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Compress PDF without losing quality via /r/pdf
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Compress PDF without losing quality

Hey Guys,

So I cannot send a PDF larger than 5 MB. The problem is when I compress the PDF file it loses so much quality! Is there any app that can prevent this?

Thank you

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Hey everyone!! I decided to start documenting my life every single day so I can see how much I’ve changed throughout the year. I will be posting photos (sometimes) and a “journal entry” along with whatever my mind feels like putting into text. If you are interested follow my blog @insidethemindofsammi


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So my mom is literally the best person ever rn! She got me a replica of Bucky Barnes’s files from Captain America: The Winter Soldier! I was so excited when I opened it I actually cried, no joke. Hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas like I am and happy holidays!❤

First post here explaining a little bit of an AU I’ve come up with back in 2012. It all started as a joke, but I think it’s a pretty good way to connect any fandom or idea humanity has ever created.

Maeve and Bendy Puni, both Document demons. The specie is split in two: Old World type and New World type.

Compared to NW, OW are close to extinction, being almost whiped out during major events like the burning of Alexandria where a big part of their population was flocking to. As an adaptive hiding technique that was, surprisingly, against humans, Document’s ancestors started hiding in books, letters, paintings, etc. However, as history proved many times, the physically tangible hidings were easier to destroy than the lairs of the modern specie’s counterpart. Their numbers decreasing exponentially over time, coupled with a hard to survive early life for ferals, the OW switched from a more powerful body with less mimicking ability to a weaker body that had shapeshifting qualities: the NW type. The lack of individuals also resulted in a smaller genetic pool, their young tending to be sick, malformed or incapable of any form of adaption. Males are also known infantophags. The end result is that the sight of such individuals in modern documents like television or CDs is very rare as not many had the evolutionary chance to adapt. OW types are good at mimicking voices and tend to use this either in hunting or in dazzling any pursuer that tries to aproach them.

The NW are capable of hiding in plain sight of both humans and potential predators and tend to be less aggresive than their cousin type. Ferals are known for forming longer lasting bonds with their young than their ancestors used to, thus resulting in a bigger population that had enough time and resources to adapt to modern ‘documents’ such as radio waves.

Both types are omnivorous but OW inclines more towards meat as they can use their physical power in hunting, having a bite powerful enough to strangle most animals whose neck fits firmly in their mouth. The plants they opt for are mostly onions or anything with a similar taste and smell. The NW is mostly herbivore, snacking on fruits most of the time, but ocasionally going for small animals. An adaption Documents kept over the years is the snake-like jaws which aid in eating bigger things. They are social beings, a fact that, combined with their mimicking, can actually turn an entire population from a civil one to a feral one if the leading individual distances themselves from the group, thus becomind the first feral one of them. Government facilities are trying to help both types find a living ground between all other beings currently existing, including humans.

Yes, I am fandom nerd trash, thank you

BATIM belongs to theMeatly

Maeve belongs to me.


Program for the production of “Army Red!” by the Cleveland Heights Council of Civilian Defense, along with a citation for merit the CH Council earned from the Regional Director for this production. 

A little history about Cleveland Heights makes this all the more interesting, as the Cleveland area went on to host several Nike missile sites post-war, and the high school that this production was hosted in was once a designated fallout shelter. I’ve personally been in CHHS for several events, and it looks and feels exactly like the middle school I attended, which was also a designated fallout shelter.