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Evolving trends call for a different product development approach #

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„Morgen ist heute schon gestern“: Vorwerks Chefdesigner Jan Delfs verrät uns, wie er die Welt der Vorwerk Produkte weiter ins digitale Zeitalter führen möchte und welche Rolle dabei spielt:

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Digitalisation for Impartial Administration in India | CA K HANMANDLOO |…

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What are your thoughts as the theatre and stage management world becomes more and more digitized?

Personally I think its one of those things that are really helpful when used in the correct manner however, it can be over done.

As a Stage Manager, sometimes technology makes things easier. For example, I could not imagine being an SM for a show without having a computer and the internet.

I have used apps for blocking which are helpful for devising pieces where the script is constantly changing or you are working with a director who changes their blocking every other day.

In design it is really cool to see how projections are getting better and lighting fixture technology is improving and you can redesign an entire show with the click of a button.

However sometimes technology fails.

I’ve had my blocking app crash on me multiple times (and need I mention its a $250 app! Ugh!)

I’ve seen light board monitors have meltdowns five minutes before curtain.

I’ve seen rotating lights refuse to do their job.

I’ve seen projection mapping softwares crash after mapping something for 2+ hours.

I’ve seen an entire sound list simply disappear because the sound board got confused.

I had a very well respected lighting designer and former stage manager once tell me:

“You can have all the fancy technology you want but when your iPad crashes 5 minutes before curtain and all your cues are on it, you’re going to wish you had a paper copy of everything. In that instance, paper will save you and technology won’t.”

I guess my thoughts in general are: For theatre, digitized technology can be a really cool and innovative thing that can do wonders for design elements and make a tech crew’s or stage manager’s job easier. But have a back up plan.

I like two copies of everything incase something happens to the other copy. So if my iPad gets stolen or decides to stop working I have a paper prompt book to work from.

This is also nice incase I the unforeseeable happens and I cannot call the show, my ASM’s have a paper copy.

Technology is a beautiful thing that makes our lives easier. It has it’s uses and advantages, but I would advise to use it with caution.


Hidden on the “Deep” level D at the Lamont Library, our Digital Images and Slides Collection staff have been busy preparing our slides for a digitization project.

Before the widespread availability of high-quality digital images, patrons at the Fine Arts Library viewed images on 35mm film slides, strips of developed film housed in a lightweight metal, plastic, or paper frame. Many professors used slides for teaching their courses. Preparing for their lectures began with sorting slides side by side on a light table and loading them into a carousel.

The Fine Arts Library has over 607,000 slides from those days. And this year, we are embarking on a large-scale slide digitization project. Our goal is to digitize 200,000 slides from our collections!

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President Barack Obama Works at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, 10/11/2013. National Archives Identifier 118818001

NARA and Obama Foundation Sign a Digitization Memorandum of Understanding

Read more of this post over at the AOTUS Blog

This week, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Barack Obama Foundation agreed on a memorandum of understanding (MOU)regarding the plan to digitize all of the unclassified textual Presidential records of the Obama administration. The Foundation will select the vendor, with NARA approval, and oversee the contract.

The digitization plan was first outlined in May 2017, and this MOU is the first agreement coming out of the Letter of Intent signed in September 2018.

Approximately 30 million pages of unclassified Presidential records at the Obama Library will be scanned, and the scanned images and associated metadata will become part of the Electronic Records Archives.

You can read what Archivist of the United States had to say about this over on the AOTUS Blog or for information about the records of the Obama administration, visit

During my MS work, I was part of a large effort to make fossils more accessible to everyone! I worked on the Ordovician Atlas, which focused on cataloguing and imagine fossils from the Cincinnati region around 450 million years ago. The data from the project are available to be examined and analyzed by anyone on the iDigBio portal.

There was a summit where all the related projects got together to discuss recent events and project updates. It was held here in Gainesville but I still had work to do so I tuned in from my desk! It was interesting getting to hear what’s been going on since I have left the project!