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'One of the greatest tricks the patriarchy plays on women is convincing us that we need to be ‘little‘ - Here's why I wrote a feminist version of The Little Mermaid...

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¡Hola, genios lectores!😉 Todavía ando asimilando el final de Juego de Tronos... muy agridulce. Pero bueno, el viernes estrenan y toda mi atención ahora está centrada en esta adaptación de . Will Smith, no me defraudes🙌🙌 ¿Vais a ir a verla?

I built up your life Always in your corner Always pulling for ya Don’t go changing on me , babe ! Typical feeling Who ever told you you’re not good enough ? 🎤💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️😍😍 🤭

J Sheekey will play host to Sheekey Secrets tonight. Spend an evening with Hayley Mills and an abundance of and 🍤🍸

Pooh :Why is my face so big?🧐 I say:Pooh, you're close to the camera😅 Pooh: 'I love big face🤩

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/ Le budget du prochain film live action des studios pourrait s’élever au-delà des 300 millions de dollars 💸💸💸 Une première dans l’histoire des studios, jamais un budget pour un de leurs films n’avait atteint ce chiffre 👀

GIFT | Disney Princess Aquabeads Your Princess will love making these aquabeads. They are so much fun.

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Aaron Lopresti, Tangled

okay guys but jin trying to have jimin taste test the food and giving him smth and then asking for his comments is just like that scene from ratatouille where remy gives emille food and asks him to explain the sensations in his mouth while he tastes it and emille goes like ‘ i got nothing. i’m sorry, bro.’

can someone make a post with this theme please I NEED IT


MerMay: Little Mermaid Sally

I’m pretty excited how this one turned out. I was really struggling through this one, but somehow it came together. I was very excited when I thought of the idea to draw Zero as a ghost shark. They look so cool and creepy! Fit Zero so well. Hope you like. Loving this MerMay challenge!