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I'm still obsessed whit symmetrical rules in also the 3d models are a great reference

This is probably the most I ever upload in one week, but I needed a new icon bad for most of my stuff. My last one was just a crop from my ref of my 'sona. I also updated my signature. x3

Iโ€™m doing emergency christmas commissions so I can buy my family and boyfriend presents. Because I feel bad about not getting them anything when theyโ€™ve been there for me all year!!

Did some practice this weekend. I think I'm finally improving on my faces. Took long enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once again. Just wanted to share my concept illustration separately. Character design of Professor for animations on educational site. Hope you like it.

"the great father" Ilustrasi ini saya persembahkan untuk ayah saya. I miss him so bad. He deserves all happiness in this world.

stronk, toll, and was officially raised on Planet Zebes, Earth gravity x960 (she'll easily body pre-Frieza Goku even w/o Power Armor). Hide your wives, hide your girlfriends, whoops too late, stole them.

Another Illustration for @hayleyapeltauthor's children's book "Boys and Girls" -a book that helps challenge gender stereotypes that kids might be exposed to.

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Commission for PrussianExplosion (DeviantART)

♥ DM me for commission info ♥


Appreciate the gate

Absolutely no justice for what this looks like in VR. I’m not even sure I can post this on Poly. it’s huge

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I am opening commissions!

You can contact me through my DMs or email ( All payments are through PayPal.

⚠️ Please read through all of this if you are interesting in commissioning me ⚠️

Character Bundle/DnD Party(3+):

(Prices will vary based on coloring type and how many characters, but these are the baseline prices)

Busts - $35

Half-Body - $50

Full-Body - $75


No Furries/Fursonas

No Backgrounds/Landscapes/Environment

I have the right to refuse any commission that I don’t feel comfortable with completing.

I am willing to do some simple backgrounds if you would like one.

For Original Characters -

Must provide details and/or references. Also feel free to tell me about the character if you’d like.

For Pre-Existing Characters/Fanart -

Provide the character that you want me to draw and how you want them displayed.

For DnD Characters -

Provide race, class, equipment, weapons, and any other details you may have about them. Again, feel free to tell me about the character.

I will send you an initial sketch of your character for approval and any corrections. I’ll do this multiple times until you are satisfied.

Payments are due before I begin drawing, and I will give you a quote before I start the piece. I will refund payments at any point of the process. Refunded amounts will vary depending on the purchase and what stage of the drawing I am at. Only work I have not started/initial sketches are fully refundable.

I will be taking on several commissions at once, so please allow at least two weeks for your commission to be completed as I also have a day job.
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Hell-o to the residents of Tumblr! So I– recently just created a Ko-Fi account to fund me in my future plans! Includingschooltuitionfeessouhyeah!

Consider buying me a cup of coffee if you support me, or, like my artworks! Any amount is VERY appreciated and I’d be damned to hell if I won’t.



I love Melanie Martinez’s and her new album and film K-12, not only her film and her music is artistic, but she talks about strong themes what make people see how strong reality can be

I made a fanart of the song, high school sweetshearts I hope you like it and have a great day!! 😄💕💕💖💕💖



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Felt the D&D vibes. The latest session we had was a blast. my knew favorite character I have ever played is named Celeste, and they are the warforged I painted above. I even have process shots of them, and I NEVER do process shots. 

Anyways, I hope you like my sexy devil and robot thief. 

p.s. here is the model I got inspiration from while creating her.


يحمل لي طيفَ خيالٍ قَدِم
تراه عيني في ثنايا حُلُمْ..*

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Can you say, Bambam!

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