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Shhhh let's keep it on do not the as she obsessed with her clients included 😂🤣😋😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I know y'all want five star ratings lol higher self deep ends

Cientos de rumanos se dieron cita en Bucharest (la capital de Rumania), para disfrutar de un show aéreo que contó con acrobacias y pilotos de diferentes países.

Day 84 Scraping the bottom of attractions I have left to post about, but not attractions that are worth posting about. is astoundingly great (just like FWIW). The cave effects are awesome, and have you seen that goat?

Google announces a new initiative to develop a set of open standards that fundamentally enhances privacy on the web, while continuing to support a free, open and democratic Internet through targeted online advertisements.

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it’s my birthday:D

Spanish singers that deserve rights but only bc i grew up listening to them (some who i did not know were spanish):

  1. Natalia Jimenez (LOB her)
  2. David Bisbal (had a crush on him as a babie AVE MARIA)
  3. Enrique Iglesias (but like back when he still did ballads & wasn’t entirely a latinoboo)
  4. Alejandro Sanz
  5. Miguel Bose (him…)

Spanish singers who ABSOLUTELY under NO circumstances deserve rights:

  1. Rosalia

hey guys! just so you all know, i’m going on holiday (to madrid woo!) tomorow until friday, so the hiatus will be going on a bit longer… :(

but once i’m back, i plan to start posting again! sorry this ended up being a longer break than planned ;—; i am really hoping i will have some motivation to play/post when i’m back home after this week — so once again, love to you all + ty for sticking around 💖


cute postcards! - standalone version

if you’re thinking: “huh? i’ve seen this post before??” then you’re totally right pal! i have no creativity whatsoever, so i’m just copying the other post’s layout.

anon asked, so they received: standalone versions of my ‘cute postcards’. the only difference with the original download; they don’t override EA’s postcards.

before you download:

  • the original post
  • bgc
  • 14 swatches
  • recolors, so you still have the original ones in-game.
  • i think i mixed up two of the meshes but the only difference is like the dog-ear so we’re not going to mention it thanks.
  • i don’t think your penpal can send you these, and i’m not smart enough to figure it out, so probs only for decorating.
  • if you actually want to decorate with them, you’ll have to press ctrl+shift+c and then bb.showhiddenobjects. after that, search for the term ‘postcard’.
  • screenshots taken in-game! show pictures of different worlds.
  • there are 2 postcards from brindleton bay, 3 from windenburg, 3 from oasis springs, 4 from san myshuno, 1 from del sol valley and 1 from strangerville (my absolute fav).
  • custom thumbnails (even tho they’re ugly :c)
  • i misspelled san myshuno on one of the cards, but we’re just gonna ignore that!
  • don’t steal, don’t claim as your own, … be a nice human basically

so that’s it, peeps! hope you like this anon, i took me 5 minutes of my life. :p

download (sfs - no ads): 🌹


Lucy and I have decided to cosplay Enjolras and Grantaire to MCM London in October and film a ‘fixing Les Mis’ video which will basically be everything that every Enjoltaire fan wanted to happen in the Musical and didn’t get. It’s going to be gay. ‘Do you permit it’. Hand holding. Kissing during drink with me. We are making a pop up baracade. Stay tuned 😂