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Digital Water Works CEO Dr. Paul Boulos, PhD, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.DNE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE and COO look forward to meeting you at Year in Infrastructure 2019 conference October 21-24 in Singapore.

Shell, an early adopter of since its 2017 initiative with Akselos continues to grow its confidence in the technology via its new partnership w/ to build a dynamic virtual representation of the Nyhamna Gas Plant in Norway | :

 are ideal to harmonize the siloed discord across manufacturing operations from design, process, up through service, driving significant operational efficiencies. Sounds good, right? 👍 Read more:

Find out why our scientists believe provide an exciting approach to predict and preempt disease:

Visiting LIST to talk about and saw this strange monument

& helps enhance the capabilities of the & develop of the . This data provides us with critical insights into the battery's health. Read more to improve the performance of a battery:

allow us to see the pulse of the city real-time. How can we use them in ? Join us for: "Digital Twins & Urban Planning: Bridging the Digital and Physical." 📅Nov.19, 11:30-13:30 🌳

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We had a chat with Genene Klepp, CEO of , ahead of her talk at the next week! Find out what she thinks of , more on her talk, and a fun fact about her living at a mine

Virtual prototyping of LED products across the supply chain speeds development - Part 1 (MAGAZINE) - LEDs Magazine

Find out why our scientists believe provide an exciting approach to predict and preempt disease:


A big thank you to Ollie and the crew for a great event. And huge thanks to everyone who came to our breakfast briefing, our amazing panel, and everyone we meet at

Make a cup of tea and sit down for 5 mins to read this insightful article from about in the sector and the link to the .

The value of our rich output for asset owners / managers & network operators is underlined by our Colin Brookes at the

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ist in aller Munde! Erfahren Sie hier wie Bentley digitale Twin-Technologien entwickelt und Sie diese für Ihre Projekte nutzen können:

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