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みなさん大好きあの  が 見放題のサービスご存じですか❔ ギガホギガライトの方なら Disney見放題のサービスDisneyDELUXが 12ヶ月間無料です‼ Disneyが好きな方もあまり興味ない方も 楽しんでみてはいかがでしょうか♪     

Q posket perfumagic Disney Character -Ariel-、本日入荷しました(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)! 手にパフュームを持った上品なテイストの「perfumagic」シリーズ第4弾★ 今回は のアリエルが登場です♬.*゚ どの向きから見てもめちゃめちゃ可愛い…(´ ˘ `๑)♡

BIG SALEです!!! サンディライオン ディズニーくまのぷーさん。 お得がたくさん! BASEアプリ ブラウザweb

Disney Shanghai🌈✨ หิ้วดิสนีย์จากเซี่ยงไฮ้นะคะ เรท 5.5 นะคะ ✋🏻ถ้าสนใจจอยกลุ่มไลน์ได้เลยนะคะ✋🏻 💘หรือมีรูปส่งมาสอบถามก่อนได้เลย 💘ถังป้อปคอร์นก็รับค่า(ค่าหิ้วต่างหาก)

Shan Yu, Mulan/Ping & The Matchmaker, cause this is the kind of content I upload nowadays. 🤔 IG:

¡NUEVA NOTICIA, ¿DEADPOL EN MARVEL?! Así es, cuándo compró a ,y mantuvo conversaciones con  (protagonsta de ), era de esperarse, la llegada del personaje. A pesar qué este intrépido antihéroe tendrá su tercera entrega (+)

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I spent all this time thinking Deadpool said that he was bitten by a radioactive “Sharpay”, as in the mean populer teenage girl from the hit disney channel movie “High School Musical”, played by one Ashley Tisdale, only to find out today that he actually said “shar pei”, as in the dog breed. This… this makes more sense than a radioactive teenage girl.

I’m freaking out. My brother got Disney+ and he told us to pit on any disney movie so we put on Hunchback of Notre Dame and OH MY GOD they got rid of the best joke in the whole movie.

Originally when Pheobus tells his horse to crush the soldier, he says “Achillies, heal!” And it’s hilarious. What a charming pun.

And now? “Herculese, sit!”.


Disney… Just… why…?

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God this Disney hate is just stupid

ah yes, poor disney with their 40% market share of the american film industry, widely anti-consumer & anti-culture stance and the billions and billions of dollars they rake in every year while not paying their average employee a decent wage.

Bob Iger when tumblr user cadenceofhyrule rants about their shitty practices: