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Star Butterfly..Drawing why not?

So sad this amazing show is over! I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do now when I first saw it and omg was I WRONG! Yep! This is me cosplaying Star Butterfly when I am not a hermit drawing at my desk.

Ok so in the finale did star and Marco create a portal and connect all the universes?! Pls explain

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finally drew ! this is a redraw of a drawing from last year which was also a redraw of something before that. a redraw of a redraw :D .

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¿Te acuerdas cómo se conocieron? ¡Hoy vuelve a ver a las 10pm por !

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gasp i’m drawing a boy? and i drew ? saw this old sketch and decided to finish it up! .

Big City Greens - Painting (Gloria and Cricket) Big City Greens - The Houghton Brothers

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Final episode may not have been entirely great

But if there’s anything positive out of this, it’s that Star and Marco’s friends from different dimensions are now merged as one with Earth.

Which means they can see Kelly again.

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

Thank you so much for 4 years of Magical and Wild Adventure!

I can’t believe this show is ending soon and I will never forget the first time I watch it.

This show is so important to me and I’m going to miss it.

Thank you so much Star Vs The Forces Of Evil for everything! :)
I hope you enjoy this drawing!

Enjoy! :D

Things I predict for Star vs the Forces of Evil.

1. This isnt just Mewni and Earth. It’s the whole multiverse combined into one giant superworld. 2. Beings that have been incarnated into flesh through magic continue to exist but no longer are Magic (why dragons and demons are still alive) which I assume Heckapoo is still alive and the laser puppies are just regular puppies now since they are supposed to be living beings. Inanimate objects conjured from magic are now inanimate. All creatures that were spells are dead. 3. Mewmans and Monsters integrate into the earth society. Monster teens start attending Echo Creek and mingling with the other teens there. I can imagine the slime kid, Princess Spiderbite and maybe some other teens like Dennis Avarius going (I think Dennis is a teenager). Others, like big monsters and stuff, get their own places on the outskirts and get special jobs that integrate their biggest into their specialties. Bird people become mail carriers and package deliverers and other things where flying would be useful, Septarians do dangerous jobs because they can regenerate. I could see big monsters doing heavy lifting that would otherwise require expensive machinery. St. Olaf’s goes under new management under Eclipsa and gets entirely redone. 4. Star, Marco and Buff Frog eventually all make amends with Ludo (who seemed to be cool with Star in the finale). She gives him the wand as a gift (since it doesnt work anymore) and his whole desire to even own it just disappears. He mounts it in his bedroom as a reminder of the mistakes hes made and what can happen if you let power corrupt you. His parents get sick of living alone in their little shack. Lady Avarius decides to stand up to her husband and leaves him alone in the house because she misses her babies and wants to see her son again because she was covert worried sick about him ever since she heard of the destruction of the castle and was just covering it up. Brudo is left alone for a while and starts contemplating his life decisions and reflecting on why his family abandoned him. He inevitably comes to the realization that hes a terrible father and after a long time of denying it decides to finally confront his son. He has a hard time choking out the words and expressing himself because hes been so stone cold and lacking in empathy for all those years. Ludo stops him mid speech and simply throws his arms around him in forgiveness because he misses his dad and it all of a sudden hits Brudo like a brick about what being a father was all about. He lets it all out and tells his son he loves him and that he’ll try to he a better father from then on. They all finally move back into the castle. They become happier people that finally appreciate their kids and actively try to be parents and be a family again. 5. Star and Marco eventually grow up and get married. Tom is their best man and hes okay with that role. All their friends attend, and even Ludo who, by now is genuinely happy for them. 6. Toffee grows back from his eye. He looks at everything and is amazed that what Glossaryk told him about the future was true. Hes pleased at what he sees as his work and disappears into society, never showing his face around Mewni or Echo Creek again. He goes off to live his own life of solitude. 7. Mina and her group of misfits head out into the wilderness and try to be a menace. She winds up eventually going to jail for her crimes and for being a nutbag. 8. The Butterfly monarchy of magic ends. Eclipsa surrenders leadership back to Moon and River who vow to make Mewni better integrate for Mewmans, humans and monsters alike. She vows to be the queen of all her people, and love and cherish them equally.



My first ever post!

And here is my Starco Fanchild! 

Meet Anastasia Butterfly,known first as Annie Diaz. The bubbly adventurous,hair passionate,yet safe girl daughter of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.

I’ve done some serious backstory and research for her and Hopefully i can post the comic soon! Yup! 

It’s Called DISSONANCE ( dis·so·nance/ˈdisənəns/ - a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements. )

And I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

You can check out my Instagram @zhirazhir for WIPs and Updates but for now i will be posting a lot here in Tumblr~