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on a Wednesday. The in me is feeling particularly today. I read an interesting piece on Vs in the this morning that relates really well to to - will…

“While most marketing experts focus on teaching templates that have proven effective in conversion they fail to help the business make a promise it can keep...”

“It only takes a micro-moment of courage to change your business or life. Today, think of someone you admire for courage. Imagine you are them and are now doing...”

We all have doubts. It’s a reality of life. Brave Leaders develop the awareness to pay attention to what they are thinking and saying to themselves so they can...

With an aim to create successful entrepreneurs of the future and help participants in identifying potential business opportunities, FLAME University offers a 1-year Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

“Brave Leaders have the daily practice of identifying clear and specific goals, how they will receive immediate feedback, and they challenge themselves and...”

If you want to transform and grow your business, you must be aware that you will feel resistance. This is normal, but you can and must act in the face of these feelings

Who you and your team become as you deliver 5-star experiences is more valuable than the increased sales and customer loyalty.

Meijier Lady from Michigan, aka Murda Meijer, and has a new single featuring , that's got the streets on blast. Sketch.

Aligning the mind, heart, voice and actions of the leader, employee and customer will ensure victory in today’s market.

“Do your prospects know that the problem they have can be solved? If they don’t, they have no need to buy from you.”

“If you become familiar with what fear feels like for you, you can become aware of it being triggered before it takes control of you mind and body. You can...”

Researchers on are not interested in in driven 1. 2. 3. 4. Self 5. F... or any other f... fame 6. Rejecting to become a on 7. Not money driven

“At the highest level, every customer experience can be evaluated on this spectrum: Did it feel like a loss, did it feel as expected, or did it feel like a gain...”

“When you understand what your best customers admire about your company, then you know what you must master the consistent delivery of in an excellent manner...”

“If we don’t design the environment around us that stimulates our senses and our in-vironment that stimulates our thoughts and emotions, we will be operating...”

“There are ten reasons your prospects don’t buy. They are based on the experiences your prospect has in the buying process.”

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Rick Owens  -   Fall 2020 Menswear
#PFW - Paris Fashion Week



I’m sure the lines and brakes are in proper order.  

Drive something that’s older than you!  Not more complex than today’s cars, though vastly more charming, analog, emotionally engaging…

1960 Triumph TR3A Big Sur Coast HWY 1 ride along w/ intro

Truly Marketing รายการตลาดล้วน ล้วน ระยะนี้มีหลายคนกล่าวถึงคำว่า Digital transformation และ Digital Disruption อยู่มาก คนที่ไม่ถนัดเรื่องทางนี้ก็มักจะสับสน และบางครั้งก็เป็นคำสวย ที่อาจใช้ไม่ตรง หรือ ไม่สอดคล้องกัน ดังนั้น ความรู้ธุรกิจแบบนี้ ก็นำมาคุยกันให้เข้าใจและเลือกใช้ให้เหมาะกับแต่ละสถานการณ์

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