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Everyone has a story that deserves Oscar لكل منّا قصة تستحق الأوسكار

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Did a Pin-up drawing of my dear friend, who ppl know as Jokers Harley! Outfit is heavily based from her Velma cosplay but with her normal nornal beauty. 🎨

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If you need a graphics designer .. Contact Me !!! ... Telegram : (+92) 0311 2709103 Whatsapp: (+92) 0311 2709103

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As in my previous post, I had no plans to pass this drawing of my oc Mary to a digital style, but it doesn't matter, I hope you like it.😛 — — —

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This is a reference sheet of my fursona that I did a long time ago.

I plan on doing a new version of this soon (It is now my tradition to make a new version of this every year ✨ )


Reposted from @werbleapp (@get_regrann) - 🐨 HELP ME! 🐨Over 1 billion animals have been killed during Australia’s fires. 🔥Many heartbreaking images and videos have been shared all over the world - and there is no end in sight. Experts say this can still go on for months! 🥺 We can all do our part to help in this situation. We have included a few links in this post (Art @melanippe_art - Werble @mothpete) with options of charities to chose from. Animal hospitals and shelters in Australia need all the help they can get as they are struggling with the little resources available in order to be able to act with such an unexpected surge of injured animals.

Which animals are affected?

Koalas🐨, flying foxes🦊, Kangaroos🦘, Camels🐫 (yes there are camels in Australia!), Livestock🐮and many many more - and of course, many families have been evacuated from their homes 👩‍👦👨‍👧‍👦having to find safety from fires and temperatures rising up to 51 C🔥. Mother Nature is burning🍃🍂. Something needs to change!

Are you willing to help?

Here is where you could donate to!

🇦🇺@wireswildliferescue is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

🇦🇺 @rspcansw travel to burned landscapes to rescue and treat the injured animals.

🇦🇺 @portmacquariekoalahospital your donation helps the Koala Hospital with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to their habitat if possible.

🇦🇺Or you can chose to plant a tree or adopt a koala - or both 🌳🐨here @australiankoalafoundation 🤎

🇦🇺Let’s do our part to help Australia! 🇦🇺Thank you 🙏🏼😢

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