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graysonsoulmate  asked:

i got a concept for you: grayson or ethan hyping the shit out of their thick girlfriend’s when they know how insecure they are. for example, telling them how beautiful they look without any clothes on or how good they look in a bikini. ๐Ÿฅบ i want this.

oof this got me🥺

They would be the most genuine & sincere boyfriend to their thick girlfriend, especially knowing that she’s not that confident in her body at times.

Except for the fact that he loved her curvy body & how she was different from every other girl he met. He loved the way you dressed, how your jeans fit in all the right places, especially your ass, his favorite place to grab, smack, & caress whenever he’s in the mood, or just anytime.

He loved your cute stomach & the stretch marks that decorated your smooth, silky skin. He never understood how you didn’t love your body, but he did. He loved the way your hips would swing as you walked, especially as you walked in front of him. 

He would run his big hands down your curvy, creamy sides as you would unravel under the touch of his lips kissing your neck. He loved squeezing your thighs, as he would trace his plumps lips, down to your warm, wet pussy. That’s his favorite meal. He loved your curvy body, so he taught you how to love it yourself.

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Doctor Dolan โ†ฏ G.D.

Summary: Grayson is trying to study for his upcoming biology exam, but he fails to do so when he gives in to your temptation.

Warnings: smut, role play i guess ?

Word Count: 4.2k

A/N: this is badly written and dirty so please don’t hate me and stuff

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You Can Stay With Me (g.d./e.d.) - pt. 5

Chapter 5: Nothing Gold Can Stay 

A/N: Hi everyone! I want to thank you all for waiting so patiently for this chapter! This will be the final chapter of YCSWM, but Ethan’s and Y/N’s story lives on in the many concepts I’ve written and will continue to write. There will also be an epilogue. Thank you all for reading and loving this story as much as I do! Also, to avoid any confusion, this chapter takes place two years into Ethan and Y/N’s relationship, so there is a time jump. 

Depending on the reactions this chapter and the epilogue get, there may possibly be a sequel! 

Summary: Y/N gets a great opportunity, but it puts a strain on her and Ethan’s relationship. 

Read The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Warnings: language, angst

Word Count: ~3.1k


Will you just let me talk?” Ethan was suddenly firm, gripping your hand. “I know I never asked you out or asked you to be my girlfriend, that’s on me. I didn’t want to fuck this up,” he gestured between the two of you, “by putting a label on it or putting unnecessary pressure on it.” 

You watched him, unsure what to say next. He took your silence as an opportunity to continue. 

“I’ll take you on a million dates, a billion dates, if that’s what you want. And I’ll tell the world your my girlfriend, if that’s what you want,” Ethan placed a hand on your cheek, hoping he was saying all the right things to make you stay with him. 

“What do you want, E?” you squeaked. He was so worried about pleasing you, he forgot all about himself. “It doesn’t matter what I want, if you don’t want the same things.” 

“Y/N, I’m in this for the long haul.” 


“So I have big news,” you looked around the table at your four favorite people: Ethan, Grayson, and Claire. You invited them to dinner, each of you dressed to the nines as the lights dimmed in the restaurant and soft music from the piano played in the distance.

You held Ethan’s hand on the table, squeezing it gently. You and Ethan have been together for nearly a year now, both of you still falling more and more in love with each other as the days go by.

It didn’t feel like you’ve been together for two years, it felt more like a lifetime. You and Ethan nearly spent every waking hour together, and when you were apart he was on FaceTime keeping you company.

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anonymous asked:

thicc reader trying on bikinis and feeling self conscious

-The twins were planning another photoshoot with Bryan at the beach and Grayson insisted you’d come along

-You agreed, planning to just wear some shorts and a tank top, you figured some other influencers were gonna be a part of the shoot too and were a little self-conscious to wear something more revealing

- However, Grayson wanted to take you shopping for the shoot and insisted on having you try on some bikinis

-He’d patiently wait while you were in the dressing room, you didn’t tell him about your negative feelings towards your body so he had no idea what was going through your mind

-You’d softly huff while squishing your rolls and stomach, staring at your thighs that seemed way too wide compared to the other girls the twins were acquainted with

-Grayson noticed you were taking a while and knocked on the door

- “Y/N? Is everything okay?”

-You cracked the door open and were met with a worried look on his face

- “Sorry, Gray, but I don’t think I should go to the photoshoot after all”

- You tried to shut the door but Grayson caught it and snuck in before closing it again

- “Why wouldn’t you wanna go? All our friends will be there and it’s gonna be fun!”

- “That’s the issue, I’m not as pretty as the other girls. They’re fit and skinny and I’m a size (#) with cellulite and rolls… I don’t wanna ruin the shoot with my body, I’d rather wear an oversize hoodie, or just stay behind the scenes…”

- You broke down and cried in his chest as he wrapped you in a hug and cradled your head. He felt terrible that he pressured you into trying on something when you weren’t comfortable with your body.

- “I’m so sorry, Y/N. If I had known I wouldn’t have insisted on you wearing a swimsuit. But, I want you to know that I don’t care about your size compared to other girls. I think you’re beautiful, I love squishing your tummy cuz it makes you giggle and I get to hear your laugh, I love laying on your soft thighs when I fall asleep on the couch while watching Netflix. I wouldn’t want you any other way, and I want to show you off so the world knows how much I love my thicc girlfriend”.

-You smiled at him as he kissed your nose and wiped away your tears

- “Well, maybe I can get one bikini…”

classyhumanoidbananascissors  asked:

Can you maybe write about ethan x reader where they have a fight, and it ends with a lot of fluff? Love your page!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Thank you for the kind words lovely! ♥️ I’m trying to change the usual swing of my writing with this one. I was inspired by 5SOS’s song “Who Do You Love?” I’ve been listening to it frequently, and the lyrics are so powerful!

I’m trying something new with requests, keeping them fairly short but still trying to provide some comfort with the way the words flow and the plot, rather than the length. I’ve been struggling getting back into writing but am trying my best. I have countless drafts I start and go back to but I still want to share what I can.

I hope you all enjoy!


“Did you sleep with her?” He thought she was asleep. He thought that when he came home, he could sneak right into bed next to her, and pretend like he hadn’t spent the last few hours with another woman. He thought that they could continue to live under the same roof, as long as he barely looked her way. He thought that he wouldn’t miss her voice, her skin, her scent, her laugh, and her warmth. 

Yet when she raised the question, her voice laced with fear, he suddenly missed her. She’d been here all along, but at once he felt he had missed out on loving her. He had forgotten who she was, and what she meant to him.

Thick tension sits heavily in the air. He’s afraid to look at her. He feels disgust in himself, dirty and wants to tear out his skin and hair. She watches him carefully, eyes brimming with tears. She’s laying on the couch, the only light source the lamp she lit. For weeks something in her heart told her things weren’t right. They’d drifted apart, that she was aware of, but what was once a few stolen glances and shared morning kisses had become into a game of who will break the silence first. For weeks he hadn’t kissed her, touched her, or even spoken more than a few words to her. He left in the morning and came home late at night. She knew his work didn’t last all day. Very seldom did he come in time for dinner. Most nights she reheated the plates she left for him every night the next night, watching the door anxiously for his arrival. But he never came. Till later at night, when she’d pretend to be asleep and she could smell the Chanel off him. 

She never wore Chanel. 

Nor did he ever hide it when he thinks of it. Never did he think What if she finds out? He always thought she knew in way, and that for some unexplainable reasons they would never have to face it. It really made no sense.  But what was making sense the past few weeks?

He gathers what little courage he has and finally looks at her. When was the last time he really looked at her? For a few seconds silence passes, and he examines her face. He knows every blemish, every curve, every angle but tonight the face he see’s is different. She’s frail, drained out by complexion, her lively eyes are dull and brimmed with tears, lips are a shade lighter and there are bags under her eyes.

Her appearance tells him a story of what he’s done to her. He’s frozen and can’t seem to move from his place at the door. He breaks their gaze, looking down on the floor, ears burning red. He can hear her shuffling. She tears the blanket off herself and stands slowly. When he looks at her again she’s wearing a sundress, one that he loves, and recalls all the times he’d spent admiring her in that pretty little pink thing. She gulps, tucking her hair behind her ears. He has an urge to reach out and do it for her. He’s forgotten how her hair felt. Wearily she steps closer to him, her hands joined together and pushes them against her lips, refraining from crying out. 

Why isn’t he answering?

“I’ve been finding cigarettes in your coats lately, and …” she’s exactly two steps from falling into his arms. She stops to breath, unable to hold in her tears. “And I know you don’t smoke” his heart breaks and he wants to yell at himself. Shame on you Ethan, shame on you. “Ethan please …” words are coming out of her mouth, tears are falling out of her orbs and he can’t. He just can’t. This is escalating far to quickly and he needs to face her. But he cant look at the pain he’s caused. He fears owning up to hurting the girl he promised he’d never hurt.

“Please just tell me” this voice doesn’t belong to her. It’s broken and weak. A voice he hasn’t heard from within in her in all the years he’s had her. This voice is new and it’s hers, and it’s because of him. He watches with a clenched jaw and teary eyes as she breaks before him. She’s crying for him, asking for answers she deserves. He has them, he just can’t speak. He looks down at her legs, trembling, and shoves his hands in his pockets.

“You can’t even look me in the eyes” she exclaims, shaking him, and for the first time in forever she’s actually touched him. The leather feels cold against her skin, and she’s shaking him for answers. He just looks up to the ceiling with a heartbroken expression on his face. She releases him, stepping back. Why isn’t he answering? Confused and torn she turns, beginning to fold the blanket on the couch. He takes this time to speak, because he’s been cruel to her. 

She hears him walking behind her and she freezes in her spot. The hair at the back of her neck stands upright. Its quiet, except for her soft broken cries. She hugs the folded blanket to her stomach. Please Ethan please … 

“I never slept with anyone” she closes her eyes at the sound of his voice. Taking in the melody and harmony of each word. His words are firm. “I kissed her a few times …” She nods, tears falling down her face. Go on, she thinks. Please go on. She imagines her kisses taste like cigarettes and some pungent taste that leaves Ethan craving more. She imagines a beautiful tall woman, with captivating eyes and a gorgeous smile. She imagines her sitting on Ethan’s lap kissing him senseless like they did before. She imagines him taking her to his secret places. She imagines him looking at her with a look she only knew. 

He takes a deep breath, his heart racing. He takes another step, and she flinches as his front collides softly with her back. He wants to wrap his arm around her waist, but he can’t. Not right now. With his tall figure and her shorter one he can see her face. A faraway look in her eyes and pain. “When we started falling apart, I was out one night. At a bar, drinking away the pain.”

She gulps, waiting for him to say that whoever she was had come in and saved him. “She came to me, approached me. I wanted to be alone. But she wouldn’t leave.” He watches as her eyes fall, tears following. “She told me she could tell I was hurting. She told me everything would be alright.”

“But then …” His voice cracks, his heart pounds faster if possible. “Something inside me wanted more of her. I kissed her.” He watches as she shakes her head, biting onto bottom lip. “I regretted it then and there. We kept kissing and it felt so wrong but right …” he remembers the night he kissed her, tasting like scotch and cigarettes from her end. 

“When I got home that night I felt disgusted. You were asleep. We drifted further and further apart, and I missed you. But I didn’t realize that. Instead I sought something with another woman. I told her about you” He watches as her shoulders tense up even more, and he’s met with her front in a matter of seconds. “I told her …” he pauses, allowing a few tears to slip down his cheek. With a shaky hand he presses his palm against her cheek and he feels her retreat back, but he doesn’t let go. 

“I promise you, nothing but a few kisses. I told her I would never sleep with her. And I never did” She doesn’t know how to react. She’s looking into his eyes, knowing very well he’s speaking the truth. “I’m sorry” he whispers, breaking into tears before her. “I am so sorry” She lets him cry for a few seconds. Unable to move. When he looks at her again she searches for more. She wants to ask him what else did they do? But she knows. She was the one who made him smile, laugh, and held him when he needed someone to hold him. She didn’t have to ask to know that. 

“It all ends now” he tells her. “I promise it all ends now” 

He’s telling the truth.

She pulls away with force and he misses her within his reach. He feels empty on the inside, but the only way to feel whole again is with her. He has to give her time. So he watches as she walks away to the kitchen, pulling a cardigan around her body, shielding herself from the cold and him. 

Later that night he’s in the shower, washing away all remnants of his mistakes. The hot water burns his skin but he cant help but feel dirty. Angry at himself, he breaks loss, crying under the shower head as hot water burns through his skin. 

When he walks into the bedroom he’s surprised to find her there. She’s perched atop her vanity he remembers assembling months back when they first moved into their home. She isn’t crying any longer, and her eyes seem warm, yet distant. The sleeves of her cardigan are pulled over her hands and the fabric slouches at her sternum. The bedroom lamps cast a golden hue on her. Her hair as always is tucked behind her ears. 

He misses noticing the little details about her. She’s beautiful.

With long strands, but slowly he walks towards her. He’s warm from his shower she can practically feel the heat radiating off of him. He smells like himself. She notices his clothes from before thrown into a plastic bag behind him, ready for disposal. He gazes at her intently, waiting for her to say anything. “I believe you” it’s three words that come out so faintly he almost misses it. For the first time in forever she reaches for him, her hands trembling. He engulfs them in his bigger ones. Her breath is shaky as she pulls him closer. Slowly her legs untangle and he sets himself between them. His palms rest around her head against the mirror. They’re so close, it feels surreal. She nervous, just like she was the first time he kissed her, but this time is nervous with fear. Will it be the same?

There’s a look in his eyes she knew all too well, one that was made for her. Her insides tingle and she’s craving him. It seems surreal to them both. He wants to kiss her, hold her, feel her. He wants to feel the way he did before, a way that no one but her caused. Cautiously she places her palms around his cheeks. She closes his eyes, leaning into her. She can feel the scruff against her skin. 

Is it right to give them a second chance? Is it right for her to let him back in? 

She still loves him. Always has and always will. She can’t control that.

When they’re eyes meet again he asks her ever so gently “Can I kiss you?” 

She hesitates for a few seconds, wondering if he’ll taste like the other woman, or if he’ll hate the taste of you. But she nods slowly, tears brimming in her eyes. Because finally.

No strains of cigarettes, no strains of Chanel. His lips mold softly with hers and he’s so gentle, as if she’ll wither away before him. He tastes her cherry Chapstick and that feeling he’s subconsciously missed is back. He runs his arms down her back and around her waist and she shivers. He aspires to feel her skin but they’ll take it slow. She kisses him back with equal impatience. Her heart flutters against her chest, her insides warming at lengths she’s missed. She feels dizzy. And she loves every minute of it. 

When she pulls back breathless, he admires the girl before him. His girl. Her head rests against the vanity mirror and her tired eyes tell him she would like to give their love story another try. “I want this” she tells him. “I want to be with you, but I want you all to myself.” The last part is a stab to his heart but he knows its justified. “I promise” he responds. She pull herself off the vanity and down onto her feet before him. He looks down on her and she looks up at him. Its only a matter of time before she pushes herself against him, wrapping herself around him. He holds onto her tight, kissing the top of her head. 

For now they’ll sway back and forth in each others arms. I love you, they think to themselves. 

two devils (p.1) - G.D

summary: Grayson Dolan, the biggest asshole of his fraternity is on a huge mission to make the walking devil herself also known as Y/N as his girl. 

words: 2k

a/n: hey guys. so i have been writing this multi part series for couple of months now and i’m finally in the mood to publish it. this series were inspired by my old fanfic that i had written on wattpad some long time ago.


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anonymous asked:

concept: y/n and Ethan sleeping in the car? (I was thinking about Gray's snapchat story with Ethan sleeping in the back of the car)

Grayson, Ethan, and Y/N were on the way back from Las Vegas after a weekend away. The car ride was longer than usual thanks to weekend traffic, and Ethan found himself dozing at the wheel.

“E, let me drive,” Grayson begged his brother until he finally gave in.

Ethan pulled over and switched places with Grayson, but before Ethan could get in the passenger seat, Y/N was calling out from the backseat.

“Ethan, sit with me,” she begged through a yawn. So Ethan got in the backseat, also yawning. He sunk into the seat as Y/N laid her head on his shoulder.

Ethan and Y/N fell asleep as Grayson drove home, soft music playing from the speakers as the sun set. When he finally pulled into the driveway, he tried to wake the two sleeping beauties.

“Guys, we’re home,” Grayson spoke as he got out.

“Mhm,” Ethan mumbled, shifting to get comfortable and keeping his eyes closed.

Y/N scooted closer to Ethan, still asleep from the long drive and at peace from being in Ethan’s arms.

reputation part two

“Here’s to y/n, New York’s new Carrie Bradshaw!”
“To y/n!” the three young women chorus, clinking their frosted glasses together. Y/n flushes and bows her head graciously, mumbling a thank you to her friends. They sip on their cocktails, humming in delight at the syrupy sweetness.
“Let’s be honest, I’m not quite Carrie,” she laughs.
“No! You’re a proper journalist, a fully-fledged writing powerhouse!” Lily, her oldest and closest friend cheers, placing a palm on y/n’s bare shoulder and giving it a slight shake.
“Totally! I’m so proud of you,” says Charlotte, her grin dazzling.
“As am I,” Diana chimes in, “I keep telling everyone I meet that I’m friends with the y/n y/l/n!”

The bar they’ve chosen for their celebratory drinks is one of the fanciest in town. Lily had reserved them a booth at Delevigne’s as soon as y/n had called to let her know that the article is now LIFE Magazine’s most read. Y/n couldn’t quite believe it then and she’s having a little trouble comprehending it now. Her last-minute waffle about the award-winning manipulator that is Ethan Dolan is the magazine’s most famous article. 26 million reads within the first twenty-four hours of publication, including online readers of course. It’s astounding, unfathomable and the figures have only climbed, it’s been a week since it hit the press and it seems to be getting more popular by the second.
It makes her wonder if the response would be the same if they’d printed her original piece. The world does love a scandal, anything juicy and shocking is bound to attract some attention. New York doesn’t seem to like praise, as far as she’s concerned, but this is definitely an exception.

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Shooting Stars, E.D.


WARNINGS: slight smut scene, nothing graphic, so much love it’s sickening.

SUMMARY: lacking sleep, you and ethan find comfort in each other for the night, in the most unlikely of places.

A/N: i don’t know if there’s a location like this in LA, but here in Vegas there’s a small parking lot in front of the McCarran Airport where you get a perfect view of the planes. hopefully i described it well enough for you!

also, i take a long ass time to write, i know, please forgive me 🤧. thank you to @graysonslovie for bossing me around, else this wouldn’t be up for another couple of days. dedicating this to you bb.

it was around midnight, and you were still wide awake, staring at your phone’s bright blue screen. you had tried every method, desperately, to go to sleep: using different blankets, adjusting the temperature, trying a hundred different positions, and even going for the classic cup of warm milk. nothing seemed to work, and at last here you were, texting your boyfriend in hopes of a late-night escapade.

it wasn’t often, but on nights where both you and ethan failed to fall under the sand man’s spell, you sought each other, whether it be climbing into the other’s bed for comfort, or sneaking out together in search of adventure. the adrenaline rush that radiated from the darkness of the night was addicting, and you longed for the feeling of being the only two people in the world. just you, ethan, and the moon.

opening the messages app for the tenth time, you furrowed your brow at ethan’s lack of a response. you were just about to give up, and turn to netflix for a spontaneous binging session, when three dots started to dance on your screen. you bit your lip, awaiting a response as the bubble disappeared and reappeared.

“c’mon, ethan.”



are you awake?


are you?

before you could give him a cheeky response, your phone rang with an incoming facetime call. you reached for the lamp at your bedside table, knowing ethan would demand to see your face. just to spite him, you covered the front lens with your thumb before answering the call.

“hi, baby.”


“let me see your face.”

you pouted, “i look crusty right now, you didn’t give me any time to fix myself.”

“you can’t fix beauty.” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“oh yeah?” you lifted your thumb, showing him your current state: messy bun, baggy sweatshirt, eyebags visible.

you watched as his smirk melted into a shining smile, “beautiful.” a comfortable silence fell between you two as you gazed at each other through the screen, a blush on your cheeks, before you remembered the reason you texted him in the first place.

you shifted in your bed, suddenly giddy with excitement, “let’s go somewhere, do something.”

he laughed at the eagerness in your voice, “okay, get ready. I’ll be there in ten.” he hung up, and you raised a brow at his bluntness. where was he taking you?

in a matter of twenty minutes instead of ten, which was no surprise to ethan, you were climbing out your bedroom window and into your boyfriend’s car. buckling your seatbelt, you turned towards him with stars in your eyes, a mile-long grin on your face. he chuckled, moving to interlock your hand with his, “ready?” “always.”

the car ride was silent, the two of you choosing not to let the radio ruin the peace. the gentle lull of the car was beginning to drag you to sleep, and brushing your fingers against ethan’s on your lap, your eyes started to flutter closed, only to open once ethan set the car in park.

“we’re here? already?” barely ten minutes had gone by, and suddenly you were craving the sleep you had missed out on. but not tonight.

ethan shook his head sheepishly, and you looked up to see the glowing 7-11 sign above your head, “no, we’re just picking up some essentials.”

you took his hand that was on your thigh and clasped it between your own, bringing it under your chin with a cheesy smile, “snacks?”

your lips met his.


after half an hour, mostly spent trying to decide between pints of cherry garcia and phish food ben and jerry’s (dairy free, of course), the two of you were finally back on the road. you glanced at the clock, and it was only one in the morning. time seemed to go by slower this time at night, it was like another world, one built just for the two of you.

it felt that way, at least, until you were met with the bustling airport that was LAX. your eyes practically popped out of your head when ethan took another turn towards it.

your hands gripped his biceps, “ethan, i know i said i was up for an adventure, but don’t you think this is a bit much? we didn’t even pack, and this is something you have to plan in advance, you know? where would we even — ”



“we’re not hopping on a plane, princess.”

you sighed in relief, falling back into your seat, “thank god.” and then you perked up again, “wait, why are we at the airport, then?”

“just wait and see.”

soon enough, you pulled into a small parking lot, separated from the plane runways by a wire fence. you gaped in awe at the front row seat you had to the ascending planes. it was a point of view you had never seen before, at least not this close up.

ethan turned to you, a subtle smirk on his face as he brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, “you like it?”

“yes!” you jumped in your seat, “it’s like… watching shooting stars shoot into the sky, in a way. look at that one!” you pointed at a jetblue in the midst of take off, and ethan chuckled at your childness.

“yeah, i thought you would.” finally calming down, you took the time to observe the boy in front of you. his chocolate colored hair was messy, a clear indicator that he was previously in bed, and your heart ached at the little wings that poked out from his ears. his eyes were shining, a bit darker than usual due to the poor lighting, but it seemed as if you were being pulled into those dark pools when his lips molded into a loving smile. “c'mere.”

you pulled in closer, only for him to close the distance and meet your lips with his. it a slow, love-filled kiss, and both of you melted into it, tugging softly at each other’s hair and clothing. pulling at his lip one more time, you rested your nose against his, gazing into his eyes as he gazed back. the scent of his cologne was dizzying, and you had to grab onto the fabric of his hoodie for support.

he brushed his nose against your ear, and you gasped at the feeling, “i want you.”

“right now?”

you nodded, climbing over the console into his lap, resting your forehead against his. you shivered at the feeling of him pressed firmly against you, taking a moment to savor it before moving your hips against his. you whimpered at the friction and the way he gripped your hips, groaning in your ear. wetness pooled between your thighs as he continued his actions, nipping and biting at your collarbones, marking you as his.

“always so needy.” one thing lead to another, and with ethan’s head in the crook of your neck, your location was the last thing on your mind. panting in each other’s ears, breath heavy, your climax hit as a surprise, and ethan’s followed soon after.

once you finally separated from each other, fingers still intertwined, interesting conversations were held. you bantered about random topics, poking at each other and laughing. icecream in hand, you immersed yourselves in each other, all while looking up at the shooting stars.


Y/n writes something that Ethan doesn’t like


“This is preposterous! Totally and utterly absurd! It’s almost laughable!”
“Mr Dolan, I’m terribly sorry-”
“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Howard! This is my entire reputation we’re talking about here. This is slander!”
“Again, Mr Dolan, if there’s anything I can do-”
“Don’t publish the damn article, Howard!”

Ethan Dolan slams a tight fist onto the desk in front of him before pushing himself out of the worn leather chair. He grunts in frustration when his eyes meet his brother’s, sending him a look of warning. Rage pulses through him; he feels his forehead pound with stress. Ethan likes to think he’s untouchable, but this article might just be his downfall.

“I’m afraid, Mr Dolan, that the decision of whether or not the article should be published lies in the hands of its author,” Howard Benson, editor in chief of LIFE Magazine says calmly.
Ethan takes a deep breath and walks past his brother towards the floor length window of the office, his eyes scanning the skyscrapers and seemingly tiny reflective pieces of glass. He chuckles in incredulity, knowing that if push comes to shove he could end the publication entirely. But he doesn’t want to destroy them just yet.
“Forgive me, Howard, but aren’t you in charge of the final draft of the magazine? Surely this is all under your control?”
“I wish I could do something about it, Mr Dolan. LIFE Magazine puts all responsibility in the hands of our journalists, that’s what makes us so unique.”

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You Can Stay With Me (g.d./e.d.) - pt. 4

Chapter 4: Puzzle Pieces

A/N: I honestly never thought this would be longer than 3 parts, so thank you guys for inspiring me to keep writing! And thank you for coming along on Ethan and Y/N’s journey - it warms my heart! 

Summary: Ethan and Y/N’s relationship begins to flourish, but there is still one question: what are they? 

Warnings: language, mentions of nightmares, anxiety, angst

Read The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Word Count: 3.2k


“I am so sorry, Y/N,” he whispered, his eyes sad but hopeful you’ll forgive him. You nodded as a way of accepting the sincere apology.

Ethan stood there, completely dumbfounded. It was true that he was usually the one who was quick to forgive Grayson over their little arguments. But, how could he stay mad at his brother when they lived under the same roof?

This time was different. He was still mad at his twin for saying such awful things to you. He was also pretty mad that you were so quick to forgive Grayson.

Ethan backed up slowly, taking a deep breath and forcing himself to leave you alone. He reluctantly went back inside and told himself he missed his chance.


“So I kind of owe you an apology, too,” Grayson laid beside Ethan on Ethan’s bed, the two staring up at the ceiling. “You don’t have to say anything,” Grayson attempted to make amends with his twin in hopes he’d be forgiven as fast as he was with you. 

“I like her, bro,” Ethan blurted out, not even caring about Grayson’s outburst anymore. He ran his hands through his hair and pulled at the tips. “I really fucking like her, and I don’t even stand a chance because she obviously wants you,” Ethan spat, sitting up suddenly.

“Y/N doesn’t want me,” Grayson sat up, too, watching his brother and feeling guilty for the years of keeping you and him apart. Guilty for unknowingly breaking his brother’s heart. 

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demurekind  asked:

A concept where y/n devoted her life to studying and even after finishing college a little faster (because she's hardworking), she doesn't accept the fact that there's something beside studies. But a twin tries his best to convince her otherwise because he low-key likes her and doesn't want her to be overwhelmed

y/n here would be exactly like my real life best friend. she is nose deep in studying and i think everyone around her, including me is trying to convince her that it’s not :))

i changed it slightly, hope you dont mind bub.. 


Y/n has never been the number one choice of everything. She’s got a sister and her sister beats her in every aspects of life, at least that how she thinks.

She’s always the last on to be picked during sports. She’s always given the sloppy second or used toys and clothes from her sisters.

She was never prioritized. She was never first.

At least it all changed when started burying herself in books, closing the world of by having her nose deep down in textbooks. She never knew that all these readings would give her a first place in academics.

As young as in elementary year, Y/n knew she wasn’t smart and she needed to study harder than most people and she did. She beat all the odds and came first place in competitions and school.

She swept all through the awards offered by school. In junior high, she started becoming the president of the student council and acing all the AP classes.

She finished high schools with trophies, awards, medals and a valedictorian for a straight whole year of high school.

These awards and the smiles from her parents motivate her more to study and fall in love with these logarithm, algebra, organic compounds, and all those stuff that are incredibly hard to understand. She takes pride in learning and mastering them, in a way of consoling herself for never being the first pick of everyone in anything, except academically.

It wasn’t hard to get in to the Ivy leagues or anything, name any university and Y/n would 100% get in with ease.

It was one day when she was late night in the library. Call it destiny, fate or maybe an accident.

Someone opened the door and stupidly enough locked the two inside. Y/n was scared. Really she was, afraid that it might be a serial killer on the loose or a pervert at night.

“Holy shit.” He cursed when he saw a back under the silhouette of the big window. When she turned her head around, there, her heart stuttered for a second.

What she didn’t expect was to meet a guy, so incredibly good looking that he could pass becoming a Calvin Klein model.

He lightly scratched the back of his head, “Hi,” as he hand out his hand.

Y/n is a part of the student body so she knew legit everyone in school and she never saw him before.

She cocked her head to the left, “You’re not around here, are you?”

He smiled sheepishly and took his hand back while shaking his head.

Y/n pulled her eyebrows together and the guy infront of her grinned awkwardly before nodding his head. “I’m Ethan Dolan, by the way.”

“Y/n, Y/n Y/l/n.” She replied with her head nodding slightly.

Ethan, on the other hand, was surprised. Not to sound cocky and egoistic, there’s legit no one in the world around her age and species would not know who the Dolan Twins are.

This girl infront of him was not freaking out, was not screaming in front of his face, shoving phones or paper for him to take picture with and sign.

This girl was so normal that it didn’t fit to his usual life. She’s different.

They spent their night talking, Ethan was talking about how he was recording a video with his twin brother.

Their video idea was about hide and seek but in a bigger scale. So Ethan hid in one of the universities’s library and somehow locked himself in with a new girl.

Y/n was confused, why would people be doing this late at night? But nevertheless Ethan made Y/n laugh, a lot.

Which was a rare moment because Y/n doesn’t really connect with the outside world, per say.

Ethan even showed his videos to Y/n through her laptop and she was just watching through his old videos. While Ethan was just staring at her, amused. His lips would slightly twitch when she laughed at his jokes.

When she was about to subscribe, her eyes widened at the huge amount of following. “You didn’t say you’re famous?”

“I’m not, really.” He shook his head while Y/n just laughed.

“Just liked it when you’re treating me like a normal person not an internet celebrity.” He continued.

“Trust me, I’ll treat you as normal as I would treat a human.” She shook her head while laughing.

When morning arrived and the library doors were opened, they exchanged numbers and a hug before separating.

That night not only did Ethan gained a new subscriber, he gained a new friend.


“Y/n, let’s hang out.” Ethan whined through his phone.

While Y/n has her phone on loudspeaker as she’s jotting down and double checking her flash cards.

When Y/n didn’t answer, Ethan continued, “Y/n?”

Y/n hummed and Ethan asked again, “Hang out?”

“I can’t, I have finals coming up.” She reasoned out while writing through her flash cards.

“Y/n, you’ve been studying for the last 24/7.” Ethan groaned and Y/n chuckled, imagining Ethan rolled over his bed. 

“I can’t, this one would be very crucial.” Y/n said while adding some more words on the cards. 

“FIne, study well.” Ethan bid his goodbye and Y/n could just hummed before pressing end call.

Y/n sighed as she looked around her organized pile of books and notes around them all. She nodded her head and convinced herself that this is the only thing she should learn if she wants to get the first place.

She needs to or she would be back to sloppy second.


Ethan reached her dorm room and Y/n was bundled in her blankets. Her eyes have dark circles underneath and her eyes red. Her nose is really red and blotchy cheeks. 

“Bub, you okay?” He breathed out as he walked closer and locked the door. 

Y/n saw Ethan’s worried face and she broke down completely. She shook her head and soon enough it triggers her waterwork as it’s flowing fast. Ethan rushed to her side and pulled her into a tight hug.

“You’re okay.” He cooed as he traced her back and patted on the slightly. Y/n shook her head. Her tears smearing on to Ethan’s clothes and she leaned back words.

“Your clothes.” She croaked and Ethan just shook his head and brought her back into his arms. 

“Wanna talk about it?” He asked softly while bringing Y/n closer towards his lap.

“I failed.” She cried out loud and Ethan looked at her.He turned his head towards her nigthstand and saw a paper with 95/100. 

“Y/n, you got 95.” Ethan was so proud and confused. While would she be crying over such a good result?

As soon as she heard her score number, she cried harder and shook her head. “Lucy got 100.” 

Ethan would just have to pretend that he knows who Lucy is. He remembered Y/n talking about her as the rival. Someone who is on her tail to get back at Y/n or a higher score than her. 

Ethan really wanted to ask her, why? what’s wrong with losing to Lucy? 95 is still such a high number. But he held himself back, knowing that if Y/n needs someone to talk to, she could always turn to him. 

He gave her the time. 

He wrapped his arms tighter around her as she cried harder around him.

“I tried so hard, so hard.” Y/n said exasperatedly. Her eyes were weary and her hands moving violently.

“Y/n.” Ethan called for her name while standing in front of her. While she was breaking down.

Y/n shook her head murmuring, “No, No,” with her hand grabbing the side of her head.

“Y/n.” Ethan called her more sternly and Y/n halted her movement.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she shook her head and let all her guards down, “I can’t.” She whimpered.

Ethan sighed as he wrapped his arms tightly around the girl of his dreams. They stood there silently while Y/n is messing up her makeups and smearing tears on his shirt.

A small hiccups here and there and gentle “It’s okay.” Every now and then and somehow it calmed both of them down.

When Y/n was already calm, Ethan motioned her to his couch. He brought out blankets and wrapped them around her.

He walked in to the kitchen and preared a chamomile tea for the two of them, remembering that Y/n adores the tea.

“Wanna tell me now?” He asked silently and yet there’s a strong determination that is unwavering there. Somehow that made Y/n wanna tell him everything.

Y/n took a deep breath before ranting out all her frustration. All her fears and insecurities.

How she’s always second to her sister.

How she’s never the best in her family.

How she’s always nicknamed sloppy second by her cousins.

How she tried so hard and never once succeeded.

One of the many reasons why it molded Y/n to be the person who she is right now.

As she started spilling out her worries, Ethan somehow understood. Ethan has a twin and when the world is so carelessly comparing the two, he knows the feeling of becoming second.

He understood but he couldn’t put to words and comfort her because he knew, he knows that no words could comfort her mind and heart for being broken for so long.

“Y/n, I know it’s annoying when people say this,” He put the falling hair behind her face fram and smiled softly. Y/n’s puffy eyes looking back at him.

“You’ll always be my first choice, okay?” He whispered.

And goodness knows that Y/n hates cheesy stuff but somehow Ethan’s words stirred up feelings in her chest

Maybe it’s the way his gentle eyes looking back at her with adoration and sincerity. Maybe it’s the way his calloused hands softy tracing random patterns on her back and fingers playing her hair.

Maybe it’s because it’s just Ethan and her heart soars for him. She believed him.

She believes him.

She smiled softly and Ethan’s heart tutted and her sincere smile. He promised himself that day to keep that smile on for the rest of his lives.

Ethan leaned forward and pressed his lips on top of her head. “You’re my priority.” As he leaned back at stared at her, he continued, “Always.”

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Hey sunshine, I want to share one of my requests with you finally๐Ÿ™ˆ So, I have a really really really bad period cramps. Once I passed out on my way to the bathroom after a solid hour of horrible pain, which is why I'm kind of terrified about them now... and I qas wondering, an you do an imagine where Ethan notices y/n's bad condition but she says it's fine until she starts crying and feeling dizzy because of the pain?

hii bub! thank you for sending this request.

you sent this on the right time. i was on my period and it was horrible. i was on a vacation and i had my period. simply to say that vacation + period is not a very good combination.

i’m sorry if it’s not that good. i hope you still like it though. x


Early in the morning, you were shivering and yet your body temperature was hot. Ethan rested his hand against your forehead and it felt like burning. You were sweating like crazy and yet you were freezing.

Ethan was worried. He was ready to carry your ass to the hospital for a quick check-up but you refused. 

It was during the afternoon when you got better and Ethan was convinced you were feeling a lot better.

“Bub, wanna get some lunch?” Ethan asked casually with your legs propped on his lap and your head around the armrest.

“N-no,” you croaked as you closed your eyes for a moment.

Ethan patted your knees and massaged your feet lightly. Your eyes creaked open and smiled softly. Ethan saw your smile and just leaned in closer and pressed his lips on your kneecap. He murmured against your skin, “Everything okay, bub?” 

You smiled weakly and nodded your head. Ethan was unsure but trusted you anyway.  When your eyes were closed and you’re drifted off to sleep, you weren’t aware but you were actually groaning, whining in pain. 

Everything in your body aches, Ethan was laying beside you when this happened. He shook your sleeping body awake. You jolted up and your eyes were red and your heart was pounding against your head. 

You were sweating and yet you feel cold. “It-It hurts.” You whined as you hid your head agains this neck crook. Ethan shook his head and he sat you up straight. He stood up and pulled his hoodie out and asked you to get dressed. 

You knew you were going to the hospital. He bundled the blanket around you as he carried you back to his car. He safely tucked you in as he quickly drive to the closet hospital. 

While waiting for your number, Ethan would wrap his arms around you and hold you close enough not to make you feel suffocated. He would play with your fingers as a distraction.

When your name is called he would slowly guide you to the appointed room. He’ll be there with you throughout the whole process and whispering encouraging words.

“it’ll be over soon, bub.” as he kissed the top of your head.


hope you like it! i apologize for all the errors here.

:)) i know this is so short and so I apologize,, i’ll make it up in the next request.

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Could you do a blurb of Ethans and Graysons girlfriends being cousins but e&g don’t know yet so when they go on a double date they’re shocked. Did it make sense? I’m sorry if it didn’t.

For the first time in their lives, the twins had girlfriends at the same time. While neither of them actually met the other girl, they were determined to do so and what better way than a double date. They especially insisted on it when they exchanged their favorite things about the girls, gushing to each other like two eleven year old girls in love, because that’s when they realized their girls have a lot in common and could be best friends. If that were to happen and they ended up staying together for the rest of their lives, they could truly live out their dream of having a single property with two houses.

“My girl always raises her eyebrow at me and shakes her head like she gave up on life before smiling at me like I’m worthy of the trouble.” Ethan smiled absentmindedly as he always did when he talked about her, making Grayson’s eyes widen before he smacked Ethan’s hand excitedly.

“Mine does that too! And she has this little star tattoo behind…” Grayson begins, when Ethan interjects.

“Behind her left ear.” Ethan finishes, giving them both chills.

Dude, if we’re dating the same girl, I will fucking flip this table.” The serious look on Grayson’s face mirrored the one Ethan had, both of them thinking back to a video they did on the same issue which now seemed a possibility.

“You two okay?” The girls asked in unison, standing before the guys with their arms hooked and both doing the eyebrow raise and head shake before smiling at their identical idiots.

They’re cute, but idiots. Their idiots.

“Oh, thank God!” Grayson leans back with his hand on his chest and head thrown back as he chuckles in relief.

“You two know each other?” Ethan points his index finger at the girls, his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“You didn’t know? We’re cousins!” Gray’s girl clarifies, taking a seat across him and he grabs her hand, kissing the back of it without skipping a beat. Ethan’s girl leans in, pecking his lips first before sitting too.

Conversation flowing naturally, laughter filling their booth, everyone stopped to look at young love in its bloom.

And that’s when their lifelong dream started to come true.

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You Can Stay With Me (g.d./e.d.) - The Prologue

Prologue: Strangers

A/N: Here is a prologue to my series “You Can Stay With Me.” This prologue was written after the posted chapters, therefore you do not have to read it before reading the fic. But for those of you who are just as invested in this story as I am, here is a little background! 

Remember this is a work of fiction, therefore not everything corresponds to the real world. Also important to note, the events in this chapter take place before the fic begins. 

If you want more pre-fic Ethan and Y/N, feel free to send me concepts and I’ll write them as little continuations of the fic!! 


Summary: Before “You Can Stay With Me,” Ethan and Y/N were just strangers, only seeing each other in passing. But even in those little moments, Ethan knew she was something special. 

Read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Warnings: language, use of alcohol

Word Count: ~3.2k


December 20, 2017

You stumbled around the mall, holding way too many bags containing things you definitely shouldn’t have spent money on. Christmas was around the corner, and you kept pushing off holiday shopping. Today was the day it had to get done, and boy did you pick the right day. 

You heard your phone ding in your back pocket, and you struggled to get it without dropping it or the many bags in your hands. You stopped paying attention to where you were going and inevitably walked straight into a fellow shopper. 

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anonymous asked:

I loved the blurb of the twins with all the women in their lives!! What kind of crazy things do you think they would have the boys do? And the roasts would have to be ๐Ÿ”ฅ! ๐Ÿ˜‚

They would ruin them!! Especially since their girls are best friends and they get along perfectly with their family. They agreed to let the girls torture them more because they had to take vengeance for a nasty prank the boys did a week before!

1. Their girls don’t have to walk because they have to carry them piggyback whole day.

“EVEN TO THE BATHROOM?!” Grayson’s eyes widen as his girl lightly digs her heels in and taps his shoulder.

“Go, horsey!”

2. Their grandmothers and Lisa give them a perm.

“It’s like spaghetti!” Cameron crashes from her chair, laughing so hard she’s clutching her stomach. Their grandmothers are taking pictures, Lisa is hiding and their girls are trying to stifle a laugh so hard that they’re both red in the face.

“What did you do?!” Ethan’s eyes are wide and his mouth falls open while Grayson just shakes his head and stares at his girl in disbelief.

“This kind of backfired on us. We have to be seen in public with them.” Ethan’s girl chuckles, only making his head spin more.

“Where’s the fucking mirror?!” Ethan jumps from his seat, running toward the bathroom frantically, Grayson a step behind him. Next thing they hear is piercing, high pitched screaming.

3. Foot massages

“My hands are going to smell like feet for the next week!” Grayson complains, getting flipped off by Cameron while she adds:

“It would be an improvement.”

4. Howling in the street, their girls strapped on their backs

“OmGsh, this is embarrassing. You sound like a broken wolf!” Ethan’s girl exclaims, hiding her face in Ethan’s shirt.

“Mine sounds like a wound up chihuahua!” Grayson’s girl giggles, pecking the back of his neck.

5. Baby pictures

“And this is them trying to get the rubber from Cameron! They stole it every day, she couldn’t even put her hair up.” Lisa explains, showing the two in mid jump at their sister when they were about five years old.

“Wow…15 years older and they still have trouble with the rubber.” Grayson’s girl takes a subtle jibe, making them both groan, exchanging glances while the women they adore roast their poor wrapping skills.

6. Horror movie marathon

“You have to look!” Cameron rips tips pillow from Grayson who has been hiding his face the entire night.

“Fine! I’ll have my girl to cuddle with tonight for protection!” He sassed back, getting a quick kiss of reassurance from his girlfriend who had become tired from torturing him all day.

“Aww, Ethan sucking his thumb brings me back to when he was 10.” Grandma Bernadette throws in, seeing Ethan going back to old habits. Which surprised and shocked his girlfriend:

“You sucked your thumb till you were 10?!”

anonymous asked:

Can you write the aftermath of the last concept omg ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ what does Grayson do when he finds out Ethan just showed thousands of people he and his girl making out half naked . How does Y/N react also?

This is sorta a part 2 to this concept I wrote a few days ago…enjoy :) 

Grayson chased after Ethan, going on about how stupid he is for just barging into the room like that, especially with the camera on them. 

“Please don’t tell me it was live E,” Grayson begged. 

Ethan remained silent, biting his lip and avoiding eye contact. 

“Ethan,” Grayson spoke again, eyes growing wide as he quickly fumbled with his phone, checking every social media he had. Thousands and thousands of tweets and comments flooded in, asking all kinds of questions about Gray’s and Y/N’s relationship. 

The screenshot of Y/N, topless, straddling Grayson went viral. Thankfully, all anyone can see was her bare back, but the damage was done. 

Grayson stood there, fuming as people continued to share the screenshot. He hastily started to type out a wordy tweet, telling the internet trolls to back off and stop spreading the risqué photo, but Y/N stopped him. 

“Gray, babe, don’t worry about it,” she sighed as she took the phone from him. “People were bound to find out someday.”

“Yeah but now this is all they’re going to be talking about,” he rubbed his face, internally freaking out over the reactions. 

“So what? Let them talk,” she wrapped her arms around his neck, placing a gentle kiss on his lips. “Now I get to show you off to the world,” she whispered, feeling a weight being lifted off her shoulders. It was true, she always wanted to tell people about your relationship, especially since it was getting pretty serious. 

“I love you,” Grayson stared at his beautiful girlfriend, also feeling the weight of the secret being lifted. 

“So, I guess I did you guys a favor,” Ethan stood off to the side, smirking. “You’re welcome.” 

anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb of the twins filming a YouTube video with their grandmas, Lisa, Cameron and their girlfriends. That’s would so cute one day โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ

The boys would be so excited! But also terrified!

“We’re back!” They’d announce in unison, the camera zoomed on them alone, slowly zooming out only for them to reveal both their grandmothers, Lisa, Cameron and their girlfriends around them.

“And we’re surrounded by the most important women in our lives!” Ethan would add, wrapping an arm around his girl proudly, ready to show her off.

“Our harem of women.” Grayson adds, wheezing when his girlfriend rolls his eyes, grandmothers gasp and Cameron delivers a punch in his left shoulder.

“Y/N taught me that!” Grayson defends, placing blame on his girl who smirks at the camera, exchanging sly glances with the women around them.

“And since it’s International Women’s day, we’re making them our bitches.” Y/N explains, making the boys cringe with the ideas they heard the girls talk about the night before (when they eavesdropped their conversations to be prepared for hell).

“And we get to roast them.” Ethan’s girlfriend smiles, making Ethan raise his brow.

“Basically we’re going to die today.” Ethan exclaims.

“Probably. Yeah.” Grayson breaths out, staring into distance, knowing he’s screwed.

You Can Stay With Me (g.d./e.d.) - pt. 3

Chapter 3: Lilac Skies

A/N: Hi everyone, apparently Chapter 3 was somehow deleted…the link wasn’t working and I couldn’t find the original Chapter…however, this should be the same. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you all for reading and supporting this fic :) 

Summary: As Grayson and Claire talk it out, Ethan and Y/N get to know each other. The weather isn’t the only thing clearing up. 

Minor Warnings: language, mentions of nightmares

Read The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Word Count: 2.1k 


“I think you should go home, Y/N,” Grayson interrupted your streamline of thoughts, stared at you intently, and ignored his brother’s concerns for you.

You nodded; It was probably better for you to leave. You let go of Ethan’s tatted hand and quietly left the room, avoiding Claire’s eyes. You fumbled to get your belongings together, shoving your laptop in your backpack and holding back tears. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to cry because you were embarrassed or because this was the first fight you’ve ever had with Grayson. Maybe you wanted to cry because all you wanted to do was curl up in Ethan’s arms; you wanted to relive the night before. 

You rushed to the door; it was still pouring out. As you reached for the handle, you felt a delicate hand on your shoulder. 

“Wait, Y/N, don’t go,” Ethan sighed from behind you. His gentle touch trailed down your arm. You were still wearing his hoodie. He probably just wanted to ask you to give back the sweatshirt before you leave, you thought. He took your hand in his once again, giving you yet another squeeze. Lightning flashed through the window. “I’m not letting you leave in this weather” he whispered. “You can stay with me.”  


Grayson and Claire retreated back to his room, quietly arguing over Gray’s irrational meltdown. He sat at the foot of his bed, apologizing to poor Claire and begging her not to leave. Not to give up on their fairly new relationship. He needed just one more chance.

“Gray, are you in love with her?” Claire’s heart broke as the question came out. She nervously twirled a chunk of her hair between her fingers as she awaited her boyfriend’s answer. A part of her wasn’t even sure if she wanted to hear the answer. Another part of her thought she already knew the answer.

“I-” Grayson focused on the wall behind Claire. Did he love Y/N? No, she was just his best friend. There’s no way. He thought about what you two shared. He thought about all the nights you two stayed up, talking about nothing and everything at the same time. He thought about how he knew what you were thinking just by the look in your eyes. He knew you from the inside out and upside down, there was no doubt.

And he did have love for you, how could he not? You two were inseparable from the day you first met. He loved the way you got excited over Starbucks and sunsets. He loved the advice you always gave him when he was trying to figure out the perfect way to edit a video. He loved cuddling under a warm blanket with you while overanalyzing a silly tv show.

But, he wasn’t in love with you.

Grayson was silent for a while, nodding to himself as he came to his conclusion. “No, I’m not in love with her,” he answered honestly, earning a surprised look from Claire.

“Then, what was that about?” she slowly sat beside him, facing forward and replaying the moment in her mind. The moment he snapped. She’s seen him angry at Ethan before, but this was so unexpected, she really didn’t know how to process it.

Grayson sat there, shaking his head, knowing he really fucked up this time. He didn’t deserve Claire; She was way too good to him. He didn’t deserve you either. You were were so calm with him, and deep down he knew you did nothing wrong. He blew up on you over what? Over spending a little time with Ethan? When he was clearly too busy with Claire, anyway?

“I really like you, Claire,” he turned to look at her, his eyes sad and his heart heavy. He didn’t know what his meltdown was about, other than him being a complete jealous child.

“I really like you, too,” Claire admitted, looking back at him. What was she supposed to do? Pretend like this morning didn’t happen? Pretend Grayson didn’t act like she didn’t exist? “But, you said she was the only thing that was yours…what about me?” It was a hell of a good question. And he didn’t really know how to approach it. So he did the only thing he could do: apologize.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice the complete opposite of the thunder it was just moments ago. He was soft now, delicate. Tiptoeing so he wouldn’t hurt Claire any more than he already did. All she did was nod.

Claire was only a little jealous of the bond you and Grayson shared. Not because she thought he would cheat on her, but because she feared she would never compare. Grayson raved about you like you were the world, and it made Claire feel like she was nothing in comparison. She always wondered if she and Grayson would know each other the way you and him knew each other. Would they be able to read each other’s facial expressions? Would they be able to communicate without saying a word? The questions she had were endless.

Nevertheless, she wanted to find out. She wanted to give Grayson another shot, hoping and praying she’ll get the answers she desires.  

As Grayson and Claire talked it out, you and Ethan found yourselves sitting criss-cross applesauce on his bed, facing one another.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Ethan asked cautiously, analyzing your expression. He reached up to pick at the stubble on his chin, staring at you as if it would be the last time he ever saw you. You shook your head, blinking away any leftover tears.

The truth was, you didn’t want to think about Grayson right now. You didn’t want to think about the fact that you could possibly be losing one of the most important people in your life. You just wanted to focus on the beautiful boy sat in front of you.

You watched Ethan nod slowly, focusing on the thick ring on his finger. Suddenly, you wanted to feel his hand on yours again. You wanted to feel the cold silver of the ring pressing into the skin on your hand. More importantly, you wanted him to squeeze your hand like he did just a few moments before.

“Well, do you want to tell me about those nightmares?” Ethan’s eyebrows furrowed with concern. He just needed to know what kept you up at night, what haunted your mind. The only thing is, you didn’t even know what haunted you.

“There’s not much to tell,” you shrugged, sighing softly. “I’ve had nightmares as for as long as I can remember,” you revealed. Grayson was the only other person on this Earth that knew about them.

Ethan nodded along understandingly, listening to every word just as he did the night before when you told him about your articles. Damn, he was a really good listener.

“The only thing I can’t remember is what the nightmares are about,” you looked down to your lap, trying to search your brain for the contents of the horrid dreams. You looked to Ethan’s lap, focusing on the way his tattoos peeked out of his shorts, scattering his legs. They reminded you of the doodles you would draw on in your journal. You snapped out of your thoughts when Ethan reached out to place a gentle hand over your own.

“When I wake up, it’s just, gone.” You were kind of embarrassed, hating the fact that you were practically a grown adult who still nightmares like a child. “They’re kind of why I don’t sleep much at night.”

Ethan did not like the sound of that. He wanted you to have a good night’s sleep every night. He wanted to make sure you felt safe when you laid in bed, whether it was his bed or your own bed.

“Next time you have one, you can call me,” he watched your every moment. He was just too sweet, and you still couldn’t exactly understand why he was giving you so much attention for the first time in all these years. It was true, you knew each other just as long as you’ve known Grayson, and yet you’re just now getting to see the real Ethan Dolan. Not the annoying twin brother Ethan Dolan.

“I…don’t think I have your number,” there was that familiar guilty feeling again. How the hell didn’t you have Ethan’s number?

“Well, let’s change that,” he held out his hand, giving you a reassuring smile. After typing in his number, he started adding himself on every social media. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Now you had no excuse not to contact him, and neither did he.

The two of you fell silent, soaking in the feeling of a new beginning. It was nice. Both of you wore content smiles. The house was finally at peace.

“So, are you hungry?” Ethan raised his eyebrows, breaking the silence. “I can make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” He stopped himself before joking about how Grayson was the chef of the house. Ethan did not want to make things weird.

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sound really good right now,” you admitted. You both got off the bed, and out of no where, Ethan grabbed your hand to guide you out of the room. He held onto your hand as if he’s been doing this all his life. As if your hand just belonged in his.

“Hey, I don’t think it’s raining anymore,” Ethan spoke as the two of you emerged from his room. It was finally quiet in the house. No more sounds of thunder clapping or rain pouring. Yet, you couldn’t help but think the lightning remained as you held Ethan’s hand and felt electric currents run through your body.

Ethan made your sandwiches, and you watched his hands as he held the knife, spreading the butter and jelly on the bread and carefully folding the slices. He offered you your half, and you politely accepted it.

The two of you nibbled on your sandwiches, both of you agreeing that soggy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the worst.

“Let’s go outside, we’ve been trapped in this house all day

You followed him outside, standing together in the backyard. The ground was of course still soaked with puddles scattered across the yard. But the sky.

The sky was clear as if there were never any storm clouds to begin with. The two of you stared up at the sky, admiring the cloudless abyss and seeing the sun set in the distance. The sky was purple and pink, your favorite. You looked at Ethan with a twinkle in your eye. You could get used to feeling this peaceful. This relaxed.

“I love watching the sun set,” you admitted, looking back at the sky. “I mean what other natural phenomena in this world is so…colorful?” You wondered aloud, sighing contently.

Little did you know, Ethan already knew you loved sunsets. His mind flashed to all the times Grayson would call out: “I’m going to watch the sun set with Y/N!” But Ethan shook the thought but replacing it with a better one. He was truly fascinated by your mind. He was fascinated by whatever you were fascinated by. So he, too, started wondering what other natural phenomena was so colorful.

“I mean…flowers? They’re pretty colorful,” he spoke, half joking but also half wondering what you’d say next.

“Yeah, but flowers are supposed to be colorful,” you shook your head, squinting at the sky and thinking hard. “The sky is associated with being blue, but sometimes it’s gold, or orange, or grey. Or lilac, like it is now.”  

Lilac sunsets were suddenly Ethan’s favorite sunset. They were your favorite, too.

Ethan looked down at you beside him, his bright eyes lighting up when he sees the content smile on your face. In that moment, he was walking on air.

“A lilac sunset…your favorite,” Grayson’s voice appeared from behind the two of you. You shot your head around, seeing Grayson stand in the doorway with his hands in pockets. He rocked back and forth. Heel, toe. Heel, toe.

Claire was no where to be found. It was just you, Ethan, and now a very nervous Grayson. Ethan’s heart fell to his stomach, hoping his brother didn’t break up with Claire. Hoping he still had a shot with the beautiful girl standing next to him. His eyes analyzed your facial expression, trying to figure out what you felt for Grayson.

“I owe you an apology,” Grayson hesitated before stepping forward, approaching you like you were a butterfly that could fly away at any given moment.

“Yeah, you do,” you stared up at him as he stopped in front of you. You wanted to be mad, you really did. You wanted to tell him off. Put him in his place.

But you just couldn’t. Because you knew him. You knew he how sensitive he was about the littlest things. He was insecure. Insecure whenever someone would pick his brother over him, feeling inadequate.

He let out a shaky breath, finally smiling at you for the first time that day.

“I am so sorry, Y/N,” he whispered, his eyes sad but hopeful you’ll forgive him. You nodded as a way of accepting the sincere apology.

Ethan stood there, completely dumbfounded. It was true that he was usually the one who was quick to forgive Grayson over their little arguments. But, how could he stay mad at his brother when they lived under the same roof?

This time was different. He was still mad at his twin for saying such awful things to you. He was also pretty mad that you were so quick to forgive Grayson.

Ethan backed up slowly, taking a deep breath and forcing himself to leave you alone. He reluctantly went back inside and told himself he missed his chance.

anonymous asked:

badass ethan coming home after a bad day finding all of your friends over and so after spending some time with him in another room, kissing his face and playing with his hair, you invite him to come join girls night. and that’s how girls night turns into everyone surrounding a pouting ethan with you sitting in his lap applying a face mask while everyone listens to him rant about his day. suddenly he wants to join girls night every week and occasionally smiles around your friends

Obsessed with this concept! 😍

You and your friends had girl’s night every Wednesday at your apartment since your boyfriend, Ethan, was usually filming late with his brother. The girls brought snacks and face masks and you put on a chick flick on the flat screen. You and your girls sat in a circle, gossiping about whatever the Kardashians were doing that week. It was just a typical girl’s night! 

Until Ethan showed up unannounced, just letting himself into your apartment. 

“Babe!” He called out, pulling off his heavy leather jacket and chewing his usual spearmint gum. He walked into the living room and stopped in his tracks. “Oh, I forgot it was girl’s night,” he lifted his eyebrows and sighed deeply before escaping to the kitchen. 

“I’ll be back,” you told your friends and followed him into the kitchen. “E, what are you doing here?” you asked, watching him lean against the counter and ruffle his hair. 

“Uh, long day. Didn’t really wanna film anymore,” he shrugged, hating to complain about his day, but also really needing to let it out. The veins in his arms and neck popped out as he stood there, blood boiling with stress. You walked up to him, fixing his hair and stroking his cheek delicately. 

“Wanna talk about it?” you stood on your toes, placing both hands on his chest and placing a soft kiss to his lips. Instantly, his tense body relaxed as he kissed you back, just needing your touch. He shook his head as the two of you pulled away slightly. 

“Nah, go back to your girl’s night,” his voice was raspy, dry. He really needed to relax. He chewed his gum hard, his jaw tense with every bite. 

“Join us, I’m sure the girls won’t mind,” you smiled up at him, batting your eyes. 

“Me? At girl’s night? I don’t know, babe,” he squared his shoulders, scoffing at the idea. He never really hung out with your friends. He was too busy. And he wasn’t really the type of guy to get down with the girls and talk about celebrity gossip. But maybe tonight was a little different. 

Pretty please?” 

Who knew that was all it took to get Ethan to join girl’s night. Before you knew it, Ethan was sitting on the living room floor, leaning against the couch. You straddled his lap as you applied a charcoal face mask to his glowing skin. He placed his tatted hands on your hips, his thumbs naturally rubbing small circles into your skin. The girls huddled around, listening to him rant about his day. 

“I went to, like, 8 different stores for this prop,” he sighed. “Only to find out that Grayson already bought it.” He went on and on about the video he and Grayson tried to film. Apparently, nothing went his way. “And on top of that, I got a parking ticket because I forgot to put quarters in the meter,” once he got started, he just couldn’t stop. He looked at your friends, watching their reactions as he vented. They all offered support, reassuring him tomorrow will be a better day.