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MiTiVi offers over 2500+ Channel on its OTT platform. , . , , , , , , , ,

[] La vente en ligne, un phénomène qui touche même l'automobile! 👀Téléchargez l'infographie : "Les Français et la vente de VO en ligne" pour en savoir plus >

Michael Spence, Professor at New York University & 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics : is going to gravitate to platforms & digital revolution may affect site selections of industries.

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"Oxfam is the first to use digital technology not simply as a vehicle for driving donations, but also for building a relationship with donors while boosting its brand in the process." A great read on the evolution of in the sector.

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Anyone interested in kofi donations in return for a drawing of a character you want? Its gonna be like quick sketches of them

When times are dark, and all hope seems lost; when monsters made of shadow seek to take over the Earth; when there is no one else to turn to, only one can save the day…

It’s Jackieboy Man!…Sorta. I took some creative liberties, evidently. He has the power to open wormholes, called Serpent Holes, which he can use to travel anywhere in an instant (for, Time doesn’t move inside the Serpent Hole, making it seem like Teleportation whenever he utilizes them). He can also absorb energy from the Serpent Holes, which transforms into Kinetic Energy outside of them.

Because of how the Serpent Holes work, and just by the fact that they’re called “Serpent” Holes, I decided that I wanted to call him ‘Ouroboros’, which may be seen as a bit blasphemous to some, but, granted, this is only a character who really only takes Jackieboy Man’s design.

He’s also got a Demon sidekick named Vilgassht, but because that’s too hard for him to pronounce, he just calls him ‘Vil”. Vil is the warden of the Serpent Holes, assigned to keep watch over them. Of course, he’s surprised when our titular hero shows up, and they butt heads sometimes, but Vil’s Demon Magics and knowledge of the Serpent Holes can be a real help in a pinch.

Then, of course, there’s the two figures in the background, and their spooky portal. Ya’ll know who Anti is, so I’m not gonna go too in-depth. However, this other figure is the True Antithesis, a manifestation that is everything opposite of Seán (he even gets younger as Seán gets older), and he wants to take over the world (go figure). He is Anti’s master and creator, both of which hail from the Anti-Plain, a world that is the exact reverse of our own, in which all beings have an Antithesis.

Because I don’t want this post to be obscenely long, I’ll just leave it at that. If you’ve git any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

#91 | Roar Uthaug, 2018

“Lara Croft, a filha batalhadora e independente de um aventureiro desaparecido, deve ultrapassar seus limites quando se encontra na ilha onde seu pai desapareceu.”

Desnecessário ‘reboot’ da heroína do vídeo game. Sendo baseado em um game (no qual o mote é a busca de aventura e desafios), este fica devendo neste quesito. Demora a engrenar, ou melhor, nem isso. Tirando a cena do avião, as outras cenas de ação são essencialmente escuras. E mesmo com uma protagonista mais jovem, ela não tem empatia e tudo soa burocrático.

“Being high.., is what I was meant to be. Theres nothing more in the world that feels nicer than letting everything go, with a good toke out of a bong. With weed my mind comes up with so many amazing ideas, I don’t even know what to do with them! All that matters is one plant and an amazing guy can turn your life around.”