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"Servizi digitali, al 3% con doppia soglia di " via : 📌atteso entro aprile il decreto del con le misure applicative 📌previsto gettito 150 mln per il 2019 e 600 nel 2020 e 2021

Digitale Zwillinge halfen dabei, den Mond zu erreichen. Jetzt verändern sie Unternehmen und gleichermaßen. Aber was ist ein ? Und warum sollte es dich interessieren? Transformation

Der für bringt an 5 Tagen geballtes Know-How zu Themen wie , , , & more. Kursstart 28.02.2019 oder 26.09.2019. Jetzt buchen:

RT ArchitectaIA "RT uxtales: 🔮 Quale sarà il futuro del nel 2019? Lo abbiamo chiesto ai designer di alcune tra le più interessanti realtà del settore italiano e non solo… 😎💣💣💣 Voi su cosa scommettete? Cosa aggiungereste alla lis… "

Nicht jeder Hype ist eine disruptive Technologie. Hype nimmt mit der Zeit ab; disruptive Technologien kreieren bleibende Veränderungen. 7 Mythen über Transformation

Dalla è stato approvato il bando per le che si occupano di e per il quale sono stanziati €600.000. Invio delle domande dalle ore 8 del 13/02/19 alle ore 17 del 7/3/19. Qui tutte le info nel dettaglio.

Bentornata in Parlamento al primo ministro della ! Tra le priorità dei prossimi 6 mesi dovrà esserci il completamento del , con un quadro di regole che ne garantiscano lo sviluppo anche nel .

il 15 e 16 febbraio all' di si svolgerà il convegno - Contributi per una Cittadinanza "parole, linguaggi, responsabilità"- Interveranno tra gli altri: Mussi Bollini Marianna Sala info 👉

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Concetto spaziale by gianclaudio curia

Digitale (en) - Synopsis

Digitale takes place in an Undertale-like universe with a more futuristic and virtual style.
In DT, monsters are named “Virus”.
Key events takes place in the same order as Undertale’s : Flowey, Toriel, Sans/Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Muffet, Asgore and Asriel. Gaster might also make an appearance.

Synopsis :

Frisk is a human who have fallen into the virtual Underground. They meet Flowey who tells them : « Mhh, you have a great and powerful soul, I feel a mighty Digital Flux sleeping in you, why not wake it up ? In any case, you should hurry to do so if you want to stay alive in this world ! » Flowey then disappears in a thick white digital cloud.

Then, the human meets the caretaker of the ruins, Toriel. She teach them that they have a unique power,  the “Digitalisation”, which allows them to fill their own soul with Determination and Digital Flux, granting them special abilities.

She also says that only greater souls can use the Digital Mode. It allows their owner to edit Virtual Codes. It may be used for teleport or so on.

Toriel, having a little knowledge about Digitalisation, teach them how to use it.

Once they understand how to transform into Digital mode, Toriel releases the human in the virtual Underground. She warns them that their power can attract Viruses, and that the only way to defend against them will be the use of Digital Mode.

After exiting the ruins, Frisk come across Flowey once again who says them: « I see that, since our first meeting, you have learned many things about the Digital Mode ! From now on, beware of your own actions… Your power is only partially awakened, but give it some time, and your skills will improve really fast ! Believe it ! Until next time ! » and Flowey disappears once more.
The human’s adventures start here.

Note :

• I wanted to make my AU Undertale since a long time. At first my AU it would have been ninjas-centered, but I gave up because that was already done and I didn’t believe I would be able to not do something Naruto-ish ._.
And this idea, of a virtual/digital world, came to me all of a sudden, then, I took my pen and I draw my prototype of Sans :3 (Why Sans ? Because, it’s my favorite character x3)
I was inspired by Vocaloids, with a futurist, virtual and glowing style. I tried to keep the game story within this AU. Only small moments will change, like the end.

• Why « Digitale » for the name of my AU. I would have called it “Neotale”, but since Mettaton had already a NEO form, I switched to “Digital”. BUT problem again, “Underdigital” ou “Digitaltale” sounded ugly, thus I removed one “tal” so Digitale.

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I remember @ the end of digimon 02 that the guy who was buds with Cody's dad like dissolved into data to protect the digiworld since his body was too weak to live after getting deposessed? Watching the last few episodes would help with figuring out

Chara’s role in undermon

ooh thanks! i’ll check it out when i can then! i honestly dont remember the anime well except for maybe the first 3 movies, most of my current knowledge is based on digimon story cyber sleuth

xeshirefm0  asked:

heya! i really liked your crossover / undermon depiction. i was wondering what you would categorize that dreemurr line as? vaccine? data? virus?

the line starts out as vaccine, but once it splits after rookie, toriel stays vaccine, asgore becomes data, and asriel/flowey becomes virus!

5 consigli per “un posto nel digitale”
  1. Parlare (bene) le lingue
  2. studiare le discipline scientifiche e tecnologiche
  3. vivere fuori dall’Italia
  4. avere un network globale
  5. e lavorare su un progetto che ti appassiona.

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Digimon AU for Undertale

Think about it.

Digimon and humans used to share the world until humans grew fearful of the digimons’ power to turn things into data and absorb that data. So they sealed the digimon in the Digital World.

The monsters are all unique species of digimon or unique subspecies. Like KingDreemurmon (Asgore) and NiseGuilmon yellow variant(Alphys).


Ik heb al mijn #bonnetjes nog. En wat #digitale #backups…….😉😎👍🏽 (bij Special Tribunal for Lebanon)

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