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Aun estoy tratando de acostumbrarme en dibujar dijitalmente. PD: no me maten por la 🤘

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‪This is no FALSEHOOD!!!! Episode 12, “My Negative Thinking,” cover inspired by @thatsthat24 Sanders Sides series. ‬

DskyU: here’s Mer!Dusty!

Basic info-

  • Name: Dusty (Dust)
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 7'9
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Sibling: (adopted) Echo


  • Being in control
  • Treasure
  • His brother (?)
  • Being alone
  • Being a leader


  • Being told what to do
  • Anyone from the land
  • Music (?)

Small bio-

Dusty is the next in line to be king of the sea. His family adotped Echo when he was younger. He thinks the sea should rule over the land and plans to bring war to them. He’s very protective of his brother, like really protective. He also has a secret that only his other friends know.


  • He is able to use mind control on his enemies or anyone.
  • Water tornado- which can be made by swimming in a circular direction at a fast speed.
  • He had venom in his two fangs that stick out of his mouth.

DskyU: any questions?

~Orignal Dust ???