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He're a Hyena girl, ready to rock 🎸 🔥 ✨ (Oooh btw, any suggestion for a name 👀?) Next drawing with be the Badger

There’s this challenge going around, and I just had to jump onto the bandwagon ✨♥️

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The best gift for a family party is an old home movie. Bring us the old tapes sitting in your attic, and we will digitize them to DVD or Flash Drive. Call us at 516-256-0679 to get a price quote for your tapes!

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my second OC!! design and art by me 🔞🌺💗💗💗🥵..,, can someone please tell me how to not destroy the image quality every time I upload? 😭 what size file do you work on? pls send help 😕

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