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Grayson Dating a short Girl

Hi💗 I’m loving your imagines! 👏🏼💕 can you please do one of Grayson dating a short girl? (He’s so tol and I’m only 5’ ☹️) thank u!💗

Warnings: Fluff, Language

A/n: I’m 5′2″ so, I relate lmao 😂😅 

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  • forehead kisses.
  • so many forehead kisses.
  • hugs and cuddles were good too.
  • being the small spoon because you couldn’t be any other spoon.
  • that was unless Grayson wanted you to Koala him.
  • he always has to bend down to kiss you, either or pick you up.
  • holding hands because yours are so smol and his are so big.
  • him laughing at you because you can’t reach a simple box of cereal in the supermarket.
  • “Gray, stop laughing, it’s not funny!”
  • “Kinda is.”
  • sometime’s he lifts you up to kiss you.
  • and it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • always going to Disneyland and being proud of yourself because you could ride all the rides, even though it didn’t matter.
  • holding hands because his were so big and yours were so small.
  • being besties with Ethan, Emma and James.
  • all of them convincing you to make a YouTube channel.
  • and it being the best decision you ever made (other than dating Grayson)
  • James doing your makeup in videos.
  • and then having Grayson ruin it with his forehead kisses.
  • Grayson having to take all the selfies because your arm was too short to reach everyone in frame.
  • but it’s okay, because in most pictures you end up hugging him.
  • the fans thinking it was adorable how big the height difference was.
  • you having the best years of your life while with him as his girlfriend.
  • but that was till you broke up.
  • and got married.
  • which was even more adorable than the two of you already were together.
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When Ethan Exposed You and Gray

Request: Concept/request Imagine if Ethan exposed the girl who took graysons virginity on a live or something and maybe she was a Youtuber too?😊

A/n: I decided to do this as a Head cannon because it was easier :) sorry it’s short

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  • OOft.
  • this was a time.
  • this 👏 was 👏 a 👏 time
  • Ethan was on a live.
  • Usually things were normal.
  • All clear.
  • You and Grayson had a SECRET relationship for 2 years.
  • Ethan, Emma, and James and some of your other friends were the only other people who knew about it.
  • Ethan did a live and exposed that you were the girl who took Graysons virginity and everything was ruined.
  • Ethan forgot he was recording and simply saw you and ppl were like why is she over and blah blah blah it slipped out of his mouth and he quickly ended the livestream.
  • “What the fuck Ethan?!” You exclaimed really mad.
  • “What’s wrong, babe?” Grayson asked.
  • “Your brother just exposed us to like… half the fandom.”
  • “No!”
  • “Check the fan accounts.”
  • “FUCK, ETHAN.”
  • “No!” You laughed.
  • Grayson rolled his eyes and looked at him, “Fuck, YOU!”
  • Let’s just say you guys thanked Ethan a lot later.
The Twins Dating A Bookworm

Request: Hi! Could you write something about the twins dating a bookworm?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

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  • You are a bookworm.
  • but
  • you’re also the most daring girl Ethan knows
  • If anyone pisses you off, you don’t hold back
  • unless of course it’s about yourself.
  • you only protect the people you love.
  • because you had all those heroes in the books to look upto.
  • Ethan plays Fortnite while you sit on his bed re-reading a good read or a new one.
  • “SHIT!” Ethan yells.
  • “Ethan shut the fuck up,” You told him as he looked at you.
  • “Sorry, babe, you’re just so quiet and smol.”
  • You’ll fall asleep reading while Ethan’s up in the late night and he put’s a bookmark in the spot you were on and cuddles you.
  • freaking cuddles man.
  • he doesn’t stop.
  • even if you’re reading.
  • oh, what’s that.
  • a freakin cuddle.
  • but you do the same to him while he’s playing Fortnite so you’re both even.
  • Ethan reading to you because he’s got a soothing voice to listen to as you fall asleep.
  • Ethan actually enjoying the books you read.


  • There’s always been this endless debate between the two of you and it set’s you off.
  • “The movie’s better, y/n, deal with it.”
  • “The fuck it’s not, Grayson.”
  • Watching the movies and pointing out the parts that were wrong.
  • “Can we just enjoy the movie, y/n?”
  • You rolled your eyes, “Fine.”
  • You secretly loved pissing Grayson off.
  • 1. because it was funny
  • and 2. because it turned you on.
  • He’s always of fictional characters because you’re ‘married’ to some of them.
  • You were in some of their videos, and did that ^^^ all the time.
  • “So, in conclusion, Draco Malfoy and I are getting married on the 12th of December 2018.”
  • Grayson rolled his eyes, “Who gives a shit?”
  • “I do,” James cheered. “Draco Malfoy is hot.”
  • “Thank you!” You smiled.
  • Grayson buying you books and trying to recommend some to you.
  • “How about this one? It’s about this girl running away and her friends chasing after her.”
  • “Gray, I’ve already read Paper Towns.”
  • “Ugh, you’re so hard to buy for.”
  • “But you love me, and that’s enough.”
Falling Asleep On The Couch Together

Request: Soft ask: how do you think the twins would be like if you fell asleep on them while watching tv together?

A/n: hey y’all, i’m kinda slowly getting back into writing for the Twins since what happened. the twins are slowly posting again on social media, like on snapchat and instagram, so i’m gonna slide slowly into it aswell :) anyway, hope you like this soft request anon :)

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  • okay but bro.
  • like, you’d fall asleep with your head in his lap
  • and your hands intertwined.
  • because Ethan’s like that.
  • I’d imagine him loving the PDA
  • just the holding hands and you cuddled in his lap.
  • obviously, you’d fall asleep before him.
  • clearly.
  • but he’d brush your hair out of your face
  • and then kiss your forehead.
  • and then whisper the words “goodnight, I love you, y/n,”
  • and he’d smile before falling asleep with you trying not to wake you because you getting rest is important to him.
  • and he’ll place a blanket on the two of you.
  • and he’ll smile down at you.
  • and he’ll wonder how lucky he is to have you
  • and then he’ll kiss your forehead again.
  • and then he’ll smile again.
  • and then he’ll fall asleep
  • and it was the same thing every night.


  • sis.
  • lemme just.
  • lemme just set a scene.
  • you and Gray are on the couch.
  • and you’re watching a movie.
  • preferably your favorite one.
  • and Gray has you in his arms as you lay horizontally on the couch.
  • and his arms are wrapped around you while you wear his favorite hoodie because let’s be honest here.
  • you love the smell.
  • and you feel safe and calm.
  • and you just lay there watching the movie.
  • and you two both fall asleep. just with the laptop going.
  • and the sound in the background.
  • And Ethan would stroll out of his room from playing Fortnite to get water.
  • and he’d see y’all and go soft for a second.
  • and cover you with a blanket before returning to his cave.

My heart breaks for them rn❤ I cried reading their posts this morning. I’ve experienced losing a parent and there are no words to describe how that feels. I just hope that they’re doing well and taking care of themselves.

Thank you to Sean for giving us Cameron and the twins. This family never fails to make me smile even on my worst days.

I just wish there was more we could do to show our support and love and to comfort them during this time❤

Sick Boy (G.D)

This is my first proper blurb, hope you all enjoy! If you want to request anything, please do! ✨💛

Summary: Your boyfriend Gray gets extremely sick after filming a video with his brother for their friend Juanapa’s channel.

“what time are you guys filming today, gray?” you called out from your bed to your boyfriend who was currently brushing his teeth in the bathroom. “juanapa will be here in about 20 minutes babe, so we’ll probably get started soon after that” he tried to reply with his mouth full of toothpaste. the boys were filming for juanapa’s channel today, after he taught them how to speak spanish for their video yesterday. gray had told you it was going to be a pretty casual video where him and e would try to teach their friend american slang, with a few punishments if he got any wrong. however gray wasn’t too sure what the punishments were going to be.


once juanapa had arrived at the house you shared with gray and ethan, they hung out for a while and discussed some ideas for the video. they had been gone now for about 2 hours and it was strange having the house so quiet for that long, as the boys would normally be filming in the studio at home, there was always noise. speaking of noise, your phone started to ring. you looked down and saw ethan’s name on your screen.

“hey e, you boys done filming already?” you asked.

“actually Y/N, we’re half way through the video. me and gray just had our first punishment”
from the sound of his voice, you already didn’t want to know how this punishment had gone wrong.

“ok, whose hurt and what do you want me to do to help?” you chuckled under your breath, asking him to continue.

“it’s gray, we had to eat some fresh garlic and in our defense, we really didn’t think it was going to be that bad. but fuck Y/N, it was actually the worst and we both got sick.” he paused for a second and you could hear someone throwing up in the background, which you presumed would be your poor boyfriend. your thoughts were confirmed when you heard ethan ask his brother if he was ok.

“are you able to come and pick him up? there’s no way he can finish the video and i’m going to stay here like we originally planned and help juanapa finish and edit, but he really needs to get home Y/N” he continued.

“just txt me his address and i’ll leave now. i’ll bring him a bucket and some water for the drive home, just bring my poor boy out to the car when i get there.” you both lightly chuckled at grays misfortune and hung up.


once you arrived you could already see all 3 boys on the front steps waiting for your arrival. but only one very sick looking boy caught your attention. your boy. he was sat on the last step with his head resting on top of his knees.

“hi baby” you said as you jumped out of the car and walked over to grayson. this caused his head to slowly rise and look up at you.

“hi, can you take me home please?” he asked weakly, trying to smile.

he really did look pale and super sick. it was worse than what you thought and now you were starting to feel bad for laughing with ethan when he told you gray got sick from eating a piece of garlic.

juanapa looked at you with a sad smile and said how much he regretted choosing garlic to put in the bowl with the rest of the disgusting foods. you smiled at him and told him gray would be fine and you’d look after him at home.


the drive back was quicker than you thought it would be as gray held it together and wasn’t sick, so you didn’t have to stop. but once you were home and bought him to your bedroom, he had been sick three times.

it was now 5.30 in the afternoon and gray had been asleep for about half an hour. now was the perfect time to quickly make him up some crackers and grated apple to hopefully settle his stomach and make him feel better. you walked back to your room with the tray of food and a tall glass of cold water and even from the hallway you could hear that grayson was now awake and emptying the contents of his stomach into the toilet, again.

you placed the tray down on his nightstand and slowly walked into the bathroom. he was laying across the cold tiled floor with just his head hanging over the toilet bowl. this made your heart sink and your lips frown. you stepped around him and slid down the bathroom wall so you were sitting behind him and could rub his back.

“thankyou Y/N. i honestly don’t know why that made me so sick but i’m so glad you’re here. you always look after me so well, i love you.” he said as you gently ran your soft hands up and down his muscular back. “i love you, i’ve always got you gray.” your replied

you kissed his back and asked if he was ready to go back to bed. he nodded and got himself off the floor and headed back into your room. you both climbed into your designated sides and snuggled together until you both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


you woke up the next day to the sound of gray cooking in the kitchen. you rolled over and look at the time on your phone. it was 11.45 in the morning. ‘how did i sleep in so long?’ you thought to yourself, slightly confused as you were normally an early riser.

as you reached the bottom of the stairs you could see gray standing over the stove top and could smell your favorite pasta cooking. “mmm, smells so good baby. but how are you feeling?” you asked grayson as you stood behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso. he turned around to look at you, his sick and pale face from yesterday gone, replaced with his usual sunkissed coloured skin and cheeky smile. “so much better, i feel 100% fine and wanted to cook you your favorite food for lunch to thankyou for looking after my sick ass yesterday” he chuckled as he bent down, placing a light kiss on your forehead.

“well, thankyou for doing that for me gray. but you know i’ll always look after you when you need it and even when you don’t. ill always have your back.” you both smiled lovingly at each other.

“so did you add extra garlic to the sauce? you know that’s my favorite!” you teased grayson as he looked back at you in horror.


1) he’s rlly fuckin cute

2) actually look at his cute ass smile

3) look how juicy his thighs are byeeee

He’s so pretty, literally fuck off

Someone to me - Grayson Dolan Imagine

Hi! This is my first imagine so please enjoy! Please let me know what you ACTUALLY think of this. I’ve never done this before so I have no idea what I am doing. IF YOU LIKE IT LET ME KNOW, MAYBE I will do a part 2 :) !

Summary: Y/n gets dragged to a party when she meets a handsome stranger at the start of a panic attack. 

Warning!: This imagine does deal with anxiety, mainly social anxiety. I am not saying that this is how everyone who has a panic attack or deals/struggles with anxiety feels. This is just how it is for me. In no way am I trying to romanticize anxiety. I know that it is a mental illness that many struggle with every day because I do struggle with it. I just had this idea after having a panic attack after being forced to give a speech in front of a lot of people.

The room felt as though it was on fire and suffocating you. There were way too many people shoved into James Charles’ apartment in the bustling city of Los Angeles.
You didn’t even know why you were at this party. You didn’t know anyone and really didn’t belong with this crew of people. It had been your friend f/n, who begged you to come with her. Now, this was her scene. She was an aspiring model who had somehow stumbled upon several internet celebrities and became great friends with James and some other people.
Now you were a different case. You were y/n, a shy, awkward, human being who had written a novel that was in the works of being published by a big publishing company here in LA. Your friend had been kind enough to let you crash with her while you hammered out the last details of your novel and then you planned to book it back to your home state ASAP.
It was obvious how much f/n was enjoying herself. She seemed as though she didn’t have a care in the world as she danced to the pop music that blasted through the speakers, casually sipping some kind of alcohol from her red solo cup. It was as though f/n was the center of attention, which definitely didn’t bother you. You were the most content that you were going to be at this party as you stood quietly from the far left corner of the apartment, gripping the already warm water bottle that you had grabbed from y/f’s fridge before being physically dragged out the apartment by a relentless f/n.
You were shaken out of your thoughts someone tapping your shoulder. You quickly turned around to be met with the most attractive guy who you had ever had ever laid your eyes on. He had dark brown hair and a jawline that could cut glass, with a small angel wing necklace the dangled from what was his left ear but your right.
“What are you doing here all by yourself?” He inquired, tilting his head ever-so-slightly to the right, making your heart melt a little.
“Um…I don’t know, my friend f/n dragged me here.”  You said, inwardly cringing at the fact that you stumbled over your words, but that was nothing new. You suffered from social anxiety so putting yourself out there and meeting new people was extremely difficult for you.
“Oh, you know f/n?” The attractive young man responded fairly quickly and you figured by the way that he said that sentence that he probably had some kind of romantic interest in her. You couldn’t blame him, she was everything that you would never be.
“Yeah, she’s been my… um, best friend since I was ten. I mean we were both ten but she was a grade younger than I so…”  You looked up to see the poor guy completely confused by what you were saying. This is why you hated talking to new people, you just made yourself seem like some big idiot. “I’m sorry, I’m not good with talking to people.” With that he laughed, making you feel like absolute shit.
“Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong, you were just talking really quiet and for some goddamn reason James has the speaker blasted and it’s kind of hard to hear you.” The boy explained, making your heart soar, realizing that he wasn’t mocking or making fun of you like most guys have done to you in the past.
“So what are you doing in LA? No offense, but you don’t seem to be enjoying yourself.”
“I’m a writer and I’m working on getting my book published.” You explained, raising your voice slightly so he could hear you more clearly. His eyes became the size of saucers.
“Really?” You nodded your head in response, suddenly being hit with a wave of anxiousness as you realized more and more people were making their way into the apartment, making the exit seem farther and farther away and as although you were trapped in here. “That’s amazing!”
“Thanks.” You choked out, feeling as though the air in your lungs was being sucked out by a vacuum. It felt as though all eyes were on you, even though they obviously weren’t. In your head, you imagined that they were all secretly judging you. Judging your body, the way you were dressed in jeans and a graphic t-shirt, the way you wore your hair. It felt as though they were judging every inch of your exterior and it made it feel as though the room was collapsing even more inwards.
“Are you okay?” He was gentle, placing a hand on the middle of your back ever so slightly, as though you were a fragile piece of glass that could break at any moment. You nodded your head again but the boy did not shake off his look of worry for your safety. He bit his lip as though in concentration and quickly grabbed his phone from his jean jacket and texted someone. He looked up and gave you a small grin. “Give me one more minute, okay?” Still confused but very intrigued by the handsome man standing in front of you, you nodded your head again for the third time.
“Here you go Grayson, you owe this sister big time.” You looked up to see James giving the guy, Grayson, a set of keys. James turned his head and looked at you. “Oh hi, y/n! Sorry, I haven’t seen you here, I’ve been kind of busy making sure no one ruins my place.” He leaned in and gave you a quick hug, which you awkwardly returned. “I see you’ve met Grayson, we’ve known each other forever…” It was as though James had a realization as he stopped speaking and looked between the two of you. “Oh I see what’s going on and you better not do anything nasty in there!” With that, a crash was heard coming from the opposite end of the house, causing James to turn in that direction. “Sorry, duty calls and I mean it Grayson, no dirty business!” He gave Grayson one more look and disappeared among the flock of people.
“Hey, follow me please, if you don’t mind.” With that, he grabbed your small hand in his larger and much warmer one and led you down a much less condensed hallway with several doors on each side. Grayson led you to the end of the hallway and stopped in front of a light gray door on the right side. He reached into his pocket, grabbed the keys that James gave him and preceded to attempt to find what key fit into the lock. As he did that, you noticed a girl pinned up against the wall by a boy as they made out very lustfully. Upon further inspection, you realized it was f/n. You quickly directed your eyes to focus down on a small portion of the hardwood floors that you were currently standing on and waited for Grayson to be done doing whatever he was doing.
“Aha!” With that, Grayson jiggled the door handle and opened the room. “Come in here.” With that, you cautiously stepped inside and Grayson followed suit. Inside was a plan room that you guessed was a guest bathroom. It was clean, with white walls, a gray comforter, and a white desk in the corner. You turned around as you heard a locking sound, meaning that Grayson had locked the door that you had entered from. This scared you. Although he seemed like a genuinely nice person, you had learned in the past that looks could be deceiving. What was he planning on doing with you? James had warned Grayson about doing any funny business but you weren’t sure if he was the type to listen to the rules. Slightly scared, you raised your hands from your sides, searching for your phone and inwardly sighing when you found it. At least you had your phone just in case if this Grayson boy did attempt to try something. While you had been doing this, you hadn’t realized that he had made his way over to the bed, where he took a seat on the edge and silently observed you. It was when he groaned and flopped back onto the bed that you paid attention.
“I’m sorry, I just realized how insanely creepy it must be for you to have some stranger take you into some locked bedroom. I promise that I won’t do anything like that to you, I would never take advantage of someone like that.”
“Then what are you doing?” You weren’t sure where this burst of confidence was coming from, but you couldn’t say that you were upset by it.
“I just realized that you were about to have a panic attack. I used to get them pretty frequently when I was sixteen. I get them every so often but I’ve learned how to control it better.” You were shocked by his words. How could someone you perfect and put together get such anxious thoughts as you do?
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so bitchy.” There you went again, apologizing. You always seemed to do that when you got anxious, even if you had done nothing wrong.
“Why are you sorry?” In a split second, Grayson was up and standing in front of you. He gently raised his hands to your cheeks, holding them tenderly in his hands, forcing you to look directly into his beautiful brown eyes. You couldn’t believe how close you were to him. Any wrong move and your lips would be planted on top of his. Not that you minded, Grayson was undeniably handsome but you weren’t entirely sure that he would want that to happen.
“I don’t know, I just get anxious in these types of social situations. I guess I’m just used to being the girl on the sidelines. F/n was always the one who got all of the attention while I just laid in my room, writing and wishing that I wasn’t so goddamn awkward. I guess I’m just used to be a nobody.”
“Don’t say that.” He voice commanded and you felt as though you were falling even more into his eyes. “You are not a nobody. You are a beautiful girl inside and out that I’m very happy I got to meet tonight. I want you to know that you will always be somebody to me.” With that, Grayson leaned in, molding your lips with his.

Dolan Twin Imagine Idea

Omg after watching today’s video I have such a good idea but it involves a little bit of smut. Who wants to write it? I’d like it to be a Grayson imagine.


Hello there my lovelies!

I just thought I’d post this to introduce myself to all of you, so here goes:

1.) I am a 20 year old female

2.) I love watching YouTube and writing fanfiction

3.) I’m going into my final year of college so this fall and spring my posting may be a little sparse, but I promise I’ll make it up to you during breaks!

4.) I am white af and straight af but that being said, I fully support the LGBTQ+ community, and I respect everyone’s beliefs. Don’t be a prick to me and I won’t be one to you. 

5.) I most likely will not be revealing my real name to you guys because the last time I did that on a writing blog some shit went down and it was really bad.

6.) also if you don’t like swearing, I’m sorry you’ll just have to bleep it out in your head.

Thanks for reading!

The finest warriors (G.D) pt1

Summary :Princess Y/n and her siblings are heirs to the royal thrown and also some of the best warriors in the kings army. However when an enemy kingdom threatens to attack, take over, and kill, King Cornelius has no choice but to bring in more young soldiers. He asks his daughter,Y/n, to train the newer soldiers. Among these soldiers is Grayson, a charmingly mischievous soldier who only seems to make Y/n’s job harder. It’s not hard for Y/n and Grayson to fall for eachother. HARD. But all comes crashing down when Grayson’s true identity is revealed.

I am Princess y/n. Daughter of King Cornelius of Gency (hashtag made up country lol). Let me give you a small background of my precious country. It started out as small country on the north end of the continent of Bail (hashtag made up continent lol). It produced the strongest kings and queens to ever rule. All of which went up against our worst enemy, the Naikerians. Naikeria, west end of Bail, home of the barbarians who terrorized my beloved Gency for centuries. And now home of the very tyrant who took my mother’s life in war, King Jeffery. But that’s another story. Gency has blossomed into large, beautiful kingdom that my brothers and I will rule one day. The Naikerians haven’t caused us much trouble in the past decade, but we have reason to believe they may attack again. For this reason, my father has sent for new soldiers to be brought in for training.

I had been in the training fields all morning practicing my skills. I have a couple of fights and dules under my belt now, all won of course, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to keep myself in shape.

My father trained my brothers and me himself. I learned everything i know from him. I often used this knowledge against my brothers and the soldiers who were willing to challenge the king’s daughter.

I didn’t even hear my father approach me as i practiced my balance on the wire fence.

“y/n!!” he called out, causing me to lose my balance and fall over face first on the ground.

“DAD!” i yelled still on the ground.

“Sorry,” he said laughing “ I have some news for you.”

“What’s up?” i asked, sitting with my elbows on my knees.

“As you know, im recruiting new soldiers for my army.”

“Yah? Just some more scrawnies for me beat up.” i said laughing.

“ Yes you’re absolutely right.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You have been under my training for pretty much your entire life.You’ve shown nothing but exceptional skill.”

“I like what I’m hearing”

“And I want you to train the new soldiers for battle.”

I couldn’t believe what i was hearing. Did i hear that right? I could not have heard that right.

“Yes, you heard me right y/n”

I jumped up from my seated position to hug the large man in front of me.

“I can’t believe this!”

“Well believe it.” I heard a voice from behind say. My brother, Joseph. “Along with me of course”

“Of course I have to share my glory with this pin head”

“And this one too.” My oldest brother, Neiko said picking me up only to body slam me on the ground. For Amy normal teenage girl that would probably hurt, but I’ve been living with this fool my entire life. Body slams we’re just part of the deal.

“Alright alright” my dad said making a “T” with his hands. “ Calm down. Y/n and Neiko are in charge.”

“What about me?” Joseph said throwing his hands in the air.

“You can help” dad said walking away. Joseph followed behind him going on about how he was only allowed to “help”

“Are you ready?” Neiko asked as we walked back toward the palace.

“Ready for what? Ready to kick some ass and whip the newbs into shape? I was born ready”

“I’m glad you have that attitude. Because it can be a struggle”

“Has it been tough for you?”

“Of course. There’s always the soldier who thinks he already knows all he needs to know”

“I bet. Wasn’t that Rodgers last time?”

“Oh yah. He was a regular dick head”

“ you showed him who’s boss though didn’t you”

“Of course. We’re even good friends now. He doesn’t even bring up the black eye I gave him”

“Oh yaaah that was a good one. Lasted pretty long too.”

“Like you said, I showed him who’s boss”

I laughed at that and talked some more with my brother until, before I knew it, I was walking alone to my suite. I plopped down on my bed ready for sleep to overcome me. But when my face hit the mattress I felt paper hit my face. A letter from my father telling me that the soldiers would arrive in two days and that I would be doing basic training with my brother with the entire group, then I would take a fraction of the group for intense training.

Two days until they arrive. Two days to collect my thoughts and mentally prepare myself for the task at hand.

The day that I would take control of my fathers army had finally arrived and the soldiers would show up at any moment. My father, my brothers and I all stood in the training field awaiting their arrival.

“Are you nervous?” My father asked.

“Honestly? A little.” I said with a half smile.

“Don’t be. They can smell fear”

“Of course they can”

“I’m only teasing. You’ve got this. I wouldn’t have assigned you this duty if I didn’t think you were capable”

“Thanks dad”

Just then the buses carrying the newbs appeared. They filed out one by one and I scrutinized them as they did so.

There were tall ones, short ones, thin ones, thick ones, muscular ones, scrawny ones, all shades from the darkest to he palest. There was nothing really significant about any of them. That is, until a certain pair of soldiers emerged from the large vehicle. Twins it seemed. One with longer hair than the other. Both with strong arms and even stronger jaw lines. The one with shorter hair seemed to stand out to me. I took notice to the slight differences in the two. One had slightly broader shoulders and was slightly more muscular. A freckle marked his chin while the other was marked by his eye. I didn’t realize the larger soldier was in line and looking back at me, probably scrutinizing his new trainor. It’s only expected.

“Welcome new recruits” my father began “to your first day of training to fight in the Gencian army. You have been chosen because you have all shown examples of excellence in academics, strength, and discipline. Here you will learn to put those skills to good use. Meet your trainers. My son, prince Neiko. My daughter, princess y/n. “

“Pst. Pssssst. Dad” Joseph whispered.

“And my other son, prince Joseph. You will abide by the rules and commands of these three. After your basic training, you will be split up into two groups for combat and artillery. Artillery with Prince Neiko. Combat, Princess y/n. I have high expectations from you men and women. Don’t disappoint me. Your training will being immediately.”

Basic training went smoothly. For the most part anyways. Like Neiko said, there was that one soldier who thought he knew all he needed to know. Or rather in this case two. Ethan and Grayson Dolan. The two soldiers who were undoubtedly skilled but just as much arrogant. But again they had their differences. Ethan, the one marked by his eye was more aggressive while Grayson was more cocky in his arrogance. I heard him making little sly remarks to his brother. I couldn’t tell if they were aware that I could hear them or if they actually thought they were slick. Then came time for the group to split. And I was on my own.

“Alright line up” I said firmly and they did as told. I looked over my line of soldiers. No Ethan this time, only Grayson. Not that having one less arrogant soldier made my job any easier. Especially considering I was left with the twin I somehow couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of and it was really throwing off my concentration. I couldn’t let them know that tho. I began training my soldiers in Gencian combat. I taught them to stay on their feet, to never look back, to stay engaged. All the teaching in the world couldn’t keep them from losing a battle against me.

“Now that you know the basics I want to put you all to the test. You will go against me in one on one combat”

I heard Grayson scoff under his breath.

“Dolan?” I called out to him.” Thank you for volunteering to go first”

I’m gonna wipe that smirk right off of his angel carved face.

“Oh but Princess,” he said still smirking,”I wouldn’t want to hurt you”

“I’m a big girl, soldier. I can handle a little pain”

“As you wish your highness”

The way he walked toward almost had my knees weak. I had met many soldiers, none of them ever had this strange effect on me. But I couldn’t focus on that. I need to focus on taking this boy down. And looking good doing it, if I might add.”

When he wasn’t even ready I took his arm about my shoulder, lifting him to body slam the large boy on the ground. A move I learned easily by simply living with my two brothers. Once again, he smirked at me with that stupid mischievous grin. Not the face I was looking for. But silly me, I let that one little thing distract me and somehow I found myself on the ground with him hovering over me.

“How was that?” He asked staring straight into my soul. I took the opportunity to flip him over, popping in a good elbow to the gut for fun, leaving him face down on the ground with me on top, holding his arms behind his back.

“Focus soldier.” I said with as much seriousness as I could. I rose from the position in triumphant victory, quite satisfied with my actions.

Maybe this will be easier than I thought.

Secret Admirer

requested by @scandalousdolan, ty elina i had so much fun writing this!

a/n: really hope you guys like this- i personally think it’s my best imagine i’ve written to date! the main focus of this imagine, as elina requested is coachella with ethan in the orange bandana outfit…. enjoy! if people want, i can make this into a series!

Coachella had finally arrived. You’d spent weeks planning out your outfits and you were so excited to see all your favourites play live. Today, you were wearing some shorts embezzled with sequins with a black shirt, complete with a red bandana around your neck. Your hair was in french braids and you had put some glitter in them. You were so excited!

As you paid for the Uber that was taking you there, you gazed at the crowd. So many people were already here. You wondered if one of them would soon become your friend. You hoped so. It would be great to gain a new friend from this experience, it would be so memorable. Walking towards stage three, you couldn’t help but stare at everyone else’s outfits: they seemed to look so much better than yours. You also noticed just how many couples there were here, making you regret coming alone, even though you didn’t really have a boyfriend to come with.

The first few shows went past in a blur. Before you has even realised, you had watched performances from Eminem, Cardi B, and now even Queen Bey. You were exhausted from all the dancing, and your voice was beginning to become hoarse from all the singing and screaming. You couldn’t get Beyoncé’s performance out of your head: it was iconic- you’d never forget it, that was for sure. You quickly adjusted your shorts that were giving you a massive wedgie, and reached up to sort out your bandana around your neck, when you realised… it was gone! Your bandana was gone- it must’ve fell off when you were dancing. You really liked that bandana, so you bent down to try and see under people’s feet, but you didn’t seem to have any luck. You looked behind you, and were confused to see a orange bandana lying on the floor. Looking around, nobody else seemed to be claiming it, so you picked it up. To your surprise, it hand a note attached to it, which said:

‘hey babygirl, you’re looking super cute… you’re holding my bandana, i have your one- it was on the floor. It was so cute watching you dance! come and find me, and i’ll give you your bandana back,


your secret admirer xx’

Your first thought was- 'what a creep’, yet you were so intrigued. You used the bandana as an excuse to find this secret admirer or yours, but you knew deep down you didn’t even care about the bandana anymore- you just wanted to find out who this guy was…

You looked around the many people around you, hopelessly wanting to see someone holding your red bandana. However, unsurprising, it wasn’t that easy. You mystery man was, well… mysterious! You instead decided to ask around.

You must’ve been on your twentieth person, questioning them if they knew anyone wearing an orange bandana, when you were about to give up. You decided to just ask one more person, and then just abandon the whole search altogether. You hoped this wasn’t some kind of sick joke, and that your secret admirer really existed. You settled on questioning a reasonably kind looking man with a camera around his neck.

“Excuse me!”, you yelled, trying to get his attention whilst he was walking.

After a few tries, he responded by saying “Hey, i’m Bryant, what’s up?”

“Hi Bryant, i’m y/n and um… i’m trying to find out who was wearing this bandana… would you happen to know?”, you asked, brimming with hope.

“I just so happen to know, y/n!”, Bryant said, as you felt a smile for, across your face.

“Really? Where is he? Who is he?” you began.

“woahh, slow down y/n. i’ve been taking pictures of him today and he’s told me all about you. he really likes you, he’s at Kyle’s stage right now. i’m not allowed to do anything else but show you a picture of him now.” Bryant said, turning on his camera.

He showed you the picture. You had absolutely no words. He was perfect: he looked like a mannequin in a shop. His body was so perfectly sculpted, and his jawline… oh, his jawline was just perfect. You resisted the urge to stroke the screen as you imagined seeing him in real life.

You noticed Bryant was staring at you, a polite gesture for you to leave him be. You thanked him and ran to stage six, where Kyle was performing. Your eyes darted across the crowd, searching for red. You saw purples, pinks, blues, yellows and when suddenly- red. You ran towards the source, and hesitated for a moment before you tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey!”, he said, as you started into his beautiful green eyes. He seemed slightly different to how you saw him in the photo, but you couldn’t put your finger on what exactly it was.

“Hey, i’m y/n. I have your bandana…” you said, shyly.

“Oh, i’m Grayson… and That’s not mine…” he says, making you nervous.

“Then who’s is it?”, you asked him, as you felt your heart beat faster.

“It’s his…” he pointed towards a distant figure.

You thanked him and walked towards your mysterious man, laughing at yourself for thinking Grayson’s phone was your bandana.

As you got closer to him, he began to back away. Confused, you followed him. He started to run, so you did too. You followed him to behind the stage. It was dark, and you couldn’t see him. Suddenly, strong hands grabbed your waist and pushed your torso against the wall. Your hands reached out to the person holding you there, and as you reached up to his face, you knew it was him- you could feel his jawline clenching. Moving your hands to his muscular arms, your search came a halt as he thrust his body close to yours, and he smashed his lips against yours. Whilst passionately kissing, your hands got the chance to explore his body in the dark, and his seemed to do the same, as his hands moved to your butt, pulling you in closer.

He suddenly pulled away, and handed you what felt like a piece of fabric before running off. You felt the temptation to follow him, but it didn’t seem right. You waited a little, not wanting to leave the magical place where everything escalated so quickly, before going back around to the front of the stage to inspect what he had given you.

Hoping to see your red bandana, you were shocked to not be holding it. Instead, you were holding a Gucci face mask. It had a note attached to it. You read it:

“Ready for day 2?”

okay but imagine if the twins released some new merch and when you get it delivered, you open it, and on the label, it says 4OU2

any imagine/preference requests hmu i need some thing to do in my breaks


Imagine just running into him on the street like this.

sick boy - e.d.

** image cred goes to @punishmedolans !! **

summary - ethan is a sick boi, so y/n, being the amazing girlfriend she is, takes it upon herself to take care of him.

warnings - lil bit of cursing, mentions of vomit, but other than that just a sick, clingy, cuddly ethan


The sun was just starting to trickle through the blinds of the bedroom, where you were peacefully sleeping without a care in the world. Your boyfriend, Ethan, had been engaged in the same activity just moments before; that is, until, a wave of nausea jerked him from his deep slumber and forced him to practically leap out of bed before sprinting to the bathroom. Ethan barely made it to the toilet before the contents of last night’s dinner were being emptied from his stomach. Suddenly, he felt the gentle touch of a hand stroke his back. Ethan automatically knew it was you. He was about to shrug you off and simply tell you to go back to bed, but he wasn’t able to get out a single syllable before becoming sick yet again.

Seeing as there wasn’t much else you could do, you simply remained next to ethan and rubbed his bare back lovingly. He was warm to the touch, but a different warm than usual. It wasn’t the comforting heat Ethan gave off when your were wrapped up in his embrace; Instead it was a humid, almost sticky, heat. There was no doubt he had a fever, sweat practically covered his back.

When Ethan was finally finished, he weakly reached up to flush and leaned back against the bathroom cabinets, legs spread open slightly. You gently straddled him, sitting his muscular thighs. The beautiful hazel eyes you had come to love so much were now red and watery. Ethan nuzzled his head into your neck as your began playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“I’m sorry i woke you up.” he mumbled.

A grin broke out on your face. “It’s okay, love. Can you tell me what’s wrong ?”

Ethan released his face from you. “I-I feel so dizzy..and queasy. I have the worst headache and my throat is scratchy and I just wanna sleep.” the words sounded absolutely pitiful coming out of his mouth. You were so used to seeing Ethan be crazy and excited and entergetic, but now he just looked pale, drained, and exhausted.

You brought your hand to feel his face, which was practically burning. “E, you’re so hot!”

Ethan weakly smirked. “thanks, princess.” even at his worst, Ethan Dolan was still a major flirt.

“Tell you what.” you said. “I’m going to run to the store and pick up some things for you. Medicine, cough drops, and some drinks. While I’m gone, I want you to take a cool shower and try to get some rest. I’ll make sure to tell Gray what’s going on, so he can check up on you. Sound good?”

He nodded in response. “Cuddles when you get back?”

You tapped his nose. “Of course, silly.”


About half a hour had passed before you made it back to the Dolan residence. You grabbed the few bags of things you had purchased before reaching the front door and unlocking it with your key. Figuring Ethan was probably snoozing, you tried to be as quiet as possible as you put things away. Grabbing a Gatorade and the bag with various medicines, you walked to Ethan’s room. As you quietly opened the door, you could see E’s tall, broad figure tangled up in the blanket, dressed in an orange hoodie and black Nike sweatpants. His hood was pulled over his head, as well as the blanket, so you couldn’t see if he was awake or not. After changing into more comfortable clothes yourself, you joined your sickly boyfriend.

“Ethann,” you softly sang, reaching out to trace his jawline. “wakey wakey, gorgeous.”

He let out a groan. “Just let me sleep, woman.”

“As soon as you take some medicine.”

It took major convincing and bribing, but you finally got Ethan to drink the bubblegum flavored liquid. His face twisted in disgust before downing large gulps of Gatorade.

“Ugh, why did you make me take that?” he gagged. “I thought you loved me.”

“I do love you, ass-hat.” you giggled.

Ethan made grabby hands towards you. “Come lay with me. You said we would cuddle when you got back.”

You smiled and shook your head but joined Ethan in the king sized bed you two often shared. You dove under the covers and intertwined your legs with Ethan’s much longer ones. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close until there were only centimeters separating your faces. He gave you a sleep smile.

“Thanks for taking care of me, babe.” Ethan spoke, kissing your head.

“It’s no problem.” you replied happily. “But if you get me sick, the roles are so being reversed.”

He chuckled lightly. “You got yourself a deal, princess.”


ahhh, my first imagine!! the end was kinda cringy lmao.

let me know if you have any requests, blurbs, or concepts you’d like to see! ( side note - i do write smut !! )

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I need Ethan to grow his wings back please and thank you

Lie To Me (E.D)


Word Count: 3,500 +

Warnings: Fluff and slight cussing

Originally posted by dolanslife

“I know mom, I think he’s the one.” You smiled happily and tucked a strand of loose hair behind your ear as you stared down at the text your boyfriend of three years sent you.

Grayson: Can’t wait till you come home from your parents, I miss you so much babe. 😘

“You wouldn’t mind If I headed back to LA a little early..would you?” You sat up from your seat and gave your mom your signature pair of puppy dog eyes. The ones that always worked on Grayson. She sighed as she placed her hands on her hips. “You really love him don’t you?” She questioned with a small smile. “Of course mom! Grayson’s amazing.” You gushed and stood up from your seat. You walked over to your mother and pulled her into a hug. “Please?” You whispered and smiled coyly. “You still act like such a child.” She laughed and you pulled away, your hands still on her shoulders. “Fine. But next time you come you’re staying the full week.” She wagged a finger at you and you squealed. You decided to surprise Grayson with a visit after being separated for 5 days since you were visiting your parents. You couldn’t wait to see his reaction once you stepped into his apartment, you’d hug him and kiss him as if it was your last time. Then you’d both spend the night together. You knew you were overreacting, it was only 5 days, but you loved him with all your heart and being away from him for so long broke you.
You missed his floppy hair, warm smile and corny jokes. You missed the way his hazel eyes sparkled in the light and how his soft pink lips felt on yours. You especially missed how he left goosebumps all over your body with one single touch.

He’d have your back arching with one kiss, hands roaming and groping at your body.
Moans would be brought from your lips as he sped up his tempo, going inhumanly fast. His fingertips dancing along your curves, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. The thoughts left you even more excited to finally see Grayson. So as the plane finally landed, you did your best to pass by the large crowds of people in search of your luggage. As you dragged your suitcase behind you, you frowned at your phone. Grayson still hadn’t replied to the text you had sent him before you even got onto the plane. Thinking your phone was just buggy from being in airplane mode for too long, you tucked it away into your pocket as you stepped into the uber.

You quietly hummed to yourself as you walked towards your shared apartment with Grayson.
You smiled as you fished into your purse in search of the key for he door as you imagined him looking up at you with one of his big, toothy, crooked smiles, telling you how much he missed you and how happy he was that you were back, then whisking you away to your bedroom. Turning the knob and opening the door swiftly, you stepped into the room and started to call out for Grayson. “Babe?-”

You stopped dead in your tracks when your eyes made contact with the single thing that broke you. You saw Grayson jump up from lying down on the living room couch, a desperate look on his face. You could just barely make out a figure behind him, but you knew someone was there.
“Who… Wha…?” You stammered, not being able to speak since your throat felt completely dried out.
You watched with fright as Grayson stood up from the couch and took one firm step towards you, sympathy in his eyes. The figure behind Grayson also got up and came into view. Her green eyes sparkled in the dim lights and you instantly felt self conscious of your own.
She wore a tight tank top and light washed denim shorts. Her platinum blonde hair stopped just above her elbow and her eyes were solid, piercing right into you with satisfaction. Satisfaction that she stole him from you.
“Y/N,” Grayson suddenly broke the uneasy silence and your eyes darted towards his, fuming. You were fuming. You felt something well up inside you, like a storm at the peak of it’s strength. Grayson took another step forward, raising a hand up from his side as he did.
“Don’t..” You whispered as he extended a hand to try and grab you.
You felt your eyes begin to water and your heart’s shattered pieces swept away by the instant anger that coursed through your veins. You tightened your fists into balls and looked down, squinting your eyes shut as you willed yourself to remain standing as your arms and legs began to tremble. A quiet sob escaped your lips and you looked up to meet the hazel eyes of Grayson, the man you had been so sure you were destined for, the man you thought was the one, the man you loved. You looked down at the promise ring on your finger that Grayson had given you when you first started dating. “I promise my heart to you and you only.” He had said. What a lie. With a trembling hand, you slowly pulled it off and stared at it blankly. You forced your legs to move but you felt glued to the floor. You brought a hand up to wipe at the wetness of your eyes as you started to walk towards Grayson. You grabbed his hand and placed the ring, the ring that had meant so much to you, the ring that symbolized your everlasting love, into his empty palm. You closed it as you closed your eyes, a single tear seeping through and falling onto his clenched fist. “It’s over.” You breathed and your eyes fluttered open. A look of hurt and regret flashed onto Grayson’s face. He reached to grab your hand and you tugged it away. “No!” You growled and looked up at him through the redness of anger that was clouding your vision. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He whispered and you met his gaze. “How long?” You asked and your eyes met her green ones again. “Is this your house?” You spat angrily at her. She scrambled to grab her belongings and bolted out the door. You brought a hand up to your head, pressing your index finger, middle finger, and thumb to the temple of your forehead in an attempt to calm yourself. “You fucking jerk.” You breathed and scoffed. “I should’ve known better.” You laughed harshly at yourself as Grayson took a step forward. “Y/N, we didn’t even do anything-” He began, you cut him off with a slap. You ignored the stinging sensation building up on your now red palm as you raised an eyebrow at Grayson. “But you were going to?! That’s the point Grayson! I caught you. It’s done. We’re done. And I’m leaving.” You grabbed your purse from the ground and made your way towards the door. You shut it behind you and pressed your back up against it, tears streaming down your cheeks as you silently waited to see if Grayson would chase after you.
You peeked through the window and saw him standing there, a hand holding the cheek you had slapped as he stared down at the ground, the feeling of guilt and regret becoming too much for him to handle.
You clasped a hand to your mouth to muffle your cries as you watched him tuck the ring away into his pocket. Then, you ran.

You ran, faster than you had ever ran before. You didn’t think it was even possible for you to run that fast, but you were. Cold wind gushed onto your face and jolted your body as you raced down the familiar streets of LA. Your eyes filled with wet mascara, lips tinted with pink lip gloss. You couldn’t even tell where you were going since it was dark, but you didn’t care. You felt your phones vibrations against your skin, hundreds of texts from Grayson flooded your phone. You frustratedly threw it onto the ground in hopes of muffling the annoying sound.
You barely kept your eyes open when you heard someone honk from behind you. You turned around and squinted your eyes at the blinding lights of the car. You brought a hand up to block the rays of light from your eyes as you heard the car door open and close shut. “Fucking hell. Grayson leave me alone.” You huffed as a familiar shaped figure walked towards you. He came into the light and that’s when you realized it wasn’t Grayson. “Ethan.” You breathed. Suddenly your knees trembled with exhaustion and you collapsed onto the ground. Your body quivered and shook with hate, sadness, and fear. You clenched your fists as uncontrollable tears seeped through your eyelids and down your cheeks. That was it. You broke up with Grayson. No more goodnight kisses, no more cuddles after a long day, no more cooking breakfast together every Saturday morning and no more listening to his piano playing. All of it gone.
You felt as Ethan scooped you up with ease off the ground and into his arms. You pressed your face against his sweatshirt as you muffled your cried. Your tears stained his sweater but he didn’t care and neither did you.

When you were stable enough to open your eyes, you realized that you were in Ethan’s house. One of his blankets draped around your shoulders as the low sounds of the TV played in the background. You tiredly rubbed at your puffy red eyes and looked around. You saw Ethan humming quietly to himself as he finished swirling the spoon in a coffee mug. He set it down onto the sink before grasping the handle to both cups. He walked towards you and extended out an arm. “Hot cocoa?” He asked. You murmured a soft “Thank you.” As you took the cup from him.
You sipped the drink graciously and realized how cold and tired you really were. You shut your eyes at the feeling of warmth surging throughout your body. You mustered up a small smile which Ethan returned.
You felt as he rubbed your back lovingly, comforting you in such a way it made you want to cry. You were so thankful to be receiving this much kindness and you didn’t know how to thank him.
“You can stay as long as you want,”
Ethan’s voice was tired and raspy but also as kind and gentle as the sea breeze.
“How’d you find me?” You whispered and set the cup down onto his coffee table. Ethan removed his hand from your back and sat up. “Gray told me that you ran away. He also told me why you ran away. I’m so sorry.” Ethan muttered and looked up as a sob escaped your lips. “He’s an idiot. Shhh, Y/N, c'mere.” Ethan outstretched his arms and you didn’t hesitate to fall right into them. You sobbed quietly into his chest as he caressed your hair softly. “It’s late. You should go to bed.” Ethan whispered and you nodded. You sat up and rubbed your eyes lazily. With a sigh you got off the couch and headed for the door, you hand made contact with the door knob before Ethan’s voice made you pull away. “Where are you going? I told you, you could stay here.” He chuckled softly and stood up. “Oh.” You mumbled and looked towards the couch. “My bed.” He explained and you nodded. He led you over to his bedroom and gave you a pair of his sweatpants and a shirt to change into. You thanked him and he left the room. You sighed and grabbed the hems of your t-shirt, pulling it up and off your head as you reminisced on all the good times you and Grayson had. You mentally scolded yourself for thinking about him as you got rid of your jeans. “Y/N, I was wonderin-” Ethan suddenly opened the door as you were bending down to grab the pair of sweats on the ground. Your ass just dangling in the air, panties and all as your face flushed a dark shade of pink. “Oh shit- sorry!” Ethan quickly shut the door and you groaned and picked up the sweats from the ground. You tugged it on and opened the door. Ethan walked in, still looking a bit flustered from what just happened. “It’s honestly fine. You’ve seen me in a bikini before right? It’s the same thing.” You plastered on a smile as Ethan let out a puff of air. “Oh, good. I thought it was going to be so awkward for the rest of the night. I’m so glad your cool about it.” You laughed softly as Ethan brought up a hand to wipe away the small layer of sweat forming on his forehead. “It’s kind of hot isn’t it? I’m going to turn on the air conditioner-”
“What?” You gaped. “No, it’s freaking freezing.” You stood in front of the air conditioner and crossed your arms. Ethan raised an eyebrow in amusement and mimicked your movements. “It’s hot Y/N. I’m sweating.” Ethan said and you looked down at what he was wearing. “Because you have a sweatshirt on.” You pointed out with a giggle. Ethan grabbed the hems of his sweater and with one swift movement he was shirtless. He smirked down at you and you gulped, struggling to keep your eyes from traveling south. “Better?” You mumbled. “Hmm..I’m still pretty hot Y/N.” you rolled your eyes and squealed when he lifted you up and tossed you onto his bed. He turned on the A.C, groaning out in pleasure as the cool air hit his face. “Seriously Ethan?” You scoffed and sat up. “I’m going to wake up as an ice block.” You whined and rubbed your hands up and down your body to try and build up some warmth. “Not if I sleep with you.” Ethan said which made your eyes widen. “Crap, that came out wrong. Uh- I meant not if I like, sleep next you. Cause, you know? Body heat and stuff like that? My body heat will-”
“I get it.” You cut him off with a laugh and scooted towards the end of the bed. Ethan smiled, the pink that tinted his cheeks fading away as he ran a hand through his hair. “Do you still have my extra toothbrush here?” You asked him. He smiled and nodded, leading you towards his bathroom. You thanked him and grabbed it, applying toothpaste to your brush as he just stood their behind you awkwardly. “ can leave now.” You forced out a laugh as you looked at Ethan through the mirror. “I’m waiting to brush my teeth.” He explained and you rolled your eyes. “Just do it now.” Ethan shrugged and reached to grab his brush.

You both brushed your teeth in silence, the only sounds being heard were the bristles of the tooth brush being rubbed against your teeth. You leaned down and spit out the toothpaste, turning the sink on to wash your mouth out. Once you were done you turned to look at Ethan. He looked at you, cheeks puffed out as a bit if toothpaste dribbled out of the corners of his mouth, dripping down his chin. “Don’t.” You laughed and backed away. Ethan smirked and threatened to spit at you. “No!” You exclaimed as the toothpaste made contact with your shoulder. You reached for the toothpaste and squirted it at him with all your might. “Y/N!” He exclaimed and groaned. You giggled but he reached for a cup, filling it to the brim with water. “Ethan, wait no! Ethan-” he tossed the water at you, soaking your white t-shirt. You lunged forward but slipped on the water, “Oh shit! Y/N!” Ethan grabbed your ankle to hold you up as you pressed your palm against the wall. You both laughed at the position you were in and Ethan helped you stand up straight. “Thanks.” You sighed and smiled at him. “No problem, it was kind of my fault anyways.” He smiled and you laughed. Suddenly you caught his eyes wandering towards your chest. He brought a hand up to cover his eyes and you looked down. “Crap!” You muttered once you realized your black bra was completely see-through in your soaking shirt. “It’s okay, just grab another shirt from my draws.” Ethan said. You nodded and walked out if the bathroom, shuffling through his drawers. You found a dark navy blue V-neck and threw it on. You returned to the bathroom and tapped Ethan’s shoulder. “You can look now.”
“Oh good.” He chuckled as you blushed. “I’m going to clean this up, don’t fall again.” He instructed you. “No promises.” You giggled.
He left the bathroom and you followed, but not without stumbling a bit. He returned with a mop, you sat on his bed and watched as he cleaned up the mess you two had made. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Ethan questioned you. You felt your heart beat quicken and your throat dry up. “What? I’m just watching you clean.” You stammered and Ethan laughed, “Sure Y/N.” he said smugly and crawled into bed besides you. “I was.” You pouted as he threw the covers over you both. “Mmhmm, I know.” He hummed which made you groan. “Whatever. Goodnight Ethan.”
“Night Y/N.”

You awoke to the sounds of Ethan’s light snores in the shell of your ear, and the morning light trickling in through the blinds. You soaked in the warmth of the covers and Ethan’s arms wrapped around you, before letting yours eyes see the sun’s rays. You covered them with your hand since it was so bright and groaned softly.
Slowly and reluctantly, You uncovered your face once again. You blinked, closed your eyes, and blinked again. You rubbed your knuckles onto your eyes as you tried your best to fight off a yawn.
To no use, the yawn escaped your lips. Your eyes fluttered shut once again but you opened them as Ethan’s snores grew louder. You shoved him gently, “Ethan.” You whispered. “E.” You pushed him again and he didn’t even budge. “Eth.” You pushed him once more. Nothing.
Ethan’s eyes shot open and you laughed. “Kink?” You asked with a small smirk. “W-whaa?” He asked still adjusting to the brightness in the room, his voice raspy and deep which did things to you, things it shouldn’t have. “Oh forget it.” Ethan unraveled his arms from around your waist and you sat up watching as he rubbed the tiredness from his eyes. He yawned and looked up at you as you stared out of his bedroom window. You felt his eyes on you so you cleared your throat. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You mocked him from earlier and smiled to yourself. “I like when you look at me like that.” You added when he didn’t respond. “Why?” He asked you. “Because, it’s the same look Grayson gave me when he told me he loved me.”

“What?” Ethan asked and sat up as well. You turned to look at him, and reached to crook a strand of hair behind your ear. “You like me.” You pointed out.
“What? I don’t like you Y/N.” Ethan scoffed and ran a hand through his wavy hair as you watched him with intent.
“Lie to me again, Ethan.” You whispered and looked straight ahead. He turned around and his eyes flickered from your lips to your eyes. “I don’t have feelings for you, Y/N.”

No words were said, your lips were on his. He kissed you and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your lips melded together. You ran your fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between you two and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest. Unexpectedly, his hand drifted to your hip. It settled there and pulled you even closer. You inhaled sharply. You were against his warm chest, chiseled to perfection.

Must he be so perfect?

You pressed your bare palm against it, intending to push him away, but instead you left it there. Ethan began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses. So soft and sweet. You urged yourself to push him away but you couldn’t. A soft moan left your lips and Ethan suddenly pulled away. “This is wrong.” You breathed as Ethan traced your jaw lovingly. “I dated your brother. I just broke up with him.”
“It’s not wrong if we both like eachother Y/N.” Ethan said as his bright eyes met your own. “Do you like me Y/N?” He whispered. “No.” You muttered as his hand trailed down your neck to push your hair to the side. He leaned in and softly nipped at your earlobe. “Lie to me again.” His breath was hot against your ear, and you shuddered. “I don’t like you Ethan.”