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Top story: : 'Here’s an infographic I created about the psychology of colours as part of my research for my final major project. ' , see more

A promising career is about to take off, are you in for the life changing experience?

Digital Painting Photoshop Workshop is in full swing at our Applicants Day event. Come see us in N525, Sir Ian Wood Building

Perception analysis and current trends in the market !!! Stay connected with pudhari to know more about it ...

Here’s an infographic I created about the psychology of colours as part of my research for my final major project.

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Simon R Pires - Biography

Is a producer/Director/ Sound-Recordist and Writer, from west London. A passionate filmmaker with nominated work in the indie scene. After graduating from the University of West London with a BA HONS Degree, Simon began as a runner and assisted on small scale short films, He continued developing his career, by creating a small production company called No Input production, a company dedicated to creating Film and digital media.  

Twitter @simonrpires

Instagram: simonrpires95

A sketch of my character in OurWorld and her current appearance - the new Spectacu Set from this month, and notable items like: Bad Bunny Paws, Vamp Teeth + Fiend Eyes, Light Variant - Dripping, Starry Tattoo, Watchful Fenghuang hair, Angelic Eminence Diadem + Wings, and Vampire Essence necklace - all cool and rare stuff nowdays :DDDD She actually also has the white tropical cheek marks and heart halo, plus the Vampire Essence necklace gives off a sparkle effect around the face, and she’s wearing the snow sparkle potion - but hey this is a sketch I started at around 3:10 am LOL so pretty good~

OurWorld is an old browser game (since 2009), but it’s still around surprisingly - I have it open in the background just for the heck of it haha but I literally do nothing in the game except hatch and sell critters :U But my character looks cutesy and I like drawing her outfits so :^) And sketching so early/late is comfortable as long as I’m liking what I’m drawing LOL


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•👄 E io ti dirò: ehi deficiente 😜

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