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Photo: “MY GIMPY LIFE” - award winning web series

Day 155: “Don’t Tell People Your Plans, Show Them Your Results”






Had the phone conversation with my agent in the morning. Was the first thing I did. Didn’t want it hanging over my head.. it went great. We are in the same page. And want the same things. They mentioned how they don’t have another client on their roster that hustles as much as I do. That was awesome to hear. What was great about it also was the insight they have.. I was learning a lot about contracts and usage that I didn’t know before. It was an encouraging conversation. I look forward to booking more big jobs with them in the near future…

Also I went on an audition today for sci fi enthusiasts. Went great.


Yeah that steps plan for my writing is dope. It may need a bit more tweaking but I think I got it in a great place. I came up with some great stuff for Monroe today as well. Things that really help Act 2 at its end. And leads us nicely into Act 3. The shorts are feeling exciting. I know I mention that often, but it’s because they are. If I can do this. Which I know I can. I’m not only gonna have a wealth of knowledge but a wise array of different and inspired work.

Final Thoughts:

It’s changing. Can you feel it? .. I’ve been going back to things I’ve done and accomplished in my life and asked myself. How did I do that?

I reminisce a lot and I check in with myself. This time for me is special. And I’m open to all of these things that life has ready for me.. the fear is being replaced with confidence on most days.

Gotta keep it up and keep going.. thought a bit about social media today and how to navigate though. I’ll elaborate more tomorrow. okay feeling tired. Gonna stop. Dozed off while writing again. Ok. Nite nite.


Before we sit down with professional Rocky Balboa impersonator Mike Kunda on the Facebook Live stream of the NEPA Scene Podcast this Thursday from 7-8 p.m., watch the trailer for “The Pretender,” a documentary that follows the life of this West Scranton native with a fighting spirit!
The movie will premiere locally at The Ritz Theater in Scranton this Saturday, March 23 as part of the Northeast Pennsylvania Film Festival, so we’re going to talk about him growing up in Scranton idolizing Rocky and writing his memoir “Cue the Rocky Music,” behind-the-scenes stories of the making of “The Pretender,” meeting Sylvester Stallone and Frank Stallone and earning their approval, escorting fans around Philadelphia as part of his Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour, having his movie shown around the world and screening at the TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood as part of the Beverly Hills Film Festival next month, finally bringing the film home to NEPA, and much more, so join our conversation!

Tune in to our Facebook page during that hour and we’ll answer your questions and read your comments live!

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Upstream Color (2013)

Dir. Shane Carruth


I suggest anyone vaguely interested in seeing this film to just see it and not refer to anything I say about it (if anyone were ever to read this, I don’t want to presume). That goes for all films actually because I think it’s better to watch without expectations.


Upstream Color might be too smart for me honestly. I don’t really understand what is going on or what it’s trying to say, so that adds to the reasons why I’m not reliable for deciphering it. I do know though that this style of filmmaking is not my jam. The style of dreamlike shots and dis-continuity editing creates too much fogginess to read through. Maybe that’s the point of them. If so cool, but there are other films that do it better in my opinion. A Ghost Story by director David Lowery is one with similar techniques. What makes it different than Upstream is that it has discernible details or hints that help you see what the film might be illustrating. It was hard to see those in this Shane Carruth fantasy drama. To be fair though a second viewing could help with that (not gonna happen). The worst extreme of this style is in a movie called Knight of Cups with Christian Bale. That one is completely indiscernible to where you know the Director doesn’t even know what it’s about. Upstream falls in the middle between that and A Ghost Story if I put them on a spectrum.


P.S. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is another one with a dreamlike style that I enjoyed.

Rating: 6/10

Photo: “LA RUSH” - Feature Film

Day 149: “You Are What You Do.. Not What You Say You’ll Do.”




Swimming In Thoughts


As I awoke this morning I received an email from the production that has moved their project around from date to date.. good news they finally locked a date. And I’m available. And I’m booked.👍🏽….Now lets hope that this date sticks.

Recorded voice overs. That’s always s blast. Yeah I’ll be doing voice over for the rest of my life.

And living happy 😃🎧

Sent for jobs. Website still not fixed.. not even surprised anymore. Hell with it. I’m still getting my shit. So I’m good.. just really gotta stay on top of it. Sent thank you’d to production for Saturday’s shoot… so yeah productive day. 💥


In writing Clay I’ve taken the approach of getting my dialogue first and having my image come after.. sometimes I work the opposite way. Most times I do. The image is usually what I’m seeing then the dialogue flows in after. But since I’m playing to my particular style (that I believe is mine) it’s helping make the claymation more clear.. got some really great dialogue today. And the stories structure is looking more firm. Yeah! Stories!

The short film is very clear. The goal is to complete the final Final draft by this week. The version that I can mail out to people.. then I plan on writing two more to bank and film in the coming months. It’s a very challenging task. But I’m very much up to it. And very very excited for it.. it’s just the getting started that’s rough.

Final Thoughts:

Better day today. Much better.. yesterday was the drizzle shits.

Really focused in hard today on my films. Because I realized. Those are gonna be the things to help me really get to the place I’d like to be. They are the place I’d like to be. The place that I am.. I feel alive in making films. That’s why I’m doing the shorts. I never not want to make a movie, tell a story. It excites me. The website will be after I get these first few shot. Then that website is gonna be a place where you can go see all of this material. Some past, some current. Everyday I work harder, smarter, and move closer..

oh yeah I’m just now reminding myself I gotta really start meditating. Feel that’s gonna be my shit. Trying to center some inner anxieties. Get my shit I’m working order.. ya know? 😉

Lots of ideas. Oh I came up with a reeeaaally cool idea for a short while in my hike. Totally up my alley.. ya know I gotta read more Phil K Dick. I feel we’d get along.. alright. I should stop. Or I’ll pump myself up and end up writing/creating, getting fat burger, and watching movies until the sun comes up… I’ve done it before.. Too often. Actually that sounds like a great idea🤔…

No Josh! Get rest damn you! You worked all day for hours upon hours!.. Yes. Rest.

I won’t do all that other stuff tonight… But soon.🧐