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styles, I didn’t take the tag off , will return it after taking photo, joking for sure 😁

Nach einer extrem enttäuschenden Runde mussten wir erstmal in Ruhe essen und spielen nun noch mal eine Runde mit 6 Spielern.

I know people are curious as to what was in the giant box that sent me. Here it is! A huge framed Little Mermaid art puzzle! It’s gorgeous and I love it so much! Even better, it has some hidden Disney Easter Eggs in it! I’ve found 3 so far 🤫

Estoy muy contento con las impresiones que está teniendo las primeras horas del CD 😍 😍 😍 MUCHAS GRACIAS A TODOS! Ilusión por seguir evolucionando! 😋 Ahora me voy a tirar un sábado-noche Disney 😊 🐙

You’ll bring honor to us all--with your collection! Show it off in our Club!

How is Disney using artificial intelligence and big data? Find out in my latest YouTube video as I discuss this in detail > Don't forget to subscribe!

in history - March 23, 1926 - A baby is abandoned at the Manka Bros. studio gate, is raised by the Props Department and, eventually, becomes child star Orphan Johnny.

How is Disney using artificial intelligence and big data? Find out in my latest YouTube video as I discuss this in detail > Don't forget to subscribe!

Otra de , el estudio de Mickey Mouse reducirá los estrenos en cines de 21st Century Fox a sólo 4 al año y otros 4 llegarán directo al streaming a Hulu y Disney+

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sharon_rooney I did it Gran x

Listening to the Ratatouille soundtrack rn and it gave me the idea for a Ratatouille AU for Miraculous? 

- setting could either be in a high-end bakery (for a more direct parallel to the movie) or a design studio (to fit more in line with Marinette’s talents and Adrien’s job as a model along with his father’s job as a designer)

- Adrien is Linguini, Marinette is Colette, Plagg could be Remy idk 

- it doesn’t exactly fit all the characters one-to-one but its an AU so that’s kind of a given

Could Bo peep be a villain?

Now know some of y'all are might be getting mad at people for making theory’s about Bo peep being a villain YouTube, now let me clear this out just in case if people are freaking out, the thing is they are not try to say she IS a villain they say that she could be a villain that’s the difference, I know some of people who like Bo peep thinking they try bash on Bo peep , no one try to bash on Bo peep they just making theory’s what’s going to happen in toy story 4 , so I think the reason why there’s theory s about Bo peep might be the villain because they want you think the that grabby is the main villain and the fact she an open villain,so is a good chance they gonna trick us with grabby and show the real villain later on , also the fact twist villains might be still a thing for disney.

Do I believe bo peep a villain ?

honestly we just have to wait and see.

Today’s thoughts are over and have a nice day . remember there just theory’s a movie theory! LoL sorry .

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Good afternoon, Mari! I hope you and Phillip are doing well. I wanted to write this letter to remind you how very proud I am of you. You've grown up to be such a kind, loving young woman. I'm so glad to be able to call you my little sister. Oh and by the way, I was hoping maybe you'd like to join me in some book shopping tomorrow? I'd love to spend some quality time with you. - Belle

Oh Belle! It’s nice to hear from you again. Thanks for being an amazing sister figure to me. Why of course, I can spare some time to go to the bookstore with you then. I wonder what kind of stuff we might find in there, who knows…

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top 10 actors: 2nd place

2016 - Ross Lynch

“That’s the thing about being an artist: you never should settle, really”

2017 - Corey Fogelmanis

2018 - Alycia Debnam-Carey

“I think of how much I’ve learned from doing television, and it is so invaluable”

2019 - Katie McGrath

“I wasn’t born an actress, but I was certainly born dramatic”