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Nueva temporada ! Ellos quieren tener las comodidades de mascotas de ciudad. La Serie de Doblaje Latino RT

Here’s my friend 90sCartoonGirl’s OC Aphrodite! The Goddess of Love, she visits Jollywood each Valentine’s Day.

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Disney Adulting Answers | What is Disney XD and DisneyNOW? | Learn more about where you can find Disney programming, games and more. | |

There are a lot of things that makes Happy happy! Among them, it's the ! But it's also the ! Come on and get happy!

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"Mission invisible" "Spider bree, spider bree can she climb to the ceiling?" 🎵

Disney Adulting Answers | What is Disney XD and DisneyNOW? | Learn more about where you can find Disney programming, games and more. | |

It's Grandpa Dopey and his grandson Dopey! I made this from a suggestion left in my Tumblr inbox!

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Everyone’s favorite ballet loving Septarian is next.


Sweet Little Mewni Rabbit -cover-

*finally watches Whatever happened to Della Duck*

*frustrated screams*

*delighted screams*

*frustrated delighted screams*

Why is no one talking about this?

Don’t get discouraged or lose hope yet!

They finally added a way for WOY fans to show that they support Wander, financially!

Together we can show them that a 3rd season would be worth it to make.

Plus I got hints of “We can’t make season 3 cause Craig is working on something else rn” vibes. But it might just be an excuse so people aren’t as mad at them for neglecting Wander.

Sooo??? There is a LITTLE BIT of hope for WOY yet!!

Isabella (Phineas and Ferb)

You guys, I love Phineas and Ferb. It’s amazing, no denying that.

But Isabella is a feminine “pinky” girl who’s just kinda there to crush on Phineas?? Which is fine. I love her.

But imagine…

Imagine a hard rock Isabella, who wears heavy eyeliner and has chipped black nail polish and wears black skinny jeans and black band tees and chains and blasts Guns N Roses and Metallica and Led Zeppelin and aaaall the great bands (that I adore btw) and has messy hair and is STILL the head of the Girl Scouts. She’d have her own personality. She can still crush on Phineas, fine by me, but it wouldn’t be her sole purpose or character trait in the show, ya know? Imagine her staging hard rock cover concerts in the neighborhood as an attraction for one of Phineas and Ferb’s inventions or sth. Or just to play and head-bang with her Gals. I love this idea so much. She would be


My Top-Ten Prediction for SVTFOE Season 4

It’s all official, Daron Nefcy announces that not only we will have a new Season with the first episode coming on March 10th, but it will also be the final season for the entire series.  Once I read the news about all Star vs. the Forces of Evil coming to an end after Season 4, I felt sad about this, but I wasn’t surprised because of how Disney works with their television shows.  Despite the Season 3 finale being incredible despite leaving me torn with questionable move from Star’s end and so many dark moments, I am still excited for what the final season has to offer.  Since there is a confirmed date for Season 4, now its time for me to share my predictions for what I believe might happen in the final season for the show, just as I promised.  

Instead of reviewing my predictions for Season 4 in a listed manner as I usually do with my Wrestling Pay-Per-View predictions, I decided to talk about what I believe will happen starting from number 10 up to number 1 using a countdown format.  Whatever you might see or hear should all be taken with “a pinch of salt” because they are just my ideas.

10. There will be an episode revolving around Eclipsa’s past

If “Moon the Undaunted” was able to become a full episode during the battle for Mewni, then I am pretty sure that “Eclipsa Queen of Darkness” would be a fantastic opportunity for the creative crew to take advantage of.  With a full episode revolving around Queen Eclipsa, the story of when she abandoned her kingdom to marry Globgor and gave birth to Meteora only to become kidnapped and crystallized by the Magic High Commission would make for a fantastic episode that tells its own story.  An episode like this would absolutely make sense for all Star vs. fans like me.  The best way I can see the episode ending is with the baby swap so we can determine once and for all who Festivia’s parents were before she takes the throne for Mewni at a very young age.

9. Marco’s newest sibling won’t be playing a big role throughout the series

Congratulations to Marco’s parents for welcoming a second child into their family and it looks like our favorite Earthturd will become a big brother for Marco Jr.  In a weird way, that one episode from Season 3 gives me memories for when I played with my Legos and named one of my characters Max and Max Jr. knowing those two are actually brothers.  To get back on topic, I just don’t see Marco Jr. taking part in any adventures that Marco Diaz will be enduring during his tenure on Mewni.  I say this because he will be born on Earth and will spend most of his life being raised by Angie and Raphael and probably Janna or Jackie Lynn Thomas will be spending their time volunteering to babysit the new child.  Sorry Marco Jr., maybe if Daron Nefcy decides to create a spin-off show in her future, hopefully you’ll have better luck with that more than you would on Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

8. The Magic High Commission gets their Comeuppance for their actions

After Eclipsa’s trial, this was a prediction that I will most likely have to make coming to the surprise to nobody.  After the baby-swap took place, the MHC thought they could easily get away from their fear of having a half-monster take full control of Mewni without having any worries.  Boy did Queen Moon’s deal to Eclipsa really blew their ground-breaking secret up upon their faces in a massive way.  With Eclipsa taking charge as Queen of Mewni once again, do not be surprised if we find Rhombulus, Omnitraxis, and Hekapoo going missing or becoming one of the prisoners of the Butterfly kingdom.  I have to admit, whatever punishments the MHC will suffer, I may become entertained with what Eclipsa has in store for them.  Looks like poor old Hekapoo will spend the rest of her days locked inside the dungeon completely barefoot and tickle tortured to her misery.

7. Kelly and Star get into a brief argument/feud over Marco Diaz

We all know what happened when Star and Marco were both alone in the photo booth while it was on the fritz, so there is no need to explain everything from what transpired in Booth Buddies.  From what I might be seeing, until Star and Marco’s escapade comes out into the open, Tom will be disappointed in Star leading to their inevitable break-up as Kelly would most likely be massively upset at Marco for his “out of nowhere” kiss to Star, especially when they bonded during their time at Lava Lake Beach.  Knowing Kelly and her series of emotional make-up/break-ups with her alleged ex-boyfriend Tad (Kelly’s piece of hair), I can see her being heartbroken over the confession and unleashing her frustrations on Star Butterfly.  The break-up with Kelly and Marco will definitely happen, but I could anticipate more hard feelings being made than what I might see during Tom and Star’s break-up.  I looks like Star has more things to worry about than just losing the royal wand to Eclipsa and volunteering to release her Monster lover, that’s for sure.

6. Star Butterfly and her family gets “Banished to Peasantry”

The Box of truth captures a lie created by the MHC and places Eclipsa, Queen Moon, Star, and whoever else was involved in Eclipsa’s trial in its massive prison where they will be squashed to death.  One desperate moment later, Rhombulus spills the beans and the MHC was ordered to confess about what they did to Eclipsa’s mewman/monster daughter.  It turns out that once Eclipsa and Globgor were completely crystallized, the Magic High Commission instigated a baby swap where Meteora was replaced with another child (Festivia) who they believe to come from a peasant family.

I anticipate that once Star and her father finally re-unites with Queen Moon (that is if they are able to find her), they will fall from grace and have to start a new kingdom out of nothing.  The best start I can see is where Star, Moon, and River move to an abandoned fallen-apart home in the Forest of Certain Death.  Once Eclipsa returned to relevancy, receives the royal wand from Star, and reunites with Globgor and Meteora, I clearly see Eclipsa having full possession of two homes within the Butterfly castle and the Monster Temple.  With all this said, I look at Star Butterfly from the previous two or three seasons and I think to myself, “Boy how the mighty have fallen”.

5. The monsters find themselves in full control as citizens of Mewni

Once Eclipsa has taken the throne and set a rule to never imprison monsters, I have a hunch that the Mewman peasants are gonna be in for a long haul on this prediction.  With Eclipsa taking charge, the Mewmans are going to suffer the same discrimination and torture they put the monsters through during the first three seasons of this show.  It’s not going to get terrible to the point where all the Mewmans will perish from Mewni never to return to their home dimension, but they will get their comeuppance for their actions and become miserable over Eclipsa’s reign with a mixture of monsters taking part of her kingdom.  Even though I have every reason to be upset over Star Butterfly’s decision to relinquish the wand, I still have to say the following…  Welcome to my world you filthy peasants!!!  What else is new?

4. Marco Diaz is actually a member of the Butterfly family

Let’s be honest, Marco Diaz is a type of guy that has really grown on me throughout the Star vs. series.  If Marco was able to interfere with Tom’s plan to dance with Star at the Blood Moon Ball via influence from a sailor portrait, able to use what was Star’s wand and obtaining glowing crescent moons on his cheeks by casting only one spell and with Meteora sharing the similarities with Marco by having a mole on the lower-right side on their faces, then it is clear by day that Marco’s parents have got to be mewman.  I can say this whole heartedly because I do not see any other humans, besides Janna and Starfan13, stepping foot on to Star’s home turf and enduring all the torture and grief that Marco has went through since the day he met Star Butterfly.

Once the theory of Marco being half-mewman is fully canon, I personally believe that Marco’s mother (Angie) is truly a mewman from the Butterfly heritage.  Raphel Diaz doesn’t look to be a mewman because he came from a family from Hispanic descent, so he is human and not likely dragged into this theory. Star is now able to perform wandless magic after relinquishing the wand to Eclipsa, so I can definitely see Marco Diaz having full possession of the royal wand once Eclipsa winds up relinquishing it since Meteora has no need for the wand because of the fact that she is half monster.

3. Marco Diaz turns evil from the Blood Moon Curse

All the hype for Season 4 definitely revolves around the Blood Moon and its curse and I can say this for sure. If Star Butterfly wasn’t able to turn evil in Season 3, Marco is my best bet as the new antagonist for the final season.  With all the constant abuse and annoyances, being a victim to Meteora’s rampage, and the emotional pain he endured, especially when suffering two break-ups with Jackie Lynn Thomas and inevitably Kelly, it makes sense for Marco to side with the forces of evil, even if it is fully against his will.  According to the heartbreak and joker symbol on Daron Nefcy’s tweet, the best way to approach this theory is where the sky turns blood red and Marco transforms into a dangerous unstoppable force the same size as Meteora’s Mewman/Monster beast form and Star becomes heartbroken that her best friend turns against her just to conquer all of Mewni.  If Marco goes corrupted from the Blood Moon curse, the return of the Monster arm might not be needed depending on the story’s narrative, but that is still not out of the equation.

2. Queen Moon faces ultimate death

Since Star vs. The Forces of evil is on its last limbs with Season 4 as the Final Season and Star Butterfly is around a position of power, I can clearly see Star’s own mother getting killed off coming to the season finale.  Before the Season Three finale came out, I had my concerns about Queen Moon being killed off then until we discovered what happened in the episode and with the mystery of where she went after her time in the magic realm.  With the episode list revealed, it is clear to me that Queen Moon’s time as a chef is not a long-term thing and will return to the Butterfly Castle at any given point.  The best way for Queen Moon to face her demise is if there was dark magic involved when battling a forces of evil coming the blood moon curse with Star around and unable to stop the inevitable doom Queen Moon endures.  If this theory comes true, it may be sad and depressing, but at least Star was around to say her goodbyes.

1. Star Butterfly “turns down” the role as the new queen of Mewni

That’s right everyone, Star not taking the throne for Mewni is my boldest prediction yet and for good reasons.  From the first two seasons, her heart was downright not into becoming a queen, especially when there are episodes where Star goes to therapy or Star having a private conversation with a guidance counselor about her future career.  Later on in Season 3, we all learn that Meteora (Miss Heinous as a Mewman/Monster) is the real daughter of Eclipsa and has no relationship to Star.  Once we reached the end of Season 3, we saw Star Butterfly willingly relinquish the royal wand over to Eclipsa.  Later on, we get Season 4 clips where every Mewman peasant bashing Star from the dungeon over to a scripted play over allowing Eclipsa to rule Mewni with her frozen crystallized Monster husband and for her failed attempt to bring equality to Mewni by uniting monsters and mewmans.  Boy did her ultimate goal blew up in her face…

With all these events that happened coming into Season 4, I bet my bottom dollar that the SVTFOE series comes to an end with Star Butterfly not becoming the new queen of Mewni.  I say this whole-heartedly because her heart is just not into fulfilling her mother’s footsteps and because of the events involving Meteroa being royally screwed by the MHC because they refused to allow Eclipsa and Globgor to share love with one another let along becoming King and Queen of Mewni and having a half-master hybrid take control of the royal wand.  I can see the show ending with an adult Star spending the rest of her days on Earth married to Marco Diaz and having a family of her own.  Don’t worry, as long as Eclipsa and Globgor are there to raise Meteora in the best way possible, I’m sure she could become the best queen for all of Mewni.  The four days as “Acting Queen” will go down forever as the time where Star reigned supreme on Mewni, but at least she will have a happy ending of her own once Starco becomes canon.  Starco fans, go ahead and rejoice…

That is all that I wanted to share for today, feel free to comment if you have anything different to say or of you’re planning to watch Season 4 of Star vs. The Forces of Evil on the Disney Channel.  Season 3 was nice and all, but I’m excited and confident for what Season 4 has to offer and I can see a lot of epic moments so comparable to what you may have seen from Gravity Falls.


I forgot to mention we got cable yesterday morning! Heh heh! Watching Star Vs The Forces of Evil on @disneyxd @daronnefcy @ninjamac @eden_sher #starvstheforcesofevil #disneyxd #twitchkittens #smallstreamers #twitchkittenscommunity #markiegee55 #timewarnercable #spectruminternet #waypastcool

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Decided to get back into making fanfiction after a few years of no writing. New fic is a Lab Rats story.
Rat-Trapped: Grace gets trapped in her childhood show ‘Lab Rats’ after her friend convinces her to binge watch it at 3am. How will things turn out and how will she get home?

I have a book that I really want to write and publish in the future, but realized my writing really needed practice before I do. Any criticism welcome.


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★show: gravity Falls ★
★character: Older Dipper pines ★

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