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Thoughts on this? Eight best practices & steps that help brands jumpstart their efforts; via ; ; cc

B2B Next Preview: Jason Taylor on what not to expect in digital transformation—an endpoint - DigitalCommerce360

IT initiatives don't often fail because of the technology; but because of spotty user adoption or outright rejection. Get our free guide for successful change management:

Artificial intelligence is not only the next big wave in computing – it’s the next major turning point in human history. Link > via

New research indicates executive sponsorship and employee engagement are key for a successful journey:

At the federal in Washington, D.C., we’ll explore the latest solutions and strategies that enable . Join us on Sept. 12!

[Free eBook] Digital Transformation - It's Not Just for the Big Guys. What small and medium-sized businesses need to know to digitally transform:

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Look at this interesting #infographic: the most valued brands in 2019

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