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How works CC

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ppl don’t talk abt the day-to-day ugly symptoms of eating disorders but can I just say. I want to die.

jingyeomlove  asked:

15, 2, 9, 14, 24

2. List your top 5 favorite k-pop groups.

ikon, day6, exo, vixx, aaaaaaaand MAMAMOOOOOO

9. What is your favorite k-drama that any k-pop idol has played a part in?


14. Do you have a favorite music video of all time? If so, what?

Airplane! ikon!! it’s my FAVORITE!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

15. What is the most underrated/under-appreciated group you stan?

sf9 and ACE!!!! i love ACE!!! 

24. What idol do you think you have the most in common with?

idk man i relate to sungjin and his snacking habits a lot, also ksoo because i can’t see for shit, love singing, and get angry when people won’t leave me alone…… uhmmm… yunhyeong because he’s underappreciated…… also seungkwan maybe? i love being dramatic. oh and like most 92 liners 

idk man……. 

i’ve queued a lot of stuff for the next few days i won’t be very active soz lovelies i luv u guys mwah i

parts of myself that are bad and malicious and horrible are coming back to the surface and i know it’s a part of ripping things down and starting recovery again but it’s scary and i never learned to cope with them in a healthy way and the way i feel about it is unpalatable and im scared to talk about it and hhhhhhhgggffdfngnn

me: if I attend my spring semester I will die also January is the only opportunity I have to be hospitalised and if I don’t get help soon I will die

Also me: If I’m not proving my worth via academic achievement I have none and everyone who’s ever doubted me was right and I Deserve to die, prioritizing my health is just another example of my failure and inadequacy because plenty of people have handled more with less stress and continuously tell me this fact when I express that I am struggling also when I get out of the hospital I deeply fear that most of my loved ones will realise during my absence that they’re better off without me and will have forgotten I exist which is the no.1 thing that has kept me from seriously considering it thus far despite the fact that I always cite scheduling problems as the reason, even though most of the scheduling conflicts were intentionally made so that I wouldn’t be able to hospitalize myself in the first place

me: oh ya ur right