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The best consumer concept we saw at 2019 via

Effectively engage with your customers on the platform. Capitalize on talktoniki, instant messaging , backed by advanced capabilities. Know more: โ€ฆ

RT DeepLearn007: A Concise Guide to AI & Machine Learning Use Cases SpirosMargaris JimMarous ipfconline1 drlindekilde BrettKing โ€ฆ

. I think there is still a lot of confusion between Deep Learning and Machine Learning, so I took a moment to explain it in this Linkedin article. Please share.

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younghoon is so funny I love watching him on idol radio

Что жжж.. Пока у меня полным ходом идёт написание поста, я приглашаю вас к себе в Инстаграм @aa3429ov (оригинально, не так ли?😄)

Там меня можно увидеть гораздо чаще, чем тут, и, если мы с вами уже знакомы (ну или хотите познакомится))0), то лучше писать мне именно там🤗

Всех люблю и обнимаю🥰

☽. Aesthetic: Sack, Yumali  & Jaczee.

❛ Eeyahh~ Look at that girl fall into terror

Can’t, can’t understand the situation before her eyes.

‘That dirty wolf guy will end up eating me.’

But that’s not it. I’ve fallen in love [with you].

I’m already a pro. A goddess like you.

The one who’s stolen my entire heart

I am only a healthy offering/sacrifice.

I’m already a fool. A goddess like you.

The owner who’s to pull out all of my teeth

I am only a faithful slave. 

—Wolf, EXO. 

»──── « ❀ » ────«

There’s nothing more I want now

I can’t even tell if my heart is beating

Rather than forceful conversations with others

I’d rather be in awkward silence with you

So stay, wherever that may be

Sometimes, when darkness comes, I’ll be your fire

In this world that is a lie the only truth, it’s you

this a letter, from me to you  ❜


»──── « ❀ » ────«

❛ 'Cause I’m feeling for her what she’s feeling for me

I can try to pretend, I can try to forget

But it’s driving me mad, going out of my head

All the things she said, all the things she said

Runnin’ through my head, runnin’ through my head

Runnin’ through my head ❜

—All the Things She Said, t.A.T.u

»──── « ❀ » ────«

❛✧Jacqueline: Venimos de las tierras lejanas de Wattpad, y como que andamos cagadas de las patas por eso y le ponemos marcar de agua a todo, ahre. xdxd :v

❀. Alice: Los aesthetic los hizo Jacqueline, aprecien su arte. ;u; 

anyway my new jesse williams muse is a single father cause i luv the pain . the mother left as soon as the baby was born n he didnt even know he was a dad until the hospital called him since he was listed as the father . uhh his occupation is a doctor in the military bc im fuckin trash n needed him to be a doctor but wanted to spice it up a lil bit nnnnn uh yea ! he luvs his daughter more than anything in the world n this year she’ll turn 4 so :]