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Holds Strong in Theaters While Scores ® II, rules 3rd weekend in a row finally makes it into theaters gets Golden Globe® nomination for Best Picture – Drama

I love the new Jeff Goldblum show on - watching the denim episode. We created machines to distress the denim because we don't actually work hard enough to make them look worn. Makes ya think.

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I’m really loving the newest The Owl House trailer we got! We’ve got poor Luz legit wondering if she’s in Hell;


“Am I in the bad place?”

I’m surprised the fairy demanded her skin and not her teeth (get it, because Tooth Fairy, and also because that thing has huge teeth in general). We also get our wonderful Eda, who’s insinuating that the Boiling Aisles is WORSE than the bad place, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Also, we have this really smooth shot of Eda conjuring a stone pillar to block a magical attack;


It seems this episode involves Eda in some sort of magic duel or tournament? In one of the previous trailers, we can see her deflecting another staff that looks like hers;


So it seems Owl-themed staffs and magicians aren’t exclusive to Eda and her Found Family.

There’s also King, with an adorable little mini crown! I know I shouldn’t be too surprised given his name and former status, but still!


(Still having fun with the headcanon that he’s Bill Cipher reincarnated as a plush creature as punishment for his chaos)

We also have King getting chased by SOMETHING, and is it me, or does that shadow kind of look like Eda, but on all-fours?


Either way, it seems this episode will be a ‘haunted house’ story with King and Luz.

We also have a shot of Eda sending Luz flying away on her staff. We can see Eda and King down below, as well as what appears to be this guy;


Only, he seems to be facing off against two guards from the opening?


Also, the arena they’re in looks the same as the one from earlier. Is the winged plague doctor an abomination? A rival magician? A neutral competitor? I can’t tell but I’m really interested in them! I’m pretty sure this scene happens later in the episode, because Eda couldn’t have her staff otherwise- I think she’s trying to save Luz because the authorities have caught up or something, which is kind but also sad.

Given the similar lighting and background in this shot, as well as Luz having the staff, I think she takes matters in her own hands and saves Eda and King herself!


(Perhaps this episode is a magical tournament with the winged plague doctor as a competitor, possibly the same one who owns the silver staff? And it might be that the authorities interrupt it to arrest Eda- This is all speculation.)

Also, I just LOVE the show’s art style! Not particularly relevant, but it had to be said!

Hey guys I have a dumb idea

I would like to write a 10,000 words of fan fiction during winter break, but I can’t decide on what to do. So here is twelve options. Either choose one for 10,000 OR 2 for 5000 each or 3 for 3333 each. Please let me know :).

1. ATLA AU: Some benders and non-benders can turn into the magical animals associated with their element, and the Gaang (season three edition) are being hunted by the most successful poachers in the world for roughly an episode. Aang: All of course. Katara: Magic fish possibly? Would have to workshop that one. Zuko: Dragon. Sokka: normal but excellent sword and boomerang fighter, of course. Toph: normal Bender, which makes her interactions with wild badgermoles and her innovations in metal bending all the more impressive. (DEFINITELY inspired by muffinlance’s wonderful work)

2. Umbrella Academy: What happened to the other kids? Mostly a description of Reginald being horrible and very quickly judgemental of the babies while gathering the Seven, and how/whether they grew up or not. (Have only seen the tv show but apparently in the comics Five and Luther are twins which may play into what I’m going to write.)

3. Batman: Peggy Sue AU for Alfred where he wakes up the day after the Waynes’ murders with memories of having witnessed his entire family die, and so resolved to make sure Gotham grows up safe, and so do Bruce and his little Robins, perhaps at the expense of them never living with him at all. It may or may not be difficult to make sure Damian is born lol. (It would be a big plot point)

4. I’ve been kind of working on this for a while but I have a choose your own adventure story (but you have to roll dice for unspecified paths) for each Disney princess. Have currently finished planning out most of Belle, just depending on what you guys want I would write up and post however many. The paths may depend on how much of the extended lore I’ve seen (For example, I’ve seen more of the Ariel extended canon stuff, so farther along you may meet Gabriella, or Melody, or so on.) it would be a Peggy sue au once again. I may also make a mini-one to ‘unlock’ with luck for Melody. Anna and Elsa are separate ones.

5. A continuation of The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, by Terry Pratchett. Maurice would once again be mostly the main character, and he would set up a kid to take over as Lord Mayor of Ankh-Morpork, and possibly get involved in the steamboat business. If we had time, we would meet more of the extended Ankh-Morpork cast.

6. The Nine Lives of the Marquis of Carabas: an exploration of Neverwhere, Coraline, the Graveyard Book, Good Omens, American Gods, Time Cat, Pan’s Labyrinth, the Neverending Story and Discworld. Basically how he lived one life and kind of ‘Forrest Gumped” his way around the stories.

7. A Phantom of the Opera/Over The Garden Wall crossover where a dead Eric decides to kill the Beast - at least he doesn’t try to suck the souls out of children! (Only young, beautiful women, of course). Wouldn’t be a very happy fic

8. Labyrinth (Jim Henson Movie): where after realizing that both she and Toby are too touched by the Fae to survive very long in this world, Sarah and her brother must rush to get back to the Labyrinth in time. (Small crossover with Pan’s labyrinth probablyy.)

9. Percy Jackson: and the extended pantheons crew all have a chill day and then do a murder mystery dinner party. I just want to mess around with all of them.

10. Dealing with Dragons and the Last Unicorn: Cimorene accidentally crosses over, meets the Last Unicorn, and invites her over for dessert. More plot to ensue, of course. Sort of a look at how a fractured fairy tale/aware of the fairy tale but unable to stop fate kind of story would mix.

11. (This one is likely to happen because I was recently talking to another user about this) The Boy Who Could Fly: after Max the dog dies, Eric appears with a puppy. Milky and Eric manage to then spend the day together, before he must go away again.

12. Peter Pan 2: Jane struggles to take care of her mother while raising her own daughters by herself. Desperate and in need of some time to mentally sort things out, she asks her children to call for Peter, despite being afraid they’ll stay away forever.

13. Wonder Woman and Captain America team up and are not shipped. They are just buddies who occasionally cross dimensions to hang out and punch fascists.

14. Steven Universe: The Pearls (along with a Steven who has seen a therapist) fuse into a time-travelling Mega Pearl and punch the Diamonds in their faces at the point where they have been the most oppressive in their lives. Rose Quartz does get treated as a separate entity, but instead of getting punched, she gets a HUGE talking-to.

15. The Princess and the Frog: When Naveen’s parents die shortly after WWII, they must choose between leaving her dreams and America behind forever or taking control of Maldonia. After the hardships of the Great Depression, the War

16. A Ghibli Fic: I want to write some some older Ghibli but would need a suggestion for that.

Sorry about the long post :)

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For the ask thing, I wanna watch Disney movies with you

!! appreciate the ask but I’m not much of a Disney fan. although I still can appreciate a few Disney movies. thanks for the ask :)

I’m living for the Amphibia fandom’s interpretation of Marcy, but at the same time I’m afraid we’re going to be inevitably disappointed when she doesn’t turn out to be the chaos gremlin we imagine her as.

But that’s okay, because we’ll still love Marcy regardless.

So I know that I’ve been pretty quiet about it, but…

I have waited SO long for The Owl House, ever since it was announced alongside Amphibia in February 2018! I checked Dana Terrace’s twitter for art and news on the show’s progress, because I was looking forward to it that much! And with all of these recent trailers, the theme song, the character introduction, and the glimpses of Luz, Eda, and King, I am currently LIVING for this show (especially now that we know each episode is a full 20 minutes)!

And with the second trailer, I’m just really excited, because I’m already attached to these characters, the art style is great, and overall it’s just a really fun and interesting concept! Plus, I’m a sucker for Found Family, no matter how common it may be. And it’s NEXT month, January 10th! That’s just a few weeks away, after ~2 years of waiting! It’s definitely near the top of my To-Watch List, and I’m honestly looking forward to it more than some other shows, movies, games, etc.!