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Can you tell I like saturated colors in my ? Here’s two of my friends , Alena and Xavier!

πŸ‘ΆBABYπŸ‘Ά Elipsis: Figura retΓ³rica visual que emite/extrae un elemento haciendo parecer la imagen incompleta.

🚒 Ahoy there matey! 🚒 I visited Penmon Lighthouse on Anglesey over Easter weekend & since then I've just wanted to illustrate some kind of lighthouse scene! Would you prefer to see him with a little girl character or a big fluffy dog?

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Daily Art 73! Special piece! Original drawing was a doodle by my Husband, and I got to play with coloring. A flintlock design for ! team work! <3

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I can’t help myself to not make Bokuto version of this!!! Ehehehehehe~

Hope you guys like it!

Hello! I made a simplistic commission sheet for selling my artistic services! Please, refrain from complaining about the prices. I try to keep them cheap, and especially since my art REALLY isn’t worth anything over $20. There is no “Line Art” option because I DON’T do line art actually. My work will always be sketched, properly cleaned, and colored. Now, don’t freak out, I can draw other stuff besides Star Trek. I just thought I’d put these works as examples since that’s what I’m currently into and honestly, when it comes to commissions, it depends on the skill, time, and how well an artist can draw that specific thing. 

                                            ~Terms & Conditions~

Please, by under any circumstance, if I am unable to give the consumer their artwork within 2 weeks (unless I’m going through any interruption then I would DEFINITELY message the consumer. Letting them know that I need extended time due to that “interruption.”) then they are allowed to bring up the suggestion of a full refund. Normal days when completing commissions would take at least 3 or 4 days (depending if I don’t have any school work ahead of me.) Once a person purchases a commission, I will not immediately start it. HOWEVER, don’t worry, it will be started later on in the same day of the purchase. No refunds/alterations/false credit after the commission is finished and given to the consumer. No NSFW, illegals suggestions, or hate propaganda shall be allowed when purchasing. KINKS however are allowed. BUT, they must not be TOO inappropriate or disgusting (don’t ask me to draw your goddamn piss kink bud.) Payment first/Paypal only is REQUIRED. No trades, other payments, or etc. Only Paypal! No exceptions! Thanks for reading!


            i will draw happily :   

  • oc’s !
  • Fanarts!  - anime, games, movies, tv ,books                        
  • Ships and gay couples!  ♥ love is love ♥     
  • sexy and hot - why you’re the only one that can have fun??                                                                                                                                              i feel uncomfortable drawing :
  • porn \ hentai \ HARD nsfw        
  • nudity  - topless guys are fine though XD                                                                                                                                                                     other imprortant info :
  • use paypal
  • half of the payment  you need to pay right away and after you’ll see the sketch ~ and hopefully like it - pay the rest :> that’s for making sure i’ll not get scammed.
  • About backgrounds ~ colors and shapes are free~ if you want something else with details - send me a message
  • The prices are in USD$

do you want to commission me??  aww thank you so much!! ♥

here how you’re doing it ~  ♥

- send me message here! and write what you want me to draw for you!

- write if you want lineart style/ lineless style or protrait ~ and than write me if you want bust shot or full body !

- tell me details of how the art is going in your mind - where is it? what the character/s doing? what the colors you want ?

thank you for reading and i promise i will do my very best! ♥

the commission will take (the latest) a week. 

have a good night ♥


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