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Wisdom Wednesday: Exercise is as necessary as nourishing food for your body. Only eat what you need and causes your well-being.

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Anyone else better at losing weight in their twenties than they were in their teens or is it just me?


Burn out, grind out, keep your goals close to your heart, work on it until,…………………………

I wish you the best of of life and business.

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Building the Monolith... for Women? via /r/Fitness

Hi guys,

I’ve been lifting seriously for about 3 years now, running a 6 day PPL split with HIIT twice a week and a fair bit of walking during the day. I’ve had pretty good results over the past year, and have had a pretty significant body recomposition in this time. I’m 5'1" and as of today I weigh 53.4kg (117lb) pic here for reference

I would really like to shake up my lifting program this year, and after some research I’ve decided I’d like to try Building the Monolith. The reason why I’d like to run this program is that I really enjoy the grind of intense workouts and I want to push myself harder and see how much further I can progress strengthwise.

What I’d like to know is if this program is worth trying for women - obviously I am a relatively small-framed girl, so I’m not expecting to become huge, but I would like to lift heavier than I am now. I also want to do a program that focuses on full body strength, I hate how so many programs targeted to women are just focused on “building a booty” and often neglect upper body completely (or don’t contain any exercises like pull ups, dips, etc). I know Wendler has said women have run the program before, but if anyone has first hand experience with it I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

I’d also like to know if anyone has any recommendations for nutrition when running BTM as a woman… I’ve been cutting at 1700 cals (eating at least 130g protein a day and low carb/higher fat) for a few months and now I’m maintaining at 2000, but even if I bulk I really don’t think I can eat a dozen eggs and 1.5lb of beef a day! I’m just wondering if anyone has recommendations on the diet component?

Thanks guys!

Submitted January 01, 2018 at 01:11PM by illustratedkate
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This is gonna be an interesting project!

#10daycleanse (at Kent, Kent, United Kingdom)

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Mechanical Advantage due to number of pulleys on a cable machine via /r/Fitness

Hi all. I was just wondering if most cable-based machines are calibrated to take into account the number of pulleys the cable passes over in order to lift the weight and the mechanical advantage that can occur? For example a cable passing over two pulleys is capable of lifting twice as much weight for a given amount of energy when compared to a cable passing over only one pulley.


Submitted January 01, 2018 at 09:42AM by geetarzrkool
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anonymous asked:

You seem to be really good at, not only making goals, but achieving them. Can you offer a website or method you use on how you make goals, make them attainable, keep yourself accountable, and then accomplish them? I have Googled but there’s so much out there, I’m not finding anything with the structure your goals seem to have.

Hey! I just reblogged something that might be helpful for you when it comes to finding motivation to reach your goals. A lot of my goal-achieving really boils down to my personality tbh. When I decide to do something, I almost always follow through. That can be good and bad, because I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself but then things also get done lol.

You know what is attainable for you, google can’t tell you that. You want to challenge yourself, but not make it impossible. I decide what I want to do, give myself a time frame, and focus on the small things I need to do every day to reach the bigger goal. But please remember that time-sensitive weight loss goals can really backfire and lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Instead of “I’m going to lose 30 pounds by (date of an event)” make your goal to go to the gym X number of times between now and that event. Or to drink more water. Or to cut back on eating out/getting take out or fast food to once a week. Those smaller habits are what ultimately make the scale move. Those are the things to focus on!