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When you take your to the office and your colleagues lose all interest in work....

(2/22/2019) UnderCover Pet Houses Outdoor Food Shelters with Extended Roofs (Medium)

最近のお気に入り(本当は麻呂🐱凪🐱の) Her favourite one but supposed to be Malo🐱 and Nagui’s🐱    

How gorgeous is that sky? 😍 Stepped out to walk the dogs on this morning 🐾 I couldn’t get over how rich in colour the sky looks this time of year. I just had to match the colour! ...

Happy Walking the Dog Day! This post on The PSI Blog shares 3 tips for providing the best dog walk possible: .

is not just about maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness, and it is not just about keeping your good-looking. Grooming is about maintaining both your dog’s physical health as well as their appearance. Find out more here:

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Double the toy, double the fun


Who else think 👱🏻‍♂️Jack Frost and 👱🏻‍♀️Elsa should be a thing? ❄️ After watching #Frozen2 trailer, I’m convinced the guardian should have a place next to Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio’s #truth, Dumbo’s #swag, Bambi’s #tree, Cinderella’s #party, Lady & the Tramp’s #food.
Alice in Wonderland’s #cat, Peter Pan’s #shoes, Sleeping Beauty’s #night, 101 Dalmatians’ #dog, The Sword in the Stone’s #boy, The Jungle Book’s #nature.
The Aristocats’ #family, The Little Mermaid’s #sea, Beauty & the Beast’s #art, Aladdin’s #eyes, The Lion King’s #summer, Pocahontas’ #hair.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s #music, Hercules’ #fitness, Mulan’s #girls, Tarzan’s #friends, Dinosaur’s #heart, Atlantis’ #beauty.
Treasure Planet’s #style, Meet the Robinsons’ #yum, Home on the Range’s #fun, Chicken Little’s #selfie, Bolt’s #school, Tangled’s #love.

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What are somethings you would tell someone who is interested in getting a malamute? I have been looking around and while I feel like I have a good idea of what they need and how they tend to act. But at the same time I feel like I still don’t know all that I should.

I’d say be prepared, do not think that Alaskan Malamutes are lazier, bigger huskies. Research your breeders carefully, there are many irresponsible breeders for this breed (Breeding “Giant Malamutes” or off-standard dogs). Good Breeders will title their dogs and do OFA health testing. Expect a LOT OF DOG HAIR. You will eat it, inhale it, you will never be free of it, no roomba can tackle it (I like the Shark Pet Vacuum and the Dyson Stick Vacuums). 

Expect them to have high energy and be growing both physically and mentally until around 3 years of age. They can also be mouthy, early socialization is KEY.

Be prepared to give them structured exercise every day, regardless of the weather. Remember this is a long-distance freight breed that can survive in a very harsh climate. Do not think you aren’t going out because its snowing.

Be consistent with training, this is a very strong large breed that is not biddable, as an owner your responsibility is to be in control of your dog and have it trained to go out in public politely. Find equipment that works for you and use positive training. This is a breed considered “hard” aka they would be willing to take punishment and physical harm to get their way, the malamute needs to want to do something, positive training is the best way to get the most out of them, they are a very very food motivated breed. This is not a breed for Underground Electric Fences, proper containment is needed. 

Some malamutes can NEVER be let off leash, many malamutes develop same-sex dog aggression once they hit maturity (2-3 years), this is a known trait of the breed, prepare for it and expect it years in. This is not necessarily a dog park breed, their play style is rough and often incompatible with others and even if they aren’t same-sex aggressive, they enjoy getting in the middle of fights.

When raised right these dogs are AMAZING partners and can often be successful in many types of dog sports if you are willing to put in a little extra work. They love to have a job! They are capable canine athletes and make excellent house dogs when properly socialized and with consistent training. 

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Your love for dogs is so adorable 😊 I'm guessing you don't have one yet and this is why you want to spread love to all the doggies out there 🐶🐾

This is possibly the greatest Anon of my life. Thank you so much for this very kind compliment! (I always think I’m talking about my love of dogs too damn much. Poor @whatdiknow has to hear about it almost every day. And @letthebluerain keeps me supplied with dog photos because she’s awesome like that. So does @mowowow , who sometimes even sends me videos!) 

It’s true, though. I have not had the privilege of having my own canine companion. Something I hope to change within the next year or so. (A running gag in my family is that my third word was, “Dog.” Tiny Me was an enterprising child who knew exactly what they wanted.) But I already have our first Halloween costume together picked out (the “Dogtor” and their companion), and the theme of the big photo shoot (we’ll be parodying gender reveal parties). And a possible name, if it doesn’t already have one. (I’m adopting a rescue greyhound.) 

But also it’s not as much about having my own one, as much as they’re also just one of my favourite animals? So I pretty much love every member of the species as soon as I meet them. Even ones not considered traditionally “adorable” or with more troublesome personality traits. That’s why I love asking dog owners to talk about their pets, because it’s so much fun hearing about these creatures’ foibles and personalities even as they belong to a larger group? Like two Corgis won’t be the same. One might be more rambunctious, the other more laid back. But in most cases the humans who care for them definitely love them. 

Tl;dr. I love dogs so damn much. Also, thank you!