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As approaches inspire the imagination of your little dinosaur and fossil hunter 🦖 Check out this fantastic kit containing 4 activities and a collectable fossil.

Unos representan un pasado que no debe volver a repetirse, otros encarnan tiempos pretéritos que nunca volverán. Nazis y han compartido escenarios en la cultura popular y te lo cuenta: ▶️

Get your lovebird a poster of lovebirds for Valentine's Day. Because, why not? Halszkaraptor was an aquatic theropod dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Mongolia. ⁠ ⁠ Introducing artist Brennan Stokkermans. ⁠

Nobody: Nobody at all: Me: OK FINE, HERE'S A T REX PLAYING THE ACCORDION. twitter and twitter: any feedback on the design?

Silhouette design of a T rex playing the accordion. It's not real though - dinosaurs are extinct. Except birds.

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Got any questions about Jurassic Park and Cloning? Send them our way! Why are we excited about ? Can we ?? What are the ethics implicated in cloning? WHEN WILL PET RAPTORS BE AVAILABLE??

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For anyone in El Paso, Texas: "On the first Sunday of every month, Insights El Paso Science Center tour guides will take you on a 3 hour, 2 mile hike featuring tracks and giant fossil beds."

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Get you a tortoise who can GRUMP it all.  😤🐢😉

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* Drawing #1 (Promarkers) BlackBeast’s Megadrop and Carol (my dragon-sona)

* Drawing #2 (Promarkers) Wanbey’s Cayo and LoveEnergyandHeat’s Butterflette.

* Drawing #3 (Color pencil) Art trade with Wanbey (it’s their characters Walter the Daiymondo wolf and his pact maker)

*Drawing #4 (Digital) Art trade with Str0opwafel (they wanted Jewel Man from Megaman 9).

Art © Me (NightDragon07)

Characters belong to their right owners, more infos on my deviantart page => NightDragon07.deviantart


Microraptor green screen