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New shirt design available now at here’s the link share this with your friends

The hybrid stylistic research, underlying the column, returns to an almost ornamental architecture and highlights a bio-mimetic vision.    

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The Kids did outstanding creative & work. It is always inspiring to see what the can do with the right and . Well done to all the Teams involved in making these activities a unequalled success!!

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Digital art yes I can do digital art! You might want something unique to represent you, lets chat. !

PENICULUS GRAPHICS - Deine Grafikschmiede für Grafikdesign, Illustration und Marketing. Das Kerngeschäft umfasst das individuelle Design für Privat- oder Geschäftskunden.

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FINALLY found a slight style deviation that I LIKE. It only took forever

Rin, their OD counterpart, and Sheriff Suzy


Was going to be a piece of my Minecraft character being all dramatic but I did NOT like how the entire thing turned out. Only this part. The part with the BEETS

I might post the lineart on its own though, because it looked a lot better before I tried to color it. Maybe I’ll try to to rework it sometime


A new character! If you have a good name for her let me know!

I’m surprised i haven’t made a character with a hijab sooner, hijabs look so cool gjgkhjhjgdf - - also just a Muslim character would be neat, since i would like to have a diverse cast of characters :)

Here’s a speed paint of an NSFW character! Go check it out and leave a comment! Please, I am DESpRATe!