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Can you do one were either of the boys surprise you by taking you to the middle of nowhere and has the back of the truck packed with pillows and blankets for star gazing! You’re amazing πŸ’•

no, you’re amazing! It’s like you guys can see into my mind and know exactly what I need. I’m craving a date like this. (as much as I want to write about baby Gray, I need to shown E some love too)

“E, where are we going? I’m tired,” you whined.

You had literally the most draining day of your life. All week you had been pulling all nighters for the huge chemistry exam you had taken that day and you were starting to feel your body catching up to the lack of sleep. You also didn’t think you did too hot on the exam which was even worse.

Now, you had a blindfold on you and your boyfriend was trying to pull you out of his pickup truck after driving for about 30 minutes.

“I know, pumpkin, I know. I promise you’re going to love this.”

“It better be worth it, Dolan. You’re lucky I let you drag me out of my cozy bed wearing my pajamas.”

You heard E laugh and open the back of the truck bed. You were about to say something when you felt him tug the blindfold off, and you were amazed at what you saw.

Ethan had made up the back of his pickup truck with an air mattress and a thick comforter which was completely surrounded by fluffy pillows. Then, you looked around you to see the field that him and Gray often filmed in. It was the one from the birthday prank.

“Oh my gosh, E. What’s going on?”

He smiled down at you after he felt you wrap your arms around his torso.

“Welllll I know how upset you are about your exam and I just wanted to do something nice for you. I looked at the weather forecast and we are supposed to have clear skies tonight so I figured we can just like, I don’t know, stargaze maybe?” He asked bashfully.

Ethan often had a hard time showing his emotions, especially when it came to showing how much he truly cared for you. You knew, without a doubt, how much he loved you and you let him know all the time that you loved him too. You could tell that he was starting to second guess himself about the date idea because he wanted to really impress you.

“Babe, I absolutely love this. I can’t believe you remembered that I said I wanted to stargaze in a pickup truck!”

Ethan then calmed his nerves and smiled widely.

“See y/n, I told you I pay attention!” he exclaimed proudly.

You giggled at his goofy smile.

“Come on, you teddy bear. Let’s lay down.”

The both of you climbed into the back of the truck and stared up at the beautiful sky. Ethan then turned on his speaker to play his Tame Impala playlist. You felt at home and like nothing could touch you two.

“Y/N…I know I can be difficult with expressing myself sometimes, but, I really do love you with all my heart. I just want to make sure you never forget that,” he whispered to you.

You felt a tear forming in your eye because of how much you loved the boy laying next to you. You don’t know how you got so lucky with him.

“I love you too, Ethan. Forever and always.”

I HOPE IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. You guys deserve the best 💕

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Guys I have an unexpected gap in my schedule today so send in some concepts or blurbs because this snow has me in the mood to write 🥰

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Y/N and her brother in law get caught underneath the mistletoe and her manz is not happy about their smooch "DID YOU HAVE TO KISS HIM ON THE MOUTH?!" "Oh my god babe."

i love dramatic E so here we gooooo


“Oh, look! Look where you guys are standing!” Lisa yells to you and your brother-in-law, Grayson. 

“They’re under the mistletoe! Looks like they have to kiss! Uh-oh, Ethan,” Poppy John yells to your husband, who is looking at his family with his mouth wide open and brows scrunched. 

“No they don’t!” He yells, making you laugh.

“Just a peck!” Grayson protests, loving his brother’s face turning bright red. 

Without giving Ethan a second to fight back, you lean in and give your brother-in-law a quick kiss on the lips, causing the whole family to laugh, besides Ethan.

“Oh yeah, ok, so funny we all get it,” he moans and pulls you into his side. “We’re going home.”

“Ethan, babe, it’s not that serious. Also, you are home. We’re staying here this week.”

“Well, I’ll buy us tickets to go back to LA!”

“Before Christmas? Don’t go, Ethan,” one of his little cousins says from under him, holding onto his leg. “We want you to stay up with us and see Santa!”

He sighs and picks her up. “We’re not going anywhere, sweets.”

“Good!” you says and kiss his cheek.

“But why did you have to kiss him on the lips…” he mumbles, looking into your eyes with his own puppy dog, pouty look. 

“Oh my god, E.”

“Never again?

“Oh my god, never again. I promise. I’m sorry for upsetting you.”

“Good. Now kiss me on the lips. No more of this cheek bullshit today. Show Gray who’s boss.”


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Grayson gets a message that his wife was out with another man last night and he confronts her only for Y/N to say "Grayson that was you. You are blonde again, remember?" His stupid jealousy cost him spending all the holidays at Y/N's side of the family this year.

omfggg skskskskksks ok


He couldn’t sleep. Not only was he under pressure for work, but he got a text that you were seeing another man. WITH PROOF. A photo of you and the blonde mystery man kissing outside a restaurant, and it was not just any restaurant. It was his FAVORITE. Grayson was livid, blocking your number for the night so he could think it over without blowing up at you over the phone.

You aren’t stupid. It was obvious that Grayson blocked you, and you did not know why. So, as any good girlfriend would, you drive over to his house through the Christmas Eve snow and knock heavily on his door to talk out the problem. “Let me in!”

“Let her in!” Ethan yells to him from his bedroom, leaving Grayson to roll out of bed in a slight panic. What does he say? How does he approach this? Why is she here?

“Um, hello?” You say, arms crossed across your chest and an upset look on your face. 

“I’m mad at you right now,” he spits out, allowing all his planning to go out the window. 

“Uh, yeah. That’s obvious. You blocked me on Christmas Eve and skipped dinner with my family. Could’ve at least sent me a text, asshole.”


“WHAT? I was not! What makes you think that?”

“I have picture proof!” he states confidently, pulling out his phone and shoving it in your face.

Your face turns stoic and you look to your boyfriend with a glare. “Are you fucking dumb? That’s you, idiot! Have you looked in a mirror lately?”

He shakes his head in disgust, turning on his heels to walk away from you but coming face to face with his own reflection. Blonde hair and all. 

Chewing on his bottom lip, he forces himself to turn around and confront you. 


“Yeah, sorry. Now text my mother before my family talks even more shit about you for bailing tonight. I’ll be waiting in your bed.”

houseomemories  asked:

Can you write one about gray defending you, or being super protective at a party. A STRONG GRAY IS A SEXY GRAY

Oooo honestly loving this idea because every time I go to a frat party, there’s always that one boy who can’t take a hint! And we love a strong, sexy gray! (but when is he not though 😏)


It was a friday night in the middle of the semester and you and your friends were chilling in your dorm, all occupied by your phones. To your right was your best friend since second grade, Taylor, and to your left was one of your best friends that you made freshmen year of college, Alyssa.

The two of them were busy editing photos for instagram while you were texting your absolute best friend since birth, Grayson. Him and his twin brother, Ethan, were the best guys you could ever ask to be in your life. You all grew up in the same town (down the street from each other to be specific) and were lucky enough to go to the same college. While you loved them both, you had a special attachment to Grayson. You had this unspoken energy between the two of you, but you would never talk about it. Both of you were too afraid to ruin the good vibes of the squad. Taylor joined the squad after meeting you in second grade and instantly developed an attachment to Ethan. Ever since then, it was you, Grayson, Taylor and Ethan.

Grayson was pestering you over text to come to a party that his and Ethan’s frat was throwing. Friday nights on campus were usually busy, which meant everyone would be trying to get in to any party they could find. You knew that if you wanted to go out tonight, the boys would get you guys in.

“So ladies, who’s up for a party tonight?”

1 hour and many outfit changes later, the three of you walked into the party. From the outside of the house, it looked like nothing was going on. Just a dark house on a Friday night. However, once the basement door opens, it’s all fun and games. You look around the dark room full of sweaty college students and smoke from a blunt getting passed around, for Grayson. Taylor had found Ethan and dragged him to the beer pong table, while Alyssa saw some girls from her econ class and decided to dance with them.

You grabbed a drink and continued scanning the room for Grayson.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” you heard from behind you.

You turn around to find a boy staring down at you with lust in his eyes and alcohol on his breath.

“Looking for my friend. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

You were about to turn around and walk away when you felt the boy grab your wrist and spin you back around.

“Hey! I’m not done with you yet,” he growled.

“Let me go asshole! I know the boys throwing this party and I’ll get you thrown out in a heartbeat!”

The boy chuckled at you, thinking it was funny that a small girl like you was threatening him.

“Alright princess, lets get out of here.”

He started dragging you to the bottom of the basement stairs. You were struggling with every ounce of strength you had when suddenly you felt someone tear you out of his grip.

“Hey buddy! Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” asked a familiar voice.

You swing your body around to see the guy you always knew had to be an angel.

“Grayson,” you whispered in relief, a tear falling out of your eye.

“Aye me and her were just about to get out of here, right baby?”

“I don’t think so pal. See, she’s here with me because I invited her. So, take your grimy self and get the fuck out of my party. Got it?” Grayson said while getting up in the boy’s face, fists clenched and veins popping out.

The boy realized that Grayson was the one you were looking for and immediately nodded his head in fear before running out of the party.

After he left and your adrenaline levels were lower, you finally realized how scary that situation was and began to shake.

Grayson turned around (looking like an absolute angel is his muscle tee, black jeans, november scruff on his face, and floppy hair) and frowned at your current state.

Tears were falling down your face and you had your arms wrapped around yourself, suddenly feeling very cold.

Grayson wrapped you up in his arms and asked you to hop up. You jumped up, arms wrapped around his neck, head buried in his shoulder and legs wrapped around his waist, and he carried you up to the second floor of the house where his bedroom was located. He placed you on the bed and sat next to you, wiping your tears away.

“You’re alright angel. My guys are making sure he left for good. Do you want to talk about it?”

You shook your head. “I’m okay. I think I’m just a bit shaken up. Gray…if you didn’t come at that moment I don’t know wh-“

You felt a finger being placed against your lips.

“Shhh. All that matters was that I came at the right time and saved you from that douchebag. If I ever see his face again, I swear no one will be able to hold me back.”

You giggled at the thought of Grayson getting all riled up because you often compared an angry Grayson to a toddler throwing a tantrum, which always annoyed him.

He smiled at your contagious laughter.

“There’s my pretty girl. Why don’t we just chill up here until the party dies down a little bit, yeah?”

“I would like that.”

The two of you laid in his bed, cuddling, until you got a voice message from Ethan downstairs saying, “Bro, Jason’s about to jump onto the beer pong table!! You have to come see this!!”

You went downstairs to be with your best friends and finish the night on a good note. Little did you know, that would be the beginning of you and Grayson.

(sorry for any mistakes I didn’t have time to edit!)

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Lisa gets into an argument with Y/N because Y/N wants her wedding to be simple and part of her culture and Lisa can't relate so now E/G feels a bit torn.



Grayson walks in from his long day of meetings and filming. This week was so exhausting between wedding planning and work that he just wanted to lay down, cuddle you, and celebrate that it was finally the weekend.

“Hey, Y/N! I’m home,” he yells, placing his jacket on the coat hanger. “Y/N?”

After another several seconds of no response, he starts searching- finally finding you on the back porch with a lit cigarette. “Y/N! What’s up?” he asks, pulling up a chair next to yours and kissing you.

“You never kiss me when I’m smoking…”

“And YOU never smoke anymore, so I know it must be bad. What happened?” Grayson inquires, rubbing his thumb over your cold hand. “So cold out here for you to not be wearing gloves…”

“I got into a fight with your mom today,” you admit shyly, avoiding eye contact.

“Wh-What? Why? Why with my mom? Baby…”

“I told her how many people we were inviting and she got all mad that I, because apparently I’m the only one planning the wedding, am not including more of your family. She called me a lousy daughter in law and I said some things I shouldn’t have either, but she had it coming!”

“Hey! What did you call her?”

You bow your head and sigh, throwing the cigarette butt on the porch and stomping out the slight orange glow. “Don’t wanna say..”

“Tell me. Now.”

“No! Why aren’t you mad at what she cal-“

“Just, please. Before I call her myself. What did you say?”

“I said I’d rather have a crack whore for a mother-in-law than her overbearing ass,” you mumble, biting the nail on your thumb.

“Fuck… Y/N…”

“Hey! Why aren’t you upset about what she said?” You ask again, throwing your hands in the air. “That was pretty fucked! And she’s blaming me for everything!”

“No no no. Calm down. I’m upset about that, too. It’s just hard to pick a side, you know?” he groans.

“I never asked you to!” you yell in defense.

“I never said you did! I just don’t like the two most important girls in my life fighting! It fucking sucks and you guys have been going at it for weeks now!”

You draw in a long breath and sigh, standing up and walking back to the inside of your house to warm up. “It sucks for me too, babe. It’s not like I asked for this shit either.”

Grayson stands and follows you indoors, grabbing your arm and turning you around to look at him. “I’m going to call her. And I’m going to call her out on her shit, but I’m going to do it to you too. And then my mom and my future wife are going to love each other, yeah?”

You groan and throw your head back dramatically, before quickly bringing it back up to kiss Grayson. “Fiiinnneeeee. But make it quick. I’m emotionally exhausted from this. Maybe we should just skip a wedding completely?” You joke.

“Please don’t fucking push it.”

christmas decorating

a/n: just a little blurb on christmas decorating with the twins


- deciding on what theme you’d want your christmas tree to be this year

- him finding penis ornaments on amazon and sneakily purchasing one or two without you noticing

- when the package arrives, you don’t think anything of it and just shrug it off

- you’d be decorating the tree and mention that a package came in for him and he just smirks as he walks away to get it

- “ethan why the fuck is there a penis ornament on our tree?!”

- you’d be pissed off and continued to decorate around the house while ignoring him

- “baby, i’m sorry” he’d kiss your neck and guided you towards the tree where he placed the ornament and you were both just staring at it “but you’ve got to admit, it’s funny isn’t it?”

- you’d both break out laughing “you’re fucking stupid” you’d say as you kissed him “let’s finish decorating in here so we can start outside”


- you’d be out shopping for groceries, but you’d both get distracted and practically run to the christmas section at Target to look through the decorations

- when you leave, obviously you’d come out with your groceries like you planned to, but you also walked out with a new christmas tree, ornaments, christmas lights and more little decor to put around the house

- “i cannot believe we just did that” he’d say as you both packed everything in the car and sit there with smiles on your faces

- once home, you quickly put all the groceries away and approach your bags full of christmas decor and get started

- putting on some christmas music to set the mood

- once you’re both done, you’d both admire the house with hands on your hips and high five each other

- although it’s no longer decorating, you’d both settle with baking some christmas homemade sugar cookies and once they’re done you both would sit on the couch and watch some christmas movies

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G/E and his wife and kids are getting ready to get their first family photos taken. They are currently shopping for cute Christmas dresses and suit for their triplets.



“E, what do you think of this?” you ask, holding up a tiny, white, chiffon dress studded with rhinestones.

“Looks expensive,” he responds, rolling his eyes as he looks at the extravagant dresses surrounding him in Macy’s. “And you know that they’re going to ruin it within 10 minutes of putting it on.”

“I know, I know. It’s just so pretty,” you say, adjusting one of your triplets on your hip. “Isn’t it, Lennox? It’s so pretty!”

The two year old nods and places her thumb in her mouth, watching as her two other siblings run around near Ethan’s feet and play from the comfort of your shoulder.

“I really want her to start talking,” Ethan says and takes the thumb out of her mouth, frustrated that she’s behind the other triplets.

“Can we talk about that later? We need outfits for the pictures!” you groan.

“This!” Your other daughter yells, pulling on a burgundy dress with pure white lace in place of sleeves.

“Wow! I think Sienna just found the perfect dress! What do you think, mom?” Ethan asks you, holding up the dress to her tiny frame.


“And cheap! Daddy likes it,” he states proudly. “I got 3 college tuitions to pay at the same time. I’m allowed to start being a bit more frugal.”

You chuckle and roll your eyes. Ethan tried to make a completely normal life for his kids, which included acting as if he did not have the money to pay for every single grandchild in the family’s college tuition, let alone his 3 kids. “Alright, cute enough. Now to find a tux for Clyde.”

“A tux? Baby they’re toddlers. I’m sure a sweater will suffice,” E fights.

“Let me live! I’m stressed 24/7. I haven’t slept in two years. I can’t laugh without peeing. Let me have this.”

“Fine, fine,” he groans, backing off to let you control the photo shoot. “But I get to pick the theme next year.”

“Absolutely not. They’re not dressing like dragons for Christmas.”

“But babe!”


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Someone makes an offhand joke about Y/N's newborn not being Dolan's because the baby has bright green eyes and Y/N gets offended. In part because his side has never really met her side of the family (some of her relatives have green eyes and hers are brown) since they eloped over a year ago and the families have yet to meet.

Ok shit I live for drama


“Oh wow! Look at my little grand baby,” Graysons mom coos, picking up the child and holding her close. “She’s beautiful.”

“Thanks, mom,” Gray says, putting down the carrier and greeting the rest of his family. “Y/N, why don’t you go sit and rest with the girls. I’ll be right over.”

You nod as you pull away from a hug with his Grandma. As you start to walk away, you hear his brother walk in. “Is this my little niece? Yeah?” He asks, rubbing her back as she rests on her grandmothers chest. “You sure it’s yours, Gray?” He laughs, acknowledging her olive complexion and piercing green eyes.

Gray laughs it off and hugs him, shaking his head. “Positive! Even if she wasn’t, how could you not love this face?”

As you watch the scene in front of you, you bite the inside of your cheek- trying to keep your cool after hearing that comment. Even though the family accepted you, you knew they always had just a little resentment against you being with Gray. ESPECIALLY after you convinced him to elope without letting anyone know.

You turn on your heels and go to sit with some of his cousins, staying quiet for the majority of the time. Several minutes later, Gray walks over with a big smile on his face. “Everyone loves our baby so much,” he says, kissing you on the cheek.

Despite not wanting to cause any problems tonight, you roll your eyes and squirm away from him, letting him KNOW you were pissed off.

“Uh, babe? What’s up?” he asks genuinely, taking a seat next to you, and looking into your eyes. “What did I do?”

“Nothing. Can we go home? I don’t feel go-“ you start but he protests, shaking his head.

“Bull. What’s bothering you?”

“Your brother is a fucking asshole and you don’t even care!”

“What do you mean? You haven’t even talked to him today- yet.”

“Because he’s an asshole! You know what he said. It’s mean. Is that what your family really thinks about me?”

“Alright Y/N, I’m sorry but you’re gunna have to give me some context,” he says, throwing his hands in the air. “I can’t read your mind!”

“He asked if the baby was even yours. That hurts, babe!” you admit, taking out your phone to distract yourself so you don’t cry.

He quickly takes the phone out of your hands and puts a finger under your chin, lifting it up so you’re looking at him. “Baby, that’s why you’re not talking to anyone? It was just a joke.”

“I don’t care! I know they really think I would do that to you. They don’t like me,” you whine. “Can we please go home?”

“No. We’re solving this right now. I’m sorry you feel that way, Y/N, because it’s not true. My family does not hate you. They love you! You gave them their first grandbaby! And niece! Ethan is especially excited!”

“But he sai-“

“I know. And that was rude of him. I’ll talk to him about it. No, we’ll talk to him about it, and you two are gunna hug it out!”


“Yes! Oh my god, you two would get along great. You’re just as stubborn,” he groans, dragging you off the couch to go make up with his twin.

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"But why do I gotta make tamales next year?" "Because Grayson you got the baby in your piece." Grayson learns what getting the baby Jesus in his piece of rosca means πŸ€£πŸ˜­πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ

Fun fact; I’ve studied Spanish for 8 years now!! And I’ve been to mexico once :)


“Oh look! There’s a lil plastic baby in here,” Gray shows you and laughs. Currently you were celebrating Día de Reyes with your family, and you brought your boyfriend of a year and a half, Grayson, to meet your family.

“Oh my god! Gray you got the baby!” you laugh, playfully pushing him and smiling. “I’ve never gotten it!”

“Oh, Grayson got the baby! Look, abuela!” Your mom yells when she notices the two of you. “How exciting!”

“Uh.. you don’t have one, too? Wait what does thi- you’re not pregnant, are you? Babe..” he rambles, oblivious to the meaning.

“No! Nonono, Gray. You got the baby Jesus, which means we host a party, providing all the treats, like tamales and everything!”

“Wh- why are you so excited then?” he whispers, not wanting to offend anyone in your family with his ignorance. “Aren’t those hard to make?”

“Yep, and you get to do it all by yourself on the 2nd of February! Fun!” You tease, and he groans jokingly, placing a kiss to your cheek.

“Anything for you and my future family.”

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"Momma what is knocking up?" "Giselle where did you hear that?!" "Daddy told Uncle Gray that he was gonna knock you up this week."

Sjskskcjslc IM DEADDD


The day was going smoothly. You were sitting around a dining room table at your in-laws house, where you all gathered for one of Ethan’s cousin’s birthday. You were sat with a few family memebers and finally having an adult conversation after being with your two children, Giselle, who’s 5, and Spencer, who’s 3. That was until Giselle decided to walk out of the playroom and up to you.

“Momma, what is ‘knocking up’?” your daughter asks you innocently, holding a new stuffed alligator from Aunt Cam in her tiny hands. “Can I do it?”

“No! No!” you respond quickly out of fear, but take a few seconds to compose yourself after as the family looks on and tries not to laugh. “Giselle, baby, where did you hear that?”

“Daddy! Daddy was talkin to Uncle Gray and said he’s gunna do that to you tonight! Wanted to make sure it wasn’t bad,” she says, hopping into your lap and grabbing a cookie off your plate.

“Oh my god,” you groan, trying to avoid eye contact with his family— which is now laughing out loud. “Baby, that’s a grown up thing. Please don’t talk about it.”

“Don’t talk about what?” Ethan asks, walking into the room to grab some more snacks, Gray trailing behind.

“You’re dead.”

“Sorry, Daddy!” Giselle shouts, hopping off your lap and running back to the playroom to hide from what was about to go down.

anonymous asked:

"Y/N can you please give me a baby?" "Gray where am I supposed to get one from?" "No! I mean I want you to be the mother of my children." "But we aren't even married Gray. You are 19 and I'm 22. We are young still." "PLEASE?!"


Laying in bed, you and Gray tried to fight the urge to fall asleep before your favorite show ended on the laptop screen in front of you. Gray lifted his arm and slung it across your stomach and used his other arm to prop himself up, looking you directly in the eyes.



“Can you please give me a baby?” he asks, a little pout resting on his lips, already swollen from making out before you decided to play a few episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

“Um, where do you expect me to just get you one?” You ask, pushing him away slightly and giggling.

“No! You know what I mean! I want you to be the mother of my children,” he says, leaning down and kissing you on the lips.

“Baby, don’t you think it’s a bit early? I mean we haven’t even talked about marriage and you’re still a teen! Gray you’re literally 19, and I’m not much older. I’m only 22!” you exclaim and chuckle.

“Babe! Please!” he whines and falls back onto his pillow.

“I’m sorry, Gray! I don’t think we’re ready, but one day.. ok? What made this come up?” You ask, now switching so you’re propped up looking at him.

“‘Jus was lookin at pictures of babies on Instagram and couldn’t help but think I want that with you. Couldn’t picture that with anyone but you,” he admits shyly and pulls you down to be laying on top of him.

“One day. Promise, y/n?”

“Promise. But don’t get too excited for more than a few years, ok? We gotta grow the fuck up first,” you laugh

Send in your wishlists and spread the word! :)

WTF @lunar-dolan

wow,, 3 posts in two days(?) i don’t know who she is xD

because of this reason, i’m so sorry that it might be bad xD

either way, i hope you like it :) x


Lara and Grayson have been best friends since they were little. The thought of them becoming more than best friends have always been around. Especially with their families saying that they will end up together. Their families always remind them about how lucky they are to find their soul mate at a very young age.

The both of them however would always laughed it off and agreed. It is because they actually believe that too. Lara and Grayson both feel lucky to have one another. They believe that being soul mate doesn’t mean to be romantically involved. So they are both indeed, soul mates.

Everything changed though. It started with Ethan’s prank, Grayson sweet older twin brother. He locked the both of them in the guess bathroom, where it’s literally only a sink and the toilet bowl with the small light that’s flickering every now and then.

“ETHAN!” Grayson shouted loudly with the veins on his neck popping out. She banged the door loudly, “Get us out of here!” She screamed.

“Grayson! I’ll be out for pizza, wait me patiently till then.” Ethan’s voice muffled through the door and soon the both of them heard a car engine came to life.

“So, what are we gonna do?” She asked as she closed the toilet and lid and took a seat. While Grayson was literally standing because there was no enough space for him to even sit on the floor as well.

“I cannot believe this, I’m sitting face to face with your crotch.” Lara mocked sarcastically while fanning her face lightly. It made Grayson’s shoulder muscles tensed and he grunted.

“Your bathroom is so hot.” She said while moving her hair away from her face. Her face was red from the heat. “Just wait for Ethan.” Grayson said monotonously.

“If only you did not fight,” She continued but Grayson cut her off, “Lara, shut up, please.” He said rudely and she could only looked at him shocked.

Lara hated the word “Shut up” and Grayson knows that. She hates the word because it meant silencing one’s opinion and it’s never right. Everyone should learn to hear other’s voice and respect his or her opinion even if it’s different.

Grayson realized that and shook his head. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

Lara puckered her lips and nodded her head, “Okay.” She said knowing that it was just the heat that was bothering him. Grayson hates being confined in a small room and so she understands him.

“It’s your turn to sit now,” She said while standing up. The both of them were pressed tightly against one another and turned around so Grayson can sit. Once Grayson sit, his head looked up and saw her looking down at him. He smiled and she smiled and the both of them burst into laughter.

The both of them were silent for a while before the light flickered off. The only source of light was out and Lara was anxious. “G-Gray?” Her voice was small as her shaky hands touched his shoulders. Grayson put his hand over hers and grabbed them tightly

“I-I’m scared.” She whimpered as Grayson pulled her hand and let her sit on his laps.

“You’re okay.” He whispered through her hair as she nuzzled her face on his neck. His fingers tucked a few of her hair back as his arms wrapped around her protectively. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, leaning on to his chest.

“Thank you.” She said softly and hugged him tightly. Grayson squeezed her hips once more and muttered, “Anytime.”


hii lara,, thank you so much for reblogging my post! i really hope you liked this one,, i hope you’re having the best day of your life because it’s the least that you deserve!! all the love bby!! xx

Writing This For @lunar-dolan

anonymous asked:

could you do a concept w gray and a short girl?? like the cute stuff and like the sex KSJAKA

k so I’m 5′9″ so idrk what its like to be short but imma try !!!


ok so Gray with a short girl would be the cutest shit ever ???? like y’all saw my post of him and snooki who is like 4′8″. ADORABLE. Ya know how he does that look when he’s really concentrating on what someone is saying? So like that but LOOKING DOWN is so sweet and cute to me lol. I feel like he’d want one of those unnecessarily high beds so she’d need him to either help her up or she’d have to use a stepping stool which he would think is so funny !!! He would not be able to stop laughing when she struggles because she is short. But he would always step in and save the day, whether he was reaching something up high or lifting her so she can get up on to something or to SEE !!! OH MY GOD he’d have her on his shoulders at a concert or rave or whatever. Calling her “shawty” as a joke but her actually thinking its kinda hot. And then sex would be so cute and giggly I feel because he’s trying his best not to hurt her?? He’d be like, “Shit baby, I didn’t mean to throw you like that” when he flips her over to fuck her senseless because shes so tiny that literally every movement could send her flying LMFAOOOO but it would be funny and create that cute/sexual atmosphere you feel?

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ethan and you going sledding during christmas time with your kids

Ok so I’m pissed bc I started writing this before and then it got deleted smhhhh


It was the first snow of the season in Jersey and Ethan had never been more excited. His twins had just turned 3 and could finally enjoy and remember playing in the snow. He woke up early this morning (for once), looked out the window of your master bedroom and grinned when he saw at least a foot of snow piling up. 

“Babe, wake up,” he whispers, shaking your shoulders lightly. 

“It’s 5 a.m., E. Let me sleep,” You groan, instinctively pulling one of the babies closer to you.

“But honey, it’s snowing! Please wake up and get the kids in their snowsuits, for meeee-”

“No. It’s 5 a.m.. Why don’t you wake them up and put them in their snowsuits if you want to go outside so badly!”

“They whine less when you do it and I wanna go outside and build some snow ramps for them to sled on!’







You groan, “You are such a child. Get outside and don’t cry to me when they’re cranky.”

Ethan entire disposition brightens and he nods, practically running out the bedroom door as you gently wake the kids. He spent an hour shoveling snow into perfect piles for your babies to sled down. He bought bright red plastic sleds as soon as he saw the forecast, excited for their first experience sledding FOR REAL. Not just those baby sleds he pulled them around in before.

Ethan smiles when he sees his three favorite faces come out the front door. “Good morning, Daddy!” you start, prompting your son and daughter in your arms to do the same. 

“Good morning, my angels! Look at all the snow! Are you excited to play?” he interrogates, grabbing his baby boy and placing kisses all over his face as he nods excitedly. “Why don’t you go first? Show your little sister how it’s done.”

He places the boy on the sled atop a tiny man-made hill. “When I say ‘go’, I’m going to let go and you’re going to slide down the hill. You ready?”

“Ready! Look at me sissy!”

“One, two, three, GO!” he shouts, releasing his grip on the plastic and watching his son fly down the 35 degree slope. “Wow! That looked so cool! Did you have fun?”


“No! My turn!” your daughter shouts and you smile, handing her over to Ethan.

“Looks like you can handle this for the rest of the day. I’ll be warm, inside, and eating breakfast. Have fun and don’t call me if you need me!” you say and kiss each of them, leaving your husband to a long day of ‘sledding’ and keeping the cranky kids from killing one another.

Marry Me ↯ G.D.

Warings: cursing + highkey sucks + unedited

A/N: me and Nat (@astrodolans) talked about “Grayson and your grandma” concept soooo here i am writing this and taking it a step further lol

“Sweetheart, when are you bringing Grayson home again?” Your grandma said as she cooked your favorite meal. “I love that boy, i can’t wait to see him and bake those cookies he likes.”

“Well, he’s supposed to catch a flight next weekend so we can all spend the holidays together!” You answered excitedly.

- - -

“Grayson!” Your granda said happily when you entered her house, holding hands with your boyfriend.

“Wow grandma, i can feel the love!” You chuckled; while she pinched Grayson’s cheeks, before pulling him into a tight hug.

“Come on in kids, the cookies are almost done!” She said, hurrying you inside.

- - -

“They are amazing! You have to tell me the recipe!” Grayson said with his mouth full.

“Oh sweetie, I can teach you how go cook while you stay here.”

“You should grandma! Grayson has been taking cooking lessons but he could use your tips!” You said excitedly at your gradma’s suggestion.

“Of course, we can start now! Grab the apron sweetie, we’re starting off simple with the apple pie and then i’ll teach you arancini.” She told Grayson.

“Have fun, i’ll be upstairs taking a shower.” You said; before strolling to the bathroom.

- - -

After quickly brushing your hair and changing into something more comfortable you went downstairs. Grayson’s back was facing you when you walked back in the kitchen, his muscles flexing with each of his movements.

“Hey, it smells good in here.” You said, hopping on the counter. Grayson took the tray of apple pie out of the oven; before he stepped in between your legs and kissed you sweetly. A smile made its way onto both of your faces and he rested his head in the crook of your neck. “Your grandma said i’m a good cook.” He mumbled against your skins and giggles left your lips.

“Let me taste” and he nodded while you played with the ends of Grayson’s hair. He started cutting the pie in slices and put one on a plate.

“Grayson! Holy shit this is delicious!” You yelled as your grandma entered the room.

“[Y/N]! Language!” She scolded.

“I’m sorry, it’s just so good! Thank god you taught Grayson.” You smiled innocently and acted like you didn’t do anything wrong. “Now you can cook that for me when we’re back in LA without nonna.”

“Always at your service, princess.” Grayson joked, a smirk evident on his face.

“You better be, baby.” You winked and ran a hand through his dark hair.

“Now, please ladies, leave me alone in the kitchen, i’m going to prepare my signature dish.” He said playfully.

“Baby boy, you know banana pancakes aren’t a proper dish, right?”

“Leave before i make you regret it, peach.” You scoffed lightly at his words and turned your back to him; making Grayson pinch your butt mischievously, laughing afterwards as you squealed.

- - -

“[Y/N], you two are meant for each other.” Your grandma whispered in your ear as you stared at Grayson from another room with love filled eyes.

“I’m so in love Grandma”

“You remind me of me and your grandfather when we first started dating, sweetie. And look at us now… we’ve been married for almost 50 years.” She said, lost in her thoughts.

“Ladies, it’s ready!” Grayson’s voice came from the kitchen.

When you entered Grayson gestured toward a plate and smiled. “This is for you, peach.” Two pancakes laid on the flat plate, maple syrup decorating them and blue berries spelling out a question on the top; your grandma gasping behind you.

“Will you marry me?” You said in a whisper, eyes glossing over. “Grayson, are you serious?” You tuned around and Grayson was on his knee, a red velvet box in his hands.

“Angel, i want you to be my wife, the mother of my children, my best friend, my partner. We’ve been a couple for the past 5 years and i think it’s time for us to take it a step further. Please, give me the honor to be your husband. Marry me.”

You dropped your body on top of his, nodding your head frantically as tears blurred your vision.

“I love you, Grayson.” You mumbled through sobs. “I love you, [Y/N]. Forever.” He whispered back, cuddling your smaller body to his chest.

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grayson holding your baby for the first time UGH i’m soft alreadyy



“How lo-“

“39 days. He’s been in for 39 days. And I get to hold him today for the first time. Ever. I’m so excited.”

Grayson counted every minute, let alone day, that your son was in the NICU. The poor baby was born 2 months early, leaving him at only 2 pounds 6 ounces. Never in his life did Grayson think this would happen to him and his wife. But it did. And now he was sitting next to another set of NICU parents in the waiting room, and rambling on about his perfect son.

As you two walked into the room filled with babies attached to tubes and wires, he couldn’t help but cringe. He did every single time. It hurt him to know these tiny, helpless, under developed babies were in pain and he could not stop it. But today the hurt was only slightly replaced with overwhelming joy of holding his son for the very first time.

He shook as he sat in the rocking chair next to his sons bassinet. The now 3.5 pound baby was going to be placed in his arms. “Don’t be so nervous, Gray,” you whisper to him, “there’s nothing to be worried about.”

“Easy for you to say! You’ve held him before. It’s my first ti- oh my god! Hi! Hi, Isaac,” he coos to his newborn and he is lifted up by a nurse and placed on his chest. “Oh my god, hi!”

It didn’t take long for the tears to start falling down his flushed cheeks. “I’ve been waiting so long for this day, buddy. You’ve really kept me waiting! I’m so happy to be holding you,” he cries, gently rubbing the baby’s back as he gets more comfortable with the new warmth of his fathers skin.

After snapping a quick photo of the sentimental moment, you kiss your husband on the cheek. “How does it feel, love?”

“So good. So so good. I love you, Isaac. And I’ll always protect you. I’m going to be the best daddy you could think of, promise. Now, never scare daddy like this again, ok?”

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!!! G putting up the christmas tree with his little ones ugh



“Arabella, can you please get me a blue ornament?” Gray asks his 3 year old daughter, trying to have a teaching moment with her while also having fun decorating.

“Yeah, right here!” His son says, beating his sister to the plastic tote filled with Christmas decorations and handing a blue ice princess ornament to his father.

Gray rolls his eyes but smiles. “Thank you, Gianni. Let’s let your sister get it next time, yea?”

“Ok, dad! Arabella, get another blue one,” the seven year old directs, leaving Grayson to chuckle once more.

“So what are you most excited for this Christmas?” Gray asks the children.

“M’cited for cookies!”

“Good one, Arabella! I am too! And you, Gi?”

“I’m excited for Santa to come so we can get presents! I also want momma to have my little brother,” he announces excitedly, eagerly handing over more ornaments and leaving his little sister in the dust once more.

“I’m excited for your little brother, too. Soon enough he’ll be helping us put up our Christmas tree!” Gray says, picking up his daughter and spinning her around. “And soon enough it’ll be him putting the star on the tree! But for now it’s you, Bella. Hand us the star, Gi! It’s time!”

Gianni runs the star over to his little sister and Gray picks her up, letting her shakily place the plastic star atop the tree.

“I did it!”

“You did, baby girl. Merry Christmas, yea? Let’s go eat some cookies that mommas been makin’!”

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ethan getting into an argument with you over you hanging out with your guy friends

Aggressive E is my mans


“Hey, E? I’m going to hang out with the group chat tonight. You wanna come?” You ask, referring to your Snapchat group chat consisting of the kids you hung out with in high school. Unfortunately for you, the majority of your high school friends were guys, and Ethan HATED this.

“Not really. I’m positive you know that I don’t like those guys… but I mean come the fuck on I’m obviously gunna go and make sure none of them try and fuck you,” he says, defensive right off the bat. He had a long week and was already snippy, so you knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“E. You know by now that these guys are just my friends. None of them want to fuck me and most importantly- I’d rather go into anaphylactic shock than fuck them,” you insist, grabbing his hands and kissing his cheek. “Stop being so insecure. You’re my man.”

“Stop being insecure? Are you fucking serious? Stop acting like I have no reason to be!” he shouts, shaking your hands off his own. “You’re in a group chat with a whole bunch of guys I’ve never met before! I don’t know what you guys talk about. I don’t know what they say to you about me. For all I know they could be telling you to leave me for no good reason.”

Ethan shakes his head in annoyance and walks into the kitchen, throwing his hands in the air. “And they’re obviously fucking attractive! I’ve seen pictures! FUCK Y/N let me be pissed off! You know this isn’t just me being petty tonight! I don’t fucking like them!”

You sit back into your spot on the couch in the living room, taken aback by his sudden outburst. Reluctantly, you walk into the kitchen and sit in the chair next to him after giving the man a few minutes to cool off.

“E, baby, I’m sorry you feel that way,” you say gently, rubbing his back in hopes that he’ll pick his head up from his hands and look at you. “I didn’t know you didn’t like them. Maybe if you met them you’d change your mind?”

“It’s not that I don’t like them, babe. I don’t like the fact that they know you inside and out. They have since kindergarten. I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“That they can take you from me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ll be damned if someone ruins that,” he says quietly, now looking you in the eyes. “I just love you and I get jealous sometimes.”

Smiling softly, you wrap your arms around his neck and peck his lips. “Let’s stay home tonight, yea? Just you and I. Let’s work on this.”