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‘4 opmerkelijke intranet-ontwerptrends in 2019’ volgens : Eerder dit jaar schreef al over de beste intranetten van 2019:

ProvisionPoint is a Bronze sponsor of the Digital Workplace Conference in Sydney on the 6th and 7th of August

Putting information to work: the five purposes of modern intranets (free report by thought leaders)

CASE STUDY: Emergency Physicians of the Rockies - We helped streamline communications across all seven emergency sites with our ! Learn More ➡️


The SharePoint marketplace is undergoing a huge pivot (and it's great news for intranets)

Your staff are the most important resource that you have! Here are six things that staff want from their work computer systems! ➡️

Six Things That Staff Want From Their Work Computer Systems

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Do you know what those jobs will be? Head over to Google and search “Impact of Artificial Intelligence on [insert your profession/industry]” What did you discover? (Pic credit )

Our allows a channel of communication that works effectively for good employee-to-employee relationships - Learn More! ➡️

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Intranets should be fun to use - that's why our customers love us and our ! Try our software for FREE today! ➡️

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Rétrospective et grandes tendances du Salon de l’Intranet 2019

Après trois jours de salon, il est temps de dresser un bilan de cette édition. Cette année encore, le Salon de l’Intranet ne pouvait pas se dérouler sans Inspheris. Retour sur cet événement emblématique !

L’Intranet est-il dépassé?

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