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Home Based Typists Needed -Basic Typing Skills Needed -No background checks -Full Training -Start today!! For Details: *Serious Inquiries Only Please* Note: *This is NOT a FREE Opportunity!!*

CHANGE OF VENUE FOR 5.0: Dear and Professionals, due to some logistical and technical issues, we have to change the venue for the upcoming happening on 30th March.

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CHANGE OF VENUE FOR 5.0: Dear and Professionals, our 30th March . It will now be happening at the , Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Cheers..!! Adit Chouhan

Looking for page engagement with less money? This is how it is done. Do you think such engagement would be useful? It will be banned some day or the other and your money go waste

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HOME TYPISTS NEEDED -TRAIN AT HOME -Work your own hours -Full Training -No background checks -Start today *Message me* *Serious Inquiries Only* Note: This is NOT a FREE Opportunity!!

It’s not enough for digital marketers to be proficient in digital and social media marketing. It is important that they understand how to help businesses meet their objectives.

Things like automation, machine learning, & predictive analytics are all something in a toolbox, but how do we use them while still keeping the β€˜human’ front and center for your brand?

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A nice here for you to digest! Based on research done by , illustrate that get more than . BUT photos get more than videos. Have a productive πŸ€—

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Weekly Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tom Bilyeu

We are excited to feature Tom Bilyeu as our entrepreneur of the week!

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, a company that grew 57,000% in its first three years, making it the second fastest growing company in the United States in 2014.

In creating Quest, Tom and his wife, Lisa Bilyeu (shout out to Lisa!), utilized many of the concepts we discussed this week with our content stressing focusing on lifetime value, and last week in our series “How to Dominate in the Age of Amazon.” For example, one of their most important strategies for growth was creating an active online community about nutritional health wherein the product played a side role. The community was so involved, that they began using the product, promoting it, and believing in its mission on a larger and larger scale.

Not only did the Bilyeus build Quest, but they are now the founders of Impact Theory, a media company that strives to impact global culture by helping people discover their inner power to make an impact on the world around them. Their content is watched and loved by our team and has a following of nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

If you haven’t seen their content yet and you’re even remotely interested in business, self-improvement, or becoming a better human in general, you should check it out now. They have interviewed Peter Diamandis, Wyclef Jean,, Laila Ali, Terrell Owens, Dr. Drew, Michael Strahan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mel Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and MORE. Impact Theory also has a series about relationship and health advice.

Thank you Tom for your hard work, fearlessness, and dedication. As business owners, we are reassured by your experience and thoughts every day, and it makes a huge difference to have a place to turn to for support online, especially when the going gets tough! 

How can I increase the lifetime value of my company and customers?
Tip #5: Details MATTER

Detail is everything! Want to build long-lasting client relationships? Implement and pay attention to detail.

Your customer will never forget a handwritten letter, nice design, special material, or any other little detail they receive from you.
If you want to stand out in the market long-term, paying attention to the smaller things will help.
Want to brainstorm detail ideas that you can implement? Comment about your business below, and we’ll reply with some ideas! 

How can in-person retailers and ecommerce stores survive and thrive in the age of Amazon?
Tip # 6: Create Community

People crave to feel a sense of belonging in real life and online. Make your store, content, online platform, and community a place they go to to talk, decompress, meet friends, and share news about issues surrounding your product area.
Consumers will remember how they *feel* whenever they visit your store (online or off) and have more impetus to purchase, share your brand with friends, and stay around forever.

How can in-person retailers and ecommerce stores survive and thrive in the age of Amazon?
Tip # 5: Influencer Marketing
Case Study:
If you are or know a woman between the ages of 16 and 40 years old, then in the summer of 2018, you could not ignore the new clothing brand Fashion Nova.
Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, the Kardashians and thousands of micro-influencers posted paid content using the hashtag #fashionnovafit.
Fashionnova has had one of the most successful social marketing campaigns utilizing primarily this strategy. Paid and organic mentions from Cardi B alone have generated almost $125 million in value for the company.

How can in-person retailers and ecommerce stores survive and thrive in the age of Amazon?

Tip # 1: Take an Artisanal Branding Approach
Artisanal branding takes advantage of the modern consumer’s love of authenticity. In an era where everything is mass-produced, we crave the unique and handmade.
Pineapple leather manufacturer @pinatex is an exemplary performer when it comes to artisanal branding. The company produces products made out of pineapple leather, which is environmentally friendly, cruelty free, and remarkably similar to actual leather
These unique and innovative characteristics engage consumers in a way traditional items sold online could not.


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Here with #eugeniajohnsonsmith for
#africanamericanentrepreneurs / #africanamericanprofessionals taking time out during #blackhistorymonth where #blackyouthmatter #blackchildrenmatter one career professions to pursue. AAP from from Photographers to #animalpathology to #dj #serialentrepreneur and #digitalmarketers

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#FeatureFriday looking to brand your business? We will walk you through everything from logo design to tag line and your elevator speech.
#outboundmarketers #digitalmarketers (at OutBound Marketers)

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Dedicated to all the #DigitalMarketers #TeamContent #TeamDevelopment #TeamMarketing and their never ending #endeavors to design unique #DigitalStrategies :)

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