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Woadwaxen Silver

The change of the rains that day was an act, a measure of suggestionsThe passage of the air through the trees shaping waves, signals in flow and fluxAnd in that cast and coolness she lies, drinking a thousand subtleties of green into her eyes. Woadwaxen silver, fox grass and sugar balm, apple, corn and honey orchid swell and rise, and none of this, none of this is in want to me, and none of this, none of this is lowly to me. Every nuance, all narration, all of this sublimity.

Sometimes the bleeding is uninterrupted. Sometimes the grief is ceaseless. Waste after waste, forfeiture and squandering, blackout, nerve deafness, forever treading, wandering. Tracts without energy, a private way of cold concrete, the path of least resistance, the crooked ways homeward. Will you suffer me when I’m gone? Will you mourn for my love? No, because I can be supplanted.

I can be spent and consumed and swung, I’m only a little, I’m undeserving of the chance, and I am your danger. Best stay away from here, my dear.


London Event for the book worms and African literature lovers!

Africa Writes is back and the two superwomen Barbara and Kudakwashe founders of Bahati Books publication will be hosting a discussion on digital versus hard copy publication and how it affects and creates opportunities for African Writers.
Join us on the 2nd of July from 10:30 to 12pm at The British Library, Eliot Room. Make sure to register at

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