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📢Tu es étudiant(e) et tu recherches un contrat d' afin de clôturer ta dernière année d'école d'Ingénieur / Master. Envie de développer tes compétences en ? recrute à ▶️

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Shin is so cute ohmygod ohmygo- Sorry, Shin is just so cute to me >_<

Shin: I know, I understand, it is difficult to withstand my good looks.

Lyn: [sighs, shakes head]

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How’s your blood pressure during those times? Is it normal as well? I know that I will feel like I need to eat something immediately for sugar only to later find out it was low blood pressure instead (usually from mild dehydration)

Hmm, I don’t have a way to check it at home. But my BP is always normal when I go to the doctor. It’s always just when I’m hungry too.

I also drink like 80-100 oz of water a day so I’m rarely dehydrated.

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Who would you rather do/get done by: Trey Songz or Jason Derulo?

Trey Songz 100%

meeting a boy today for coffee and wondering if I should take him back home afterwards and do stuff or just take it slowly for once

match up please?

okay so i forgot to read rules and i submitted a match up request lacking the personality thing in the ask instead of here..sorry abt that. okay so umm my personality type is INFP-T. i dont really like socializing but within my friend group im quite active. i procrastinate a lot bc i cant work well unless im under pressure, oh and my grades are rly good. my hobbies include drawing and reading books (and a bit of football). i love fantasizing abt dl (thats a hobby too) oh and i love cake and ice cream. my dislikes are popcorn, sensitive people, and ppl that are slow in understanding things. im 4'11 and i have long curly hair. my least fave dl character is prolly kanato (if not him then azusa) ty

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i was tagged by @jaendeukie to post my lockscreen, homescreen, and the last song i listened to! i’m not posting my lockscreen because it’s a picture of my friend.

thank you for tagging me marj! i tag anyone who wants to do this! 💗