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HOT NEW EPISODE: Join Dr. Heidi@ForbesOste and her guest Charlene Li, Futurist and Author of the Disruption Mindset. Wellbeing self ,

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today is more than just changes in , or channel, or competitors — it’s all of them, all at once. via

5 Psychological Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations ! - "Organizations will need to find their own ways to both recruit and nurture more agile, disruptive thinkers" !

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I’m looking forward to spending a few days at this week learning about new innovations in

Did you know that the Chinese e-commerce market is bigger than the next 10 largest markets combined? It is quite impressive how the Chinese digital market is growing.

WE'RE BACK! Join Dr. Heidi@ForbesOste and her guest Charlene Li, Futurist and Author of the Disruption Mindset. Wellbeing self ,

Today and I conducted some joint visits with Aster housing to look at safeguarding some vulnerable people. We then managed to patrol some areas known for dealing. As a result we searched 2 males and seized this offensive weapon

Facebook partners with 27 others organizations to create a new currency called built on blockchain with the aim of empowerment (not for profit). Banks watch the space - relevance is shrinking - and

Thanks to for a great Engineering & Math alumni event at with CEO/Founder Peter Szulczewski and SVP of Engineering giving us insight into the inner workings of global ecommerce success!

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Another set of Cinnamon Bun Pride Flags!

Lesbian | Gay | Bi
Trans | Nonbinary | Genderfluid

Free to use with credit!

Disruption vs. Extraction

[Source: An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption by Nitasha Tiku -
Wired Magazine, October 22, 2018]

It is only now, a decade after the financial crisis, that the American public seems to appreciate that what we thought was disruption worked more like extraction—of our data, our attention, our time, our creativity, our content, our DNA, our homes, our cities, our relationships. The tech visionaries’ predictions did not usher us into the future, but rather a future where they are kings.

They promised the open web, we got walled gardens. They promised individual liberty, then broke democracy—and now they’ve appointed themselves the right men to fix it.

-Nitasha Tiku


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Harry Potter. Svalbard Global Seed Vault. M-Pesa. Singles Day. World Wide Web. International Space Station. Project Tiger. Curitiba BRT. We ranked the projects that have changed the way we live, work and play.

Find out what made the cut in a special edition of #PMNetwork.

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Great! 😑

They originally said it was due tomorrow, and that’s when I was expecting to deal with it.

(Was also planning to get the busted one cleared off and wrestled out this evening, with help. Needing to take care of it in a little while without, to make room.)

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be sorry to have a working microwave a day sooner. I’m basically just too autistic for this. And it’s seriously messing with my sleep schedule, which is no doubt making me grouchier about the whole thing.

I’m even awake right now with the glare because I had another of those two-hour naps last night, which somehow turned into around seven.

Too much disruption all around, yesterday and today! But, at least I was awake when the mail came.

(Though they didn’t even ring/knock. That apparently fit through the slot OK.)

I may end up taking another nap in a while. Seems like I probably do need the rest, and it’s a free evening with Mr. C off to another thing after work.

привет! как вы там? у меня всё не очень, нету желания и сил учиться,(есть силы только на то чтобы плакать) моё похудение идёт, но медленно ( я часто ем всякую дрянь) режим сна сбит, и я чувствую себя ужасно. за исключением этого я стараюсь не сильно унывать :3

Hello! how are you there I don’t have much, I don’t have the desire and strength to learn, (I have the strength just to cry) my weight loss is going on, but slowly (I often eat all sorts of rubbish) my sleep mode is knocked down and I feel terrible. except for this, I try not to lose heart much: 3


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Had to be up at 345am to catch my flight this morning and I really can’t have gotten more than about 2 hours of sleep before that but now I’m hangin in the airport club waiting for my connection, drinking tea, usurping wifi, charging my phone, and generally looking like someone who doesn’t belong here so like, was it worth it? Probably