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[] Le paiement mobile gagne rapidement du terrain

RT EvueMe: The new interface today are and to create experiential experiences. What do you feel?

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A battle in Russia is looming. Russian Parliament will consider a Draft Law with potential restrictions of foreign ownership in digital companies. The Draft Law targets Russian Internet giants such as Yandex, in which SA’s Naspers has a big stake.

1️⃣ Travailler soigneusement son , une nécessité pour la Une étude portant sur 597 logos nous dévoile les secrets pour entrer à coup sûr dans le cœur et la tête des consommateurs :

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happy day of yo birth


Happy day of yo birth bitch.

Like I know you usually don’t read descriptions, but I’m gonna type one out anyway.

On your first day of your birth I knew you (last year…God I feel like I’ve known u for longer thou), I gave u this boi, to show you how much you meant to me, rather than just giving you a drawing. I really didn’t know what to do this year for you, but I thought, why not draw the boi I gave u, even though you don’t use him much, I just thought it would be some nostalgia for you, bring you back to around the time of when we first became friends. 

I remember you were quite excited about Doggo-Boi when I handed him to you. Which in turn made me happy that you enjoyed my gift. Like I said I know you don’t use him that much, but like I said, I wanted some feelings behind it. 

Just know that I care for you fam, and I will try to be with you through all your bad times, since u practically are my sibling at this point, can’t abandon your dumbass. But still, I hope you enjoy this gift, and the words that come with it.

(Don’t repost art without permission/Don’t trace my art/Please do not take my art and claim it as your own)
(this art is for @werewolfofthebloodmoon‘s use only.)


DangoParty| @dabahdoodles

Dangodangodangodangodangodangoda go. 🍡

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People who are talented at digital art can you please help a bean out? I really wanna start learning how and I’ve done it before(bad ones because it was on like ms paint and stuff though), but I really want to learn how to make good digital drawings so I can give love to all my characters and learn to be even better than I am now and grow.

Do you have any tips?


Sup guys, here the last of my Klance post from insta (from the past few months). I’m starting to move on from them but I will always love this ship. No ship has truely captured me like they did.

Just reminding yall I post on Instagram and Twitter frequently so plus check me out on those platforms! 💕 You would also see more of my other art 👀👀