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WEBINAR - Förenkla Digitalisering och Automatisering - INDEXERA, PRESENTERA och AUTOMATISERA

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is fortunate enough to fall within a medium that promotes an easy practice of analytics. All you need is a good dashboard to help you optimize the return on investment (ROI).

Time to get down to the bits 'n bytes - has an in-depth look at how much progress has been made in 's efforts to become the first fully-digital in the U.S.:

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Happy to compete and very proud that got the winner award in this Innovation challenge by

Congratulations to Solveig Menard-Galli who will join the Wienerberger Managing Board as Chief Performance Officer on June 1, 2019. This newly created position confirms the growing importance of and Group-wide optimization. Read more:

The function has significant and unexploited potential for . The best-placed finance departments are beginning to integrate the provided by robotization, AI and Big Data. Find the full Insight below⬇️

means more data, but how do you create higher sales results from the data? Put your leads first, use multi-channel marketing, and be sure to respond quickly.

Keeping emissions low and creating a healthier environment is something Europe has been working toward with many obstacles in its way. allows supply and demand in real time which creates a sharing economy to help chip away these problems.

E-commerce businesses are constantly looking for ways to keep up with the ever-changing within the B2B buying experience. Read more about how they are keeping up.

The was on full display at the 2019 ARC conference, and it was clear throughout the event, that forward-thinking users are leading the way

Keeping emissions low and creating a healthier environment is something Europe has been working toward with many obstacles in its way. allows supply and demand in real time which creates a sharing economy to help chip away these problems.

87% of business executives say that is a priority. Join the webinar to learn more.

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Since you all seemed to like her so much I was motivated to do a coloured version. Thanks again to @beebeedibapbeediboop for the great idea!

Digitalization Ch28

Story summary:

Izuku—a boy who wanted to end his life after getting his dream crushed by his idol.

Tobita (Gentle)—a teenager who lost all faith in life after losing his last hope of becoming a hero.

Their life were forever changed after that fateful encounter.

One would rise to be the villain praised by the society, while the other would fall to the gutters, kicked aside like yesterday’s trash.


Chapter 28 Date

Chapter Summary: Touya finds Fuyumi a boyfriend.

AN: Sorry I got side-tracked by all the amazing animes this season lol and couldn’t get myself to concentrate on writing this chapter. No matter how I write it just doesn’t feel right.

But I had to keep writing because the less I write, the more I’ll forget about this fic, and that’s how stories end up being abandoned.

And so I wrote, and wrote, and finally, the lightbulb lit back up and I was into the zone again.

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Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone  Printer |Review

The effect of Digitalization has changed many aspects of our life. One example of the same is our forgotten fondness toward printed photographs. We get our pictures printed only for big scale occasions like weddings and concerts.

This change transpired because we adapted to the digital format and got used to that.The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone is introduced to bring back the lost habit and hit us with nostalgic waves. The overall rating of this printer is 4 out of 5. It has a small size and a fantastic battery life.

It is a wireless photo printer which makes it great for printing wallet-size pictures. It has an inkless printing process. Its compact size makes it usable on the go. This SP-2 uses Fujifilm’s Instax Mini self-developing film, unlike inkjet printers that deposit ink on the surface of photo paper used. It undergoes a photochemical process with the printer revealing the image with an internal three-color OLED printing engine.

The real image quality is not very applaudable because you are printing wallet-sized photos with 2.4x1.8 with visible discoloration on the outer edges. The photographs are not high of high quality as it is of 800x600 resolution. It measures 7.12x5x3 inches and weighs 54 pounds. With the use of its internal battery, it can print up to 100 pages without getting the battery drained.

It has a Power button, a reprint button, and a clasp that opens the printer when you want to load a set of new papers. It comes with a one-year standard warranty. Get this printer to relive the golden past.

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ф-ф-ф-фристайла… 😂😂😂 #digitalization #freestyler #fffreestyler #умора #смех #угар #fun #funny #muppet #muppetshow (at Davos Dorf, Graubunden, Switzerland)

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Virtual team working tools now and in the future

Working virtually reduces costs, is better for the environmnet and gives staff the flexibility they crave, so no wonder that more and more organisations are encouraging it. Technology has given us the opportunity to work wisely and efficiently. Today almost everyone who is participating in a team work is using some kind of application. I have used a lot different tools in different projects. For example everyone has Whatsapp or Facebook these days. I have been working in a team where we have been using Whatsapp or Slack, and Onedrive. If I have had a update for a team or something that I have wanted to share it has have been very easy to notice my team members, instead of messaging everyone directly I have shared it in the group communication tool for everyone.

Virtual teams become more prevalent. In the future work can mean logging into your company`s online project managment site from your home desk and work with your team members that are doing the exact same thing. This will be more common in the future, physical location becomes less important. Companies can enhance their efficiency by handing off work across time zones, enabling them to be productive around the clock and it is easy way for companies to hire the best talent regardless of their location. Companies will have lower office costs, greater availabity of talent and lower employee costs, for example companies can access cities or countries with the same level of talent but with lower living costs. An employee in Finland is going to demand far more than someone for exapmle in India. Employees will benefit also from not needing to travel to work or for a meeting every day. Companies can access multiple markets easily fore example they can hire sales people in multiple locations withouht the cost of opening an office, which gives the ability to access a new market without significant costs.

While virtual team work offers many advantages, there is challenges and disadvantages also, the lack of face-to-face interaction is the most common that virtual teams have. Lack of social interaction, lack of trust for team members, cultural clashes and lose of team spirit was listed in Forbes ”How To Beat The Five Killers Of Virtual Working”, by Sebastian Bailey as the biggest virtual team killers, but every killer has its cure. In my opinion these situations need to be thought in advance and take action by preventing it with daily activities by team leaders and the managnment for exapmle in lack of trust when employee can`t see what other members has been doing or not getting responses immediately. Team leaders needs to make sure that individual roles and responsibilities are publicised within the team and create a strategy to communicate each team member’s weekly activities, availability and by giving feedback and showcase for every team member`s achievements

Digitalization Ch23

Story summary:

Izuku—a boy who wanted to end his life after getting his dream crushed by his idol.

Tobita (Gentle)—a teenager who lost all faith in life after losing his last hope of becoming a hero.

Their life were forever changed after that fateful encounter.

One would rise to be the villain praised by the society, while the other would fall to the gutters, kicked aside like yesterday’s trash.


Chapter 23 Bakugo Cries

Chapter Summary: The bullying escalates.

AN: I SWEAR I don’t hate Bakugo.

WARNING: A little inappropriate touching at the very end but nothing graphic.

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Digitaalinen liiketoiminta

Digitalisuus ei ole jotain mikä näkyy vain ihmisen henkilökohtaisessa elämässä, vaan se näkyy monella tapaa myös yritysten joka päiväisessä toiminnassa, tai ainakin sen tulisi näkyä. Uskallaudun jopa sanomaan, ettei liiketoiminnasta voida tänä päivänä edes puhua ilman digitalisuutta. 

Miten digitalisuus näkyy yrityksen liiketoiminnassa?

Digitalisuus on avannut liiketoiminalle lukuisia uusia ovia tekemällä nykyajan liiketoimintamalleista tehokkaampia sekä innovatiivisempia kuin koskaan ennen. Digitalisaatio mahdollistaa suurien tietomäärien keräämisen, jonka avulla yritykset voivat vastata kuluttajien tarpeisiin yhä paremmin. Kuluttajien tarpeiden ymmärtämisen pohjalta voidaan luoda uusia palveluita ja tuotteita vastaamaan täysin kuluttajan tarpeisiin. Liiketoiminnassa digitalisuus vaikuttaa myös jakamiseen, niin tavaroiden taikka palveluiden fyysiseen jakeluun kuin informaation sekä mainonnan jakamiseen esimerkiksi sosiaalisessa mediassa. Erilaiset sähköiset toiminnanohjaus järjestelmät helpottavat muun muassa yrityksen tavaranhankintaa, varastonhallintaa sekä logistiikkaa. Sosiaalinen media taas tuo yrityksille näkyvyyttä -niin hyvässä kuin pahassa- ja etenkin pienille yrityksille se voi olla merkittävä osa kasvua. Digitalisuus ei olekaan vain ylellisyys joka helpottaa yritysten toimintaa, vaan on usein jopa edellytys liiketoiminalle. Verkkokaupat sekä sähköiset palveluntarjoajat ovat osa digitalisaation tuotosta ja näin ollen riippuvaisia siitä sekä sen kehityksestä. 

Digitalisaatio ei vaikuta vain yritykseen

Digitaalinen liiketoiminta ei rajoitu vain yrityksentasolle, vaan se näkyy myös yksilötasolla. Digitalisaation myötä työajan ja vapaa-ajan rajat ovat hälvenneet. Etätyö yleistyy päiväpäivältä, eikä enää ole välttämätöntä istua toimistossa 8-16 joka päivä, vaan työt voi tehdä näppärästi etänä, vaikka kahvilassa istuskellen. Etätyö ja digitalisuus luo liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia myös yksittäisille ihmisille sekä pienille toimijoille. Lisäksi tiedonsiirto työnantajan sekä työntekijöiden välillä on mahdollista ympärivuorokauden digitalisaation ansiosta. Esimerkiksi Facebook on kehitellyt yrityskäyttöön palvelun nimeltä WorkPlace, joka vastaa pitkälti Facebookia. Sovelluksen avulla töihin liittyviä asioita on helppo jakaa työtovereiden kesken yhteisissä WorkPlace ryhmissä sekä ryhmäkeskusteluissa. 

Näkyipä digitalisuus sitten miten tahansa liiketoiminnassa, on se varmasti läsnä jollakin tapaa!

The Impact of Digitalization on the Future of Aerospace

Throughout the decades, industries have experienced disruptions due to technological advancements. While many industries have seen these disruptions impact businesses and developments, the aerospace industry has remained largely unaffected. Though advancements have been made to improve aircraft size and efficiency, the mechanics behind the crafts and the ways in which they are manufactured had stayed predominately consistent. Now, however, digitalization is predicted to transform aerospace.

A new wave of technological advancements and consumer demands are beginning to mold the industry’s business model. These disruptions prove enough to significantly alter the industry within the next years to come.

With an increasing demand for air travel and economic growth, the aerospace industry is currently boasting a profitable period that is predicted to continue. This demand is spurring manufacturers to produce large volumes of aircraft each month and shows no signs of slowing. Currently, 26,000 aircraft are in service and by 2028, that number is expected to increase to close to 38,000 crafts. International hubs are also predicted to increase, as well as the revenue passenger kilometers.

Digitalization will begin to reshape the aerospace industry as it grows. Incorporating smart technology will allow planes the ability to use real-time data to adjust flight routes. With these advancements, planes can minimize turbulence and maximize fuel efficiency. Predictive maintenance will also become more prominent in the industry, incorporating algorithms and analytics that will be able to precisely determine when parts of an aircraft should be replaced. Not only does predictive maintenance ensure an aircraft’s safety, it also ensures the parts’ full lifespan is utilized.

Other advancements include additive manufacturing, or 3-D component printing. With this type of manufacturing, parts can be produced closer to the repair sites of the aircraft. While advancements and acceptance may still be in the distance, single-pilot operations and autonomous or remote-controlled aircraft are beginning to be seriously considered as viable options for the future.

Airline and traveler demands are also furthering digitalization. A demand for connectivity is contributing to advancements in communication. These advancements seek to cultivate relationships between customers and airlines and provide valuable information for manufacturers looking to differentiate their products and services.

Spurred by customer demand, the aerospace industry will also begin focusing on “green” operation, reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and developing technologies to shorten travel time. Manufacturers are beginning to consider electric engines, which will not only increase fuel efficiency and release fewer greenhouse gases, but will also reduce noise and promote night flying.

With these advancements, aerospace manufacturers will need to efficiently develop and modify designs to keep in pace with technological developments and consumer demands. Even further, manufacturers may need to learn how to get ahead and stay ahead of digitalization disruptions before and as they happen.

Digitalisaatiosta hyötyä vai haittaa?

Muistatko, kun ala-asteella leikitte naapurin lapsien kanssa taloyhtiön pihalla, ja äiti huutaa keittiön ikkunasta: “Syömään!”? Muistatko, kun soitit luokkakaverin ovikelloa ja hait häntä ulos leikkimään? Entä muistatko, kun soitit puhelua ja se katkesi, koska 10 euron saldorajasi oli tullut täyteen? Näistä ongelmista nykyajan nuorilla ei ole tietoakaan, sillä digitalisaatio on helpottanut niin monia elämän päivittäisiä asioita.

Digitalisaation kehittyminen on tuonut mukanaan paljon hyötyjä, mutta myös haasteita. Sen myötä monien arkisten asioiden hoitaminen on helpottunut huomattavasti. Esimerkiksi pankki- ja vakuutusasioiden hoitaminen onnistuu näppärästi verkon kautta. Lääkäriinkin saa yhteyden nopeasti verkossa olevan chat-etävastaanoton avulla ja reseptit löytyvät e-resepteinä Omakannasta. Digitalisaatio on lisännyt myös verkkokaupan suosiota ja ihmiset ostavat sieltä yhä enemmän tavaraa. Digitalisaation myötä kommunikaatio on myös helpottunut huomattavasti. Yhteydenpito muihin ihmisiin käy kätevästi pikaviestinpalveluissa sekä sosiaalisessa mediassa. Toisaalta ne voidaan nähdä myös haittoina, sillä kasvokkain tapaaminen on vähentynyt.

Digitalisaation myötä syrjäytyminen ja nettiriippuvuus on myös lisääntynyt huolestuttavan paljon. Kotoa lähteminen on yhä haastavampaa, sillä kaiken saa hoidettua helposti internetin välityksellä kotisohvalta. Digitalisaatio on myös mahdollistanut uusia rikollisuuden muotoja, kuten kyberhyökkäyksiä, petoksia ja identiteettivarkauksia. Esimerkiksi Facebookissa ihmiset ostavat päivittäin kirpputorisivuilta elektroniikkaa näkemättä ensin tuotetta ja maksavat tuotteen ikinä sitä saamatta. Mainoshuijaukset ovat myös yleistyneet digitalisaation myötä.

Digitalisaatio näkyy vahvasti myös työelämässä. Työntekijöiden täytyy jatkuvasti opetella käyttämään uusia ohjelmia teknologian nopean kehityksen myötä. Digitalisaation myötä osa työpaikoista korvataan roboteilla esim. kirurgiassa, itsepalvelukassat. Automatisaatio ja tekoäly poistavat Suomesta satojatuhansia työpaikkoja. Toisaalta koodaamisen ja mekaanisen osaamisen tarve lisääntyy digitalisaation myötä, mutta se ei silti kompensoi menetettyjen työpaikkojen määrää.

Digitalisaatio laajensi sukupolvien välistä kuilua. Vanhempia sukupolvia kauhistutti aluksi nuoremman sukupolven jatkuva roikkuminen netissä, mutta pikkuhiljaa hekin ovat päässeet digitalisaation monivivahteiseen maailmaan mukaan.

Digitalisaatio on muuttanut maailmaa lähes kaikilla elämänaloilla. Sen kehityksen myötä monen asian hoitaminen on helpottunut huomattavasti. Digitalisaatio tulee myös kehittymään jatkuvasti tuoden uusia mahdollisuuksia ja haasteita.