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Halloween w/ E & G

Ethan:            I was bouncing with excitement, Halloween was by far my favorite holiday, when September 1st would roll around I would start planning my outfit, decorating and getting into the spooky mood, this of course didn’t stop when I started dating my dear boyfriend, Ethan. For someone who loves Halloween he sure was a downer, always saying ‘It’s too early to start this shit’ to which I would just roll my eyes at his complaints and continue on my way of celebrating. Today was the day though, it was the day that my grumpy boyfriend would accompany me.

           “Baby are you-” Ethan made his way to the doorway of the bathroom, as soon as he was in the doorway, I popped up in front of him, bouncing on my toes. “Ready? Yes, I am!” His eyes widened at my hyper state, but it didn’t last long until he rolled his eyes and replaced his surprise with annoyance. “Oh, come on baby, don’t be like that!” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pull myself closer, his arms wrapped around my waist and he connected my eyes with his. “You start this way too early baby, Halloween isn’t for a month.” His face gave off a bored expression, but that quickly changed when I kissed him, it was a sweet, passionate but short-lasting kiss, just to get him in a better mood. “If your going to be grouchy then I’ll just take Grayson with me.” He narrowed his eyes at me and pulled me closer to him. “No way am I letting my little brother take my spot as boyfriend for the day.” I smirked and leaned in, ghosting my lips on his, “Then don’t complain.” And with that I moved away from him and moved out of the bathroom and grabbed my purse and his keys, throwing them to his chest, he expertly caught them while watching my movements. “Let’s go Scrooge!” I make my way out of his room but not before hearing him retort back “That’s for Christmas not Halloween!”

           This had to have been our forth store, we had found so many goodies but I still wanted more, Ethan would moan and groan about wanting to go home, but I saw the way his eyes lit up when he saw skulls and ghosts on things, I knew he liked this adventure but lord knows the boy is as stubborn as a rock and would never admit it to himself. “Bup look how cute this is!” I admire the Jack Skellington and Sally figurine as I feel Ethan’s strong arms wrap around my waist, his head rests on my shoulder as he stares at the toy. “It is pretty cute I guess.” I smile and turn to him and playfully hit his arm. “Now look who is getting into the spirit!” He rolls his eyes for the thousandth time today and scuffed “Don’t let it get to your head, I still think this is lame and that it’s too early to be Halloween shopping.” I purse my lips at him and continue on my way, checking out other cute things that I could place around the house.

           I huff as I try for the third time to place the stupid Halloween candles on the mantle that has proven to be too tall for my short stature. I hear a snicker from behind me and I whip around to an amused looking Ethan leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. “How long have you been standing there?” My eyebrows furrow and I place my hands on my hips, staring down the giant. “Oh, I’ve been here since the first attempt babes, I just like seeing your ass jiggle when you jump.” He pushes himself off the doorframe and makes his way over, I scuff at his comment and I watch him approach me and wrap a single arm around me, letting his massive hand rest on my butt, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Let me help you princess.” He places a kiss on my forehead and takes the candles from my hands and easily places them on the mantle, turning back to me with a shit-eating grin. “Netflix and chill?” He opens his arms to me, I walk into them and hug him, “How about just Netflix?”

           It was about half way through our Netflix horror session when Grayson burst through the door to the house with plentiful bags from various stores. “I got Halloween decorations!” He beams at us and I gasp with excitement as Ethan lets out a frustrated groan. It was then that Grayson took in his surrounding and burst out laughing, I soon followed, “Where are we going to put all of this you assclown?!”

Grayson:      I woke up with a glow of excitement this morning, today was the day Grayson and I were going to go pumpkin picking and get the perfect pumpkins to carve. I got ready the fastest I ever had, making sure that I took the least amount of time so that we could leave and get there already. “Gray hurry up!” I drew out his name and pouted, he was picking out what to wear and taking forever while doing so, “I’m sorry babygirl but I need to figure out what to wear!” I groaned and stepped in, grabbing a black tee and some jeans, “There easy, change and let’s go, I want to get good pumpkins!” He smirked at me and put his finger to his chin, “I don’t know baby, I don’t really like it.” I glared at him and he laughed, pulling me to his bare chest. “I’m kidding baby, I’ll wear it, gimme a few seconds and I’ll be ready I promise.” He kisses my head and I melt into him, I couldn’t stay mad at this man for my life. “Okay baby meet me in the living room” I leave him to get changed and as he promised we left soon after.

           “Baby this is the perfect pumpkin!” I point out my choice to Grayson and he looks up from the pumpkin he was looking at and his gaze meets the orange orb that I was pointing at. “Do you want it Princess?” I nod, and he comes over and lifts the massive round pumpkin like it was nothing, placing it in our cart gently and pulling it along as we look for more pumpkins, each one being easily lifted by the Adonis I call my boyfriend.

           After we stopped at a store to get the carving equipment we placed a tarp onto the ground around us and another one on the table we would be using for easy clean up. We got everything ready and changed into old clothes, so we didn’t ruin our good ones, we gutted the pumpkins, making sure to save the seeds so we could roast them and began carving.

           After hearing several groans coming from Grayson as he continued on carving, I look over, “What’s wrong?” he huffed and looked over at my pumpkin, groaning even more, “Mine is turning out like fucking shit!” I frown and look over at his mangled mess, I bit my lip holding back a giggle and looked up at him. “Do you want some help to salvage it?” he gave me a curt nod and I move myself beside him, so I could work on the pumpkin. A few minutes in, I feel Gray place his hands on my hips and move me so I’m in between his legs.

           I finish the pumpkin and we both move on to our second ones, Grayson successfully finishing this one on his own. After cleaning up and placing our pumpkins in various spots across the yard we lit them and went inside to make ho chocolate, while I was working on filling the kettle Gray found some spooky songs to play so that we could really get into the Halloween mood, his choice was the ever so classic ‘Monster Mash’, I giggle at his choice and he grabs my hips, swaying us both gently and after turning on the kettle I turn my body towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck and placing my lips softly against his.

“I love you Gray.” My voice sounded like I was in a trance, intoxicated by the love that I felt at this moment. I see a smile adorn his features, his dimple making an appearance. “I love you too baby.” I look into his eyes as he leans in and connects our lips again, but this is short lived as we had a visitor. “Get a fucking room.” “How about you get a fucking girl bro.” I stifle a laugh as I watch Ethan glare at his twin and mumble some insult under his breath.

anonymous asked:

can i get an imagine where y/n and the twins are going out for the day but their thing the twins are always holding her hand or just being clingy, like as they walk along one of them holds her hand. or another hugs her from behind as she is looking at things. very clingy boys

“ethan, i swear to god if you don’t move…”

“gray, let go in trying to look at this.”

“very nice ethan. yes i see it. i know, yes, thank you, yes-“

“grayson can you please get off?”

“you two are driving me crazy.”

“what?” the twins say in unison as they look at, bras hanging from their chests.

ethan smirks, wiggling his brows at you as he shakes his imaginary breasts while gray looks down at his D-cup bra. his hands come up and squeeze the material before looking back up at you with a goofy grin as he snorts with laughter. you shove ethan’s shoulder softly to get him to stop and walk over to gray and take the bra off of him. they both send you pouts as a response to your foul mood, wondering why you were so upset.

“heyyyyyy,” ethan rubs his arm as if it actually hurt him before slipping off his bra and placing it back in the clearance bin.

grayson shrugs before intertwining his fingers with yours and resting his head on your shoulder. you pay no attention to it, looking up at the different lacey undergarments. ethan comes to your opposite side and does the same thing, taking your other hand, leaving you handless. when you go to grab the bra you want, neither of the boys let go. they both cling onto you like children with their mother.

“you’re testing me.” you sigh, blowing some hair away from your face and flicking your head to the side in an effort for the strand to stop tickling your cheek.

“here,” ethan hums, moving the hair away from your face, “let me get that for you.”

you roll your eyes, glancing at him and mumbling, “at least your good for something here.”

ethan grins cheekily, pressing a slobbery kiss to your cheek making you shove him off of you. he laughs before turning to find something else to do for a little while before he decides to come back and annoy you some more. you remove graysons hand from your own and when you do he just decides to wrap his arms around your waste from behind.

“gray,” you huff, grabbing the bra whilst trying to wriggle away from his grasp.

“what’s wrong?” he presses his cheek against your shoulder and squeezes you tighter, “not a fan of hugs?”

you turn to look at him before saying bluntly, “not a fan of being annoyed.”

he backs away, watching you turn the bra over in your hands before saying, “we’re just really clingy today.”

you send him a look from the corner of your eye before nodding and scoffing, “i can tell.”

“probably because we’re gonna be gone for a while soon.”

shit. your heart sank when you realized what day it was. in about three days your favorite boys would be leaving for a month and a half for a trip in europe. and as much as you were so excited for them, you knew you would miss the shit out of them. you set the bra down and turn to face him completely. ethan was back standing next to grayson when you walk towards them and pull them both into a hug.

“i’m sorry. please don’t be upset. i don’t mind your clinginess. i like it. i don’t want you to leave. please don’t stop hugging me.” you ramble as they hug you back.

ethan chuckles, rubbing up and down your back before replying, “thought you were annoyed?”

you shake your head, “not anymore.”

writingandrecs  asked:

95 with Eth???

CC 💙💙💙 thank you so much for sending this in. I really enjoyed writing this and I’m actually so excited to post it! love u bbg

Prompt: #95 “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

“You guys are by far the dumbest people I know,” Grayson declared, standing outside the sliding glass door with his arms crossed. 

You and Ethan had spent the afternoon doing tricks off the trampoline into the pool, but you had gotten bored with the elementary somersaults you had been doing, so you decided to spice things up a bit.

“You’re cute when you’re all worried.” You smirked at Grayson as you bounced on the trampoline, landing on your butt and settling down on the black surface.

Even if you were just teasing Grayson, Ethan couldn’t help but to allow his jaw to clench slightly in annoyance. Even if Grayson was his twin brother who looked exactly like him, it didn’t mean he wanted you to admit that he was good looking, even if you were saying it in jest.

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Broken Promise.

Originally posted by kara-dolan

↑ Summary: Mob!Grayson’s job has kept him away for weeks now, the house and you grew lonely together, he finally comes home and thinks there’s nothing wrong with it, and worst of all broke his promise.

Warning: this is very aggressive, gray is basically losing his mind lol, there’s yelling and cursing, and this also sucks bc i wasn’t sure how to write this and i suck. Also a little warning for anger, gray gets a lil violent but he is a mob leader after all but theres a little toxicity in this relationship, which I do not condone at all. 

It’s been days since you’ve last seen Gray, it wasn’t unusual for him to be busy with work, but never has it been like this. Endless nights of you staying up until all hours, waiting for him not to even show. On the third week it became exhausting, when you did see him, it was a small hello, and a quick kiss before showering and leaving, or going straight to sleep.

To say you were surprised to see him walk in at 10 o’clock at night was true, he turned facing the door, closing it slowly, hoping not to be caught. The moment he turned around you understood why, his white, perfect fit white dress shirt was covered in spots of red blood, finger prints of blood spread along his neck, along with bruises showing that he was choked, his face had small dots along it as well from not only his gushing nose bleed, but splatter along his mouth, eyes, and forehead showing that in fact did beat or shoot someone bloody.

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demurekind  asked:

You are so talented😍 Can you do 51 from Drabble Challenge with Ethan?💞

MARI💙💙💙 thank you so much for sending this in–I had such a blast writing Ethan as a husband. Thank you so much for your sweet words, as always, you’re such a kind person and I always love hearing from you!!

“You’re not allowed to thank me; I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

Prompt: #51 “I’m your husband it’s my job.”

“What’s going on?” Ethan walked in the front door and the living room looked like some sort of crime scene; there was shrieking coming from a far off room, and hair littered the floor; to say Ethan was concerned was an understatement.

“Y/N, where are you?” Ethan placed his keys on the hook near the door, and dropped his backpack on the nearest couch.

“Mama, I heard you said his hair was too long, I was just tryin’ to help!”

“Molly, you have to let mama do stuff like this.” Ethan heard you say as he walked into the kitchen.

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Grayson, look at the camera

Good Morning (gray)

Summary: Grayson gets a little good morning surprise from Y/N

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: ugh, i would wake gray up with a blowjob every morning ok 

I woke up only moments before Grayson, pushing myself up on my elbows as I lay on my stomach, studying his serene face.

His full lips were parted in deep breaths, the occasional snore rumbling from his throat. His long lashes kissed his cheekbones, his tan skin smooth and slightly pink from the warmth beneath the thick duvet.

I pulled my body in closer to his, my bralette clad chest pushing against his rigid body. We were both still half naked from the night before, and I wanted nothing more than to repeat last nights lustful actions.

I ran my hand down Grayson’s bare chest, his eyes fluttering as he stirred from his sleep.

“Good morning,” I squeaked, in a voice almost too sweet for whatever time it was. Grayson squinted as he blinked his eyes open, his body slightly contorting into a stretch as a little groan left his lips.

“It’s fucking warm in here,” Grayson grunted, his morning voice apparent and endearing as he kicked the duvet from his legs.

I walked my elbows closer to him until I was sprawled over his chest, my lips reaching to kiss his stubbly chin.

“And I’m starving,” Grayson sighed as his hand met my back and his eyes fluttered closed again.

“I ordered breakfast then fell back asleep,” he explained as my hand that was previously on his chest started to drift lower, my fingertips lightly grazing his warm skin as they travelled to the tops of his boxers.

“I got you blueberry açai,” He hummed, eyes still closed, ignoring my advances on him.

I kissed his chin again, trailing my lips to the corner of his as my hand gripped him over his boxers.

“Mhm,” I hummed out to him, moving my hand over his length through his boxers.

Grayson was on his phone probably checking the status on the Postmates as I started to feel him hardening at my touch.

“He’s gonna be here in—fuck, 5 minutes,” He announced as I traced the outline of him over his boxers still.

I just nodded, not even looking at him as I started to pull back the elastic on his boxers. He lifted his hips slightly so I could pull the material the rest of the way down from his hips, his length resting against his snail trail and reaching towards his bellybutton.

I danced my fingertips along his length, tracing each ridge and bump around his veins as a deep groan floated from Grayson’s lips.

“Do you think we can do this in 5 minutes?” He asked, raising his head from the pillow to watch me as I pressed my tongue flat to his head.

“That’s up to you,” I replied, lips moving against his head and making his lip quiver in pleasure.

I dragged my tongue from base to tip, swirling my tongue around the head as Grayson reached out and grabbed onto my jaw as he watched me. As soon as I slid my lips over him, his head tilted back in ecstasy.

“Fuck. 5 minutes is plenty,” he groaned as I slid my lips farther down him, my tongue pressing against him as I did so.

I worked my hand from the base up, his silky skin warm and soft in my hand as I felt him harden more. Grayson had one hand behind his head, holding himself up from the pillow so he could watch me whilst the other desperately grasped a handful of my hair, wrapping his fist in it as I continued my actions.

I focused on the head as I looked up at him through my lashes, my tongue tracing the underside the head, my lips pursing over him.

“Fuck, I wish I had time to fuck you right now,” Grayson groaned as I smiled against his length, satisfied with his words.

The combination of my hand and mouth on him must have been sending him into a restless frenzy above me as I felt his fingers clenching in my hair, his thighs tense and his abdomen flexing as he breathed deeply.

His taste filled my mouth, my whole body lusting for him as I looked up and saw his eyes showing me the same.

“Fuck, angel,” he breathed out as he started to lift his hips from the bed to buck towards my mouth.

“2 minutes,” he reminded me as I pushed his hips back from my face, trying to plant them back into the mattress despite our time constraint.

“Oh shit, no, no, he’s around the corner,” Gray sounded panicked and disappointed, his hand in my hair pushing me farther onto his length.

I let him be in a control for a few seconds, controlling the bob of my head on him before I pulled back, intent on finishing him off with my hand.

“Fuck, I’m there,” Grayson groaned, hand still wound in my hair as I moved my hand over his length.

I leaned forward and pressed my tongue to the underside of his head once more and that was all it took for him to orgasm, his warm finish spilling over my fist.

Grayson hardly had a few seconds to recover before there was a swift and loud knock on the door, signalling that the food was here.

“Oh my god, this is the best morning ever,”

The Late Night Double-Feature Picture Show

Summary: Ethan asks his long time friend out on a first date and takes her to the drive-in. 

Word Count: 7k

A/N: Someone asked me once what my ideal date with Ethan would be, and I said double-feature at the drive-in. So then I wrote about it because I needed to get my romantic frustrations out somehow, and this was the result!! Also, this is the first fic I’ve written in a different POV and that makes me anxious. Okay, bye, enjoy!! 


With head buried deep in your locker, searching for that purple mechanical pencil you knew had been thrown in there carelessly last week, you had clearly heard Mara far before seeing her as she shuffled in a speed-walk down the tile floor.

“Y/N… Y/N… Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” your name was coming out quicker the closer she got, but you still hadn’t pulled your head from your locker, very determined to find this pencil that had suddenly been deemed your favorite.

It wasn’t until Mara had finally stumbled up next to you - slapping her palm flat against Jenna Tooley’s locker, making you jump from the echoed noise and slam your head atop the coat hanger inside - that you pulled your head out to scowl at her.

“Y/N!” she shouted one last time, not fully aware that she’d already gotten your attention. Her big smile was blinding as she giddily jumped on the balls of her feet in anticipation for you to acknowledge her presence.  

“Christ, Mars, what?!”, you snapped, rubbing at the small bump that was starting to form on the top of your head.

Her smile doesn’t falter at your sour mood, if anything, she’s only grown more excited at the invitation to share her very important news, “You are never going to believe who asked me to wear his jersey for tomorrow’s game.”

You roll your eyes, fully aware of who the mystery boy could be, but play into Mara’s fairy tale anyways because she was still your best friend, and this was all she ever talked about.

“Who?” you ask with as much excitement – even though the bump on your head was starting to form its own pulse.  

Mara pauses before leaning in and letting her important news spill, “Gray-son. Dol-an” she says slowly, enunciating each syllable in his name as if he hadn’t been a solid member of your friend group all through high school.

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Shawn Mendes wouldn’t treat me like this.

Mr. Gray

Summary: Teasing Grayson is the best thing. Especially in public.

Warnings: heavily implied smut

Word count: 1300

A/N: I’m never writing something like this again! 

Grayson Dolan would never admit to having a kink. Mostly because he wasn’t aware of it for the longest time. Perhaps I’m the reason for its existence in the first place, but now that he’s aware of it, he’d rather die than acknowledge it. So, being a good girlfriend I am, I messed with his head until he did.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s go back to the day I decided to try and turn this soft boy into a kink loving man. It’s not a big kink really and it’s actually very simple. After reading about Pavlov and his experiment, I decided to try it, adjusting it to my own needs.

It started off easy enough.

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DAMN okay

Ethan: What did you do while I was gone?

Grayson:…wait for you to come back.


Grayson Dolan

Goodnight, love

Till we meet again - Part 1/ Part 2

Just Friends

Thank You.

Ethan Dolan

The butterfly effect

My dirty little secret

Grayson Dolan Masterlist

This is my Master List, which gets updated every time I upload a story.  So enjoy this collection of my work

Smut = * (18 +)

University Pact 1

I Know - Grayson Dolan Imagine

Requested?-  Erm, no… Sorry!

Word Count- 1.3k

Warnings- None.

Author’s Note- Hi, so I know I have a bunch of requests and I am a little shit for posting something you guys didn’t request but I promise you I am working on them. It’s just that the one I’m currently writing is taking ages and this was half written in my notes so I thought why not finish it?? Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is trash but here you go anyway.


You’d first met Grayson at a house party. It’d been right at the beginning of the last year of high school. You’d just moved to the town and even though house parties weren’t really your thing, you’d accepted the girl in your science class’ invitation, convincing yourself it’d be a good opportunity to make friends.

It had been going ok until you’d almost been pushed to the ground by a ridiculously tall person. Letting out a highly unattractive squeal, you’d just about regained your balance when you noticed the red stain across the front of your white top. And yes, it probably wasn’t the best idea to wear a white top to a house party where you’d known there would be drunk kids stumbling about but hey, neither was balancing three bowls of salsa as you made your way through a crowded room. And the guy who’d done it had just stared at you, not even looking down to notice the fact that one of the salsa bowls was now held at a ridiculously awkward angle that was causing it to drip all over the floor.

It was only after you’d cried out and straightened his hand that he’d seemed to realise what had happened.

“Sorry!” He’d exclaimed, looking at your shirt in horror and you weren’t a rude person normally but this top hadn’t exactly been cheap and he wasn’t being useful at all so you’d just glared at him, shaking your head in annoyance before looking back down at the ruined garment in dismay.

“I need tissues,” you’d murmured and he’d filled with guilt at the clear despair on your face.

“I’ll get them,” he’d insisted, running off into the crowd before you’d been able to tell him ‘no, thanks, you were fully capable of getting your own tissues.’

Ethan had been shaking his head in disbelief at Grayson as he’d walked up to his friends.

“Do any of you have any tissues?” He’d asked, placing the ketchups down on a nearby table.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” Ethan’d said, looking at Grayson in dumbfounded awe.

“Tissues. Yes or no?” He’d asked again, wiggling his ketchup covered fingers in front of his friends’ faces, not bothering to point out that it was Ethan who’d nominated Grayson to bring over the salsa bowls from the kitchen so that they had something to dip the tortilla chips they’d found into.

Liam had been the one to dig them out and hand them over.

“She’s hot,” Ethan had piped up as Grayson wiped his fingers.

Nodding, Grayson had chucked a dirty tissue onto the table as he glanced back at you. “I’m gonna get her number.”

There’d been a collective snort of disbelief at that as everyone watched Grayson make his way back towards you, tissues outstretched in his hand like a peace offering.

He’d returned hours later with a dumbstruck smile and your number in his phone.

And he’d messaged you the day after. And the day after that. And the day after that. Until it became as much of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. The two of you meeting up for lazy afternoons together or late night adventures, both of you too shy to put a label on the time you spent together.

“You want some blanket?” Grayson had offered on one winter afternoon as you’d watched the fourth Harry Potter film.

You’d nodded shyly and he’d gestured for you to join him under his and you’d shuffled closer, feeling actual butterflies spinning clumsily around in your stomach as he’d tucked you into his side.

“You guys make me sick,” Ethan had commented before stuffing his face with popcorn, chuckling at how embarrassed the both of you looked. Grayson had tensed, worried that the comment would be enough to scare you back to your side of the sofa but you’d stayed pressed against him, lip drawn between your teeth.

He’d tried to watch the movie but he couldn’t help stealing glances at you, his heart swelling with affection at you mouthing the words along with the characters and god, he’d never been more glad that he was a clumsy giant who went around spilling salsa on pretty girls.

“I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend,” Grayson had announced to Ethan once you’d left as they’d headed to bed.

Ethan had laughed. “You can ask but she’s saying no, buddy. Waaay out of your league.”

Grayson had let out a huff. “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

He hadn’t needed it. Two weeks later, when he’d finally worked up the courage to ask you, you’d turned to him with your beautiful smile and murmured yes before pressing your lips to his.

“I love you!” You cried out, placing a sloppy kiss to Grayson’s jaw, wrinkling your nose at the prickly feeling of his stubble. “Did you know that?”

He chuckled, arm tightening on your waist as he tried to steady you with one hand, opening the door to his car with the other. “I love you too.”

“A lot?”

Another chuckle. “Yes, a lot.”

“Good,” you stated before darting forward to kitten lick his collar bone.

He laughed at your drunken actions, pushing you away and into the back seat of the car.

“I’ve said this 1000 times but you guys genuinely make me sick,” Ethan said, walking up to the passenger side as he wrinkled his nose at you in disgust.

“Thanks- your face genuinely makes me sick.” you grinned widely, far too pleased with your childish comeback before taking Grayson’s hand in yours as you moved further into the car. “Come on.”

“Y/N, no, I’m driving.”

You stopped, turning to face him with a pout on your face. “Why?”

Grayson glanced from you to his twin brother who was waiting expectantly near the hood of the car.

“Ethan can drive,” you insisted, tugging Grayson towards where you were half sat in the back seat. All you wanted was to kiss your boyfriend senseless. Even after all these years, he still had the butterflies in your stomach going crazy with just one look and, God, how you craved that look.

Grayson glanced up towards his brother, eyebrows raised in silent question.

Ethan rolled his eyes, groaning. “Yeah, whatever. As long as you promise not to make out.”

“Promise!” You called out quickly, pulling Grayson’s hand again as you shuffled further into the seats. He threw the keys to Ethan, barely having time to see if they were caught before he was tugged into the car.

You pressed yourself close to him as Ethan started the car, glancing at you warily in the mirror as Grayson tried to secure both of your seatbelts. Reclining back when he was satisfied, Grayson wrapped his arm around your waist, gently guiding you to relax into him.

“I lied,” you whispered conspiratorially, holding up your hand so that Grayson could see your crossed fingers.

“Hey! I can hear you!” Ethan called as Grayson laughed, pulling you in for a chaste kiss. You leaned in again, pressing your lips to his more firmly until Ethan yelled, throwing a wad full of tissues at the two of you. “I will pull over and make Grayson drive.”

You stole a final kiss before flashing Ethan your middle finger. “You suck.”

Huffing, you scooted your bottom away from Grayson until you could comfortably place your head in his lap. Your hand reached blindly for his and you let out a satisfied hum when your fingers wrapped around his. His free hand found its way into your hair, his finger pads gently massaging your scalp.

Grayson glanced down as you shifted, tugging both of yours’ intertwined hands closer to your chest. He watched you, eyes filled with pure adoration as a soft snore left your mouth.

Smiling softly, his thumb stroked the empty space on the back of your left ring finger gently.

“I’m gonna marry her.”

Ethan’s eyes flickered to meet Grayson’s in the rear view mirror but he didn’t bother doubting his brother this time.

“I know.”


Athletes Temper (eth)

Summary: Y/N is mad at Ethan for getting suspended from his hockey team for a few games, and how on earth is E ever going to make it up to her? 

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: hi babies, E plays for the Rangers in this because it’s his fav team!! and god damn would he ever be a hot hockey player im shveating

I turned on the TV just as the highlights from the game between Ethan’s team, the Rangers, and the Blackhawks came on Sportsnet.

I couldn’t make it to the home game tonight because of a work obligation, but I was hoping to catch the gist of it before Ethan returned home from the arena.

“We got a pretty intense fight between Dolan and Hayden tonight from that first face off in the third period,” the commentator announced as they replayed a clip of Ethan and John Hayden from the Blackhawks, squaring off in front of each other.

Ethan’s head was hung low, concentrating on his opportunity to steal the puck away from the opposing team and finish this leading game on a high note. It almost looked like it was going to go in his favour, before Ethan took a step back, the ref saying something to Hayden as E shook his stick out in his hands.

The ref called him back, and Ethan and Hayden were both back to crouching low over the spot where the puck would be dropped, their sticks blocking each others for their equal chance at victory.

As soon as the puck was dropped, Ethan got the back of his stick on it, flicking it backwards towards his teammate before he dropped his stick and went for Hayden.

“Looks like a line brawl to start off the third period, Dolan versus Hayden trying to be separated at the blue line,” the commentator continued as I watched with baited breath as Ethan attempted to tackle Hayden around the torso, Haydens fists going straight for the top of Ethan’s head.

I gasped as I watched Ethan’s head get pummelled by Hayden’s gloves, tucking my legs underneath me as my entire body tensed up.

Ethan ripped his body from Haydens, quickly shedding his gloves before grabbing onto Hayden’s jersey and throwing hard left hooks onto the side of his face.

“Dolan is angry–” the first commentator said.  

“Is he ever, he’s looking like he wants to tear him to shreds,” the second commentator interrupted the first as I watched Ethan push Hayden’s body against the boards, simultaneously trying to pull his body down to the ice whilst still coming at him with punches.

“No, no, no, no,” I repeat as Hayden tries to grab the neckline of Ethan’s jersey, ripping the helmet from his head and revealing the opportunity for E to get a serious head injury.

Ethan pushes Hayden’s hand from his jersey as the pair trip over their dropped sticks and fell to the ice, punches still flying left, right, and centre.

I almost couldn’t watch, my face physically contorted into a cringe as I heard the front door click open, followed by Ethan’s grunt as he dragged his hockey bag through the threshold of our apartment.

The heavy bag dropped with a thud onto the hardwood just beyond the door frame, Ethan’s deep exhale accompanying it.

“E,” I called out for him as I tossed the remote on the couch beside me, yearning yet afraid to see his face.

All I got was silence in return, causing me to stand up to go investigate.

Ethan’s head was hanging towards the floor in the dark foyer, snatching his beanie off his head and throwing it onto the floor before shoving his suit jacket down his tired arms slowly.

Players had to wear suits to and from games, which Ethan hated. He was always first to shed the uncomfortable clothes once he was behind closed doors and away from cameras.

All that could be heard between the two of us was Ethan’s heavy breathing, a little groan caught on the end of each breath as he kicked his dress shoes from his feet.

“Baby, I am so sorry I wasn’t there,” I hummed out sympathetically, hoping it was enough to turn E’s mood around.

Ethan finally looked up at me, his left eye rimmed with a blooming red and purple bruise, circling the underside of his eye and cheekbone. His eyebrow must have been split open because he was also sporting white bandage tape across an inch long gash across his brow bone. The lack of light in the shadowy hallway wasn’t doing his injury any justice, possibly making his eye look worse than it was.

“E, oh my god,” I started towards him, intent on checking out the damage.

Ethan flinched away from me, a small grin playing at his lips that had me confused.

“It’s fine, I won,” he practically smirked, trying to hide his pride by looking at his feet as he ran a hand through his hair casually.

“Sorry, are you smiling right now? What’s going on?” I demanded, hand going to rest on my lower back.

“Don’t worry about it. I beat the shit out of him,” Ethan said with a shake of his head, resisting my question as he stalked past me into the living room.

“Dolan’s got 2 games for the fight against Hayden. We’ll be anxious to see what happens when the two teams face off again next month on Chicago turf–” Ethan grabbed the remote and changed the channel as the commentator blared out his fate throughout our apartment.

“Ethan! You got suspended?” I exclaimed, eyes wide as Ethan simply tossed the remote to his side without another look at me.

“Its fine!” Ethan almost shouted back at me, giving me an exasperated glance, lips parted and eyes wide as he begged me not to question it any further.

I opened my mouth to retort, but stopped myself as I imagined him only growing angrier at my need to ‘be in his business’.

“What happens on the ice and in the locker room is none of your business, or any of the other girls for that matter,” Ethan would always say to me whenever it looked like there was a rivalry between him and another team.

I tried to leave it alone, slumping down beside Ethan on the couch and trying to focus on the re-run of Friends he had switched to. But, I couldn’t get the image of Ethan’s fist colliding with Hayden’s face out of my mind.

Ethan must have noticed my ongoing discomfort with his answer as he brought his arm around my shoulders in an attempt to soothe me, curling me into his body as his fingers tickled my shoulder.

His lips met my temple, kissing gently to the spot just beneath my ear as I chewed on my lip.

“He was making some…inappropriate comments about you. I did what I had to do,” he all but whispered into my ear, giving the shell a small kiss after.

I let out an exaggerated breath, eyes closing so he couldn’t see my rolling them at him.

“E,” I started, but he brought his free hand to cup my cheek, thumb pushing against my lips.

“No, I don’t want to her anything else about it. It happened. It’s done. Don’t worry about it,” Ethan insisted, eyes looking deep into mine as I gave him a slow nod in agreement.

I had to admit, the injury on him was sort of hot.

It represented his masculinity, and his want and need to protect me against someone else’s stupid comments.

I loved Ethan’s jealousy. I also loved the fact that he could physically protect me if he had to.

I felt a stir between my thighs as I looked over his hardened face, his stiff jaw, his pursed lips, and his soft eyes.

I smiled, his thumb still on my lips.

“Kiss me,” I practically begged him through a whisper.

Ethan immediately obliged, moving his thumb onto my cheek as he brought his red lips to mine, pressing gently.

He gave me a few pure kisses, wet lips parting slowly on each kiss.

He pulled back, rubbing his thumb over my cheek to signal me to open my eyes. I wanted more from him though.

“More,” I begged him, pushing my lips back towards his.

Again, Ethan obliged with a gentle chuckle as he pushed his lips back to mine, intensifying the movement of his lips against mine, and dragging out the kiss longer this time.

His hand trailed up my thigh, grabbing onto the rear of it and pulling it swiftly over his lap so I could straddle his legs.

I hummed in appreciation of his actions into his mouth, earning a grin into the kiss from Ethan.

Both of Ethan’s hands moved to my waist, keeping me close to him as I pushed my hands into the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Oh, fuck,” Ethan mumbled out a laugh against my lips as my forehead pressed against the fresh cut on his own.

Our lips parted with a gentle smack as I leaned back and gasped in apology, my thumb reaching up to run around the area gently.

Ethan’s eyes watched my every move, hands on my waist moving to my ass as his fingers hooked into the top of my leggings, trying to pulling them down.

“You’re going to tear them,” I warned him with a smile as I reached my hand behind me to attempt to grab onto his wrist.

“Why don’t you take them off for me, then?” he suggested, a mischievous grin still playing on his lips as I stood and did as I was told.

Ethan, still watching my every move, began to unbutton his white dress shirt as I kicked my leggings from my ankles.

I practically moaned when I saw his taut abdomen revealed under the crisp white shirt.

I could never get tired of Ethan, never get tired of his body, and never get tired of what he did to me.

“Panties too,” he reminded me as his hands abandoned the buttons on his shirt and went to undo his belt and zipper.

I took no time in shimmying the thin material down my thighs, leaving them pooling at my ankles as I stepped out of them, desperate to get back to Ethan.

Even though Ethan was exhausted from the game, his muscles spent and pushed to their limits, his grip on my hips as he pulled me back down to the couch told me different.

“How do you want me?” he just about purred into my ear as soon as he had me back on top of him.

I thought about it for a second, giving Ethan a sweet kiss before climbing off of him and laying back on the soft cushions beside him.

“Like this,” I simply hummed out as Ethan took the hint, standing and pulling his belt from its loops before snaking himself on top of me.

“Don’t be gentle,” I whimpered into his ear as he entered me slowly.

And gentle he was not.

Ethan was anything but gentle as he took the rest of his rage from the altercation out on my body, giving me no mercy as he pulled, spanked, and squeezed whatever he could get his hands on as he pounded into me.

At the end of it all, I lay atop the couch, tender skinned and out of breath.

I swear I could practically feel the fingerprint shaped bruises forming around my hipbones and collarbones where Ethan had gripped onto me for dear life.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to tell Ethan that that was everything I had wanted and more, he spoke.

“No one says shit about you. Ever. You understand?” he panted, chest rising and falling with not only his rapid breaths but his still flowing anger from earlier in the evening.

I nodded through a grin, grabbing onto the back of his neck and pulling Ethan in for a kiss.

“I understand,” I mumbled, kissing his athletes temper from his lips.

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Manip of Ethan🌗

[originally used a photo of David Dobrik and I edited E’s face on + altered his body to make it look more like Ethan’s + tons of editing]

You Again (eth)

Summary: Y/N and Ethan finally cross paths after college separates them, but what happens when a few too many drinks makes it feel as if they were never apart? 

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: an ethan one because, well…hes fucking hot and im trying SO hard not to be in his lane anymore. so we’ll see how long this lasts.

“Okay, don’t turn around yet, but Ethan just walked in and he looks so fucking good,” my friend practically moaned as her eyes drifted over my head and to the door behind me.

My stomach sky rocketed into my throat, using every ounce of strength in my body to not turn around and let my eyes search our small hometown bar for the boy that had held my heart for far too long.

I hadn’t seen Ethan since we graduated high school, and now we were almost through with college. For lack of better words, I had been absolutely dying to see him again.

“Where is he going? Is he coming this way? Who’s he with?” I spat out, hardly letting myself breathe as I struggled to keep my composure.

In high school, Ethan was always the more quiet and shy twin beside his brother Grayson.

Grayson was always the center of attention, always the best athlete, and always known as the hottest in the grade.

Ethan, on the other hand, was intriguing to me as he was humble, quiet, and didn’t know that he was good looking; which made him more attractive to me.

“Relax! He’s with Gray and Ryan,” my friend gave me wide eyes, embarrassed that I couldn’t quite hold myself together.

I let out a nervous breath, knowing that by the time I finished my drink, all I would want to do is approach him and shoot my shot.

Which I would inevitably regret the following day.

Just as predicted, as I downed the last of my rum and coke, I found myself casually looking around the crowded bar, praying that I could nonchalantly catch sight of Ethan.

I turned back to the bar after an inconclusive room scan, immediately spotting Ethan on the opposite side of the bar; and his eyes were on me.

I quickly looked away, turning back towards my friends and pretending as if I had been engrossed in their conversation forever.

My friend swivelled in her bar stool to face me, catching my pink cheeks and hot ears as I smiled awkwardly under Ethan’s gaze.

“Ethan’s had his eyes on you since he walked in,” her lips turned into a crooked smile as she leaned on the bar, her chin resting in her open palm.

“No he hasn’t,” I shook her off, literally shaking my head at her in order to keep my racing heart and running mind at bay.

She simply nodded at me, the same grin tugging at her lips.

“Let’s go over there…talk to them,” she suggested, already sliding off her bar stool and grabbing her purse.

“No, no, no. I wouldn’t even—even know what to say to him,” I whined, grabbing her arm, silently pleading her to stay in her place.

My palms began to sweat as she flicked them from her arms.

“Fine, then how about we walk past, pretend we’re going to the bathroom, and I’ll say something to Gray; start a convo between us all?” She suggested, eyebrows pulled high on her forehead in finesse for me.

I bit the inside of my cheek, waging war with myself internally before agreeing, slipping off my seat and letting my friend take my hand.

She lead the way, confidently pulling the two of us through the crowd of familiar faces, boys from our past nodding at her in approval left and right.

I peeked around the bodies in front of us, spying Grayson and Ryan at the bar.

But no Eth—

Thick fingers wrapped around my wrist, a thumb resting heavy over my pulse that made me stop in my tracks.

I looked down at the hand on my wrist before noticing who it was attached to.

Prominent veins and wispy brown hairs attached to a strong arm, which was attached to a broad and tall Ethan Dolan.

“Where are you off to?” He asked nonchalantly, his eyes casually looking over my head before trailing down to me.

I had to gulp down the lump in my throat before I could even consider answering him.

“Uh, just—”

“I wanted to come talk to your brother actually, she’s just being a good wing woman,” my friend swooped in to save me, dropping my hand enthusiastically before she turned to Grayson and Ryan.

Ethan smirked at her departure, finally letting his fingers slip off my wrist.

“Do you wanna be the one to tell her that Gray’s dating a girl from his school, or should I?” Ethan chuckled, taking half a step back to casually lean against the sticky wooden bar top.

“Better not to mention anything,” I gave him a scrunched smile.

Ethan laughed again, throwing his head back, giving me the opportunity to check out his form.

He was different from when I last saw him.

There was obvious change in his stature, as he was much wider and more muscular than in high school, his thick neck and Adam’s apple pulsing as he laughed.

He sported more scruff than he had in the past, and he was wearing a white tee with rolled sleeves, tucked into black trousers and a Gucci belt that (if possible) even more greatly highlighted his body and personality.

Ethan licked his lips as his head finally levelled from his chuckle, eyes darting down to my hands before coming back to my face.

“Whatcha drinking?” He asked as he straightened, hands curling over the edge of the bar top as he looked for the bartender, glancing at me over his strong shoulder for an answer.

“Uh, I was drinking rum and coke but— I don’t think I should have another,” I shook my head at him, stepping forward as he raised his hand for the bartenders attention.

Ethan turned, hand still raised as he eyed me up and down like I had turned him down.

“Why? Got somewhere to be in the morning?” Ethan hummed as he slid some bills over the bar top, the bartender started to mix his drinks.

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer when he turned back to me, holding out a drink for me as his lips found his straw.

I hesitated taking it as Ethan eyed me, looking almost…hopeful?

I reached out and took the ice cold rum and coke from his hand, erupting a grin on Ethan’s lips that I just couldn’t look away from.

“I’ll take that as a no,” Ethan smirked as I rolled my eyes and took a sip of my drink.

“Looks like you’re mine for the night,”

- - -

After a night of reminiscent conversation, flirtatious activity, and one too many drinks, Ethan was walking me home from the bar, promises to keep me safe and entertained falling from his drunk lips as we parted from our friends.

“God, Ethan. Were you ordering doubles or something?” I laughed as I reached a hand to my temple, a lot more drunk and dizzy than I thought upon leaving the bar.

“Uhhh,” Ethan thought as he side stepped into me, wrapping his arm around my waist as we walked in sync.

“I mean I was holding up 2 fingers to the bartender, but I thought that meant 2 drinks,” Ethan puffed out, realizing what he might have done to us.

I broke out into laughter, stopping our movements so I could bend over with my giggles, knees turning into each other.

“Oh fuck, oh. I got a cramp from laughing so hard,” I giggled as Ethan started to lead us through the park, the shortcut path to our neighbourhood.

“Let’s chill for a bit,” Ethan chuckled, just catching onto the end of my laugh and feeling it’s contagion.

I did as I was told and followed Ethan towards an old oak tree that stood tall and marvellous in the park, the biggest tree around.

“Ugh,” Ethan groans as he falls back against the grass, his back hitting the tree trunk as he pulled me down with him.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, both of us trying to calm down our noxious spins in the cool night air.

Finally, Ethan inhales and parts his lips.

“I think I’ll regret it I don’t tell you that you look really good. Like really fucking good,” Ethan slurred slowly as his head rolled over on the bark to look at me.

I couldn’t help but blush at his words.

“You know, I used to have a huge crush on you in high school,” he continued, looking down bashfully as he took his full bottom lip between his teeth.

“Shut up,” I said as I knocked his shoulder with mine, my heartbeat starting to increase rapidly.

“I’m serious. You made me smile. You were so confident. I remember telling myself I wanted to shoot my shot with you at prom, but I chickened out,” Ethan admitted, fingers tracing nonsensible shapes over my denimed thigh.

I let my mouth agape at his words, a gasp of disbelief passing through my lips.

“Confident? Are you thinking of the right person? It’s me,” I giggled, waving my hand in front of his face.

Ethan chuckled and grabbed my hand, lowering it from his view of me and moving his head closer to mine on the trunk.

“Yup, it’s you. And if it’s possible, you’re even more beautiful than before,” his breath was on my face now, lips so close that if I puckered, we would kiss.

I would have puckered too, if Ethan didn’t beat me to it, reaching forward and pressing his hot lips to mine.

I inhaled sharply in surprise, Ethan’s hand reaching for the back of my head to insure I wasn’t going anywhere.

As Ethan pushed his tongue under my bottom lip, it started running through my head that I was kissing Ethan Dolan.

I was kissing the Ethan Dolan.

And it was even fucking better than I could have imagined.

It was as if he knew exactly what drove me crazy, exactly what made me squirm, and exactly what had me putty in his hands.

Ethan’s thumb pressed to the spot under my ear, pushing his lips harder to mine as his kiss became more hungry, his fluffy lips trapping my bottom one.

“God, you’re so hot,” I breathed onto his lips out of impulse, making Ethan smile into the kiss.

“I’ve wanted to have my hands on you for years,” Ethan groaned, hands roaming down to my sides and to the hem of my pants as he kissed away my words.

“I’ve had so many dreams of what I would do to you,” he continued, hands pushing to my top to get his fingers on my bare waist, pulling me closer to him.

“Ethan,” I practically moaned into his mouth, my thighs clenching at his words.

His fingers dipped down to the top of my jeans, his finger running a shiver inducing line across their length, stopping right at the button.

“Is this okay?” Ethan breathed out to me, pecking my lips immediately after.

All I could do was nod at him in response. It was as if his lips sucked the voice and breath out of my body.

Ethan took no time in unbuttoning my jeans, large and fumbling fingers having trouble grasping the zipper as he slowly pulled it down.

I hissed as his hand slowly slid into my panties, cupping the space between my legs gently, giving me time to back out if I chose.

“Fuck, I can feel how wet you are for me already,” Ethan groaned again, lips meeting my neck as my head rolled back onto the bark.

A breathy whimper left my lips as Ethan did his dirty work on me, fingers gently kneading over my clit as his lips lapped down my neck.

“D'you want my fingers?” Ethan mumbled against my warm and wet skin, his saliva covering the entire side of my neck he had been working on.

I nodded again, scratching the tree bark into my hair.

“I need to hear you say it, baby,” he whispered hotly, thumb taking place on my clit as his forefinger circles around my entrance teasingly.

“Yes, E,” I moaned shamelessly, to caught up in the way he was working me up.

“Fuck, if you keep moaning my name like that I’ll cum in my pants,” Ethan said before kissing me hard again, finger finally pushing into my entrance.

“Fuck, Ethan,” I whimpered involuntarily, his words not even registering with me.

Only in my dreams had I imagined Ethan lying me down on his bed, kissing his way down my body; his big hands running over my skin covered in goosebumps; his groans in my ear, his lips on my neck.

And here he was, right in front of me with his hand down my pants in the middle of our neighbourhood park as he cursed me for being ‘too sexy for my own good’.

My head swam with Ethan’s words as he slowly added another finger to his torture, my hand gripping his working bicep tightly as I whimpered out at the pleasure.

“E, I’m not gonna last,” I warned him, knowing that my excitement of tonight’s events would soon have me creaming all over his skillful digits.

“Yeah? What do you need to cum, baby? What can I do?” His lips were resting just underneath my ear, his hot breath making my neck damp with arousal.

“Faster,” I spat out.

“Thumb, faster,” he chuckled into my neck at my need for him, making me grab onto a handful of his hair and raise him to face me.

I needed to kiss him as I came.

I pressed my now swollen lips back to Ethan’s desperately, wanting a release so bad, I could feel it in every inch of my body.

My fingers kept clenching Ethan’s bicep, the other still in a tight fist in his hair as he toes curled in my sneakers, my joints stiffening and my eyes rolling.

I could hardly work my lips against his anymore as I let out one last whimper of Ethan’s name, the tightening in my stomach releasing in strong bursts.

Ethan kept working his fingers on me through my orgasm, telling me how hard I had made him and how good I felt around his fingers.

When he finally pulled his hand from my pants, I swore I was shaking more than before.

“You good?” Ethan asked me, lips still on mine as he kisses me down from my high.

“So good,” I smiled, making him laugh again.

There was a pause before I collected the courage to tell Ethan what he had told me.

I had a huge crush on you in high school. Like massive. Like obsessive massive,” I admitted, running my thumb over Ethan’s cheek as I pulled back to look at him.

Ethan’s eyes widened momentarily, quickly nodding gently with approval.

“And I’m really glad I got to see you again tonight,” I finished. Thumb running over his bottom lip and watching it snap back into place.

Ethan smirked, sitting back to get a better look at me.

“Got to see me? I think you mean 'get’,” Ethan smirked.

“Tonight is far from over, angel,”

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