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Si no sabes la respuesta puedes ver : La Película, hoy en .

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Like 's "BIG NIGHT" with the Kim Possible movie followed by the Fast Layne's premiere, today is betting on something much bigger! 👇👇👇

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REACCIÓN | El elenco de la nueva serie reacciona al primer tráiler de la serie, que se estrena mañana en (Latinoamérica) ¡Lo tienes en nuestra web! 💖🙌🌈 >

Australia Schedule for 25/3/2019 to 31/3/2019: The mid-season finale of airs on Friday, with new episodes of Marvel's , , and continuing. New episodes airing 5PM weekdays.

The OG Alexa... if you watched Disney Channel Orginal movies you know how that ended.

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waking up and turning on the tv to watchin some ,old school , and some ....Also actually playing, I fill like kids don’t actually play with toy like they did back in my has ruined kids!!

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everyone, if you have the chance.. PLEASE watch Sydney to the Max!

there is a new episode called “You for Female” and it’s all about equality and i totally love it!! this show is such a great show for all families! there is also an episode called “Shaved by the Bell” where Sydney (the main character) thinks about shaving and tries it out.. at the end she has a talk with her grandmother saying all women don’t have to shave and i think that storyline was soo important and meaningful!! 💓💓


Entre que se ponen o no de acuerdo si #ZappingZone regresa a #DisneyChannel (hay muchos egos en esta negociación) con 300 capítulos… acá les dejo uno de los programas que más disfruté haciendo jabones ¿a ustedes les gustaría que lo repitieran? (en London, United Kingdom)

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Isabella (Phineas and Ferb)

You guys, I love Phineas and Ferb. It’s amazing, no denying that.

But Isabella is a feminine “pinky” girl who’s just kinda there to crush on Phineas?? Which is fine. I love her.

But imagine…

Imagine a hard rock Isabella, who wears heavy eyeliner and has chipped black nail polish and wears black skinny jeans and black band tees and chains and blasts Guns N Roses and Metallica and Led Zeppelin and aaaall the great bands (that I adore btw) and has messy hair and is STILL the head of the Girl Scouts. She’d have her own personality. She can still crush on Phineas, fine by me, but it wouldn’t be her sole purpose or character trait in the show, ya know? Imagine her staging hard rock cover concerts in the neighborhood as an attraction for one of Phineas and Ferb’s inventions or sth. Or just to play and head-bang with her Gals. I love this idea so much. She would be



Another Tyrus Edit that I made.


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I recreated Cyrus’s 1st coming out scene with the app Plotagon.


Se a gente soubesse que era só chamar, ligar e a #KimPossible estaria de volta, a gente já teria feito antes!😅💚😍 A nova missão chega em breve no #DisneyChannel. 📺👈📆

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Radio rebel except everybody says they’re Potter like in The Deathly Hallows

And Voldemort is just like 


(but like he so can)

and Umbridge is on fire with fury

and filch in the background behind the action shakily starts to raise his hand as everybody says “ no IM HARRY FUCKIN POTTER” but Lucius zaps his hand off

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Meg Donnelly’s Best Moments! | Disney Channel


Anyone remember these? I just ran across them. I loved the music in it.


Someone who has never seen Violetta, please explain this scene.