party treating you, babe?” You jumped when a hand snaked its way around your waist. The guy who had sidled up next to you was unfamiliar. You moved to your right, away from him. He followed, “Want something to drink? I made it myself.” You rolled your eyes, knowing that he probably did something to the drink.

“No I’m alright, I have some lemonade, thanks though.”

“Aw come on, cutie, that’s no fun, loosen up a little. I’m Dean, by the way.” He winked at you and you felt an uncomfortable shiver down your spine.

“I’m DD tonight.” You lied. Ethan was actually the DD but you wanted this guy to leave.

“I’m sure your friends will understand.” He kept trying to put his hand on your waist.

“It’s fine, please leave.” You asked, walking towards the living room where there were more people. You breathed a sigh of relief when you didn’t hear Dean, and looked behind to see if he was following you, he was. When you went to turn back you ran into something. You stumbled back into Dean and rubbed your nose. It was stinging from whatever you ran into.

“You falling for me, princess?” Dean smiled down at you. You tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he held on tight.

“Hey! Let go!” You looked up and saw Grayson standing there, a cup in his hand, glaring at Dean. Dean’s grasp slackened and you scrambled away from him and stood next to Grayson. You didn’t necessarily need Grayson’s protection but he made you feel safer.

“Whatever man, maybe you’ll have better luck with the prude.” Dean waved dismissively. You flinched at the insult but you were glad that he was finally leaving. Grayson stepped forward to say something but you grabbed his arm to tug him back. You couldn’t say anything when he looked back at you but he stopped and turned back to you.

“You okay? Did he do anything to you?” He put his hands on your upper arms and rubbed them.

“I- yeah,” you avoided his eyes, “he didn’t do anything, tried to slip me a drugged drink, I think, but I’m fine.” Grayson’s hands tightened when you told him about the drink.

“You didn’t drink it, did you?” He touched your cheek, looking into your eyes to make sure they weren’t glassy or dilated from whatever drug might have been in the drink. You shook your head at him, “Okay, okay. Do you want to leave? We could go get ice cream.” He suggested.

You nodded, “I’ll go get E and Laura.”

“I drove, we can just go right now.” You looked up at him, he was smiling softly at you. You nodded and he grabbed your hand, pulling you to the front door. “I parked down the street.” He pointed and you followed his finger, seeing the teal on his Bronco. He led you to the truck and opened the door for you.

“Grayson,” You said when he got in. He looked at you expectantly, “Haven’t you been drinking?”

“No, E and I don’t drink, it was water in the cup. It’s easier to have something in my hand so that people don’t push drinks on me.” You nodded, it was smart, you had to admit.

Grayson parked his truck in a space outside your favorite ice cream shop. You didn’t know how he knew, or if it was just a coincidence that he chose that particular one. Grayson ran around to your side and opened the door for you.

Once the two of you had ordered you sat at a small table outside and started eating. You so badly wanted to say something but you were frozen. You had talked to Grayson more in the past twenty-four hours than you had in the past four years combined. Quicker than you had anticipated you had become more comfortable around him.

“Did you finish your errands?” You asked into your ice cream.

Grayson looked you “My what?”

You swallowed the bite you had taken, “Eth said you had errands to run and that was why you were late to the party.”

“Oh. Oh yeah! Yeah errands. I finished them.” Grayson smiled at you and you looked away quickly. Grayson’s phone buzzed and you looked down to see a text from Ethan. He picked it up and unlocked it, reading the message, “Some people are going down to the beach right now, wanna go?”

You contemplated going. You didn’t really want to go to another party but you and Grayson were having a really nice time and wanted to continue to spend time with him. You were unsure if you’d still be able to talk to him after the night ended, “Who’s goin’?” Grayson was looking down at his phone, typing something, immersed in his conversation, “Gray?” You asked quietly.

Grayson’s eyes snapped to yours, “You’ve never called me that before.”

You blushed and looked down, “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s probably just a family nickname, isn’t it? I won’t-”

“No! No, I liked it.” he smiled gently at you, “What did you ask? Sorry, Ethan was bugging me about something…”

“Um, I asked who else was going to the beach.”

“Oh!” he looked down at his phone, “Jack, E, Laura, Nate, Alex, and Meg might meet up with us later, whenever the party ends. Do you want to go? If not I can just take you home.”

“Let’s go.” You finished your ice cream and stood up, he stood up with you and started walking to the car. As you reached his car he was standing on the passenger side, holding the door open, waiting for you to get in. You whispered a quiet thank you as he closed the door behind you before walking around to his side and climbing in. He started his car and made his way to the beach.

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I don’t think you guys understand how stressed I get when I see that gray is buying new decorations and it’s at one of the stores that are apart of the company I work for😭. Like seriously just be my boyfriend and I’ll give you my discount🤣🤣

Just Give Me a Reason: Part 1

a/n: Hi! So, I decided I wanted to try this out, and I’ve had this concept for a while now. Let me know if you like it and want more. So far, there are eight parts, and I’ll release one each Tuesday. Hope you like it!

summary: It started as a family vacation to Colorado. I figured the most exciting thing to happen would be Aunt Janet getting drunk and telling stories about her ex-husbands. What I didn’t think was that one-half of the Dolan Twins would be there filming a video for their YouTube channel. But, as the saying goes, it’s the unexpected that changes our lives.”

warnings: language?

word count: about 1.1k

The family reunion was an annual event that happened every spring in Colorado, but or some reason it happened early that year, and everyone decided we’d get together at the beginning of March instead of the end. I remember being pissed when parents first told me because I’d made plans with my friends to go to a concert that week.

“Family comes first,” my mom said, and I knew there was no arguing with her.

So, instead, I just rolled my eyes and went to my room to call my friend Hannah and complain to her about it.

When the week actually came to go, my attitude had worn off slightly. Family reunions weren’t terrible, and it hadn’t hurt that Hannah promised to take me to a Chainsmokers concert that summer. My mom and dad also let me stay home an extra two days to finish up some school work. I was in college, but it was online, so I don’t know how I convinced them, but I did.

By the time I actually got to Colorado, the party had already started. Aunt Janet was drunk a good part of the time, Uncle Donnie was talking about all the new strains of marijuana sold at his pot shop, and all my cousins were doing their various activities which included getting high, pretending to be better than everyone else, and actually going down to the slopes to ski and snowboard. I was greeted warmly by everyone except for two cousins in which I’d always had a strange rivalry with. And, because I was a few days late, I was stuck rooming with the youngest of the family. I didn’t mind though. They were still high school age, so it wasn’t a terrible age gap. They did, however, question everything I did, so when I went and smoked Donnie’s pot with a few of my other cousins, I had to make up a story and pretend like I wasn’t totally high.

By my third night, I was dead ass tired, so I snuck out of our cabin and went down to the hotel lobby. My family always rented a big lodge, so I figured no one would be at the hotel, and I was right. No one I knew personally was there, but I did see a rather recognizable face checking in.

“Uh, I have a reservation for Ethan Dolan,” I overheard, causing me to look up from my phone. “Yeah, I made the reservation online yesterday.”

My jaw nearly dropped. It was really Ethan Dolan from the Dolan Twins YouTube channel. I glanced around the lobby. Was no one else noticing this? Well, I may have missed the concert, but I had to show my friends this, so I opened Snapchat and tried to take a picture without it being too noticeable as to what I was doing, but just as I was about to click the button, he turned around. I quickly looked down to pretend like I hadn’t just been trying to get a picture of him, but he’d noticed and smiled a bit. My cheeks burned as he walked past me to go to the elevator. I wasn’t even a huge fan or anything. I just knew that my one friend would be jealous.

After he got in the elevator, I got up quickly and left the lobby. I was too embarrassed to be there when/if he came back down. I wasn’t ready to go back to the cabin yet though, so I just wandered around in the cold for a while before deciding to get dinner at the little pizzeria. Of course, though, I walked in and saw him sitting right across the room at a table. I thought about walking back out, but I really wanted some pizza, and I needed to explain what I was really doing earlier, so I walked over to his table and sat down confidently. He looked up, confused but smiled once he saw it was me.

“Hello,” he said, laughing.

“Hi, I’m Charlie. So, I just wanted you to know that I’m not like a crazy fan or anything like that,” I said. “I was just supposed to be at a concert with my friends this week, and they’re there, so I knew if I told them that I saw you, it’d make my one friend jealous, but I also knew she wouldn’t believe me unless I got a picture. I didn’t get one though. So, don’t worry. I am sorry though. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy or anything like that. I mean, I do watch your videos, but—”

“Do you want a picture?” he asked, smiling as he cut off my rambling.

“Please,” I said with a laugh.

He motioned for me to come over, so I moved to that side of the booth and quickly snapped a picture to send to Hannah.

“You know, I just thought it was funny,” he said. “You trying to get a picture earlier. But, the commitment, following me all the way here just to explain that you’re not crazy.”

“Oh, I didn’t follow you,” I said, blushing again. “I was actually so embarrassed that I left and came here, but then you were here too.”

He laughed. “That’s okay. I was just messing with you.”

“Oh,” I said, biting my lip. “Well, I’ll let you go. I’m sure you’re busy doing whatever you do.”

I got up to leave, but he stopped me.

“Actually, I’m kinda lonely,” he said.

“Really? Where’s your brother?”


“And you’re here?” I laughed.



“It’s for a video. We’re going a week without each other.”

“First time?”

“Can you tell?”

“You look a little out of place. I thought it was just your first time to Colorado.”

“Oh, you from around here?”

“Nah, but my family holds a reunion here every year.”

He nodded.

“Pretty ironic if you think about it,” I said.

“What is?” he asked.

“I’m here with all of my family, trying to avoid them if you couldn’t tell, and you’re here without any of yours.”

He smiled. “Maybe you could keep me company.”

I raised an eyebrow, and he smirked.

“Only if you share your pizza.”

He laughed. “You like pineapple pizza?”

“What? That’s disgusting. No.”

“Okay, I’ll get it half and half then.”

anonymous asked:

I see all 3 siblings having all boys and they’re all pointing at each other like “you have another one ! I already have 4” “shut the fuck up! I’m not ruining my body AGAIN” “I just wanna hold a baby girl and buy her princess costumes and beat up any boy that knocks her up”

HAHAHA omg can you imagine them all just dying for a baby girl but having a squad full of little boys. and not even like squad of sweet little boys, but a squad of screeching, mud-rolling, tree-jumping terrors. the universe would totally be giving ethan, gray and cam payback for absolutely wildin’ when they were little. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! 

ethan shifted his two year old son, conrad on his lap who was happily squishing his stuff bear in his lap. “listen, dolans, we need to have a family meeting.”

“oh god, now what, ethan?” cameron groaned as she leaned back in the rocking chair, adjusting her 10 month who was snuggled deep into her chest.

“i think we need to talk about the lack of female diversity within this family.”

“excuse me?” grayson asked, raising an eyebrow. the lack of female diversity between himself, ethan and cameron’‘s children was apparent; after all, there were nine grandchildren and they were all boys, but grayson had no idea where ethan was going with this.

“i think one of us should try again for a girl.” ethan leaned back in his chair as conrad jumped up, running off into the kitchen to join the chaos.

“you’ve gotta be kidding me,” cameron deadpanned. “i just had a fricken kid, i’m maxed out. you have another kid, ethan.”

me? why me? i think we can all agree that having twin boys that rival gray and i as kids is traumatic enough, we’ve paid our dues–.”

“fuck that, i’ve already got four, you only have two ethan, it’s only fair,” grayson reasoned. “c’mon, you’ve always wanted a baby girl, too. you’re so good with y/n’s sister’s daughter, always having tea parties with her, playing house–.”

“ohhh, no, you’re not roping me into this.” ethan stuck his finger out defensively at his brother, but deep down he knew he was right.

“yeah, E, you are so good with Gracie,” cameron persisted, “plus, just imagine holding her in your arms; her little fist gripping your one finger. her finally falling asleep in your arms after she spends all night crying–.” 

ethan knew he was fucked; he wanted that so badly, it’s the main reason he brought it up.

“fuck both of you. fine, i’ll talk to y/n about it. but i swear to god if this baby ends up being another boy that’s hell on wheels i’m suing both of you for my trauma.”

cameron and grayson pumped their fists into the air in victory; the dream team had struck again.


“Remember what I told you, baby? Go out there and do your best, because Dolan’s—“ 

“Dolan’s can do anything. I know, daddy!” Grayson was bent down beside his young daughter, palms resting on her little shoulders as she stood backstage at her dance recital. 

Ellie was a little pro, and had been dancing practically since she left the womb. It was no surprise when Erin and Grayson decided to throw her into competitive dance the second she could walk on her own two feet. From then on, she had been fully immersed into the dancer lifestyle, being at the studio 5/7 nights a week just to advance her already developing skills in time for competition season. 

To Erin and Grayson’s dismay, this meant many nights sitting in barren dance studios, replays of the same poppy music bumping through their brains as Ellie and her company rehearsed their numbers over and over again. 

They were dedicated and hardworking parents, and were so very proud to see their little girl doing something that she truly loved. Even if that meant that Grayson had to cough up a pretty penny just to allow her to do so. 

Grayson smiled at Ellie’s words. 

“Right. Dolan’s can do anything,” he repeated, Erin’s hand running over Grayson’s hair affectionately as she stood behind him. 

“Okay, we gotta get going. Leave her to it,” Erin reminded her husband, needing to get Ellie backstage and with her company and teachers in time for the show. 

“Okay. Good luck out there, angel. You’re going to do—“ Grayson was cut off by the sound of heeled boots slapping against the tiled floors of the performing arts centre. 

“Wait, wait, wait! I forgot the hair bow,” Emma yelled running towards the trio, pink and sparkly hair bow flapping around in her hand in order to wave them down. 

“Wow, 2 seconds later and her outfit would’ve been a disaster,” Grayson teased as he stood, Emma halting in front of them with a huff, scoffing at Grayson’s sarcasm. 

“Last piece, little one,” Emma beamed as she shook the hair bow at her niece, who’s face lit up at the addition to her costume. 

“Wow, Ellie. What do you say to Auntie Em for making your costume?” Erin smiled with wide eyes down at her daughter as Emma bent to place the bow on Ellie’s hair. 

“Thank you, Auntie Em,” Ellie grinned in a uniform tone, mimicking what her mother had asked her to say. 

“You are so very welcome, special girl,” Emma said, bending down to straight out her goddaughters costume. 

“Okay, she’s really got to get back there now. Her class is there,” Erin rushed, working to get her husband and sister-in-law out of the way to attend to the duty at hand. 

“Where’s E?” Grayson asked Emma, letting Erin start to guide Ellie towards the doors that led to the backstage dressing room areas. 

“Oh! He’s parking the car,” Emma cringed, hoping that Ellie could wait out for just another minute for her uncle to see her before she ran off with her friends. 

“Too late. She’s gotta go,” Erin called over her shoulder, walking away from the two other Dolan’s in a rush. 

“I’m here! I’m here!” Ethan exclaimed from the doors across the room, jogging over, clutching his car keys and phone in his fist as he rushed to see his goddaughter. 

“Oh my god,” Erin groaned, knowing she was going to get an earful from Ellie’s dance teachers for being backstage late on show day. 

“Where’s my favourite little girl?” Ethan was smiling ear to ear, holding something behind his back in impatience as he shifted from foot to foot in front of the group. 

“She’s right here, on her way backstage. You can wave to her from there,” Erin warned Ethan as she tried to continue to push Ellie backstage.

“Uncle E!” Ellie beamed, wiggling out of her mothers grip to get towards her favourite male in her life, barring her little brother and her father. 

“Woah! Look how cute you are,” Ethan smiled as he bent down beside his niece, passing the surprise behind his back between his fingers. 

“What’s that?” Ellie asked, noticing her uncles attempt to hide the surprise behind his back from her. 

“What? Oh, this?” Ethan pretended to not know what she was talking about, pulling the pink petalled rose in front of his torso, Ellie’s eyes widening. 

“Looks like a pretty little flower for pretty little Ellie,” Ethan hummed as he bent down to Ellie’s level, passing the rose over to her. 

The older Dolan’s all stuck a lip out in surprise at the cute gesture, Ellie’s face lit up with joy as she hugged the flower tight to her chest. 

“Aw, baby. Isn’t that nice of Uncle E?” Grayson cooed at his daughter as she continued to admire the pink petals on the delicate flower, spinning it in her hand to get a closer look. 

Ellie nodded her head shyly at Ethan, who immediately opened his arms for his favourite little girl, the one who made him want a thousand baby girls. 

“You’re gonna do great, princess,” Ethan whispered into her hair softly as Ellie crumpled herself into his chest. 

“Ethan, watch the costume,” Emma warned as she touched a gentle hand to her husbands shoulder. 

“Watch the TIME. She has to go,” Erin complained, attempting to pull Ellie from Ethan’s grip. 

“Okay, okay, you can have her back,” Ethan laughed as he stood, shoving his hands in his pockets and admiring his thoughtful gesture.

“Wait, Cam said she’s coming and—“ Grayson started to offer, leaning into Erin. 


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Nightmares G.D.

Summary: Grayson has an awful nightmare about you which causes him to come to the realization that he needs to tell you how he really feels about you, NOW… at 3:45 am.

Warnings: Cursing, probably typos. Talks about death, but not too seriously so don’t worry. A little bit of blood and gore but again, not too crazy so you should be fine. Y/BF/N= Your Best Friend’s Name

Grayson’s POV

Blue and red lights danced around you as sirens rung horrifyingly loud in your ears. But you were in such a state of shock that you no longer heard them. You had got the call from Y/N best friend and hopped in your car as fast as you could. She didn’t say much on the phone. “The police are at her house, one of the neighbors called them when they heard gunshots coming from across the street. Get over here now Grayson!” So here you were.  A small crowd filled with neighbors and curious pedestrians scattered across the front of the house, filling the air with nervous chatter. Her house was blocked off with yellow caution tape. The house you spent almost every day at was now a crime scene. You looked for Y/BF/N, weaving through the crowd until you saw her talking to a police officer. You ran up to her once she finished her conversation with the police officer. “Hey, what did the police say, is Y/N ok. What happened here?” Tears were forming in her eyes, and she had to swallow hard before she could talk. “It’s not good. They said it was a break-in, the robbers shot someone before taking off. They wouldn’t tell me who was shot or how bad it was.” Your stomach dropped and you instantly went into a silent prayer. Please let Y/N be okay, please let her be alright God. Your mental prayer was halted as a few paramedics exited the house carrying a stretcher with a body, a white cover thrown over it to hide the identity. Someone was dead. You made a beeline to the paramedic. “Who is it, who is that?” You could feel Y/BF/N grabbing you trying to stop you from making a scene but it hardly made a difference, you were obviously way stronger than her. Hot tears were streaming down your face, you shoved pass police officers as if you were back on a football field before reaching the stretcher and reaching your arm out, dragging down the white sheet to reveal a lifeless Y/N. You couldn’t even hear the loud gasps coming from the crowd as you stood there staring at the bullet hole in her temple, shattering her skull, pieces of her brain now visible, blood completely covering her gorgeous features, making her almost completely unrecognizable. They made a clean shot right in the head. You dropped to your knees instantly, a tight feeling in your chest, you were sure your heart would explode or maybe you’d throw up. She was gone, the girl you loved. She’d never get to know how you really felt. You thought about all the ways you would tell her how happy she made you, how in love with her you were, and now you’d never get the chance. You should’ve told her sooner, why did you wait so long? Now it’s too late. You started sobbing, tears completely taking over your vision. You rubbed your eyes on the sleeve of your jacket, wiping the tears away but when you gained your vision back you looked again and everything was gone.

It took you a few seconds before you sat up in bed. Your heart was beating at a ridiculous pace. Your mind was cloudy and it took a few seconds for your eyes to adjust to the darkness in your room. You sighed in relief. It was just a nightmare. Or was it? The image of her bloody face popped onto your mind, the deep black hole the bullet left in her brain caused you to shiver. You grabbed your phone, instantly calling Y/N. It seemed stupid but you had to make sure. You just had to hear her voice. “Hello?” Her voice chimed through on the phone. Her soft voice was groggy, letting you know she had been sleeping. You immediately felt bad for waking her, but you couldn’t deny the happiness you felt knowing that she was okay. “Hey, I’m sorry for calling you so late.” Your own voice came through deeper than usual from sleep and a little shaky from the jitters your nightmare left behind. Your throat hurt a little as well, making it clear that you were snoring your ass off.  You could hear her laugh and you imagined how pretty she must’ve looked, her smile always warmed your heart. “It’s alright Gray. Are you okay, you sound a little off.” How could she tell? It amazed you how well she knew you. “Yeah, I’m good it’s just… Can I come over? I really need to see you right now.” You didn’t mean to alarm her but a sudden sense of urgency came over you. You couldn’t wait anymore. You realized how fragile life was. Someone you love could be here today and gone tomorrow. And you didn’t want there to be any more unsaid words left behind. “Yeah, of course. You sure you’re fine G?” You nodded before remembering she couldn’t see you. “I’m good. I’ll talk to you when I get there. See ya.” You hung up the phone and quickly slipped on your Gucci slides. You grabbed your jacket before making your way to your car, being careful not to wake Ethan up. You pulled out the driveway and headed to Y/N’s house.

Your POV

You made your way to the kitchen, suddenly in the need for some water. The time on your microwave read 3:45 am. You yawned and opened your fridge grabbing a water bottle. The phone call you just had left you a bit nervous. You weren’t sure what to expect when you saw Grayson’s name come across your phone screen. He never called you around this time before, so immediately you were worried. You wondered what he wanted to see you for, and why now? Why didn’t he wait until the morning? The doorbell interrupted your thoughts, making you jump and spill some of your water. “Fuck.” You said putting the bottle down and going to the door, ignoring the small pool of water on your kitchen floor that you knew you’d end of forgetting and slipping on later on in the day. You unlocked the door and swung it open. “Hey Gr-” Before you could even finish his name, Grayson’s arms were around you, scooping you up and holding you close, completely taking your breath away. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He held you for a while, and you let him. You could feel how fast his heart was beating. Which caused you to worry. What was going on? He finally set you back down, and you fixed yourself. “Someone’s happy to see me.” You said teasing him. He was still in his pajamas, just like you, which was just a plain white tee and grey sweatpants. He wore his Gucci slides that were pretty worn out.  His hair was still a mess as well, a few strands stuck to his forehead from his sweat. But he never looked more handsome in your eyes. “Hey.” He finally said, a small smile forming on his lips. “Sorry about that. I got kinda carried away.” You grinned. “It’s cool Gray. I’m happy to see you too. You wanna come in to sit and talk?” You offered. He shook his head no. “It’s a really nice night. Can we sit out here instead? This cool air feels really good.” You nodded before closing your front door. “Let’s talk here.” You said pointing to your porch swing. He followed you, as you sat down on the swing. You didn’t bother putting on the porch light, the full moon was out and it was bright tonight, giving you all the light you needed. “So what’s up?” You said after a minute of comfortable silence on the swing. Grayson took a deep breath. Pausing, as if what he was about to say would change everything. This only made your heart pound out of your chest. “Spit it out Dolan! You’re freaking me out here.” He stared his hands in his lap, not wanting to make eye contact with you. “I had a nightmare… about you. You died in a very horrifying way.” His voice was low. “And it kinda scared the shit outta me.” You placed your hand on his thigh for comfort. “I’m sorry Gray.” He shook his head. “That’s not why I’m here… or at least that’s only half of the reason why I’m here.” He took another pause before continuing on. “It just made me realize how limited our time is here on Earth. I couldn’t go another second without telling you how I feel.” He closed his eyes. “I’m in love with you Y/N. I’ve been in love with you for so long. I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left this world and I was still on it.” He exhaled, his shoulders sagging as if a huge weight has been lifted off of him. “You don’t have to say it back. I know you probably don’t feel that way towards me.” You could hardly believe the words leaving his lips. You hid your feelings from Grayson thinking he’d never like you in a million years, and all this time he’s been doing the same thing. “Grayson… Do you know how many times I’ve thought about this moment happening… and it’s actually happening. I love you too, and I’m not just saying that cause you said it first.” Grayson’s finally lifted his head, staring at you in disbelief. “Wait, seriously?” His serious face expression now shifted into one of pure joy. He couldn’t control the goofy grin on his face. “Ohhh my fucking god! I can’t even… all this time you… liked me, no, LOVED me. Y/N I can’t even process that.” You nodded, completely amused by his state of surprise and happiness. “No offense Y/N but you have terrible taste in men if I’m the guy you’re in love with.” You burst out in laughter. “So true, but hey, the heart wants what it wants.” You replied. You sat there in silence, both of you taking a moment to come to grips that this was really happening. “So what happens now?” You said quietly. “Does this make me your… girlfriend.” You bit your lips nervously. “I mean, if you’d do me the honors I’d love to be your boyfriend.” Your heart almost skipped a beat. Grayson Dolan wanted to be your boyfriend. What the FUCK. You held your hand out “Deal?” He smiled wide before shaking your hand. “Deal.”

(Super stoked cockwarming is a trend here on tumblr now hehe. Just a little something something I threw together. Is it good? No. Will you enjoy it? Probably also no. 😜)

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hmmmethan  asked:

So since I’m like super super obsessed with you and your mind and your talent, I NEED to request for you to do cockwarming with E. I’m so intrigued by it. So intimate and calming ugh

bro i’m obsessed with YOU tf??? thanks love you’re amazing i can’t believe a legend is asking me to write something omg

pulling out of you, he breathes out a sweet sigh, letting his head hang heavily. his softening dick rests against your soft thigh, making him hiss quietly from how sensitive he still was. he peers down between the two of you, watching himself leak out from you, almost making him let out a choked moan. ethan moves to rest on his elbows, careful not to rest all his weight on top of your smaller body. his eyes wander up to your bare chest, watching it rise and fall rapidly as you try to regain your breath. your eyes are closed and your brows furrowed in blissed out satisfaction.

he breathes out again, making your eyes flutter open. you watch him looking over you body. his plump lips are agape, inhaling and exhaling. the damp curls atop his head cling to his forehead, giving him a wearily cuddly look. you wonder how he isn’t exhausted and is still hovering over you, not passed out from all the work he put in. you watch as he shifts again uncomfortably on his arms.

your hands rest on his bare shoulders, pulling against him and softly saying, “lay down, baby.”

“don’t want crush you.” he mumbles back, refusing to lay on top of you as he looks up through his hair.

the side of your mouth twitches into a half smile as you pull him down on you, “you won’t.”

he rests his head against your chest, right above your heart. the rhythm lulls him halfway to sleep, but he’s still awake. there’s something missing, but he just can’t put his finger on it. he didn’t feel whole, like he needed that missing piece just so he could fall asleep. with your fingers running through his brown locks, he looks up at you in admiration.

you were the missing piece.

he hovers over you again and pushes your thoughts apart, beginning to position himself at your entrance one more. you frown place a hand on his chest to pause him.

“woah,” you breathe out, placing your other hand on the side of his jaw, “thought that was it. don’t know if i can do much more babe.”

e leans down, pressing his lips to yours in a soft kiss, whispering against your lips, “just want you to be around me. nothing else. need to be inside you.”

you pull away and gaze up at him, your look giving him permission to carry on. he places a hand on the back your neck, encouraging you to lay your head back against the pillow. as he slowly pushes into you, he mirrors the image of you biting your lip. his eyebrows knit together in concentration as his thick cock sinks deeper into you.

you can’t help the small whimper that escapes your mouth, and it causes ethan to swipe his thumb against your lower lip. his eyes are half lidded, with exhaustion and absolute pleasure. he was fucked out, but couldn’t help but literally be pulled back into you. once he’s at the hilt, he moves his arms beneath you in a cradle position and rests his face in the crook of your neck.

“so nice.” he breathes out, his hot breath leaving goosebumps in its wake.

“yeah?” you whisper back, wrapping your legs around him and resting your heels at the bottom on his back, “what so nice about it, baby?”

“warm,” he quickly replies, before adding with a murmur, “and soft, and wet, and tight. could stay here forever.”

you kiss his temple as he rests deep inside of you. in return, he kisses your shoulder, holding you closer than ever. the two of you hold each other in comfortable silence. you listen to him breathe in and out peacefully.

“i like this,” he whispers, “thank you.”

“of course baby.”

“i love you,” he says once again, so softly, “forever.”

Guilty Conscience  E.D.

You grinned down at the text on your phone. The brightness from the screen casting a soft glow over your features as you sit in your dimly lit room, the only other light coming from the lava lamp sitting on your nightstand. “I’m outside” That’s all the text said, but those two words were enough to send a rush of excitement down your spine. You hopped off your bed with eagerness and made a beeline to your bathroom. You took out your bun in front of the mirror, letting your curls fall loosely to your shoulders in a very sexy way. You applied your pina colada lip scrub and lip balm, knowing how much he loved the taste of pineapples. You were only wearing an oversized hoodie and a black lace thong along with your Fenty slippers. You shuffled your way downstairs to the front door. You swung it open and put on your sexiest smile. There he was, standing on your porch. Ethan Dolan. “Hey you!” He said as he closed the gap between the two of you, scooping you in his husky arms. You led him inside your living room and he sat down comfortably, kicking his shoes off. “Want anything to drink?” He nods. “A sparkling waters cool yeah.” You hurry into the kitchen, second later returning with the bottle. You toss it to him and he catches it with one hand before you plop down next to him, placing your legs across his lap. “So what brings you here Dolan?” You say toying with the drawstrings on your hoodie. You knew exactly why he was here, but wanted to tease him a bit.“I was in the neighborhood, thought I’d stop by.” He replied. You sat up, inching closer to him. “Oh really.” You crawled in his lap, straddling him against the couch. “And does your girlfriend know you’re here?" 

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Late, in Love, and a Little Drunk

Summary: Ethan and Y/N come home after too much tequila, and Grayson’s left to handle the pair when he finds them on the verge of burning the house down. Although, neither seem to care in as they both remain drunk on Don Julio and love.  

Word Count: 3.2k 

A/N: This is just a little fic that stemmed from a conversation with Emma (@hmmmethan) and Kristina (@deluxedolans) because we were all very whiney and feeling messy about getting drunk with E in our group chat. So like, enjoy the suffering with us. 

“I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk” - Atticus 


Grayson Dolan lived for nights like this.

A cool breeze from the LA air flittering through his window as he stepped out of the shower. His muscles were aching in the most satisfying way from a hard, late-night, lifting sesh, and all he wanted to do was crawl into bed.

The digital clock next to his bed blinked 10 PM – the reason for his already heavy eyes as he let out a silent yawn.

It had been a long Friday filled with productive meetings which made him feel so accomplished, and with how early he was meant to be up tomorrow, there was nothing stopping him from heading to bed.

Silently, only the sound of the music from his record player filling the empty room, Grayson goes through the rest of his nightly routine. His teeth are brushed, skin handled carefully as he presses the cream on certain spots of his forehead, and finally, he snaps a pic with the time on display to throw on his story – letting his followers know of his content night in like the responsible guy he is.

And once he’s done, he’s quick to crawl under the covers, sighing in content when he finally gets the chance to lay down, and inhaling the scent of laundry detergent that comes from his freshly washed sheets.

It doesn’t take long for his eyes to flutter shut, only making it through two mindless YouTube videos before the grip he has on his phone loosens, falling from his hand, and onto the pillow next to him.

His dreams turn wild and adventurous once he falls in the deepest stage of sleep, and really, he doesn’t think there’s anything that could keep him from sleeping through the night.

That is, until his eyes shoot open at the sound of a loud crash coming from the kitchen, followed by an obnoxious, howling, laugh that echoes through every crevice of the house.

The sudden interruption prompts Grayson to sit upright, turning to his clock which now reads 3 AM.

His first thought is that someone’s broken in, making his heart beat pick up the slightest. Though that’s completely illogical when another loud crash permeates through the walls and he hears another voice shout his brother’s name through fits of laughter.

With a roll of his eyes, Grayson finally throws the covers from his body and stumbles towards his door. The fluorescent glow from the kitchen lights his path down the hallway, but it doesn’t keep him from tripping slightly over a pair of discarded jeans that have carelessly been thrown in a heap at the end of the hall along with a pair of converse and heeled boots.  

He finally starts to put the puzzle pieces together when he hears continuous laughter that is quickly being shushed by the other party.

“You’re going to wake up Grayson!” a low voice that was meant to come out in a whisper, shouts amusingly followed by another clang of metal.

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Dance, My Darling (1)

Rating: T

Word Count: 1319

“I don’t dance,” I told Grayson pointedly, mildly amused by his and Ethan’s antics. There was music blaring from the speakers. The couches had been pushed against the wall as an attempt at a makeshift dance floor. There were two over-caffeinated teenagers bouncing around their living room, screaming along to the music and attempting to move their bodies to the beat.

Grayson would approach the couch where I am sitting, tug my arm every few minutes’ as feeble attempts to convince me to dance with them and every time I would glare at him and send him off. This time, however, he seemed intent on accomplishing his goal.

Ethan peeked at me from behind Grayson’s large frame “You don’t have to be embarrassed! Look, me and Gray suck at dancing. You can’t be worse than us”, he exclaimed, adding to the cacophony of noises within the music and doing a funny jig in an attempt to solidify his argument.

“That’s a terrible argument, Ethan. And Grayson if you want to go to sleep with both arms intact with your body, you’ll stop poking me”, I threatened, annoyed at his childish antics.

Grayson held up his hands in surrender and turned on his heel to join his brother. They continued to dance until they burned out. Twenty minutes later, Ethan lay in the centre of the living room and Grayson limped over to the couch on which I was seated and collapsed. I raised an eyebrow in his direction and let out an amused chuckle.

“Tired already? I thought you’d have a better stamina Gray”, I said with a wink. Grayson smirked at the obviously sexual remark and rolled his eyes.

Sighing, he stood up and stretched, slowly he turned to meet my eye and spoke, rather slowly, as though he was contemplating his response, “well, I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. You’re more than welcome to join me [N], I bet I could change your mind”. I opened my mouth to retort but before I could do so Ethan had started making gagging noises and had peeled himself off the floor.

“Both of you just need to get a room and fuck. The sexual tension is suffocating”.

“Ethan!” Grayson hissed, making an attempt to stop his brother from making the situation worse. Grayson and I shared a look and he turned away, obviously embarrassed by Ethan’s claims.

“Well, I’ll be off. I’ll see you both later”, I stated, confidence still exuding despite the suggestion that would have made another turn red in embarrassment. Grayson stood there, tall and awkward, humiliated by his own brother. An amused smirk curved my mouth and I struggled to hide my smile.
I turned around and made a stride for the door. I crossed the threshold and let out a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. I walked along the crosswalk, the sunset sinking below the horizon as I passed. A soft wind whispered in my ears and teased my hair. Five minutes later, I stood at my front door, acutely unaware that I had reached my doorstep.

Slowly, I turned the doorknob and entered my residence. Yellow and orange light painted the living room, courtesy of the sunset outside, pouring in, uninvited, through the large windows.

I glanced at my living space, the furniture was stylish and there wasn’t a spot of dirt anywhere. The place was impeccable, looking as though it belonged on the cover of an interior design magazine. Despite the stylish outlook, the place looked hollow. The walls were bare and the room resembled a container: empty and lacking a personal touch. I had seen hotel rooms with more personality than my living space.

These thoughts consumed me and I shook them away. Too energized to do anything else, I did the one thing that always brought me joy.

I trekked down to my basement and opened the door to an empty room, mirror completely covering two walls. I stripped down to my sports bra and leggings and turned on my speaker.

Music flowed through the speakers and echoed off the walls. I felt the buzz and anticipation rush through me and I moved, watching the taut figure in front of me. She graced the mirror, beautiful and elegant, her strides long and her hands rolling through the air as though they belonged to swans. She was who I wanted to be. But she was trapped behind the mirror. The mirror was her jailor, and she was a victim of injustice. She was free of burden or emotional stress; anxiety and depression didn’t plague her mind. She resembled me, she mirrored my movements. But she was trapped. I had to free her, I wanted to be happy like her.

“Woah”, an amazed voice spoke from behind me and I was stolen from my reverie. I ended the dance and turned to face the owner of the voice.

Grayson leaned against the doorframe, shock and awe present on his face. I panicked and my hands started to shake, he knows. I balled my hands into fists in an attempt to control my nerves and slipped a cool and undisturbed mask onto my face.

“I didn’t know you could dance like that! That’s so fucking insane!”, Grayson exclaimed as he walked towards me, admiration still laced in his eyes

I shrugged my shoulders and sauntered over to him. “Thank You. But that doesn’t explain why you’re in my house, uninvited.” I narrowed my eyes and emphasized the last word. My heart was still racing, blood was pounding my ears and it was taking all of my strength to hold my cold composure.

Grayson shuffled under my intense gaze and held out his hand, it contained a small box. “I forgot to give you this when you were over and so I thought I’d give it to you now. When I got here I saw that the door was open. I rang the doorbell and even knocked. But I got no response. I panicked and let myself in. I thought you were in trouble- and then I found you here…” he trailed off. He looked at me nervously, clearly expecting another rant about how much I value my privacy. Rants he had gotten used to hearing. Rants he expects every time he tries to get to know me.

I wanted to yell at him like I usually would, but I found myself unable to raise my voice at the man standing in front of me. Instead, I leaned forward and picked the box out of his hand. Surprise appeared on Grayson’s face and quickly transformed into glee.

I opened the box and barely concealed a gasp. Within the velvet cushion, there was a necklace. A silver puzzle piece graced the chain and glinted in the lights.

“Me and E have one just like it. It’s to represent our place in the world and how we’re connected as individuals and frien-“, he was cut off as I wrapped my arms around his torso and gave him a hug. He returned my hug and I felt safe in his warm arms. I didn’t know how else to articulate my thanks and so I hope that he understood how much this meant to me.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it”, I said, slowly wrenching away from Grayson’s frame.

“Your welcome. Wow, now that I know what response I’ll get I should get you gifts more often!” Grayson replied, a cheeky smile adorning his face.

“Careful Dolan, I’m not another common bitch that’s going to be impressed by some cute words and jewellery”, I banter.

Grayson holds a hand up to his heart and swooned dramatically, “Damnit, foiled again. Looks like I’ll have to gift you something every week until you cave and fall hopelessly in love with me”.

“Don’t hold your breath, Gray. Not all dreams come true”.

To be continued? Constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated!

help pls

ok ya’ll, so i’m almost done with 4 separate fics and i have no clue which one to finish first. which would ya’ll like to read the most?

1-friends with benefits/pregnancy

2-y/n is scared that someone has broken into her apartment so she calls Grayson

3-halloween party/friends to lovers

4-dom!y/n smut

just send me an ask with which number you’d prefer! i’ll tally them up by midnight EST

(also if you have any requests feel free to send them my way)

wallflower | ethan dolan

Summary: Grayson and Ethan worked hard to peel you off your wall, only for Ethan’s new girl to plaster you back to it.

Warnings: Sad? Short? Unedited? Angsty though. This is really bad I’m sorry

Originally posted by tuesdaygirl8055

She was everything you aspired to be; beautiful, outgoing, witty, hilarious.

Everyone was captivated by her. She was magnetic, electricity running through her veins and attracting people to either want to know her, or hate her.

You couldn’t amount up to anything close to that.

You were just a shy girl who took a while to open up to people and show them how incredible you were. You were a wallflower, blending into the crowd and seeming like everyone else, but on the inside, you were straight up unearthly.

You were crazy smart, beautiful, hilarious, and so much more. But you were just so blind to it, your shyness and anxiety clouding your vision from seeing how truly amazing you were.


Seeing Ethan with her shattered you like glass.

Seeing the way Ethan looked at her stomped on the shards.

Seeing him ditch you for her ground your shards to dust.

You guys had been best friends since middle school, promising each other that nothing would ever come between you two, no matter what.

It looked like Ethan couldn’t hold his end of the promise.


You were in love with him, and he had no clue.

You were so in love with him sometimes you felt like you couldn’t breathe. He would knock the air out of you, especially when he would laugh at one of your stupid jokes, or stories you would tell of weird things you’d see on your school campus.

And now he was giving her that same laugh, the same look you would fight so desperately to recieve, and she was doing it with such ease.


Grayson could see it too.

He could see how you’d be so excited to go out with them, only to make up a bullshit excuse when you found out she was tagging along, not being able to see him treat her how he used to treat you.

It just hurt too damn much.

He could see you slowly fading away, blending back into the wall he and his brother fought so hard to tear you out of.

And it hurt him like hell.

He was losing his brother and his best friend.


She didn’t like you. And she wasn’t afraid to show that, often making little jabs at you, about how much you talked, about how much you ate, about how you were so quiet.

Ethan would just brush them off as you would pretend to laugh at them, and if Gray ever heard her talk to you like that, he would go apeshit at her for treating you like that, and then at Ethan for letting her treat you like that.

Maybe if Gray did do that, Ethan would’ve noticed what was happening.

But that never happened, things just didn’t work out for you like that, and they never would.


It didn’t take much for you to completely shut your doors again.

It took one phone call, you crying because you were so scared to lose the only people that could get you to bloom, and her answering the phone, hearing a faint “Just tell her I’m busy” in the background.

Those words caused you to wilt, along with the other times he’d brush you off when you needed him.

And now you were plastered back onto the wall, you’re fear and broken hear the adhesive, too scared to bloom for anyone again.

Only Angel {e.d. au}

Summary: Ethan’s a jealous mess who’d rather not spend the night watching another guy with his hands all over the girl he’s in love with.

Word Count: 7.6

Warnings: Slightly dirty smut (okay maybe more than slight), and language 

A/N: I wrote this during a 15-hour car ride so please don’t come for me if it’s bad. I also listened to a lot of Harry Styles while writing this. Also, I know I’ve been writing a lot of Ethan lately, but there is a Grayson fic coming next :) 


“So, you dragged Lex and I out of the house at nine-thirty at night, and made us put on our Halloween costumes, just to come to some stupid fucking house party with you?”

“Not like you guys were doing anything better. Besides… Bryant invited us.”

“And? Bryant invites us to a lot of things, but we never go…. E, seriously, what the fuck are we doing here?”

“He wanted to come because Y/N’s here!”

“Wait…what the fuck? Ethan, hold up!”

Ethan feels himself being yanked back towards the sidewalk as Grayson grabs his arms and stops him from travelling up the long driveway. An annoyed huff blows from his chest when he looks at his younger brother with a clenched jaw. Then, for a brief second, he gives Lex a side-eyed glare which she shrinks under.

He shouldn’t be pissed at her for saying anything, but he is, because now he has to deal with his brother’s judgmental glare which always comes with the mention of her name.

“Is she seriously here right now?” Grayson dead-pans, a look of disappointment evident on his face.

When Ethan remains silent, Grayson turns to Lex who answers for him, bottom lip timidly bit while she tries to avoid Ethan’s glare.

“Chelsey posted a story like twenty minutes ago with her in it.”

While Grayson pans back over to his brother with a pointed expression, all of Ethan’s attention seems to suddenly fall to the Benz parked on the curb as he mumbles out a response, “S’not a big deal, Gray.”

A low groan falls from Grayson’s mouth instantly once Ethan admits his reasons behind wanting to come, and he flops his head down, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, “Dammit Ethan, are you serious right now? You’re unbelievable…”

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Clean (E.D) Part 3

A/N: so this one is gonna be a bit longer just because I feel like I’m breaking it too much so here we go, also yes i threw emma in here because i need to move the plot along 

You had found a nice park a few blocks away from where the house was and seeing how cold it was, there wasnt any kids around. You really should have brought a thicker sweater. You went and sat down on the empty swings, taking a moment just to breathe in your surroundings. There was something calming about being in a park when no one else was around. When a gust of wind came by, you watched as a few of the leafs from a near by tree fell off and were added to the pile already forming on the ground.

Being around other people was something you hadnt gotten used to since you left New York. Everything was so different here in LA. It was nice having people not know about your past or what happened. Your feeling for Ethan were happening so fast and it was kind of scaring you. Last time you had felt anything close to this, you ended up making a mess of your life back home.

You had just met him, but everything just felt right. You knew he would have had to be a good person or else James wouldn’t be friends with him after all. After everything you’ve been through you knew he wouldnt bring someone like your ex around you. Maybe you could just see how things go and take it from there.

“Hey,” You were brought out of your thoughts when someone sat down at the swing next to you. Looking over, Ethan was right there, just waiting for you to say something.

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Clean (E.D) Part 2

A/N: So heres part 2 for now, theres actually some more plot this time I promise :)

You took a bite as your food as Grayson looked back at his brothers disheveled appearance. After getting over the initial shock, James started laughing. He knew you well enough to know you wouldn’t try to hook up with someone you just met and he knew you liked to joke around.

“Oh my god, E, did she even tell you about this or did she just drag you down here? She didnt tell you did she? She used to do this to me too, don’t worry shes really not this is obnoxious all the time.” James explained at seeing Ethan still confused as to what he got dragged into. While Ethan was somewhat uncomfortable with what happened, it wasnt for the reasons everyone else thought. He enjoyed you running your fingers through his hair and messing it up. He liked how your hand felt like it belonged in his. He was uncomfortable because he just met you a few hours ago and he hadnt felt this way about anyone in a long time.

“Did I make you uncomfortable? Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I just thought it would be funny, I’m sorry, I wont do it anymore I promise.” You explained once you noticed he was still silent.

“No, its okay, dont worry about it. Just.. let me know what were doing before you drag me into it?” He winked at you and you knew everything was okay with you two. Despite only meeting him a few hours ago, you were able to connect with him so easily. You smiled at him and went back to eating. Not wanting to go back and finish making furniture yet, you left the room quietly and went to the piano by the front door.

You enjoyed writing songs, but they were more for you and people you cared about. You had fun just singing other peoples songs. Putting your own out for others to see scared you. As you played with a few of the keys, you didnt notice Ethan walk in and come to sit besides you.

“You play?” Startled, you accidentally slammed down on a few of the keys. “Sorry, didnt mean to scare you again.”

“Its fine, really. And to answer your question, not really. I can play, yes, but not good. I just like messing around with it.” You went back to playing with the keys, now feeling nervous around Ethan.

“Play something for me?” He seemed to move even closer to you on the small bench. As you looked up, your eyes met and for moment, you both just looked at each other and slowly you both began to lean in.

“Is she lying about not being good at playing and singing again?” James came barging into the the room with Grayson and Ian following behind him. Both of you seemed to jump as far away from each other as you could on the bench. “Shes actually really good, she just doesnt think she is.”

“You sing too?” Shocked, Ethan looked at you. He kept finding out more and more about you.

“Not rea-”

“Sweetheart I will literally show them the videos I have of you singing if you say no to that.” James threatened as he took his phone out. You stayed quiet until James put his phone back.

“Will you sing something?” Ethan asked you quietly, noticing how you werent liking all the attention on you at the moment and he didnt want James to force you into it. Sighing, you turned to him, “only if James does it with me.”

“Oh no, sister I am not singing with you right now.” James said once he heard you.

“C’mon, if you were gonna make me do something, at least do it with me. Please?” James kept a straight face, but you could tell he was about to cave in.

“Fine. But I pick what were doing.”

“Seriously? Out of everything to pick from you wanna do that one? You know what, okay sure, why not.” You said once James made a decision. James made Ethan switch places with him so now Ethan was standing across from you as Grayson and Ian just stood watching everything.

As you start out the notes, you and James work on making sure youre both on the same page with what your doing. You two decided you would start about halfway through the song.

As James continued on with his part, you had looked up during your last line and found Ethan gazing at you intensely. Even though you had barely met him, you found yourself falling for Ethan fast. You knew it wasn’t a good idea because of everything that happened in your past but you couldn’t help it. There was something that made you feel safe around him and made you feel whole again which was something you hadnt felt in a long time. You realized you were screwed. When your line was supposed to come next, you stopped playing, breaking the eye contact you two had going on and standing up abruptly.

You went into your room and shut the door behind you, needing some space for a moment. Usually in a situation like this, you would have gone to your go to solution to calm yourself down, but that was the exact reason you were in this mess to begin with.

“James, could you come up here please?” You opened your door wide enough to speak through the crack. Worried about what just happened back there, he quickly headed up the stairs and into your room.

“I think I’m gonna for a walk and get some fresh air. I just need to get out of here really quick for a moment.” You were pulling on a hoodie and slipped on some jeans and you were about to head down the stairs again when James stopped you.

“I’m fine, I promise its just… can we talk about it later when were alone? I just need to think about things alone.” You looked at your friend and knew he was worried about where you were going. Sighing, you pushed past him and headed down to the living room where your purse was, ignoring the look the twins gave you. After finding what you were looking for, you headed back to the foyer where James was and handed him your wallet and keys.

“There. I’ll be fine.” You said it quietly, not really wanting the boys to hear what was going on. With that, he stepped aside and you walked out.

“Is she okay?” Despite having just met you, Grayson noticed right there was something there between you and his brother and he wanted to make sure you were okay.

“Yeah, she’s okay she just wants to go for a walk right now.”

“What was with the keys and…?” Grayson was curious but he didnt want to get involved if it wasnt his place.

“Not my story to tell babe. Lets go back, she’ll be back in a while anyways.” James headed back to the living room, not noticing only one his friends was following behind him and the other was gone. It wasnt until five minutes later when he noticed how quiet the house was. It was never quiet when the twins were around.

“Grayson. Where’s your brother?” James said getting up from laying on the couch.

“He may have gone to find her?” Grayson looked around the room, not really wanting to make eye contact with his friend since he didn’t know if he would be upset his brother went after you.

“He just wanted to talk to her, I promise. James, c’mon you can tell he likes her already. He wanted to just talk to her because she seemed upset okay?” While James was his friend, Ethan was his brother and he wanted him to get to talk to the girl he was clearly into. Not really knowing what to do about all of this, James threw himself back onto the couch.

Always You Pt. 2 // G.D.

Hey guys, sorry I’m a little late posting, my midterm took longer than expected. I hope ya’ll enjoy though! Like always, feedback is welcome and requests are open!

Warnings: swearing & smut… like, they frickle frackle

Cameron’s surprise party goes off without a hitch. Your cake turns out great, no one ruins the surprise before its time, and surprisingly, neither of the twins blow themselves up while setting off fireworks. Everything seems perfect, you smile, and take goofy pictures with Cam, and gossip with Lisa in the kitchen when you get tired of socializing. Once you return to your room for the night, however, you fall apart. You barely make it two steps into the room before you’re sobbing, heaving breaths struggling to leave your lungs. You wash your face, and brush your teeth, and change into your pajamas all while still weeping. The last time you cried like this was when you were fourteen and your nanna died. You feel like someone has died, possibly you.

You cry yourself to sleep, and when you are woken up at four in the morning by someone crawling into your bed, you still have wet tracks staining your face.

Grayson’s arms tighten around you before you even have time to move. You know it’s him because he smells like the fancy soap you had bought him from Lush on a whim. You don’t say a word, you’re afraid that if you do he’ll leave, or you’ll wake up for real and he won’t be there at all.

Grayson breathes in deep. His breath rattles on the exhale. “I know I said I couldn’t do this anymore, but I just need you one more time. Please. I just,” you feel his voice hitch more than you hear it, “I just need to say goodbye.”

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